noahmg123ok. it now does not work on either my admin account or my non admin account00:11
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JOWHey guys, so here's the deal00:12
JOWI'm trying to install the gazebo form the gazebo site00:12
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JOWbecause what I have came with ROS00:12
JOWso form the site it's more complete00:12
noahmg123the switching of profiles on my bluetooth headset00:12
JOWbut now it doesn't install and tells me that I have something broken or something like that00:13
JOW... =(00:13
JOWAnd how can I fix this? Because, like, I have so many gazebos all around the computer.... I don't even know what to delete so I could start from zero...00:13
JOWsomebody help!00:14
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Aniarhi. I have a weird problem I can't figure out - I just fresh-built Kubuntu 15.04 on an SSD on a Thinkpad.  Every time I reboot /usr/sbin/bluetoothd is 0644. I "chmod +x /usr/sbin/bluetooth && systemctl start bluetooth" and BT works. but next reboot, it's back to 644.  /home is NOT mounted separately, and I'm not losing any data there, so this is specific, as far as I can see, to /usr/sbin/bluetoothd. anyone seen anything like this00:18
headkaseAniar: it is a really bad hack, but, chattr +i /usr/sbin/bluetooth to make the file immutable.  It is a really bad hack because eventually you'll get a package update for it and it won't be able to change that file.00:20
headkaseAniar: As in you should not follow that advice.  Immutable is usually for configuration files not binaries.00:20
Aniarheadkase: yes, which is why I want to figure out what's breaking it. :)00:20
AniarI've read the /etc/init/bluetooth and /etc/init.d/bluetooth scripts, but there's no answer I can see there. I'm still lookiing for the systemctl conf file00:22
headkaseAniar: off the top of my head, systemd files are in /etc/systemd/ and then targets below that.  That's off the top of my head though.00:23
headkaseAniar: and the files in there are symlinks to the .service files.00:23
Aniarheadkase: that's what locate |grep says, too00:23
Aniarno apparent results in the /lib/systemd/system/bluetooth* files. :(00:24
Aniar(that is, no apparent causes of my lack of +x00:24
headkaseAniar: wish I could be no help other than that.00:24
headkase*be of more help other than that.00:25
Aniarheh, np, that's how IRC works.00:25
Aniarthis channel is just too noisy for me to hang out on always.  #perl is enough distraction for me00:26
noahmg123OK. I am really frustrated with this. I got it to work once but that was it. I have a bluetooth headset that I want to play audio from my computer. It wont. I was able to switch the audio profile once (and get it to work), but that was it.00:26
headkaseAniar: IRC is the best time-waster I have yet discovered. ;)00:26
Aniarheadkase: ++00:26
Aniarnoahmg123: did you check the service ordering in your sound config?  my bluetooth devices in KDE came up BELOW the system soundcard00:26
noahmg123Aniar: how do I do that?00:27
Aniarnoahmg123: I'm going to have to guess, but go into your system settings, choose your sound config.  You should see a "Pulse Audio" or something similar.00:27
noahmg123Aniar: I am in lxde. are you talking about pavucontrol?00:28
Aniarnoahmg123: System -> Preferences -> Sound00:28
Aniarpavucontrol is lower level than you SHOULD need to go.00:29
Aniarwow, the help community on bluetooth is out of date00:29
noahmg123Aniar: it is not there in lxde (that I see)00:29
Aniarnoahmg123: I don't know lxde at all, so I'm only pulling basic BT config.  I know in 14.10, I needed to follow this, but that system was the result of 4 years of constant upgrading: https://askubuntu.com/questions/366032/pulseaudio-not-detecting-bluetooth-headset-automatically00:31
Aniarnoahmg123: I'm on 15.04, and when bluetoothd starts, I don' tneed to do anything to get autoswitching rowking.  But I'm  KDE user.00:31
noahmg123Aniar: been there. my computer recognizes it. it just cannot set the profile00:32
Aniarnoahmg123: can't set the profile to a2dp? or can't play music to it?00:33
noahmg123Aniar: #1 and subsequently #200:34
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Aniarnoahmg123: I can't help you with #1, but that'll cause #2, as it seems you've figured out. #1 in KDE is in the Plamsa-Pulseaudio config screen, which you surely won't have00:36
noahmg123Aniar thxc for trying to help anyway.00:36
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roger_hey all00:50
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FreederHi, a RAID is throwing input/output errors when trying to access files (recently had to recover the data from a very bad place). syslog is full of errors such as: EXT4-fs error (device md127): ext4_iget:4059: inode #189991997: comm ls: bad extra_isize (37151 != 256)00:58
=== Freeder is now known as Geo
GeoI'm not interested in trying to recover that data so much, as get the drives back into a working state from here on out- what am I scanning for, or how?00:59
RonWhoCaresI posted my question @ http://stackoverflow.com/q/32705576/312331300:59
GramszuHi, I've just installed calibre on Gnome Ubuntu 15.04 - but it is impossible to add any book to collection.01:00
GramszuProgram feedback with:01:00
GramszuHi, I've just installed calibre on Gnome Ubuntu 15.04 - but it is impossible to add any book to collection.01:00
