daftykinshmm guy in Manchester is PM'ing me with a job offer after #ubuntu issues, haha00:04
daftykinshe might pop in and extend a job offer00:04
daftykinsi said i'm more of a hobbyist so he needs to ask the real people ;)00:04
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zmoylan-pimention that if he needs os/2 support you're his man :-D00:38
daftykinsi've never even seen that one XD00:38
zmoylan-pii knew os/2 was doomed when a guy in ibm started calling me... :-)00:39
daftykinsi sense these were not social calls!00:39
shaunothey named it 'half an OS'.  that wasn't clue enough?00:40
zmoylan-pino... how to make modems work faster which was a specialty of mine00:40
daftykins</Weird Al>00:40
zmoylan-pihow to ensure that the serial port wasn't hampered by uart8250 chip.  ie rip that serial card out or disable it and replace with proper uart 1645000:42
zmoylan-piso apple may be planning electric car... when their phones struggle to make it through 1 day... :-)00:45
zmoylan-piand for the love of jobs don't plug your iphone in or it's range drops by half? :-)00:46
daftykinsbut you don't drive overnight! ;)00:46
daftykinsjust don't install any apps on your car that were compiled with a dodgy xcode00:47
daftykinsthey might drive you off a cli... oh no wait that's the apple maps00:47
zmoylan-piand a new eula every 2-3 months...00:48
daftykinsspeaking of which i mugged the clients iPad (one of them) with iOS 9 today00:48
daftykinsdecided i'd back up beforehand ;)00:48
zmoylan-piwhat's needed is a c64 emulator that won't quit and pretend that's the upgrade :-D00:49
daftykinsfunny part is it sits between the seat cushion and the armrest of a sofa about 3m from his office PC, so presumably he can appear to not be working, but still look at work email00:50
daftykinsan addict!00:50
diddledanwhat a good electric car needs is a fart app00:50
zmoylan-pii will be gaming on the weekend with d&d, we all have tablets, ipads and android yet none of us uses them for holding the pdfs as reading pdfs on a tablet sucks00:51
shaunowhat really is it about apple that turns you into drooling idiots?00:52
zmoylan-piford toyed with the idea of downloadable horn noises a few years back... lawyers looked forward to the day when some eejit would beep their horn, it would sound like pew pew pew noises and some sucker wouldn't realise to get out of the way and get creamed...00:52
zmoylan-pishauno it's more the apple worship we like to make fun of00:54
shaunowell, I'm over it.  it just makes you look like an idiot00:55
zmoylan-pithat's your choice, a lot of us enjoy it :-)00:55
shaunoI'm sitting here with a ubuntu-server box that can reboot 2 out of 3 attempts.  1 in 3 it just hangs00:56
shaunoand you're just .. what.00:56
shaunosour someone managed to make a unix that actually works?00:56
zmoylan-piof course it's also funnt when the slashdot called the ipod less space than a nomad and no wifi, lame so it works both ways... :-)00:56
daftykinsd'aww c'mon shauno00:56
zmoylan-pii would have recommended checking hardware first but he's gone...00:57
daftykinszmoylan-pi: now you've done it!00:57
zmoylan-pithen trying to boot live distro 3 times in a row to check the installed distro00:59
zmoylan-pii really really hate looking for intermittent bugs00:59
zmoylan-pithey always seemed to end up on my desk00:59
daftykinsi'd kinda fallen under the impression you were retired and just hung out on here permanently :)01:00
zmoylan-piout of work after ill health.  still wonky from hip replacement and insomnia... so close01:01
daftykinsah i see - hip jobs painful?01:01
zmoylan-pibut i still get calls can you have a look at...01:01
zmoylan-pithe pain now is insignificant compared with before hip replacement but still iffy.  mostly the sleep disturbance now.  can only sleep 4 hours at a time01:02
zmoylan-piyou sit on your hip, you walk on your hip, you stand on your hip and even when you sleep you put weight on your hip.  when it's bad it bad.01:04
zmoylan-pipainkillers can take the edge off but you end up taking more and more as you use the hip when it hurts so you aim to use zero which limits you01:05
