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balloonshello hello14:40
balloonst-20 mins till launch!14:40
dholbachwelcome welcome :)14:45
* dragonbite slaps dragonbite around a bit with a large fishbot14:52
dragonbite5 minutes and counting14:55
dholbachif you have questions, make sure you prefix them with QUESTION: so we can more easily pick them up14:56
dholbachwe'll queue them up and ask one at a time :)14:57
dragonbiteBORED:   :)   :0   ;)   8)14:59
dholbachrelax - we're almost there :)14:59
dholbachwe're live!15:00
justCarakaswe see you :)15:01
mhall119dholbach: balloons: can you give a shout out for UbuCon@FOSSETCON15:02
balloonsbring on the questions :-) Prefix with QUESTION, and we'll get to it asap15:02
mhall119QUESTION: dholbach: balloons: can you give a shout out for UbuCon@FOSSETCON :)15:03
dholbachon it15:03
mhall119yay, thanks balloons :)15:04
mhall119Nov 19-2115:04
gameleonQUESTION: what's the release date for  Oneplus 2 with ubuntu?15:05
mhall119gameleon: that's getting ported by a community person, not by Canonical15:05
mhall119or OnePlus15:05
mhall119mariogrip is doing the work, so he can give you more info15:06
gameleonso there is no release date?15:06
aquariusQUESTION: when developing an app for Ubuntu phone, should I be able in general to run it on my Ubuntu desktop to test it? This is a very useful property -- it makes testing and development much quicker -- but doesn't always work. Can you (can Pat) talk about whether this should always work, or if it's not a goal to be able to test phone apps on the desktop?15:07
mhall119gameleon: you'd have to ask mariogrip, but since he's doing it as a volunteer it's probably "when it's ready"15:07
gameleonok, thanks. ope2 is a good phone15:07
mhall119gameleon: do you have one?15:08
gameleonno, but the specs are good15:08
mhall119if so, I'm sure mariogrip would appreciate any help you can give to the porting effort15:08
justCarakasQUESTION are there updates on the convergent BQ phone ?15:09
mhall119QUESTION: we've heard about upcoming messaging frameworks and syncing frameworks, can you tell us when those are expected to become available to developers to use?15:10
justCarakasmy nexus 4 is starting to fall apart but I'm waiting for the BQ phone15:10
mhall119QUESTION: (for pat) what is your daily driver phone?15:11
mariogripMy priority now is still to get radio work on the Oneplus one, but the Oneplus two will come soon. (if I have to estimate i would say maybe in a month it will boot)15:12
justCarakasQUESTION in the demos you see a small representation of the big screen on the phone screen. Will that change ? Will we be able to use an onscreen keyboard or/ and use our phone as a touchpad ?15:12
spustetQUESTION: here in Italy we are Whatsapp dependent, it's the most used messaging platform. Any hint about a possible release of Whatsapp for Ubuntu Phones?15:12
gameleonQUESTION: any plans for in app payment, bitcoin or virtual money? (ubu coins)15:12
gameleonthanks mariogrip, one month is good (fast)15:13
dholbachbrilliant - great work!15:14
ndgQUESTION: Will the phone layout be able to double as a big picture mode for TVs and large displays?15:14
mhall119QUESTION: what has been the biggest surprise for you in the past two years of phone development? What has been the biggest disappointment?15:14
pavakpaulQUESTION: There was something called Ubuntu Brainstorm. It's been discontinued. Any alternative way that we can place our idea for Ubuntu?15:15
mariogripQUESTION: Is there any plans on Upgrading the Android base to 5.1.x?15:17
gameleonQUESTION: how long is ubuntu supported on phones and how often is updated? android phone makers usually have really bad software support resulting in insecure phones and fragmentation15:18
aquariusballoons, it sorta answered my question -- I know some apps do work (the gallery, etc) and some definitely won't work (accelerometer apps, dialler, etc), but I'm trying to work out whether, if my app doesn't run because the right components aren't in wily, whether that's a problem that should be fixed, or just something I have to put up with :)15:18
gameleonQUESTION: what is your idea of a pure Ubuntu Phone (without the android bits)? (latest kernel, open hardware... etc)15:19
dholbachaquarius, is there anything else you'd expect? or do you have a follow-up question?15:19
