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KraToShi all05:34
KraToSi have a question05:34
KraToSi installed ubuntu in my nexus 4 with toturial : https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/installing-ubuntu-for-devices/05:34
KraToSand i want to switch to android to use some applications05:34
KraToSanybody know how to do that ?05:34
lotuspsychjeKraToS: download back your android image and install05:35
lotuspsychjeKraToS: lookup guides from its FOSS, their pretty nice05:36
KraToSand if i install android again i lost my ubuntu ?05:36
lotuspsychjeKraToS: or you can use multirom tools to dualboot your nexus05:37
mokmeisterKraToS: Yes, using the method pointed to above you effectively removed android from your nexus 4 and replaced it with ubuntu05:37
KraToSoh , thanks to your answers :-(05:38
KraToSlets try to use dualboot05:38
dholbachgood morning06:35
* guest42315 sudo snappy install coffee07:05
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popey[M#lUSep 22 08:27:45 ubuntu-phablet session-watchdog: 'mediascanner-2.0' (instance '') hit respawn limit - asking logind to reboot08:27
popey[M#fO/dev/mmcblk0p7                               4.1G  3.1G  731M  82% /home08:28
popeynot thhat08:28
ogra_popey, did it work since you wiped the db ?08:30
ogra_(you didnt say anything anymore last night)08:31
popeymoving the db meant it could start normally08:31
popeyi just did the OTA update and it broke again08:31
popeyi have just moved the db again and now it's okay again08:31
ogra_weird, why does nobody else get it08:32
davmor2ogra_: popey is special08:32
davmor2sorry that should be "Special"08:33
guest42315sure guys, just blame popey08:33
ogra_well, he most likely has some special file :)08:33
guest42315Telegram Now Seeing 12B Daily Messages, Up from 1B in February08:34
guest42315we did it?08:34
popeyit's mediascanner crashing, of course its user-specific08:36
popeypeople have different data on their phone08:37
ogra_how dare they !08:37
popeyYeah, lets just ship U2 on every phone and make ~/Music read only08:37
ogra_that sounds like a wonderfully new marketing strategy !08:38
guest42315is joke, right? because i can't stand U208:38
popeyguest42315: what do you think?08:39
guest4231590% is joke08:39
ogra_well, to be honest Music wouldnt be readonly, the files would only be immutable08:40
popeythis implies it's not disk full that causes the issue08:41
popeybut just media-scanner having a problem08:42
popeybecause the disk isn't full and it's still crapping out08:42
davmor2popey: that or it hates you, try hating it back it works for me ;)08:43
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Business Women’s Day! 😃08:59
om26erbarry, Hi! how do I restart image upgrader ?09:29
om26erI am writing an automated test, I want to fake a system upgrade by editing /etc/system-image/channel.ini, I don't want to reboot the device to notice any updates09:30
davmor2om26er: there is a test for it in sanity that lists all the steps09:32
davmor2om26er: you need to rm .local/share/ubuntu-push-client/level.db09:33
om26erdavmor2, I assume this https://prod.practitest.com/p/1548/tests/423422/edit09:33
om26erdavmor2, it invloved rebooting the device, is that not needed ?09:33
davmor2om26er: you need to reboot the device as far as I am aware09:34
om26erdavmor2, hmm, I am looking for a way to avoid that, I assume I need to restart some service or something09:34
davmor2om26er: you might be able to get away with just restarting ubuntu-push-client instead09:34
davmor2Chipaca: ^ I assume that would be possible right?09:35
jgdxabeato, good day, what's the status of bug 1490991? Fix committed, but no branch linked.09:44
ubot5bug 1490991 in Canonical System Image "ofono hitting an assert during settings test" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149099109:44
Chipacadavmor2: yes, that should do it09:44
davmor2Chipaca: thanks dude09:45
abeatojgdx, the branch is in github, will be released in the next ofono version09:45
jgdxabeato, okay. Thanks09:52
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bregmahey all, I have a mako that I flashed recently and now it won't boot: it does not get past the 'Google' screen and adb does not see it except in 'recovery' mode12:07
bregmatrying to reflash does not work, even with --botstrap, because the device is not seen even in fastboot mode12:07
lotuspsychjebregma: wich channel did you install?12:08
bregmalotuspsychje, in this case I installed ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-pd but it's not clear to me why that would munge doing a --bootstrap from fastboot mode12:09