zmoylan-piso i can go a fair distance now but amn't much use at the end of it01:05
zmoylan-pior go no distance get a small amount of work done and no exercise which is bad too01:06
zmoylan-piwhen it was at it's worst i got sleep in 2 hour chunks for about a year...01:07
zmoylan-pisorry, rambling....01:08
daftykinsi'm reading :)01:08
daftykinsjust snacking also :D01:08
daftykinsyou get any physio to do? i should've done more when i broke my shoulder01:08
daftykinsi landed on it in Wales on my downhill MTB trip :)01:08
zmoylan-pioh, i got a lot of exercises to do and i do them.  the joint is fairly limber though i do still struggle to reach my foot.  also it hurts when full weight is placed on it so i use a cane01:11
zmoylan-pibut still fairly lucky as when i was in for arthritis checks i saw a teenager in wheelchair with joints of an 90yo so it could have been much worse01:12
daftykinsyours was cartilage (sp) loss then, no accident or such?01:13
zmoylan-pithey have no idea what caused my trouble.  possibly an undiagnosed medical condition so might just happen at random to another joint at any time.01:14
zmoylan-piireland is a bugger though for arthritis as the damp and cold will cause it if you live here long enough01:14
daftykinshmm, is the average weather really that much worse than the UK? i can imagine it on the west coast, being exposed and that, but i have no idea01:17
diddledanyeah, ireland is where the weather dumps all it's poo to keep the mainland nice and sane01:18
diddledanit's all organised between the monarchy and god01:18
zmoylan-pii'm beginning to think it's more the variability and quick changes that causes it more than the cold or damp as places get far more of both than ireland.  irish weather changes fast01:18
zmoylan-piso you go from warm and dry to wet and cold in a few minutes and the joints don't like it01:19
diddledanas I said: long-standing agreements between the royals and god01:19
zmoylan-piwell the celts told alexander the great they only feared the sky falling on their heads so they came to ireland :-)01:20
diddledanit's the same reason britain doesn't have any volcanoes or serious earthquakes or huge tornadoes etc.01:20
zmoylan-piwe do have hurricanes... just rarer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_of_the_Big_Wind01:21
diddledanno that wasn't the big wind, that was the large gust01:22
daftykinsah i guess it's that rapid expansion and contraction like what does weathering on rocks :>01:22
daftykinsor is that :<01:23
daftykinsdefinitely wintery feeling now, the cat is gravitating toward my lap far more often01:48
zmoylan-picats know a comfy snoozing spot when they see one01:53
daftykinsshe kept coming down to check whether it was free, going back up to the bedroom when it wasn't :)02:00
zmoylan-piooooh, i did not know such a thing as flint javelin head existed... http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/ancient-burial-site-discovered-in-kerry-697015.html02:04
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diddledanif you ask me, bollards are idiotic.. damned silly cones!05:47
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diddledanthinky it nearly time for morning coffee :-)06:39
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:29
davmor2Morning all08:22
bashrc_g'day world08:24
knightwisehey bashrc_08:24
davmor2mack the knife stuck in my head this morning, but what a classic to have stuck :)08:43
zmoylan-piany particular version?08:45
davmor2zmoylan-pi: I love the rat packs version, Frank Sinatras in general, but the one I went for was Robbie Williams version from Swing when you're winning08:47
zmoylan-pijust that some songs have so many variants that sound quite different...08:48
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Business Women’s Day! 😃08:59
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwDMFOLIHxU09:00
JamesTaitNiiiine tooo fiiiive, what a way to make livin'!09:01
zmoylan-pii like that movie... great theme tune09:03
davmor2the next video reminded me that Miley Cyrus Can actually sing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOwblaKmyVw09:08