daftykinsfreezer_: backup and nuke it from orbit? checked SMART across all member disks?01:01
Gramszucalibre, version 2.20.001:01
GramszuBŁĄD: Nie można dodać książek: Nie udało się dodać niektórych książek, kliknij "Pokaż szczegóły", aby uzyskać więcej informacji.01:01
GramszuWorker process crashed while executing job01:01
GramszuTraceback (most recent call last):01:01
Gramszu  File "/usr/lib/calibre/calibre/utils/ipc/pool.py", line 103, in recv01:01
Gramszu    result = cPickle.loads(eintr_retry_call(self.conn.recv_bytes))01:01
GerowenAnybody know whether or not it's possible to enable protected content options in Google Chrome on Ubuntu so I can watch Hulu?  They've changed something so it no longer functions properly without HAL, which I can't seem to find a copy of on packages.ubuntu.com01:07
arasicI am having issues with perl on Ubuntu, which is 14.04.3 LTS01:15
arasicPerl API version v5.14.0 of Socket does not match v5.18.0 at /usr/share/perl/5.18/XSLoader.pm line 92.01:15
hamechiHi, someone could help me?01:15
hamechiI'm having some problems to switch from Ivy bridge graphics to NVIDIA 640m LE01:16
dw1if i'm on an openvpn VPN over network-manager and i ftp to my server's external IP is it encrypted over the tVPN tunnel?01:17
soulissonHello, i'm trying to setup a loop device from a hard drive image, i'm using losetup -P, but partition are not created01:17
hamechiI've tried every driver on proprietary, 340, 346 an 304. The one that does not show the "change to low-graphics mode" error is the 304 driver01:18
hamechiBut if I use prime to switch the graphic card01:18
hamechiI receive "  Cannot access secondary GPU - error: [XORG] (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA GPU at PCI:1:0:0. "01:18
Aniardw1: no01:18
dw1k.. ill map to tunnel IPs01:19
hamechisorry about some mistakes on grammar.01:19
Aniardw1: check your "ip route" or "route -n" statement to see which networks go over the VPN (probably tun0) connection.  those are the only ocnnectionstthat'll be encrypted01:19
Aniardw1: if you have a VERY complicated setup, "most specific route wins"01:20
Aniarthat is, if "everything" goes to tun0 device, you'll see there's a specific route to the VPN concentrator.  any traffic to that device does NOT go over the VPN (which is obvs neccesar, so that the VPN traffic doesn't try to go through itself into a black hole)01:20
Aniarhamechi: you probably have 3 options, and have to choose 101:21
Aniarhamechi: 1) switch your bios primary graphics card (which you need to check *REGARDLESS*)01:21
Aniarhamechi: 2) use vgaswitcheroo (ugly, but older and likely more bugtested)01:22
hamechithere is no option on bios for that01:22
Aniarhamechi: 3) bumblebee/primus/optimus, which launch a *program* in the NVIDIA card, not hte full X window01:22
Aniarhamechi: "integrated" or "DISCRETE" are normally the bios options on a laptop01:22
hamechiyeah, but there's no such option on my bios01:23
hamechido you want my lspci?01:23
Aniarhamechi: then you either have a desktop with 2 different cards, and need to plug in monitors accordingly and set your bios to the right graphics output (GPU/PCI1/0/etc), or you don't have the config you think you have?01:23
hamechiI have a notebook...01:25
hamechiI didn't understand your last phrase, Aniar.01:26
Aniarhamechi: does "lspci |egrep -i '(vga|video)'" give you 2 lines?01:26
Aniarand one says "Intel" and the other says "Nvidia" ?01:26
hamechi00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09)01:26
hamechi01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107M [GeForce GT 640M LE] (rev a1)01:26
dw1Aniar: but if the server i'm connecting to is the same as the VPN... it's encrypted01:27
Aniarhamechi: you probably want bumblebee.  but in any case, you have *3* options, and have to choose which of those 3 you want01:27
Aniardw1: yes, but not.  it's the same CPU, but networking cares about IP addresses01:28
dw1the VPN host will simply connect to itself, so nothing to snoop01:28
dw1except inernally01:28
hamechithe only driver that not shows the black screen error of "change to low graphics mode" is 304.12501:29
dw1so i can simply ftp to my sites domain and it's locally secure because i'm using that server as vpn01:29
dw1k :)01:30
GiordanoHey guys, what is the less buggy, or the most stable desktop environment?01:30
Aniarhamechi: you haven't answered how you're trying to *get* graphics. you're talking about a specific error once you get to some undetermined point.01:30
AniarGiordano: windows? do you mean "most tested Ubuntu desktop"?  go with the actual named "ubuntu"01:31
hamechiAniar, what is the 3 options that I have to choose?01:31
GiordanoAniar: So, Unity?01:31
Aniardw1: if you're trying to do server-to-server VPN, which I think you're describing, just to encrypt a single type of traffic, there is a better option: use a secure encrypted protocol01:31
AniarGiordano: whatever the Ubuntu default is.01:32
AniarGiordano: ubuntu is a massive community which I barely grasph the scope of.  I'm a KDE user, and love it, but I download the "kubuntu" dvd and install that. so I don't get the same install experience that you do.  some things are the same, but some things are subtlelly different01:32
AniarGiordano: if you want the "most tested, most used" accept the defaults.01:32
