jrwrenGOOD morning13:07
rick_h_well that's a new one, not many use that form of address for myself, but I always figured it was about time13:10
_stink_or maybe it's hailing13:11
_stink_from the sky13:11
cmaloneyWell, we are in the presence of royalty13:11
cmaloneyAll hail rick_h_, master of the ancient juju13:11
aleph_onehow about ahoy? still weird?13:53
cmaloneyOnly if you're from the 1920s13:53
aleph_oneI plead the 5th13:53
wolfgerIgnore these landlubbers, matey.15:46
aleph_onearrrrr, I shall at that!15:47
cmaloneyI hate it when I create interesting problems17:55
cmaloneyeg: having lxc containers that were running on a production database and were causing phantom errors in our other systems17:55

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