ahoneybunright 84 and universty00:46
ahoneybunsorry I'm watching Doctor Who00:46
ahoneybunthats right by NSU where there are FLUX meetings00:46
ahoneybun(Florida Linux Users Group)00:46
ahoneybunthanks mhall11901:20
mhall119ahoneybun: for what?01:24
ahoneybunthe tux thing01:24
mhall119you keep changing venue for our conversation, I can't keep up :)01:24
jck77ahoneybun: didnt know that01:28
jck77ill try to to go to next meet up 01:29
ahoneybunplease do jck77 :)01:30
ahoneybunXD mhall11901:30
ahoneybunjck77: http://www.meetup.com/south-florida-linux/events/cjtbklytnbbc/ ; http://www.meetup.com/soflalinux/events/225285311/01:31
mhall119ahoneybun: can I use the image of balloons from https://sweetfoss.wordpress.com/2014/10/04/fossetcon-2014/ for a blog post announcing UbuCon@FOSSETCON 2015?03:07
ahoneybunimage of ballons?03:09
ahoneybunmhall119: ^03:10
mhall119ahoneybun: this one: https://sweetfoss.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/fossetcon-2014-4.jpg03:11
mhall119balloons == Nick Skaggs03:11
ahoneybunthe person03:11
mhall119balloons: see how confusing you make things? :)03:12
ahoneybunsure of course mhall11903:12
mhall119ahoneybun: btw, I google image searched "fossetcon ubuntu" and that blog post of yours was the best image I found03:18
ahoneybunoh boy'03:19
ahoneybunlets improve that this year03:19
ahoneybunbtw the people I am carpooling with are going to disney on wednesday03:19
ahoneybunmhall119: any idea what happened in this update to message and phone on UT?03:21
ahoneybunthey both got updated today03:21
ahoneybunhey fsfsmari03:24
* ahoneybun invites jck77 to the release party and the next Ubuntu Hour, which he needs to update03:27
ahoneybun[14:42] <jck77> I used to enter here like a year ago but not that often... since I got the email for "release party" close from home I was like hell yeah finally 03:31
ahoneybun14:43] <jck77> I lost interest before because all the meetings were in Melbourne 03:32
fsfsmari Hey ahoneybun, did you meet Dorothy at movie night?03:32
ahoneybunfsfsmari: ^03:32
ahoneybunubuntufl account tweeting03:32
fsfsmariShe RSVPed to trivia. I think she likes us.03:33
ahoneybunso she's new as well XD03:33
fsfsmariYeah! I met her once before, but I can't remember when. It may not even have been a DTS event.03:34
ahoneybunoh nice03:34
* ahoneybun quitely posts Ubuntu Hour in Ft Lauderdale up soon03:35
fsfsmarihey jck77, come to the release party. :-)03:35
fsfsmariI am SO happy that offering a space has been so helpful to the Linux community. Let's build something great, guys.03:36
ahoneybunthanks so much fsfsmari03:37
fsfsmariThis is why I do it. :)03:37
* ahoneybun sees that he will get 3 pay checks in Oct03:37
fsfsmariI probably will too, then.03:37
fsfsmariSo hey, know what you're missing?03:38
fsfsmariI'm wearing my glasses today.03:38
ahoneybunI've never seen you with those XD03:39
fsfsmariI decided to forego contact lenses for the day.03:39
fsfsmariYeah, it's rare. I'm so active, glasses end up being a pain in the butt for me.03:39
fsfsmariBut yeah, I'm all nerd-girl today.03:40
ahoneybunfsfsmari: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/3210-ubuntu-hour-ft-lauderdale/03:40
ahoneybunI've decided the place03:40
jck77good evening!!! 03:41
fsfsmariI'd like to put it on my calendar, but I don't understand the time codes.03:41
fsfsmariHello jck77!03:41
jck77ahoneybun: thenks for the invite 03:41
ahoneybunof course!03:42
ahoneybunfsfsmari: 1pm EST03:42
fsfsmariOh, so EDT = EST?03:42
ahoneybunI guess03:42
fsfsmariha! okay.03:42
ahoneybunI picked US/Eastern in the options03:43
fsfsmariOh, I see.03:43
* fsfsmari thinks it's just too complicated.03:43
ahoneybunyea XD03:44
ahoneybunimagine how I felt in Spain!03:44
fsfsmariI put it on my calendar. You know, that's movie night.03:44
fsfsmariSo I need to be home at a reasonable hour. ;)03:44
fsfsmariWhen were you in Spain? Why? How? Tell me more!!03:44
ahoneybunfsfsmari: in late July03:45
ahoneybunAkademy (KDE event), Plane, ask03:45
fsfsmariHa. All right, touche.03:46
fsfsmarijck77, where do you live?03:47
jck77lol last time I logged in into loco team portal was in 2010 03:47
jck77damn 03:47
jck77fsfsmari: Davie, but is really close to plantation 03:47
jck77im close to tower shops where costco is ... 03:48
