inetprogood mornings06:24
thatgraemeguywill skip the good for now06:49
Squirmthatgraemeguy: It will be better than yesterday07:03
Squirmthatgraemeguy: why the change to lowercase?07:20
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
Squirmsuperfly: Have you ever used Kivy?08:08
pieter2627good afternoon 10:14
inetprowb pieter262710:50
inetproyou ready for the meeting this evening?10:50
inetprothe month went way too quick for me yet again10:51
pieter2627inetpro: yes, will sort notes soon10:53
* pieter2627 can't believe it is time again10:53
grembleI accidentally burnt down my entire haskell stack -_-11:00
grembleNow I don't know how to fix it11:01
gremblemaaz tell gremble "I am pinging myself"11:12
Maazgremble: Righto, I'll tell gremble on freenode11:12
grembleI don't think my theming is working as intended11:12
Maazgremble: By the way, gremble on freenode told me "tell gremble "I am pinging myself"" 20 seconds ago11:12
gremblemaaz tell gremble it works11:21
Maazgremble: Okay, I'll tell gremble on freenode11:21
grembledoes it work?11:21
Maazgremble: By the way, gremble on freenode told me "tell gremble it works" 14 seconds ago11:21
grembleIt does indeed11:21
Kilosafternoon all14:49
Kiloshurry up and take your time is the motto of our public medical system14:50
Kiloscheck again, then book me in on the 13th and surgery on the 15th14:51
Kilosso should make tonights meeting if im not sleeping14:51
Kilosso where are the clever tablet users17:43
Kilosat kalafong hospital my sisters tablet sees afrihost wifi but when she taps connect it says failed to authenticate17:44
Kilosoh she says she entered many zeroes then replied with weak signal17:48
Kilosso wasnt an authentication prob17:48
Kilosyou can all breathe again17:49
Kilosohi superfly hows the family and you?17:49
superflyKilos: they have chiken pox18:00
Kilosaw shame18:00
superflythey're about halfway through, will only get better from here18:01
Kilosai! 18:02
Kiloshi Cryterion kulelu88 inetpro 18:18
Kilosand pietie and octoquad 18:18
Kilosand all other nother peeps18:18
Cryterionmeeting on tonight?18:19
Kilosi think so18:19
Kilosand im falling asleep , sigh18:19
pieter2627almost time...18:28
pieter2627oom Kilos nog reg?18:29
kulelu88shouldn't it be 29 september? last tuesday of each month18:30
pieter26274th thurs of the month, seems that we should start18:31
grembleGood evening evvery one18:32
pieter2627Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - Sept 201518:32
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:32
pieter2627Good evening again everyone and thank you for joining our monthly meeting.18:33
pieter2627As always, Maaz is taking the minutes so please introduce yourself using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg.18:33
Kilosek hier pieter2627 18:33
grembleMaaz: I am Jaco Stroebel18:33
Maazgremble: Done18:33
pieter2627Maaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht18:33
Maazpieter2627: Okay18:33
KilosMaaz I am Miles Sharpe18:34
MaazKilos: Yessir18:34
* pieter2627 almost thought he was the only one18:34
pieter2627guess the others have to be pinged18:34
Kilosinetpro ping18:34
Kiloskulelu88 ping18:35
KilosMaNI ping18:35
gremblegremble ping18:35
CryterionMaaz: I am Gavin Bauer18:35
MaazCryterion: Done18:35
Kilosstucomplex ping18:35
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:35
Maazinetpro: Yessir18:35
Kiloshi inetpro 18:35
pieter2627today's meeting agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2015092218:36
pieter2627take a quick min to go through it and please feel free to make any last minute topic suggestions18:36
pieter2627oops forgot something...18:36
pieter2627Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction18:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:36
theblazehenMaaz I am jeandre le roux18:36
Maaztheblazehen: Okay18:36
Kiloshi theblazehen 18:37
kulelu88Maaz: I am kulelu88 18:37
Maazkulelu88: Done18:37
theblazehenhey Kilos18:37
pieter2627Maaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:38
MaazCurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:38
