* chilts has been forgetting21:32
chiltsfor about the past 2 years21:32
ollyluckily that hasn't stopped us having mornings21:33
chiltstoday's one doesn't seem like a morning, it's more like a wet dreary winters day with nothing outside but cold and damp21:35
mwhudsonit's an improvement on yesterday21:55
ibeardsleethis is true21:56
ollythere's almost sun here21:58
ollytoo bright with the curtain behind my monitor open anyway21:58
chiltsit's a pretty grey sky, reminds me of when I was in Vietnam - just one shade of grey over everything22:00
chiltsand like most UK winters of course22:00
hadsnz.a.u.c is being silly22:06
ibeardsleeI no longer use it.22:07

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