davmor2and apparently wear clothes09:08
leecowdrey_and back again grrr - i'm no stinkin bot10:08
BillyTihi all11:39
BillyTican anybody help me install kolab ... ?11:39
BillyTii have some errors installing kolab ob ubuntu 14.04 - i make apt-get install kolab and get this error: saslpasswd2: user not found dpkg:11:39
popeywhere did you get kolab from?11:41
BillyTii followed the guide on kolab.org there are 2 repos i added to sources.list ...11:42
popeythat guide?11:42
BillyTiya riht11:43
popeydunno, maybe ask in #kolab ?11:44
foobarryfiddling with my laptop during a meeting while in suspend mode. unplugged battery. realised what i'd done. :-|11:46
foobarryfinally fb added a "tell fb that a users accoutn is hacked"11:50
foobarrypreviously it was "tell joe his account is hacked by sending a txt etc"11:50
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ali1234how do you clear a redirect from firefox cache?12:15
ali1234you just delete it from history12:20
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* brobostigon has his first game of magic in 15 odd years this afternoon.15:35
zmoylan-pidid you win?15:36
brobostigonbashrc_: magic: the gathering, the card game.15:37
bashrc_oh, I don't know of it15:37
brobostigonzmoylan-pi: i died, i am too out of practice.15:37
* zmoylan-pi wonders where bashrc_ has been all this time...15:37
zmoylan-piand who made your deck?15:37
bashrc_bash scripting, mostly15:37
brobostigoni did.15:37
brobostigonmore practice required, :)15:38
zmoylan-piit's one of those games that if you don't play constantly and keep your deck up to date can lead to swift defeats15:38
brobostigonzmoylan-pi: i play D&D now, but they arent that far different.15:39
zmoylan-piat gaelcon last year a few gamers were playing 'casually' using home printed decks (illegal in tournaments)... they've played since it started...15:39
zmoylan-pid&d you need a book, pencil and some dice. a printer and a tablet for pdfs is handy but not essential.15:40
bashrc_I played D&D to some extent in my late teens. I was never very good at it though, and often went off-script15:40
zmoylan-pimagic requires an investment15:40
zmoylan-pitime AND money15:40
zmoylan-pisome cards cost silly amounts of money15:40
brobostigonD&D just requires a good imagination.15:40
zmoylan-pifor d&d we added nerf...15:40
* brobostigon plays a human wizard with a staff the size of the statue of liberty.15:42
brobostigonmonsters eyes get regularly poked out with it.15:43
zmoylan-pihttps://twitter.com/angryearthling/status/612963111742644224/photo/1 :-)15:43
zmoylan-pisorry for the bluriness but i was trying to reload and take pics at same time...15:44
zmoylan-pibut nerf has speeded up the rules lawyers as if they go on too long we just start shooting people15:44
zmoylan-piand i have sworn of games that are collectibles as they are quite expensive.  i'm hoping 3d printing becomes cheap enough to allow you to make your own soon enough15:47
brobostigonyes, like making my own custom dice, :)15:48
zmoylan-pii suspect home made dice will get you the same treatment every where that they do in vegas :-)15:49
brobostigonand make my own D&D figures.15:49
zmoylan-pisomeone started a kickstarter were 1 was removed on a d20 and a second d20 was printed there.  he was run out of town last i heard15:49
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diddledandark already!18:21
diddledancrazy winter18:21
zmoylan-piwait till the clocks change next month18:26
diddledanooh. heroes reborn starts this week18:42
zmoylan-piso will it sink to new lows or recapture the original series pacing18:45
zmoylan-pii'm going to give mr robot a shufty18:48
diddledanI like mr robot18:51
zmoylan-pithough i might get my 4 hours sleep first...18:53
daftykinsdiddledan: the accents are making me cringe21:49
daftykins"like, y'knooooooow?"21:49
th3s3_3y3sWhat process runs mdns ?22:49
directhexavahi      821     1  0 18:55 ?        00:00:01 avahi-daemon: running [bubblegum.local]22:55
th3s3_3y3sHi direct hex22:56
th3s3_3y3sDo iso CDROM images use hex?22:57

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