bregmaI would understand if the UI doesn't, but I should still see the device from adb, I would think12:09
lotuspsychjenot sure wich channel is reccomended for mako, ask popey or ogra_12:10
bregmaanyone know if there is an effective way to force a reflash?  One of the 'restore factoy settings' selections or something?12:10
guest42315JamesTait, wohoo! managed to review Monster Wars! THANKS :P12:19
ogra_bregma, ubuntu-pd ???12:27
popeybregma: I'd suspect the usb cable of being duff12:27
ogra_i doubt thats even remotely ready for use yet12:27
bregmaogra_, yes, ubuntu-pd12:28
ogra_ask sil2100 though ...12:28
bregmaevidenly I can still flash from recovery mode, so I think I'm OK12:28
sil2100I didn't test the new image from ubuntu-pd as I don't have any compatible device here12:29
sil2100So I don't know if my newly created images work in any way12:29
bregmasil2100, I do, so I'm doing it12:29
sil2100bregma: thanks :)12:29
ogra_well, do we know if mako wily images work in general ?12:29
ogra_or is -pd built off vivid ?12:29
sil2100From the overlay12:30
bregmaI'm just not sure if it's not booting because of something I've done or the image, but as long as I can reflash I'm good12:30
jibelogra_, devel-proposed/ubuntu works (but most of the scopes are blank since they have not been recompiled against gcc5)12:30
ogra_jibel, right, but it boots12:30
ogra_thats the point12:30
bregmaoh, gcc5, wherefore art thou?12:30
jibelogra_, yes it boots, UI comes up, networking is up, ...12:31
ogra_well, anyway, -pd is built off vivid12:31
bregmareal med have no need of a stinkin' UI on their phones12:31
ogra_yeah, they run multiple tomcat servers instead :P12:32
bregmawe need a tilt-based dialler that does pulse12:32
sil2100Things look fine from the build logs12:35
ogra_sil2100, is -pd supposed to be touch with just some added packages ? or does it have bigger changes (like i.e. something that could override the touch specific lightdm setup etc)12:35
sil2100No, just touch + additional packages12:36
sil2100No other changes12:36
ogra_then it should behave identical to touch12:37
sil2100bregma: still not working? I can't see anything that could be wrong, I'll try looking into system-image code regarding what's wrong but I doubt we're doing anything funny there12:52
bregmamy host system seems to have hung part way through pushing the files, I'm trying to figure out what's going on there12:52
bregmahuzzah, reflashing......12:55
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bregmanope, no joy, I always get "device descriptor read/64, error -71" errors in dmesg when the phone comes up in anything but recovery mode (71 is EPROTO)  -- I'll try reflashing to a stable mako image and see what happens13:06
ogra_well, try a rc-proposed image instead13:06
ogra_if that boots you know -pd should too13:07
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Paddy_NIIs this the correct place to be to discuss Ubuntu Phone development?13:10
justCarakasPaddy_NI: yes13:11
sil2100Not sure if there's something else I should configure to get ubuntu-pd working13:12
sil2100bregma: you're flashing on mako, right? Or on flo?13:12
sil2100Maybe there's not enough disk space for the new stuff?13:12
bregmasil2100, mako, and I purged /cache from recovery mode13:13
bregmaI'll reflash with a stable image to make sure there isn't a problem in my infrastructure13:13
Paddy_NII was wondering if there exists any sort of simple guide for creating Scopes or converting web sites into webapps for non-programmers?13:15
Paddy_NII could have sworn that Popey made a short video on the topic13:15
Paddy_NIIt's possible I am mistaked13:15
Paddy_NIpopey, :-)13:15
popey^ for app development13:15
popeythis channel for phone platform development itself13:16
Paddy_NICool popey thanks very much13:16
popeyi made a blog post13:16
Paddy_NIYou beautiful man13:16
popeydunno about scopes videos, davidcalle may know13:16
popeyyou're welcome13:16
JamesTaitguest42315, you're welcome!13:16
Paddy_NIOh and thank you for the Ubuntu Podcast, I always eagerly await the next show popey13:17
davidcallePaddy_NI, hello13:17
Paddy_NIdavidcalle, Hi13:17
davidcallePaddy_NI, for websites into webapps, have a look at https://developer.ubuntu.com/webapp-generator/13:17
davidcallePaddy_NI, oh wait, sorry, I meant http://developer.staging.ubuntu.com/webapp-generator/ (the first link has currently a bug)13:18
Paddy_NIdavidcalle, Thank you :-)13:19
bregmasil2100, ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu installs boots and runs OK, ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-pd hangs during boot, so it looks like the -pd image is the problem14:07
