elachecheHey! nabdev :)08:04
azzenovichey guys ! I  have been thinking abt something lately; an ubuntu-tn initiative called laptop per a child; the goal is to get ubuntu powered laptops for orphaned children and those raised in poor families. this would be a great opportunity for the next generation to learn and use free software right from the beginning and get a proper education + the free software movement is  social to begin with. actually, this initiative was a success in Brazil why14:28
azzenovic not try it here :D any thoughts ?14:28
elachecheNice idea.. Do you have sponsors ready to give away that hardware? :)14:30
azzenovicI can use my network I am thinking abt starting a campaign on indiegogo too14:33
elachecheIndiegogo is a not a good idea I think.. We'll have issue with the money.. → Don't forget we are NOT an association and we can't go for a such action without the support of some legal organization, like CLibre, ping nizarus :)14:36
azzenovicof course :D14:36
nizaruspong elacheche14:38
elachecheHey Dro__ :)14:38
nizarusil ne suffit pas de donner des laptops aux jeunes14:38
nizarusil faut aussi une commuanuté derrière pour assurer le suivi et le support en cas de problèmes14:39
azzenovicnizarus I have a whole blue print in mind don't worry14:39
nizaruset avant tout, il faut une version ubuntu 100% arabisée pour que les jeunes enfants puissent l'utiliser :)14:39
elacheche"100% arabisée" :( :( :(14:41
azzenovicthere is an arabic translation in the ubuntu repo so it's not a prob I think . I suggest ubuntu tn  coaches vulunteers(called ambassadors ) to teach children and give them technical support14:42
azzenovicthe whole initiative is for the long term anyway so we need to be patient coz it's not a one time thing :)14:43
elachecheless than 30% of translated word..14:44
Dro__bonne idée mais ça sera pas si facile... il faut les convaincre à utiliser Ubuntu avant tt... sinon la 1ere chose qu'ils vont faire dés qu'ils auront les laptop c'est désinstaller Ubuntu et installer winbugs pour jouer call of duty :D14:44
elachecheI think that we need a good community behind this project.. By good community I mean, many active members.. → We have a problem in that field already..14:45
elachecheThat's true Dro__ ! The other problem is that they'll install WinBugs because that's what they use @calssrooms :/ :(14:46
Dro__sinon la traduction ça ne pose pas un problème... un enfant de 8 ans peut aujourd'hui utiliser un laptop/ une tablette sans aucun problème...14:48
azzenovicI know it's not easy and I can't believe I am bringing up another thought now : the gnu gaming Community(simply put its goal is to promote gnu/linux as a gaming platform ) :D14:49
Dro__elacheche, thats the main problem..14:51
elachecheThat should be easier using Steam OS.. Not that easy in Tunisia :)14:51
Dro__lets make easy goals than we can pass to big dreams :P14:52
elachecheI agree Dro__ :)14:53
Dro__elacheche, this will be too easy in Dro Land :P :P14:53
elachecheThis will be too easy If nizarus was a minister :D x)14:54
azzenovicso true anis :D14:54
azzenovicso what now ? x)14:57
nizaruslol elacheche inchallah fi rassek :p14:58
Dro__now; first step: vote for me in the next presidential election , second step: I'll name nizarus  minister , third step: he'll make all your dreams real :P14:58
elachechelooool nizarus x)14:59
elachecheazzenovic, in your blue print, do you have that as a goal or as a task? :)15:00
azzenovicit's a goal not a task and as i said before it's not a one time thing it's a whole process :)15:02
elachecheNice :) Start to write down that blue print.. and let's work on it together (I mean the COMMUNITY not myself :p).. So we can define the tasks and the subtasks (based on the problems).. As you can see, we figured out many problems in 30minutes :)15:04
elachecheTo reach that awesome goal we should bypass all the problems, starting by little ones :)15:04
elachecheAm I wrong?15:04
azzenovicnope ur absolutely right :D15:05

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