PerfMcan I be unbanned from ubuntu-offtopic02:26
PerfMmy time is up, dont you think02:26
PerfMI'm nicer now02:26
rwware you going to be annoying in #ubuntu-offtopic and/or violate the channel guidelines?02:26
PerfMnot anymore02:26
rwwalrighty, have at it02:29
ubottuldunn called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()02:39
tonyyarussoWell that lasted long.02:40
rwwhrm, how curious, lots of lag all of a sudden02:44
rwwi just got that whole happening all at once02:45
Unit193I only saw this side, but hah.02:59
Unit193tonyyarusso: And, +1 to you on polite language descriptions. :D03:00
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lotuspsychjeReceived a CTCP VERSION from YWH_105:05
lotuspsychjethis user versions everyone in #ubuntu on join05:05
lotuspsychjejust reporting05:06
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ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (FckYoNiggativity)07:20
Pici"xfce4-terminal does not support animated gifs does it?"14:02
Picioh.. they meant as a background, :(14:03
geniik1l_: It's pretty dead in #ubuntu-arm, I think he'll be back soon17:03
k1l_but the arm guys dont look at support issues with arm in #ubuntu17:03
k1l_Guest41862> strider - try pinguy - more frienly   << while asking for "linux" support in #ubuntu18:40
Picibtw I'm using fedora20:41
k1l_yeah. i wonder where the myth comes from that all ubuntu users are assholes when everyone comes to #ubuntu for support :X20:41
bazhangthose pesky HURD/debain users23:26
Unit193All 5 of them?23:28
bazhangyou're not counting chu and me23:35

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