sil2100bregma: interesting!14:12
sil2100bregma: do you have a flo as well?14:12
bregmasil2100, no, only a mako14:13
sil2100I would like to see if it's something wrong with mako or in overall14:13
popeysil2100: i have a flo I can install that on, bregma exactly what did you type to flash your mako and have problems with -pd? I'll repeat here14:18
mandelbfiller, I'm on that silo, sorry, there were some issues with the compilation of the unity-scope14:18
sil2100popey: could you try the latest image from the ubuntu-pd channel?14:19
bregmapopey, ubuntu-device-flash --verbose touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu-pd14:19
popeyok, will wipe too14:19
popeyas this has all kinds of nonsense on14:20
bregmabut ubuntu-device-flash --verbose touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu worked14:20
bregma(just no -pd)14:20
bfillermandel: thanks, yes the tests are failing, due to changed api?14:26
mandelbfiller, correct, fixing that14:26
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bfillermandel: sounds good, when will we have a silo for the other changes we need for browser downloads?14:27
mandelbfiller, tonigh, once this ** is fixed14:27
popeybah, bregma sil2100 No space left on device14:30
bregmapopey, when do you get that error?  Maybe I missed it?14:31
sil2100I tought flo had more space?14:31
popey[M#[S/dev/mmcblk0p30   12G  3.5G  8.0G  31% /userdata14:31
ogra_funny, given the rootfs tarball is only like 10-20MB bigger for -pd14:31
popeyoh, where does it go?14:31
ogra_popey, cache14:32
popey[M#]Q/dev/disk/by-partlabel/cache  552M  362M  191M  66% /android/cache14:32
ogra_did you get the error from u-d-f ?14:32
ogra_might be it cleans up after the error14:33
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12521426/  is the full output14:33
ogra_(not sure though)14:33
ogra_clean up /android/cache/recovery and try again14:34
ogra_probably there were some leftover fragments from before or so14:34
popeysyeah, that file is 292MB14:34
popeyand there's only 191 free14:34
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12521441/  what's this nonsense?14:35
ogra_a magical 256MB size limit for files in adb ?14:39
popeythat file is 55M14:40
* popey reboots device for lulz14:40
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popeynope, fails again.14:41
* popey reboots to recovery14:41
sil2100popey: and how is it?14:49
sil2100popey: does it boot?14:50
ogra_does steam run yet ?14:50
popeygoogle logo for a long while14:52
popeyI think this is broken.14:53
bregmadoes dmesg on the host show a protocol failure (ie. no USB response withing timeout)?14:54
sil2100Ok, then it means something indeed needs some more work, not sure yet what needs fixing14:54
bregmadevice descriptor read/64, error -7114:55
ogra_yeah, someone needs to debug :)14:56
sil2100Crap that I have my mako at my parent's place14:57
sil2100Would be good if someone could somehow see where it dies14:57
popeyno, it disappeared off the usb bus and never came back14:57
popeysee where what dies?14:57
popeyhow, i cant get into it14:58
popeyin recovery?14:58
sil2100Not sure, I don't know much about those parts yet14:59
popeyno files in /cache/recovery14:59
sil2100ogra_: how did you usually debug the boot process of the phone?14:59
ogra_mount userdata (or under mako it is /data) and look at syslog15:00
* sil2100 liked the good old devices with a serial console15:00
ogra_from recovery15:00
popeyogra_: is there a special incantation to mount it?15:00
ogra_also /proc/last_kmesg might have something15:00
ogra_just mount /data ?15:00
ogra_it should be in the fstab of the recovery img15:00
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12521630/ is proc/last_kmesg15:01
bregmacan I has a soldering iron?15:01
ogra_popey, that looks actually ok15:02
popeymounted data15:02
popeythere's a big image file in it15:02
popeytwo in fact15:02
sil2100Looks goodish15:03
popey[M#jS-rw-------    2 root     root        2.0G Sep 22 14:45 system.img15:03
popey-rw-------    2 root     root        2.0G Sep 22 14:45 ubuntu.img15:03
ogra_popey, ah, loop mount the ubuntu.img15:04
ogra_i think one is a hardlink to the other, they should be the same file15:05
popeyin system-data there's stuff, is that not it?15:05
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12521654/ thats the syslog from in there15:06
popeyogra_: ^15:09
ogra_Sep 22 14:45:51 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    7.081756] init: lxc-android-boot main process (774) terminated with status 115:09
