sakTesting remmina is a lot of work. I was able to get ssh working and RDP actually worked but no gui screen. I was connecting to the same PC. Will give it an official test with my second computer.01:25
sakI remember tightvncserver was must easier to use on windows. On Linux, not so much. The server has to be set via terminal. Not a problem, just very intuitive01:27
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brendandelopio, hola13:39
elopiobrendand: hola.13:39
elopiohow are you?13:39
brendandelopio, i'm good13:40
brendandelopio, just wanted to check something with you. do you know how we used the u1test+... format for the test to install an app?13:40
brendandelopio, what was the purpose of the + ?13:41
elopiobrendand: the server deletes daily accounts with the format u1test+....@canonical.com13:42
brendandelopio, the sso server?13:44
elopiobrendand: yes.13:44
brendandelopio, dobey seems to think not13:47
elopiobrendand: that was the idea like 3 years ago. The nightly job might be disabled now, or something.13:47
brendandelopio, i guess since we are using a uuid with the + it probably won't matter since the email in theory will not be duplicated anyway13:48
dobeybrendand: anyway, if you run the setup-staging.sh and then create an account from the phone using the online-accounts UI, it'll be an account on staging13:48
elopiobrendand: to avoid duplication, we could just use {uuid}@example.com. The system doesn't require the email to be verified.13:54
elopiobut we cause tons of emails on the production database. So we need to agree with the SSO people of a format that will be deleted often.13:55
brendanddobey, yeah that makes me wonder now - in theory it is creating an account so why is it complaining - i need to recheck the behaviour i think13:57
brendanddobey, creating an account doesn't seem to work at all with staging15:19
brendanddobey, the next page i see is 'Login Error' with a button 'Go to accounts'15:20
dobeybrendand: with what flow exactly?15:20
brendanddobey, i click on install, then the login dialog appears15:21
brendanddobey, then i click on 'i'm a new user'15:21
brendanddobey, enter the creds and press continue15:22
dobeybrendand: ok, are there any apparmor denials for that in syslog?15:23
dobeybrendand: also, is there any error in ~/.cache/upstart/scope-registry.log when you see the "login error" preview?15:23
dobeybrendand: i need to get lunch now, but i should be able to answer more questions when i get back15:24
brendanddobey, "2015-09-22 15:25:29,663 - WARNING - InstallingPreview got error in getting credentials during startDownload" is all that appears15:25
brendanddobey, np15:25
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dobeybrendand: so it sounds like the token was either not being found by the scope, and it was thus not signing the requests as a result, the token wasn't being stored for some reason when logging in, or there is some problem with the account causing the signature to not verify on the server18:34
brendanddobey, can we check if the account is getting created on the staging server?18:36
dobeybrendand: sure, you can go to https://login.staging.ubuntu.com/ and log in with the same username/password as the account you just created18:37
balloonsso nuclearbob, time to ask that loaded question. How are we on jenkins?19:19
balloonssorry, got cut off. How are we on getting ubiquity running on jenkins for ubuntu flavors?19:19
flocculanthi balloons19:26
balloonshey flocculant20:07
knomehe went to bed, had a headache20:08
nuclearbobballoons: I'm in the process of landing another change to ubiquity that should have regular i386 ubuntu working, and once that's green I'll be looking more at the flavors, in between getting the desktop tests running again20:25

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