pieter2627the previous meeting's minutes can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2015072818:38
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:40
Maazsuperfly: Sure18:40
pieter2627i made notes to the wrong link previous minutes is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2015082518:40
pieter2627i no has issues with it then we will be moving on in a bit...18:41
Kilosim fine18:41
pieter2627Maaz: topic Plans for 201518:42
MaazCurrent Topic: Plans for 201518:42
inetpropieter2627: we can always fix it later if necessary18:42
pieter2627i am only going to give a minute's waiting time for anyone to add something that they might have here18:42
pieter2627no one spotted the error, so wonder who went to look anyway18:42
* inetpro is way too tired 18:43
pieter2627ok, in the future we would hopefully have more for this topic18:43
pieter2627so if anyone wants to sign the  COC or wants to become a member then speaking to Kilos or superfly would be your best bet18:43
pieter2627to join our Trello just speak to inetpro and for a launchpad ID just speak up18:43
Kiloseveryone has too much on their minds to even remember what was agreed on  last meeting18:43
grembleI just signed up for the trello (again I think)18:44
Kilosinetpro and superfly 18:44
pieter2627Kilos: thought you are a member and not inetpro 18:44
Kiloslol ya but inetpro had to help me to sign the COC18:45
Kilosthats a big job18:45
Kiloswe have a how to on trello as well18:46
gremblehttps://help.launchpad.net/Signing%20the%20Ubuntu%20Code%20of%20Conduct for anyone interested18:46
CryterionIf the guideline got updated to include the posting key to keyserver, then the guideline would be 100%18:46
Kilosty gremble 18:46
pieter2627ah ok, moving on...18:46
pieter2627Maaz: topic Events18:47
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:47
pieter2627SFD was over the weekend and was quite exciting...18:47
Kilostheblazehen do you and gremble have feedback from sfd18:47
pieter2627i understand that gremble was also there18:48
inetpropieter2627: you ended up going as well?18:48
pieter2627inetpro: yes18:48
inetpronice! 18:48
Kiloswell done18:48
grembleI'm busy with a write-up. Took notes and stuff, so I will host it on the internet somewhere for those that didn't attend to read18:49
Cryterionwe need them in more areas though18:49
pieter2627here is a quick summary - gremble and theblazehen correct me on errors18:49
pieter2627Seaparo Phala, the CIO for the Department of Arts and Culture, told us what government is trying to do to increase FOSS usage and he highlighted the 4 FOSS users 18:49
pieter2627as a note, he mentioned a few government departments that make use of FOSS18:49
pieter2627next, Dave Russell from Microsoft highlighted how they have had FOSS for awhile but it has not received the best of marketing and how they might increase that in the future18:50
gremble> Free as in beer not FOSS18:50
pieter2627^^ that for Microsoft18:51
grembleFOSS with the opening of stuff like .Net Core earlier this year18:51
inetprosounds like old spinning tactics to me18:51
pieter2627Dr Leti Kleyn from UP highlighted why research should be more open and accessible18:51
pieter2627Aslam Raffee, the former CIO of the Department of Science and Technology, explained how the copyright amendment bill might go against OSS contribution in SA18:52
pieter2627Shahn van Zyl mentioned how a company called LSD runs assessments for public companies to help them switch over to FOSS18:52
pieter2627Tim Haak showed how to use docker and gave a few tips for new and advance users18:53
pieter2627Henti Smith explained how Bacula, a backup suite, works and highlighted its features18:53
pieter2627Nevar Fourie how digital contracts can be created using Ethereum - lents somewhat from bitCoin but is for where two items/entities are transfered between parties in a fool proof and open manner18:53
pieter2627almost done...18:53
pieter2627Mark Clarke showed the basics of react - a js library18:54
pieter2627Ross Addis from Redhat talked about the hybrid cloud and reasons for the open cloud18:54
pieter2627gremble: will you be able to post a link for your summary on the list18:55