aquariusQUESTION: a followup to explain what I was really asking for. If I test my phone app on the desktop (assume that the app doesn't use phone-specific hardware) and that doesn't work because the components aren't in wily, or are in older versions than are on the phone -- is that a bug in the SDK (because it *should* work) or is that just tough (because testing on the desktop is not a target and if it works, it's jus15:21
aquariust lucky)?15:21
peter-bittnerWhatsApp could be available via the implementation for FIrefoxOS.15:22
dragonbiteQUESTION: any idea on how many people have purchased the Ubuntu phones and how many are users developing for the phone?15:23
gameleonQUESTION: will the convergent phone (next bq) be able to run inkscape and other desktop apps?15:23
dholbachbrilliant everyone - keep the questions coming15:24
aquariuspeter-bittner, do whatsapp have an official app on Firefox OS? (There are unofficial apps for Firefox OS and for Ubuntu, but WhatsApp don't like unofficial apps and shut them down all the time.)15:24
peter-bittnerNot official, it's https://github.com/loqui/im15:25
dholbachndg, can you clarify what you meant by your question - re "...to double as a big picture..."?15:25
dragonbiteQUESTION: Do the open source applications (Inkscape, Gimp, Pithos, etc.) have to re-vamp their applications to work on the phone (like a responsive design) or will they work with minimal change to the original program? And if it requires reworking the application how open are the projects to doing that?15:25
aquariuspeter-bittner, then it'll likely get shut down by WhatsApp if it gets popular :(15:25
gameleonQUESTION: what's the minimum limit for paid apps and why it's not 0.99$15:25
peter-bittnerLoqui could run on Ubuntu Touch, but the work on the porting is kind of stalled.15:26
balloonsaquarius, that's a slightly different question about wondering why your app doesn't work on the desktop. I think that's a good point. The question then is perhaps 'if I want to create a device for the phone, is there an 'official' way to run / test / debug it NOT on the phone?15:27
balloons*device = app, heh15:27
balloonswe'll get to your follow-up question and discuss15:28
aquariusballoons, yup. I am not worried here about whether I can distribute a desktop app this way (I get that this needs Mir, Unity 8, etc); I just want to test my in-development phone apps on my desktop (not in a phone or emulator), and most of the time that doesn't work. Now, if the rule is: it's not supposed to work, use the emulator... then OK, and I'll shut up about it.15:28
ndgQUESTION: Big picture mode (like in Steam) is so you can use a TV from a normal TV viewing distance. Would you be able to keep the phone UI layout when plugged in to a TV so you can, for instance, read stuff from the couch?15:29
aquariusballoons, that would be quite sad, though; we're all one Ubuntu. Other platforms require you to use an emulator because OS X is not iOS. But the Ubuntu on my phone and the Ubuntu on my desktop are the same Ubuntu. So making testing easier for developers is easier for us to do than others; if we're not taking advantage of that, that's depressing :(15:30
peter-bittnerWe should get a crowdfunded messaging and communication platform out there. Non-profit. Sounds weird probably for most guys. In the long run, though, there's no choice. Our society needs to be freed from giants like Google, Facebook, etc.   It's not too difficult. Should be a body like Mozilla or Debian, or the Python Software Foundation.15:30
balloonsas an aside aquarius, i always run and debug apps on my desktop and in general haven't had issues. Under wily, I don't think I've found any15:30
gameleonQUESTION: is now the right time to crowdfund an Ubuntu tablet?15:31
balloonsI suppose anecdotal stories are just that though. I agree we want you running and testing on the desktop, I'm just not sure expecting things to always be 100% is realistic, but we should certainly try15:33
peter-bittnerThe long-run alternative to WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook Chat: Run your own service, http://rtcquickstart.org/15:33
peter-bittnerBackground reading: https://twitter.com/peterbittner/status/64631534179518464015:33
mariogripQUESTION: What are the plans for break the endless loop where: "Users needs apps but app Developers need Users" (chicken and the egg problem)15:35
yoanncooljazzhave u informations about a 'probable' convergent device from bq ?15:35