AniarGiordano: that doesn't mean the other options are bad. They're just "other options"01:33
Aniarhamechi: 1) switch your bios primary graphics card (which you need to check *REGARDLESS*)01:33
Aniardw1: yes, but not.  it's the same CPU, but networking cares about IP addresses01:34
bjrohanHello all. I just purchased an HP 15" notebook with WIN 10, that I installed Ubuntu on. The wifi reception is very weak, in fact it only picks up my own router, and only if it is within 10 ft of it. It will connect, but I have no data transfer (can't even ping local computers). The chip is a rtl8723be. Would appreciate any help01:34
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Aniarhamechi: 2) use vgaswitcheroo (ugly, but older and likely more bugtested)01:34
GiordanoAniar: that makes sense, thank you01:34
Aniarhamechi: 3) bumblebee/primus/optimus, which launch a *program* in the NVIDIA card, not hte full X window01:34
hamechiI want the second option01:34
Aniarhamechi: now that you have chekced your bios, you can install either "vgaswitcheroo" *OR* "bumblebee" and follow the excellent ubuntu wiki articles on either subject01:35
hamechiI had problems with bumblebee01:35
Aniarbjrohan: the simple answer is to check your wifi transmit power, which is probably 3 or 5 for power savings.01:36
bjrohanAniar: transmit power on the computer? Why wouldn't it pick up all of my neighbors wifi signals that my other laptop can?01:37
ASonOfGod1is there an OpenOffice Channel on this network?01:37
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Guest86749Quickly, what can I do to lock the CPU into low power mode?01:37
kostkon!alis | ASonOfGod101:38
ubottuASonOfGod1: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:38
Aniarbjrohan: because all wireless communication is a bidirectional system01:39
ASonOfGod1Thank you, very much, kostkon!01:39
kostkonASonOfGod1, np01:40
Aniarok, now, why is /usr/sbin/bluetoothd getting set non-executable... /me grumbles01:41
Guest86749Quickly, what can I do to lock the CPU into low power mode?01:57
Geounplug the computer01:58
AvatarAQuickly, to the bat mobile!01:58
dezzzzzzzzzzzso, i have a big issue01:59
Geooh come on, mine was hillarious01:59
AniarGuest86749: sudo cpufreq-set -g powersave01:59
AniarGeo: less hillarios, more 100% precise02:00
Aniar<-- apparently can't spel02:00
AniarGeo: know why my bluetooth isn't +x on boot?02:00
Geoheh, if you're looking at me for any sort of actual knowledge, you're in trouble, sorry02:01
Guest86749Aniar is that persistent on reboot?02:01
dezzzzzzzzzzzinitramfs got corrupted02:01
AvatarAwhat do you mean +x on boot?02:01
AniarGuest86749: it "fixes" itself on reboot, yes02:01
AniarAvatarA: boot my system, bluetooth doesn't work. "sudo chmod +x /usr/sbin/bluetoothd; sudo systemctl restart bluetooth" and things work.02:01
dezzzzzzzzzzzinitramfs got corrupted, so i booted on livecd and used testdisk and now the partition is 2mb instead of 750gb02:01
Aniarbut when I reboot, "ls -l /usr/sbin/bluetoothd" shows 64402:02
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: maybe? except /usr/sbin/bluetoothd isn't a kernel module, and 2 rebulds of kernel, and the stock kernel, show the same symptoms02:02
AvatarAholyyyyyshit dezzzzzzzzzzz no testdisk was needed for initramfs02:02
AniarI've just screwed up my profile. :(02:03
AvatarAbut now if you did the boo-boo you might actually need it :]02:03
dezzzzzzzzzzzAniar: mine is a different issue02:03
bjrohanAniar: The power listed from iwconfig is Tx-power=20 dBm and Signal level is 82 dBm02:03
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: ahh, sorry02:03
Aniarbjrohan: I don't know what those correspond to. But the PM tools will set a value of 0 to 5.02:04
Aniar5 being the most power saving, 0 being the strongest signal02:04
jwhwvHey, I'm setting up a static ip address on a plugin usb nic.  I can see how to set the add on the device with ip, but I can't find the command to put the netmask on there02:04
Aniarbjrohan: so if your card isn't responding to the APs, so that they can hear you, you can't join them.02:04
Guest86749Aniar: Is it the lowest setting or is that equiv. to on demand?02:04
bjrohanAniar: what PM tools?02:05
Aniarjwhwv: what command are you using to set the add? normally adding the netmask class ('/23') is fine02:05
Aniarbjrohan: whatever power management tools you have in place.02:05
AniarFYI to all who suddenly find me useful (this is weird to me): my battery dies in 20 minutes02:05
jwhwvAniar: I awas using ip addr add, but i was trying to add ddn style netmask at the end instead of the slash notation.  Thanks, man.02:05
dezzzzzzzzzzzcan somebody help me?02:06
Aniarincredible dude at the bar is going to *look for an outlet for me*02:06
Aniarthat means I can help here, AND get more drunk.  /me is SO F*ING HAPPY02:07
AvatarAdezzzzzzzzzzz, pastebin a "fdisk -l" for starters02:09
dezzzzzzzzzzzim running a kali linux livecd because i couldnt run any ubuntu02:13
Aniardevnill_: refresh me, what's the problem?02:13
dezzzzzzzzzzzwouldnt load02:13
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: err refresh, what'sthe roblem?02:13
dezzzzzzzzzzzinitramfs got corrupted02:13
dezzzzzzzzzzzi used testdisk02:13
dezzzzzzzzzzznow the partition that was supposed to be 700+gb is 2mb02:14
AvatarAgeez, that looks ugly02:14