ogra_Sep 22 14:45:51 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [    7.294067] init: lxc-android-config main process (813) terminated with status 25515:09
ogra_container broken or some such15:10
ogra_popey, check if there is a log for lxc-android-config in /var/log/upstart15:12
ogra_perhaps that has some hints15:12
ogra_else someone needs to set up a system where adbd starts on startup (and doesnt check the screen lock) and manually debug the container start15:12
popeythere's some delightful messages in there15:16
popey/data/system-data/var/log/upstart # cat bluetooth-touch.log15:16
popey/proc/self/fd/9: 4: [: !=: unexpected operator15:16
popey/data/system-data/var/log/upstart # cat lxc-android-boot.log15:16
popeymount: can't find /data in /etc/fstab15:16
sil2100ogra_, popey, bregma: kgunn suspects it might be the xmir packages interfering somehow15:20
sil2100His team will help out with identifying the issue15:20
sil2100I also suspect that installation of one of those two packages somehow changes the boot process15:21
bregmasil2100, if we just remove XMir and respin, that would point to that as the cause of the trouble15:21
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ogra_bregma, sil2100, well, from popey's  logs it is pretty clear the container doesnt start for some reason15:22
ogra_that should be before any XMir comes into play15:23
bregmaI would think, but if XMir pulls in Mesa and replaces some ANdroid stuff......15:23
ogra_popey, heh, hunt down morphis for that BT error ... thats definitely a shell scripting error15:23
awe_ogra_, he's out today...15:24
ogra_bregma, ah ... that might indeed cause some issues15:24
ogra_awe_, yep15:24
davmor2ogra_: morphis is ill15:24
awe_abeato, https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono/pull/20815:24
awe_just some misc fixes to call-forwarding scripts15:24
abeatoawe_, great, I'll take a look15:24
awe_will follow up with some wiki cleanup of the cf test plan too15:25
davmor2ogra2: are you ogra_ 's evil twin15:25
awe_and he drives a hot-rodded Porsche 928, with a big spoiler, and loud exhaust15:25
sil2100ogra_: the only additional mesa package I see is libgl1-mesa-glx15:25
sil2100bregma: ^15:25
ogra_sil2100, UGH !!15:27
ogra_libgl1-mesa-glx is for x86 systems only :)15:27
ogra_at least i dont know any arm HW that could use it15:27
sil2100tsk tsk tsk...15:27
davmor2awe_: he's German that's the norm, The evil ones driver Ferraris15:28
ogra_davmor2, only two and one is a test :P15:28
bregmaI believe there are fixes to XMir in the works that fix that dependency, but would it create a package conflict that forces the removal of required Android components?15:28
sil2100ogra_, bregma: it's a dependency of xmir...15:28
sil2100I wonder15:28
ogra_bregma, not sure it would remove anything but it might set an alternative in /etc/alternatives we do not want15:29
bregmamaybe, but I'm not convinced that would stop USB from working15:31
ogra_USB ? no15:31
ogra_USB itself should work fine ... but adb wont ...15:32
ogra_the adbd is set to check for the screen lock state which means we can only start it after the UI is up15:32
ogra_no UI ... no adb15:32
ogra_and also your container doesnt start at all ... the android init scripts actually configure USB for the gadget mode15:33
popeyon my krillin I have /etc/alternatives/arm-linux-gnueabihf_egl_conf and on my broken flo I have /etc/alternatives/arm-linux-gnueabihf_egl_conf and /etc/alternatives/arm-linux-gnueabihf_gl_conf15:33
bregmaright, because I see errors on the host in which it is trying to nego the OTA and failing because the device is not responding15:33
popeythe latter points to /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa/ld.so.conf15:34
bregmaso it sounds like that's what the problem is15:34
ogra_popey, right, that would prevent Mir from starting15:34
ogra_but it still doesnt explain why the container cant start15:34
popeyon flo /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa/ld.so.conf points to /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa15:34
ogra_there is something else15:34
bregmapopey, if you manually change /etc/alternatives/blahblah to point to /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libhybris-egl/ld.so.conf and reboot, does it all just work?15:35
popeyits readonly15:35
bregmawell, remont it -o rw?15:36
bregmaI dunno, I'm new to this15:36
popeyI'm in recovery, not sure this is a path I wanna go down.15:36
bregmaI'm always scared by statements that begin with "I'm in recovery"15:36
bregmaso /etc/alteratives/arm-linux-gnueabihf_egl_conf should point to /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libhybris-egl/ld.so.conf on a healthy mako15:38