fsfsmarijck77 Also, what's your name? I'm Mari, obviously. ;)03:48
fsfsmariHello Juan!03:48
jck77I just registered for the party release.... 03:49
ahoneybunhey juan03:49
fsfsmariI don't know Davie. I'm in Palm Beach County.03:49
* ahoneybun knows where Juan is03:49
ahoneybunI've been over there quite a bit lately03:49
ahoneybunI LOVE Blaze Pizza03:49
jck77fsfsmari: cool 03:49
ahoneybunjck77: if you EVER want to meet there I will go!03:49
jck77ahoneybun: hehe I havent tried it 03:50
fsfsmariHa! Art loves Blaze, too.03:50
jck77must be good03:50
jck77fsfsmari: I only know wellington a bit 03:50
ahoneybunit is across from best buy and never 595 if I remember right03:50
fsfsmariI haven't tried it either, but everyone says it's great.03:50
fsfsmariHey Juan, are you on Meetup? http://www.meetup.com/DelrayTechSpace/events/225306730/03:51
fsfsmariLINK DEATH03:51
jck77wow now im hungry 03:51
ahoneybunsadly there are 2 pages for people to RSVP on03:51
ahoneybunseems jck77 used the loco one 03:52
fsfsmarijck77 Wellington is very far west from us.03:52
jck77fsfsmari: no Im not there yet!!! 03:52
ahoneybunJuan Karroum03:52
jck77yes thats me03:52
fsfsmariahoneybun can I see the loco rsvps?03:52
ahoneybunno clue about eric03:52
ahoneybunI don't remember meeting him/her03:53
ahoneybunits raining so hard here..03:53
fsfsmariI updated our Meetup with the LoCo link. ;)03:55
ahoneybunI mean DTS pays for the meetup account so might as well get the money out of it03:55
fsfsmariMeetup is a great investment.03:57
fsfsmariFor any tech group.03:57
ahoneybunnever said it wasn't :)03:57
fsfsmariProbably less so for knitting groups.03:57
jck77do I have to rsvp on both sites?03:58
jck77or with the loco is enough 03:58
fsfsmariNo, either one is ok.03:58
ahoneybungives us a good count either way03:59
ahoneybunthe fedora 23 wallpapers are amazing: http://fedoramagazine.org/introducing-the-extra-f23-wallpapers04:03
ahoneybunyay DTS Twitter is following me!04:03
fsfsmariI'm an idiot about Twitter sometimes. I very often forget which account I'm uwing.04:05
fsfsmariNot that it matters too much.04:06
ahoneybunthanks fsfsmari for the kind words04:06
fsfsmariIt's true. I can't do it myself. Neither can Keith.04:07
ahoneybunyou for got Joel again04:07
* fsfsmari facepalms04:07
fsfsmariYou know....I'm technically employed as a graphics designer now. I should have submitted a desktop design.04:08
ahoneybundesktop design?04:09
ahoneybunfsfsmari: even the founder of Ubuntu likes me: https://plus.google.com/+MichaelHall119/posts/F9nEYkPuvnn04:10
fsfsmariThe Fedora link you posted just now.04:10
ahoneybunMark Shuttleworth +1 that post 04:10
fsfsmari"Rising leader". Yes, that's very you.04:11
ahoneybunI still have odd feelings about being called that04:11
fsfsmariHow so>04:11
ahoneybunidk different04:12
fsfsmariWhat were you before?04:12
ahoneybunI should say honoring then04:12
fsfsmariI guess maybe "catalyst" is a better word for you..04:12
* ahoneybun has bad word choice even if he works on documentation04:13
fsfsmariFor now. But you'll end up being a so-called "leader" before you know it.04:13
* ahoneybun pokes mhall11904:14
fsfsmariWe're talking about you, mhall119.04:14
ahoneybunI mean I'm a leader in the Kubuntu Team04:14
ahoneybunI'm on the Kubuntu Council04:14
fsfsmariWait, what? We weren't connected on Linkedin before now? Wtf?04:16
fsfsmariOkay, my laptop is going to catch fire if I don't shut down and go to bed.04:20
ahoneybunI will as well XD04:20
ahoneybunnight all, fsfsmari mhall119 jck7704:20
fsfsmariSee you guys tomorrow. Goodnight, jck7704:20
Garheademorning yo14:13
mhall119morning Garheade 14:36
GarheadeHow are things going this morning mhall119 14:49
mhall119Garheade: not enough coffee this morning :)14:50
GarheadeNow thats a plight I can understand.14:52
jck77sup people16:53
mhall119hi jck77 17:09
ahoneybunthe list of people in here seems to be growing19:51
ahoneybunmhall119: ping19:53
jck77this weather sucks 22:15
mhall119ahoneybun: pong22:31
ahoneybunit does jck7722:43
ahoneybunmhall119: second Ubuntu Hour going on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-florida/3210-ubuntu-hour-ft-lauderdale/22:43
ahoneybunanother I should say22:43

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