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: dezzzzzzzzzzz the short ansewr is: "you need the mkinitcpio command and the correct flags for paths02:14
AvatarAhave any idea how you resized those partitions?02:15
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: I don't have time to help you figure them out,because I ca'nt tell my battery to wait for me to come to bed02:15
dezzzzzzzzzzzresizing them is bad juju02:15
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: but from the livecd, I *know* you can rebuild the initramfs from that tool02:15
Aniarhttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Mkinitcpio sadly archlinux has the best wiki for "weird shit you should never have to run"02:16
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: ^^02:16
AvatarAthere is no mkinitcpio in ubuntu02:16
dezzzzzzzzzzzaniar, will it fix my problem with testdisk as well?02:16
AvatarAyou should have mounted your rooted partition, chrooted into it, correct the config problem or whatever you had and then 'update-initramfs'02:17
dezzzzzzzzzzzi didnt know it was corrupted02:17
dezzzzzzzzzzzuntil i rebooted02:17
jwhwvaniar When I set my address via ip addr add dev eth2 - i see it there temporarily, however i cannot ping anything on the subnet, and when i check the addr again its not there anymore02:18
Aniardezzzzzzzzzzz: mkinitramfs02:18
Aniarjwhwv: are you sure you don't have a conflict with that IP?  you have 252 addresses (likely) to choose from in that network. so try another.02:19
Aniarok, power out. good luck all, sorry for the abrupt leaving02:19
Aniaralso: wtf /usr/sbin/bluetoothd??  :(02:19
jwhwvAniar: its nothing but my pc and a switch i just setup with a different address.  Why would the address not show up in ip addr after being sent?  Is there a daemon conflicting maybe?02:20
jwhwvAniar: I configured it via the /etc/network/interfaces config file, and now it works.  I think whatever daemon uses that was overwriting whatever was in there manually or something.  Thanks for the hand tonight dude take care02:25
Aniarjwhwv woo! grays02:27
Aniarand NetworkManager manages whatever inisn't in interfaces jwhwv02:27
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Guest56814Can startx be run over a putty client?02:30
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drupalpro_Anyone have any experience with getting xhprof to work on DrupalPro?02:49
jrmiahhas anyone here gotta the exact ubuntu desktop running in vncserver?02:59
jrmiahcan get a 'sorta' one going via metacity et al but not the same02:59
SoulboyHi guys I'm a newbie to linux, is there a reason why ubuntu feels slightly more sluggish than windows 10 when I'm browsing on firefox?03:25
OerHeksvideodriver maybe03:27
goddardhow can i get netbeans working ?03:27
SoulboyI've got 1 plugin on firefox haha adblock, yeah it coulde be the video driver03:27
cfhowlett!netbeans | Soulboy03:27
cfhowlettSoulboy, sorry, ignore that.  adblock?  cuz my ADB often hangs on social media here in China.03:28
SoulboyYeah its causing lag on fb for me03:28
SoulboyAnd some other sites03:28
SoulboyBut it doesn't do any of that on windows for me so I found it odd03:29
cfhowlettSoulboy, well, you could disable ADB if present OR completely block those sites03:29
OerHeksnetbeans got a great wiki https://netbeans.org/community/releases/80/install.html03:29
SoulboyOh btw is it possible for the desktop environment to cause lag too?03:29
goddardOerHeks: i think it is an issue with ubuntu though03:29
SoulboyI'm using kde 5 plasma03:30
cfhowlettSoulboy, absolutely.  kde is heavier and more demanding than, say, lxde03:30
cfhowlettSoulboy, test it.  install a light alternative.03:30
SoulboyAhh will do03:30
cfhowlettsudo apt install lxde xfce4               then logout/choose alternate/login03:30
SoulboyI've only used things like Unity,gnome and kde so far haha so that would probably explainwhy03:31
SoulboyThanks, cfhowlett I'll test it out and let you know how it goes! ^^03:31
cfhowlettSoulboy, happy2help!03:31
OerHeksgoddard, then what guide did you follow, what goes wrong?03:31
goddardOerHeks: no guide.. just trying to work out issues with installing via apt-get03:32
goddardusing wily werewolf03:32
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | goddard03:32
ubottugoddard: wily werewolf is the codename for Ubuntu 15.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+103:32
OerHeksgoddard, oh, too early for me, 15.1003:33
OerHeksseems pretty standard http://tutorialforlinux.com/2015/08/29/how-to-install-netbeans-8-x-all-on-ubuntu-15-10-wily-32-64bit-linuxgnu-easy-visual-guide/03:35
SoulboyOkay so I'm using lxde now and it's barely made any difference03:41
cfhowlettSoulboy, so it's not the DE then.  test a different browser; chrome or chromium03:44
santoshHow to rename multiple files? Like I have 100 files, starting from 1.xml 2.xml to 100.xml. I want to rename them to file1.xml and so03:48
daftykinschat to your pals in #bash03:49
DalekSecsantosh: Use 'rename'03:49
SoulboyChromium feels a lot faster than firefox03:53
SoulboyI'm using the intel graphics installer to install any drivers I might be missing as well lol maybe that'll help speed htings up03:54
somsipsantosh: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/227662/how-to-rename-multiple-files-with-find-using03:55
cencalokhy alll04:05
wvirxjfJoin #Ubuntu04:07
wvirxjfCan someone give me a command to get a list of all the running processes separated by spaces?04:09