gremblemailinglist? Sure18:55
pieter2627and is anyone interested in a more complete note set?18:55
Kilosor paste bin18:55
inetpropieter2627: nice list, thanks for sharing18:55
Kilosty pieter2627 18:55
inetpropieter2627: how many people were there?18:56
pieter2627i would guess 60... depending on how many were behind me18:57
theblazehenMaybe ~50 to ~70?18:57
pieter262760 might be overstated also18:58
grembleThe turn-out wasn't very good18:58
theblazehenYeah :/18:58
grembleWe should work on marketing I think18:58
theblazehenPretty much no one did key signing18:58
pieter2627there were train problems as well... some arrived late18:58
inetpromore than 50 is not bad though18:58
theblazehenJust me, and charl Le Roux, the organiser18:58
grembleNeeds more advertising18:59
inetproclearly we have work to do for the next one :-)18:59
* inetpro wondering how we can get more people to come19:00
pieter2627anyone have anything to raise for other events on the agenda?19:00
Kilostswane tv and news papers19:00
Kilosand fb19:00
inetproKilos: it was advertised on fb19:01
pieter2627or whatever your media of choice is...19:01
pieter2627if each one those a little bit of what he/she can then is will add up i think19:02
pieter2627so no news for the installfests in cpt?19:02
pieter2627and no one planning on organizing any new events?19:03
grembleI just have the tlug, but that is not really an event, more of a thing19:03
pieter2627gremble: tlug?19:04
inetpropieter2627: did the arts and culture guys talk about the DASA event coming in October?19:04
grembleEither TuksLUG or TshwaneLUG. We'll do both. Karl suggested that I link up with him19:04
inetproInaugural meeting of Drupal users in Government and NGO sector http://www.meetup.com/Drupal-Pretoria-Arcadia-NGO-gov19:05
pieter2627Kilos: does getting involved mean taking an interest in their events?19:05
pieter2627inetpro: not that i can remember19:05
Kilosglad you got together with kmf gremble 19:05
pieter2627Kilos: involved with lugs that is..19:06
Kilosinna way19:06
Kilosyou choose what you want to get involved in19:06
Kilostey must has stuff going thats of interet to you19:07
pieter2627i mean under the Misc section we have 'get more involved with lugs to promote ubuntu and foss together'19:07
Kilosthe plan was that we work together  more19:07
Kiloseven though we are mainly ubuntu we are linux as well19:08
Kilosand foss19:08
pieter2627who is planning on attending PyCon?19:09
Kilosso why let lugs do their thing and we do ours19:09
Kilosstrength in numbers19:10
inetproKilos: we are not a lug19:10
Kilosya inetpro but we can work and play with them19:10
Kiloskindred spirits so to say19:11
inetproeach one has it's own character, oviously anyone can join anywhere else19:11
pieter2627so that covers events?19:11
inetpropieter2627: no19:12
pieter2627inetpro: what did i miss?19:12
inetprorelease party19:12
inetpronext release is coming soon now19:13
inetproI think we should start organising something again19:13
inetproat least we can try 19:13
pieter2627ok... what is a release party?19:14
inetproWily Werewolf getting released on 22 October 2015 19:14
inetproUbuntu 15.1019:15
pieter2627yes, so is the party on the weekend of the release? 19:15
pieter2627i have only seen photos of this stuff not what they are... will check the link19:16
pieter2627so inetpro do you need a vote to see if we will have one, want to check the interest, etc?19:17
inetprosomebody should just take the initiative and run with it19:17
inetproarrange a venue and send invites, etc19:17
inetproand we can have it in many locations all at the same time19:18
inetproinvite a few friends and make it your own19:19
pieter2627inetpro: can you get us going with the one?19:19
Kiloswb Cryterion_ 19:20
Cryterion_Lappy dead, going inside so can charge, be back soon19:20
inetpropieter2627: I don't want to commit to anything right now, way too many other things on my plate19:21
pieter2627no other interest seem to arise...19:22
inetproI just had to mantion so we don't all forget about these basics19:22
inetpromention as well19:22