bregmaI shall reflash to -pd and see if I can hack, I can always reflash completely later, right?15:38
Dragosubuntu touch for s4 active?15:58
popey!devices | Dragos15:58
ubot5Dragos: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:58
Dragosthanks for the support15:59
sil2100bregma: no one answered since no one wants to be responsible for your broken mako ;D16:05
popeyDragos: hi16:12
Dragoshow r u16:12
tathhuHmm, should I have landscaped lock screen on my nexus 7? (running rc iirc)16:18
popeyTassadar: n7 is landscape by default16:21
tathhu... nope16:24
tathhuI was sure it should be16:24
yakaarhello everybody, I have a big problem on my BQ aquaris E4.5 : it freeze and I cannot do anything, but it receive textos and the batery icone is changing when I put the cable on the mobile. It's discoverable by my ubuntu desktop, but it's not possible to take control of it with terminal.16:25
Tassadaroh, that's a question. It was missing some syntactic sugar for that16:26
Tassadarno, the screen is built in in "portrait" mode16:26
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Guest18418yakaar, we are working on fixes for that, we believe we are leaking file descriptors16:29
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yakaarok do you know anyway to restart my mobile, because it's ennoying when you cannot do anything and the mobile has no batery to pull out...16:30
tathhuPress power for n (ten maybe) seconds?16:31
tathhuOr until it does something :P16:31
yakaarI already try it16:31
yakaaroh it finish to work16:32
pmgowanlong press power should always do it16:33
davmor2yakaar: press it and keep it pressed it's about 20 seconds16:34
davmor2yakaar: it's a much longer time than you expect16:34
yakaarThanks a lot, it worked !!16:45
pmgowanyakaar, some fixes will ship soon, sorry for that one16:46
pmgowanperidodically restarting the phone should help until then16:46
davmor2yakaar: 3-7 days depending on usage16:47
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Gomsihi everyone!!17:05
Gomsiis this group active??17:05
Gomsior i am late17:05
ThaurwylthPeople occasionally talk here, yes. And you can of course confirm this by the Ubuntu Freenode logs.17:06
ali1234it's more active during the europe daytime17:07
Gomsiok.. well I had some questions regaurding Ubuntu Phone..17:07
GomsiWill it have any app updates like Whats app or anything like that17:08
Gomsithere are many things to be added to it yet17:08
ali1234there's no way to really know that17:10
dobeywhether whatsapp will be available in the future or not, is a question for whatsapp. it's a proprietary application. we can't answer that for them17:12
ThaurwylthThat question sort of brings us by way to what I had in mind. In case I root Android and, well, hum, I understood earlier by way of talk on this channel that it can be done in this way, let's say I leave only minimal Android functionality there and install Ubuntu Touch, does Touch have an Android environment similar to BlueStacks on Windows?17:19
ThaurwylthAnd in case no, is it then possible to have both original Android and Ubuntu Touch functional on the same device? Let's assume enough resources, disk space, and such can be provided.17:20
jgdxThaurwylth, what device?17:23
ThaurwylthThat is yet to be decided, hehe. Any mainstream enough fast enough Android tablet.17:24
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morfinhow stable Ubuntu Touch is right now?18:15
morfinand what about applications for it?18:17
Inokimorfin: truthfully, it freezes a lot and not many apps available. I'm waiting for it to improve with the next OTA. If it doesn't happen I'm going back to Android.18:19
morfinoh =(18:19
morfini am thinking about changing something because my current OS suck18:20
Inokimorfin: what's your current OS?18:20
morfinit's not just freezing but also rebooting, crashing desktop18:20
morfinAndroid(from Huawei)18:20
Inokimorfin: try Cyanogenmod18:20
morfin4.0.4 =(18:20
morfinAndroid itself maybe not bad18:21
morfinbut all that propietary buggy shit18:21
morfinit kills everything18:21
InokiStock Android is horrible, Cyanogen made it more usable. Ubuntu wouldn't be bad if it wasn't released prematurely.18:21
morfinmaybe if my phone will die i buy new with Ubuntu already)18:22
morfini hope it would not happen in at least 1-2 years18:23
morfinInoki, wait what18:24
morfinCyanogen is rooted(default root) oO18:25
InokiYep. You have full control over your system. But that's not to be discussed in this channel. If you need info on that you should look for a CM channel.18:25
Gomsiif i am not wrong android is also built on Linux platform18:26