somsipwvirxjf: ps a | awk '{print $5}' | tr '\n' ' '04:13
devnill_I'd like to run a script whenever wifi connects. I've added it to /etc/network/if-up.d/ and made the owner root with the permissions 755 but its not running. Is there anything else I need to do?04:14
devnill_(ubuntu 14.04)04:14
wvirxjfAh, ok04:16
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:07
yigalstill evening for me, but good to you anyways my friend05:08
Linux_NoobUhhh... Hello?05:12
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: can we help you?05:13
Linux_NoobOh, Hi! Yeah, I'm having a problem with installing Ubuntu 14.04 on my acer e-15 laptop. It installed fine, but the Wi-Fi won't turn on...05:15
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: wifi chipset please?05:15
Linux_NoobUhhh? What?05:15
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: have you installed ubuntu with cable internet enabled and updates enabled during setup?05:16
Linux_NoobNo. Installed over wifi (it was working during installation) with updates enabled05:17
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: ok, pastebin the output here of : sudo lshw -C network please05:17
Linux_NoobNow it says 'Wi-Fi is disabled by hardware switch'05:17
yigalLinux_Noob: you got a lapi ( laptop ) ?05:19
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: did you enable wifi switch?05:19
Linux_NoobI click on it, and 'enable networking' in checked, but everything else is greyed out05:20
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: pastebin the output of what i asked please05:21
Linux_NoobI don't know what that means lotuspsychje. What does pastebin mean?05:22
lotuspsychje!paste | Linux_Noob05:23
ubottuLinux_Noob: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:23
anonyI'm attempting to install Oracle's JVM - So I'm first checking if I have Java in my system. This is the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12519182/ (I guess I'm okay to proceed with JRE installation?)05:23
Linux_NoobErm...  My laptop won't connect to the Internet...  I can run the command, but I can't paste it anywhere.05:24
lotuspsychje!java | Anonaly05:24
ubottuAnonaly: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.05:24
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: put the cable in your laptop mate05:25
Linux_NoobCan't. In a hotel right now.05:25
anonyjdk-8u60-linux-x64.tar.gz - I guess this is it... thank you.05:25
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: then tell me the name of your wifi chipset here manually + driver=05:26
Linux_NoobHow do I find that info?05:27
old1Hiya!! can anyone point me to a good tf2 server.cfg file05:27
lotuspsychjeLinux_Noob: open a terminal and type: sudo lshw -C network05:28
old1im also wondering if anyone has had issues wityh bots staying in place05:28
lotuspsychjeold1: what are you trying to do mate05:28
anonyActually, before I do something silly... I've downloaded minecraft in order to test it out. Can I run it as is? (on a fairly fresh installation of 14.04?)05:28
lotuspsychjeanony: run what?05:28
old1find a good url or pastebin for a good working server.cfg file for tf205:29
anonylotuspsychje, Minecraft.jar05:29
lotuspsychjeanony: try the #minecraft channel maybe05:29
Linux_NoobK, done... It's a QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Adapter. Driver version: ath9k 3.1905:30
anonylotuspsychje, gotcha-will check it out.05:30
lotuspsychje!atheros | Linux_Noob05:30
ubottuLinux_Noob: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:30
anony!minecraft | anony05:34
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anonyI'm following this guide: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Oracle-Java-on-Ubuntu-Linux05:36
anonyBut I'm afraid If I do "sudo apt-get purge openjdk-\" bad things will happen later05:38
yigalwell anony quit and apparently doesn't know about alternatives, sudo update-alternatives --config java05:42
yigalbut well he's gone05:42
yigalanony and anyone else who needs Oracle Java don't delete the one installed, use alternatives to set the needed version.05:43
old1has anyone had a dedicated tf2 server and had the bots stick on ubuntu05:52
lotuspsychjeold1: https://www.linode.com/docs/applications/game-servers/team-fortress2-on-debian-and-ubuntu05:54
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nuf0xxnight_crawler: test complete...06:11
=== kloeri_ is now known as kloeri
xpilotis it ok to apt-get remove libgl1-mesa-dri?06:15
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kikishhello guys06:29
kikishhello guys any one working on django oscar ?06:29
xpilotso, looks like my screen resolution is stuck at 640x480 after I reinstalled a broken libgl1-mesa-dri06:31
xpilotany ideas?06:31
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yosukesanDoes any one can help me ?06:56
lotuspsychjelong: can we help you?06:59
longThank you07:00
yosukesanlotuspsychje. I need a help07:00
lotuspsychjeyosukesan: you can ask your question in the channel07:01
yosukesanI'm trying to make my laptop a temporary router07:01
yosukesanI followed this instruction https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router07:02
yosukesanbut still unable to managed. I07:02
yosukesanI've got a mobile wifi and a rasbian machine.07:03