dholbachplease prefix your questions with QUESTION15:35
dholbachotherwise we won't spot them easily15:35
yoanncooljazzok sorry15:36
peter-bittner@yoanncooljazz I think this has been answered earlier. He can't tell yet.15:36
ubuntu_user[QUESTION]I'm using ubuntu since march. And I love it. But what's the plans to allow users to change the background?15:37
dholbachubuntu_user, on the phone?15:37
yoanncooljazzi joined later thanks for ur answer Peter15:37
ubuntu_userYes, on the phone15:37
tathhuBackround as in lock screen or scopes etc?15:38
peter-bittnerThe Terminal app was mentioned recently for a good number!15:40
dholbachkeep your questions coming15:40
mariogripQUESTION: Why did you move the Android hal from CM to AOSP?15:40
peter-bittnerSkype (unofficial) has 1088 unique users as of now. Just looked it up.15:41
aquariusWifiTransfer has about 3000.15:43
ndgQUESTION: When using a TV as a display, will it always switch to desktop mode automatically or can you choose to use the phone UI on the TV screen so reading distance is increased (on the TV, not the phone screen)?15:43
dragonbiteHope for a tablet by Christmas season (2016??)  That would be cool!15:44
dholbachany more questions or feedback for Pat? :)15:44
dragonbiteQUESTION: There has been work on running Android Apps in Ubuntu, how would or would this work with the Ubuntu Phone (and bridge the "app-gap")?15:46
dragonbite(Android apps to run using  App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) I think..)15:47
dholbachQUESTION: What's the number one thing where you would like to get people from our Community to get involved?15:47
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mariogripI'm working on getting a CM tree for ubports devices due to it has a lot better device support.15:49
dholbachwe're almost out of questions - give us more questions and feedback now15:50
dragonbiteQUESTION: Microsoft is working on convergence as well.  Any hope of being able to port to one of their phones so the hardware for convergence is alreayd built-in?15:51
mariogripQUESTION: Do we win the convergence race?15:52
tathhuWindoes phones probably have lokced bootloaders :P15:52
* tathhu can't wtirte anymore15:52
dragonbiteI know... :(  but it's an idea15:52
pavakpaulWell, enough talking about Ubuntu phones. Now someone should gift me an Ubuntu phone LOL15:52
dragonbiteI'd love one!  Even if it is slow (USA) connection I'd love it!15:53
peter-bittnerMerge Proposals? -- Is that "Pull Requests" on Launchpad? Is there something like that?15:54
TheFishQUESTION: Do you know when scopes will be rotateable and when the Nexus 5 will be officially supported?15:54
dragonbiteQUESTION: Any "new" applications in the works, something that the other phones can't do at this time (other than Scopes)?  A possible "killer app"!15:54
faenilpeter-bittner: yep15:55
dholbachpeter-bittner, yep :)15:55
TheFishQuestion: Rotateable Scopes on the Nexus 715:55
tathhupavakpaul, this :P15:55
tathhufaenil <315:55
clobranoQUESTION: how's the intense work on the software side going with the efficient use of the hardware? Battery drain is a point where other phones struggle now15:56
dholbachpeter-bittner, hvae a look at http://pad.lv/mps/unity8 for example15:56
peter-bittnerCan anyone show me where Merge Proposals are, e.g. in https://code.launchpad.net/today-scope?15:56
peter-bittnerHow do I Fork a repo (like on GitHub) and make a Merge Proposal?15:57
dholbachbzr branch lp:<project>15:58
peter-bittnerAnd can I then push on a branch that I created?15:58
dholbachthanks a lot everyone - great questions!15:59
dragonbite!!!! Thank you guys! This has been great, and a lot of fun! !!!!!15:59
pavakpaulwell if anyone interested gifting me an Ubuntu phone then just search my nickname in google and will get me LOL. A gift will be highly appreciated :p16:00
tathhu^ or query me :P16:01
dholbachpeter-bittner, https://dev.launchpad.net/UsingMergeProposals16:01
aquariusdholbach, balloons: a page somewhere which shows how to branch an LP project, make changes, push to your own branch, and submit an MP would be good. There is http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html but that's all about Ubuntu packages and so it assumes you're building a deb :)16:01
davidcallepeter-bittner: yes, the usual workflow is bzr branch lp:project;do changes; bzr push lp:~username/project/my-bugfix; then you propose a merge of the latter to the former16:01