morfininteresting question about Ubuntu Phone18:26
morfinwill it use goddamn systemd too?18:26
Gomsiand soon windows will also be using the free code to develop next version of windows18:26
morfinor using18:27
tathhumorfin, which huawei? if it got kirin.. no luck. check xda. :P // no moar ot18:27
morfinnot sure of course how systemd monster will fit into Phone/Tablet OS18:28
tathhuNo problems with it on sailfish18:28
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dobeyThaurwylth: you can use MultiROM to dual boot on devices that are supported by both MultiROM and Ubuntu18:40
ThaurwylthIs that also a no to the Android emulator for Ubuntu Touch question?19:04
dobeyThaurwylth: i don't understand that question. ubuntu doesn't run android apps on the phone, no.19:11
ThaurwylthWhy is it possible for BlueStacks to exist for Windows, I guess it has something to do with it being proprietary?19:17
morfinnevermind, chineese shit is not rewritable19:25
tathhumorfin, :P19:28
morfini think only models with prices 300+ euro allows that19:32
tathhu"Thank you for buying from bq. Here you will find your order confirmation."19:46
morfinwhat is that bq phones btw19:48
morfinnever heard about that19:48
morfini will get SD card and try again later =)19:59
arinkvermaHey! Is it possible to install ubuntu-touch kernel over my running ubuntu desktop?21:23
geniiarinkverma: Does your desktop have an ARM cpu?21:48
arinkvermagenii: Nope! I am talking about x86.21:53
geniiThe short answer is No21:53
ThaurwylthNewbie question. Is it so that all Android devices run on ARM type hardware?21:57
dobeyarinkverma: why would you want to install an old android kernel on your PC?22:00
dobeyThaurwylth: no, there are some x86 android devices now too22:00
ThaurwylthDoes the kernel and Ubuntu desktop, Lubuntu, or Xubuntu support ARM hardware then?22:01
dobeyubuntu has had arm builds for a very long time22:02
arinkvermadobey: i want to run android apk on my pc.  Without any emulation22:03
dobeythat said, plenty of apps are quite dependent on x86, especially proprietary ones22:03
dobeyarinkverma: you don't need a kernel for that22:03
ThaurwylthI guess I've said this before but I'm pondering getting either W10 or Android tablet for Ubuntu use purposes. What I've heard about Touch here today is not really promising. Perhaps I need to fall back on one of my plans, installing desktop version therein.22:03
arinkvermaHow can i do it then?22:03
dobeyit's off topic for this channel, but you can use the android runtime for chrome22:04
dobeyaka ARC22:04
ThaurwylthWell, this is not really an Ubuntu, Linux, or Ubuntu Touch answer, but wouldn't BlueStacks on Windows allow Android APK on desktop?22:04
arinkvermaIs it something like standalone emulator?22:04
dobeyi have no idea what bluestacks is, and this isn't #windows :)22:05
dobeyarinkverma: ask google22:05
ThaurwylthActually - perhaps an interesting question - would BlueStacks run on Wine or such? THAT is Ubuntu and Linux relevant!22:05
dobeyit's still not on topic for this channel though22:05
ThaurwylthYeah, that's true, I admit.22:06
ThaurwylthAnother newbie question. Is there Wine or mobile W10 application emulator for Touch?22:06
ThaurwylthAh, shame. I was hopeful, since there is a desktop Windows emulator, and then on desktop Windows there is a mobile runtime environment.22:07
dobeywine is not an emulator22:08
ThaurwylthWhatever, that's jargon stuff!!1!22:08
ThaurwylthThe most important thing is that I need to be able to run Instagram and Tinder and then I'm pretty much done, tee hee.22:09
dobeytell them to support ubuntu with their applications then22:09
stakewinner00Today i was listening music, and when I received a call and the phone got freezed. There is some list of known bugs for ubuntu-phone?22:13
arinkvermadobey: thanks! I will try to seek help from someone more resourceful then.22:16
dobeystakewinner00: there's the list of bugs in launchpad reported against the various packages and projects that make up the phone. i don't think there's a single list view that only shows ones from that which are relevant to specific phone models or images, though22:21
stakewinner00ok, thanks.22:21
zyroxIs the Meizu MX4 really out of stock? Anyone know if there is other sellers?22:59
mcphailzyrox: Looks like it. DOn't hink there are other official sellers in the EU23:01
zyroxmcphail, okay, thanks. I guess I'll have to wait23:04
atk33zyrox, do you know if is possible to flash ubuntu touch on the yunos mx4?23:04
zyroxatk33, nope, never tried that23:05
atk33alright, thanks23:05

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