yosukesanand I want use my laptop as a router between them.07:03
yosukesanDoes anyone know how to do it ?07:03
lotuspsychjeyosukesan: maybe this can help? http://www.yourownlinux.com/2013/07/how-to-configure-ubuntu-as-router.html07:04
yosukesanI only manged throught ping from rasbian to the router.07:04
lotuspsychjeyosukesan: the #ubuntu-server guys might also know tricks07:04
yosukesancheers <lotuspsychje>07:05
yosukesanI checked your suggested website a few weeks ago.07:05
yosukesanOK I'll try server guys.07:06
lotuspsychjeyosukesan: the ##networking guys might also know other linux tricks also, openwrt,..07:06
yosukesanI've got one more thing to ask.07:06
yosukesanOK server an network guys.07:07
yosukesanI built realtek 8812au driver module on arm machine.07:07
yosukesanbut when I inserted module it's says "ERROR: could not insert '8812au': Exec format error".07:08
xpilotso it appears that the xorg-edgers ppa is no longer necessary for nvidia drivers?07:09
xpilotthat is pretty nice07:09
yosukesanI want to know the message meant there is something wrong with module build ?07:09
yosukesanor Do I need to teak the driver's Makefile ?07:10
yosukesanI have successfully made the module on x86_64 ubuntu machine.07:11
lotuspsychjeyosukesan: https://github.com/abperiasamy/rtl8812AU_8821AU_linux/issues/2307:12
yosukesanWhen I checked the Makefile, which looks manually written, there's lots configuration for differet archs.07:12
yosukesan<lotuspsychje> Thanks again. This looks the answer.07:14
lotuspsychjeyosukesan: good luck!07:15
lotuspsychjer3czn1k: welcome, what can we do for you?07:15
r3czn1khow can I do something like that mv {file1,file2}.sh /tmp/ via ssh?07:16
lotuspsychjer3czn1k: try the #openssh channel mate07:16
r3czn1kok thanks07:16
xpilotgah the i386 versions of the mesa packages are still broken, as revealed when trying to install steam07:19
FckYoNiggativityHOE FUCK07:20
lotuspsychjexpilot: wich card, driver and ubuntu version do you have?07:20
FckYoNiggativityHOE FUCK07:20
FckYoNiggativityHOE FUCK07:20
FckYoNiggativityHOE FUCK07:20
lotuspsychje!ops | FckYoNiggativity07:20
ubottuFckYoNiggativity: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang07:20
shrilaxmiDoes anyone tell me how to set a specific color for the text I send on IRC?07:20
lotuspsychjeshrilaxmi: wich client are you on?07:21
popeyshrilaxmi: you can do that, but nobody wants you to do that :)07:21
MonkeyDustshrilaxmi  guess that depends on the client you're using07:21
Myrttishrilaxmi: some channels in freenode and possibly in other networks actively forbid it.07:22
MonkeyDustshrilaxmi  play with colors, but make sure we don't see them07:22
shrilaxmiNo just to identify quickly from the vast collection of texts that which messages are sent by me in a particular channel07:22
shrilaxmihow to set ?07:22
Myrttishrilaxmi: you can set your own highlight colours without having to send colours yourself07:23
Myrtti(I've no idea how on Hexchat, though)07:23
lotuspsychjeshrilaxmi: you can set hexchat colors as you like in options07:23
shrilaxmibut the texts I send appear in black only07:24
shrilaxmihow to change that07:24
shrilaxmiif someone addresses me, it appears in red because I chose red for highlight messages07:24
lotuspsychjeshrilaxmi: set the background color to dark, and colors for text07:24
shrilaxmii need to specify a particular color for my messages alone07:25
MonkeyDustneed or want?07:26
shrilaxmiwant to07:26
Tm_Tshrilaxmi: how they appear in your irc client?07:26
Tm_Tit depends on your client, many allows setting your own text in different colour without affecting your actual output07:27
shrilaxmiok fine07:27
lotuspsychjeshrilaxmi: change color number 14 and 30 to your wanted color07:30
scorpion01hello everyone07:31
lotuspsychjescorpion01: welcome, what can we do for you mate?07:32
moe__Error mounting system-managed device /dev/sr0 .. help on how to fix this?07:33
=== moe__ is now known as moebuntu
scorpion01lotuspsychje, i m taking pic using intent : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12519569/  like this,, can i name it own my own?07:34
scorpion01whoops wrong chennel07:34
vlad__it seems that I've installed libcudart6.5, but I don't even have a /usr/local/cuda07:35
moebuntuError mounting system-managed device /dev/sr0 anyone07:35
scorpion01lotuspsychje, sorry i mistakenly posted a question in this channel.07:36
lotuspsychjescorpion01: no sweat07:36
vlad__everything is installed from the main ubuntu repos (no ppas or .deb downloads)07:37
lotuspsychjevlad__: whats your endgoal mate?07:39
vlad__I'd like to use -lcudart07:39
YamakasYanyone running Ubuntu on an imac with 8800GS card ?07:40
vlad__"locate cudart" doesn't give me any .so files07:41
lotuspsychjeYamakasY: better ask your specific issue in the channel mate07:41
vlad__and my old cuda application crashed with "CUDA Exception: unknown error"07:42
YamakasYlotuspsychje: there are too many issues, if someone sees 8800gs and he runs it he knows the issue already ;)07:42
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=== Guest51697 is now known as huangzhiquan
qq[IrcCity]hello.  how should I report “Kernel panic” in Linux 4.3 rc2 Ubuntu?07:52
MonkeyDustYamakasY  one issue at the time, but keep it in one line07:53
lotuspsychjeqq[IrcCity]: wich ubuntu version are you on?07:54