mariogripbtw, why is the upcoming "Ubuntu Community Team Q&A" not listed in google calendar?16:01
pavakpaulanyway, bye guys16:02
dholbachjose, ^ should we add it to the calendar?16:02
pavakpaulThe QA s are hosted every Tuesday, same time (8:30PM-9:30PM IST)16:02
balloonsaquariusm completely generic or ?16:04
balloonsaquarius, I did something like that for submitting to quality related projects on launchpad. Sort of had to go through the launchpad 10116:04
aquariusballoons, would be useful to not assume that you need to build a deb of it, perhaps. (That linked page is all "now run debcommit" and so on, which might not apply.)16:04
aquariusballoons, it feels like there ought to be one link which was a good answer to peter-bittner's question, and there isn't :)16:05
mariogripwould have been nice to have it on the calendar so new users know when the q&a is.16:05
aquariusballoons, like, the LP equivalent of https://help.github.com/articles/fork-a-repo/16:06
balloonsaquarius, I wouldn't assume building a deb at all. Submitting an MP has nothing to do with packaging, imho16:06
peter-bittnerThis one here talks about placing a proposal by email, scary! :p https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Review/#Proposing_a_merge16:06
balloonsI think a 'zero to hero' video showing checking out and proposing an mp, starting without an lp account would be useful16:07
aquariusballoons, I agree completely, which is why I don't think that http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/fixing-a-bug.html is a good guide... but there isn't a simple guide for just "bzr branch lp:whatever; make changes; br push lp:~me/whatever/myfix; send MP" :)16:07
balloonsthis is what we've done: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentToolsUsage16:07
balloonsit also covers bzr and lp and setup: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentToolsSetup16:08
balloonsso, there you are, you wish is already granted16:08
peter-bittnerhttps://help.launchpad.net/Code is not too bad wither.16:11
peter-bittnerI probably only have the *feeling* that Launchpad is a bit less easy to handle than GitHub. Just because I'm not used to it, maybe? Or should it undergo some facelift soon or later? What do you guys say?16:13
dholbachmaybe both :)16:13
dholbachit has worked well for me for many years and I'm very happy with what it does16:14
dholbachand it's open source and has been for ages now :)16:14
aquariuslittle of both; LP is a bit older and could do with a facelift, but it also works a bit differently (bzr is not git), and LP does a lot of project management stuff that github does not.16:14
peter-bittnerIs it some fork of Trac?16:14
balloonsright, I think aquarius hits it. LP does more and assumes more.16:14
dholbachno, it's written from scratch16:14
balloonsGithub lets you literally do everything from the website. You could use it entirely from your phone (though I've no idea why you would)16:15
aquariusI've published new changes to apps from my phone in the pub, multiple times. Github allowing that is immensely useful :)16:15
peter-bittnerIs there a repo of the whole software somewhere? (On LP, probably... *haha*) - So one could try to adjust the CSS in the first place, and place a PR, errm, Merge Proposal.16:16
aquariusyup; Launchpad is itself hosted on Launchpad.16:16
dholbachbzr branch lp:launchpad16:16
aquariusif you're thinking of doing that, it'd be worth dropping into #launchpad and asking about it16:17
peter-bittnerI'm going to check whether bzr is preinstalled on my Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition!  *haha*16:17
dholbachall rightie... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:17
peter-bittnerIt's NOT!!  :-/16:17
dholbachsudo apt install bzr16:17
dholbachdone :)16:17
dholbachsee you!16:18
GomsiHii there everyone16:55
GomsiI am a regular Ubuntu user ans interested in ubutu phone too16:55
Gomsijust wanted to know if there is any app update for Ubuntu Phone16:56
Gomsilike whats app16:56
Gomsiand if i can install ubuntu on windows or Android phone too16:56
aquariusGomsi, the Ubuntu On Air session is finished now; you'll be better off asking questions in #ubuntu-app-devel16:56
Gomsisorry what was the channel name for app questions16:59
aquariusGomsi, #ubuntu-app-devel is probably a good place, or #ubuntu-touch16:59

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