inetproreleases happen every six months, and release parties are kinda fun19:22
pieter2627can we set out to start planing/shaping the basics details for the next release?19:22
pieter2627a party for it i mean??19:23
inetproyeah I think we should at least have a big one for the LTS release in April19:24
pieter2627Maaz: agreed to start talking about a release party for 16.04 LTS19:24
MaazAgreed: to start talking about a release party for 16.04 LTS19:24
pieter2627i can mail the list about that tomorrow?19:25
pieter2627Maaz: agreed pieter2627 to mail the list about a release party19:25
MaazAgreed: pieter2627 to mail the list about a release party19:25
pieter2627Maaz: topic Miscellaneous19:25
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous19:25
pieter2627we have had the ubuntu-in-the-wild on for awhile now19:26
pieter2627are all ok if we go ahead and create the ubuntu-in-the-wild page using Nikola's gallery feature?19:26
pieter2627other than that does anyone have anything else to add for topics under Misc?19:27
* pieter2627 seems to be speaking to himself19:28
inetprosuperfly: ^^19:29
Kilosno one is arguing with you man19:29
pieter2627i asked for confirmation not an argument...19:29
inetprohow about putting stuff on the wiki?19:30
pieter2627inetpro: i guess we can do that...19:31
inetproor on our fb, g+ and or twiiter feeds?19:31
pieter2627maybe i need to have a list of all the things i have for the next meeting so that we can make a choice..19:31
pieter2627time seems to be running out...19:32
* inetpro suggests using trello as a sandbox19:32
pieter2627ok will create the list there19:33
pieter2627Maaz: agreed pieter2627 to create a list on trello of ubuntu in the wild19:33
MaazAgreed: pieter2627 to create a list on trello of ubuntu in the wild19:33
pieter2627Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:33
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:33
inetpro+1 for pieter262719:33
Kilospieter2627 +119:33
Kilospieter2627 yu are doing well19:34
inetpropieter2627: you're doing a great job and I know I may not be available in October19:34
pieter2627inetpro: we can also swap around sometime with africa's meetings if you want19:34
pieter2627oh ok19:34
pieter2627Maaz: agreed pieter2627 to chair the next meeting19:35
MaazAgreed: pieter2627 to chair the next meeting19:35
pieter2627Maaz: topic Next meeting19:35
MaazCurrent Topic: Next meeting19:35
pieter2627The next meeting is the 27th of Oct hope to see you all again19:35
Kilospieter2627 ty for stepping up and helping out19:36
pieter2627Maaz: agreed next meeting on Tuesday, 27 October 2015 @ 20:3019:36
MaazAgreed: next meeting on Tuesday, 27 October 2015 @ 20:3019:36
inetprothanks pieter262719:36
pieter2627np Kilos and inetpro 19:36
* inetpro calls it a day19:36
inetprogood night everyone19:36
pieter2627that all thanks everyone for attending19:36
pieter2627Maaz: end meeting19:36
MaazMeeting Ended19:36
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-09-22-18-32-24.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-09-22-18-32-24.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2015-09-22-18-32-24.html19:36
Kilosnight from me too guys ty for being there19:37
pieter2627night all19:37
kulelu88and while the meeting was happening, somebody was trying to rob us19:53
kulelu88fekk, this country really is finished19:53
grembleThey'll try and rob you in every country19:53
kulelu88nah, criminals in other countries are not brave enough to break in twice in 1 day19:55
grembleI wouldn't know.19:56
grembleI've never lived in another country19:56
kulelu88aah, this is africa I guess. 19:58
superflykulelu88: ai :-( did they manage to get away with anything, or was it just an attempt?20:53
kulelu88they stole stuff the first time and came back to steal some more superfly 21:09
kulelu88what shocks me is how brave these criminals are. twice in 1 day???21:10
superflykulelu88: wow, I'm really sorry to hear that :-(21:57
kulelu88superfly: its okay man. thanks for the concern, but I guess this is a pandemic the whole country is dealing with21:59

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