qq[IrcCity]lotuspsychje, do you ask about Ubuntu proper?   14.10, but all situation is described in http://askubuntu.com/questions/674426/installing-linux-4-3-on-existing-ubuntu-release07:59
lotuspsychjeqq[IrcCity]: 14.10 is eol07:59
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
vlad__well I figured it out: the nvidia libs are in a different location (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/) and locate couldn't find them because the db was out of date08:00
lotuspsychje!yay | vlad__08:00
ubottuvlad__: Glad you made it! :-)08:00
vlad__props to apt-file for telling me where to look!08:01
qq[IrcCity]lotuspsychje: I do not think reporting kernel crashes is relevant to OS version installed.   I only ask here because the kernel is from kernel.ubuntu.com.08:02
shrilaxmicould anyone tel me how to personalize the color for the texts only I send08:02
shrilaxmiin hexchat08:02
lotuspsychjeqq[IrcCity]: if your version is eol, we cant support this mate08:02
shrilaxmithe text appears in the foreground color I've chosen in hexchat08:02
lotuspsychjeshrilaxmi: i already told you change hexchat color number 14 and 30 to your wanted color08:02
qq[IrcCity]lotuspsychje: suppose I lied you my version is 15.04.   what would you reply?08:05
shrilaxmilotuspsychje: i changed as u said08:05
vlad__what is the correct way to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH?08:05
shrilaxmilotuspsychje: but no effect it still appears in black which is the foreground coor08:05
shrilaxmilotuspsychje: but no effect it still appears in black which is the foreground color08:05
hypermisthuebuntu ;D08:06
* hypermist tries to act funny08:06
AleksaHello! I've messed something up with xkb and now I cannot type "č ć š đ ž" in many fields (gedit, xchat, terminal...). It works in Firefox only08:07
AleksaHow do I reset it back to normal?08:08
shrilaxmilotuspsychje: should I restart the hexchat after changing the color?08:08
Fudgehi looking for ideas to get usb devices to detect and work on trusty, the devies themself are fine but on this particular machine once I am in the OS I get no usb support. I actually installed using usb08:12
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa: which keyboard layout is indicated?08:13
AleksaSerbian (Latin)08:14
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa: but these keys do not produce anything?08:14
Aleksaqq[IrcCity], I use Serbian (Latin) and Serbian ("Serbian" refers to cyrilic layout)08:14
Aleksaqq[IrcCity], unfortunately not08:14
Aleksathey used to08:14
Aleksauntil I messed something up08:15
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa: what about Cyrillic layout?   does it work?08:15
Aleksanot at all08:15
qq[IrcCity]no input?08:16
AleksaIt types question marks in terminal08:16
Aleksabut in gedit or hexchat types nothing08:16
Aleksait works in firefox only, I don't know how08:16
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa: are you sure your terminals use UTF-8?08:16
AleksaI was messing with locale also, I remember08:17
Aleksahow do I check it?08:17
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa, there are two thing about locale: echo $LANG shows applications’ idea about that, and also in some terminal emulators actual encoding is controlled from menu.08:18
Aleksaqq[IrcCity], everything worked well until I started messing with /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/sr and locale :(08:19
AleksaI will give it a restart now. I'll be back in 1 minute.08:19
Aleksaqq[IrcCity], I need to change everything back to UTF8. How to achieve that?08:22
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa, I do not know Ubuntu enough to answer.   one can start applications with LANG=sr_RS.utf8 to specify locale, but it would not be Ubuntu way.08:26
Aleksaaleksa@N61PB-M2S:~$ locale08:27
Aleksait's already set as default08:27
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa, and this produces question marks?08:27
Aleksayet the problem is still here08:27
Aleksawell, question marks in terminal only08:28
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa, which namely terminal?   can you start gnome-terminal? (where you can see in the menu which charset is in use)08:28
Aleksaquestion marks in terminal, in gedit and hexchat nothing and in Firefox normal08:29
Aleksagnome-terminal not installed08:30
Aleksaterminal is fixed for now08:30
Aleksadisplays all characters08:30
Aleksaother programs however not08:30
THCprobably your locale is not generated proerly08:30
AleksaI was messing with it, I told you08:31
Aleksahow to regenerate it?08:31
THCAleksa, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale go through this real quick08:31
qq[IrcCity]THC, how generation of locale is relevant to question marks?08:31
THCIf locale is wrong, and encoding of charaset is wrong ,you will see boxes or ?08:31
THCfirst you make sure your locale is correct, then you make sure your encoding is correct, and lastly you make sure that the font you are using supports those glyphs08:32
THC3 steps of troubleshooting of ? or boxes08:32
THCI have been away from linux for 5 years, maybe I am wrong.08:32
AleksaI must restart08:35
Aleksaproblem is still there: qq[IrcCity] , THC08:36
Aleksaeven after regenerating locale08:36
limberai wasn't really sure where to go to ask about this, but i figured #ubuntu was the best bet (if not to at least be redirected where i need to go!)08:41
