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dholbachgood morning06:35
dholbachdavidcalle, are we there yet?08:20
* davidcalle rolls a D2008:23
davidcalle14. Hmmm, maybe :)08:23
dholbachThe troll hits you with a glancing blow, and you are momentarily stunned.08:25
dholbachballoons, dpm, mhall119, popey: who's doing the Q&A today? (I'm happy to be part of it)12:07
dpmdholbach, we've got Pat McGowan today. I was in last week, but happy to be in again12:08
dpmor anyone else12:08
balloonsmorning everyone12:14
balloonsI can take part12:14
dpmI'll send an e-mail to the phone mailing list with our guest info, that seemed to be appreciated last week12:16
dpmballoons, dholbach, can you start scheduling the hangout on the UOA account and start posting on the social media channels?12:16
balloonssure, I'll setup the hangout12:18
dholbachI'll mail u-phone12:20
dpmdholbach, ok, if you're doing the e-mail, then I'll take it out of my plate12:21
dpmthanks guys12:21
popeyooh! Big man Pat on the show! :)12:27
mhall119dpm: can we bump our call to tomorrow?12:47
dpmmhall119, sure, same time?12:47
dpmhey czajkowski13:25
dholbachballoons, I'll ping the internets about it in a bit again :)14:22
balloonsdholbach, awesome, ty :-)14:23
dholbachballoons, can you give the link to pmcgowan when you start - maybe a few mins in advance?14:36
balloonsdholbach, sure will. I'll give you a pat a link at 10 till14:39
balloonsmr popey, you and I should talk tests good sir14:40
popeywhere do you want them? in a branch somewhere?14:40
balloonspopey, yes, I'd like the tests to go in the projects themselves14:43
balloonsI think that makes the most sense, don't you?14:44
balloonspopey, the alternative is ubuntu-manual-tests project14:44
popeyI thought you were going to ship a special version of checkbox which contains these tests?14:44
balloonspopey, yes indeed. We'll pull the tests from the branches during build14:44
popeyoh, okay.14:45
balloonsahh right.. Yea, we don't really want to maintain any code long-term for this. We'd like it to be more or less checkbox trunk. Our code should be just some config files14:45
balloonsso no big testsuite in a monolithic project imho14:46
balloonspopey, so dekko is all set then? do you know about music or weather?14:51
popeyno, will pass you links when done14:52
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:17

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