limberai have an ed25519 key that has a passohrase08:42
limberawhenever i ssh it asks me for the passphrase08:42
limberain the past thought it's only asked once (the first time)08:42
limberahow do i get it to stop asking me08:42
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qq[IrcCity]Aleksa, possibly you screwed the keyboard layout up.   what did you do to it?08:45
qq[IrcCity]Aleksa, is terminal fixed?08:50
Fudgeupdate on my usb devices not being detected     MaxPower                0mA08:50
who_mehi. where's a good place to ask why building kernel packages using the patches from the mainline "ppa" fails with the latest 4.1.8 kernel?08:55
ball0hello. I have a problem. I upgraded my distro (different volume) and need a .deb from the old one. I do not have the original .deb file08:56
ball0(I don't know what the original contributor did to the source to get it to configure/compile, and the old repo was taken offline)08:56
ball0I read somewhere one can make the .deb using some kind of dpkg-pack but I'd need to install it...08:58
ball0oh here, dpkg-repack. Maybe I'll have to compile that08:58
THChttp://i.imgur.com/0EQsjDM.png hey p2v worked, now I Can install inux and then use my vm of windows anywhere09:14
qq[IrcCity]who_me, some guys make binaries for Ubuntu, that are available at kernel.ubuntu.org.   they should know about problems with Ubuntu patches, so try to reach them.09:26
shooter2killhey all i was just wonder is there a command or something i can use to send a msg to other computers on my network im running ubuntu and there running windows 709:37
vlad__question: what is the right method of installing nvidia drivers/cuda on 15.04? nvidia recommends using their run file, but I see there are also packages in the ubuntu repositories09:39
Fleetvlad__: I would say it depends on the version number in the repositories09:47
Fleetsometimes those packages get out of date, which is why many companies recommend installing direct09:47
symptohi my card reader isnt working, its a realtek RTS5111. this is journal output https://bpaste.net/raw/61f73b8d585109:50
vlad__Fleet: nvidia also provides their own .deb file as an alternative09:50
Danielss89Hi, i'm having trouble withe locales on ubuntu 14.04. If i run "locale" i get "locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory" and "locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory"09:50
Danielss89i tried purging and reinstalling locales09:51
who_meqq[IrcCity], how do I reach them? :)09:51
Danielss89i tried regenerating them09:51
Danielss89i've added LANGUAGE = "en_US.UTF-8"09:51
Danielss89LC_ALL = "en_US.UTF-8"09:51
Danielss89LC_CTYPE = "en_US.UTF-8" and LANG = "en_US.UTF-8"09:51
Danielss89to /etc/environment09:51
Danielss89sorry, that was meant to be one line -.-09:51
Fleetvlad__: I'd compare the version number of that package with the one in the Ubuntu repositories and install the newer of the two09:52
aji_how to install app09:52
qq[IrcCity]Danielss89: LANG not LANGUAGE.09:52
Danielss89qq[IrcCity] i have both09:52
who_meqq[IrcCity], nvm, they are in ubuntu-kernel09:52
k1l_aji_: what app?09:52
qq[IrcCity]who_me, thanks.   now this channnel can be dropped.09:53
angelus1969hello, can I also ask questions about ubuntu mate here?09:55
vlad__Fleet: it looks like I have a conflict with the last time I installed cuda (on 14.04)09:55
symptoangelus1969, Rule #1: Don't ask to ask09:56
vlad__namely, dpkg -i fails with trying to overwrite '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/cuda.list', which is also in package cuda-repo-ubuntu1404 7.5-1809:56
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symptoy r u tards too lazy to patch ubuntu kernal?10:07
przemytrielhow to chown all files in a directory and subdiretory's files except of folders?10:10
* cloudy_nz wishes he was a master of gawk & sed, then he could actually answer questions10:12
mikhael_k33hlIn Ubuntu,It is strongly recommended that your network-authenticated users have their uid in a different range (say, starting at 5000) than that of your local users. I have no idea how to set it up? anyone?10:38
hwpplayer1Do you work 7/24 for support ?10:39
absklbis emacs buggy on ubuntu?10:41
absklbemacs 24?10:42
hwpplayer1what kind of bug ?10:45
absklbnvm. some wrong syntax in my .emacs10:45
hwpplayer1does your program runs well10:46
absklbnow it will once i remove that error line10:48
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: good afternoon mate11:03
EriC^^lotuspsychje: afternoon11:05
hwpplayer1does ubuntu support channel runs 7/2411:06
rustyraptorwhat was the command to search for files in the reps again?11:06
EriC^^apt-cache search <package>11:06
lotuspsychjehwpplayer1: just keep in mind the world has timezones11:06
EriC^^lotuspsychje: you mean the world isn't flat O.O11:06
hwpplayer1ok lotuspsychje11:06
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: in lebanon the world is flat like a waffle11:07
EriC^^lol lots of potholes here, true :p11:07
* lotuspsychje doesnt like hexchat lags11:08
cfhowlettno lag ...11:09
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: howdy mate :p11:09
cfhowlettyowza^2 lotuspsychje!11:09
Trowis there a channel for docker ?11:09
lotuspsychje!alis | Trow11:09
ubottuTrow: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*11:09
lotuspsychjeTrow: you can ask your issue here too if its ubuntu troubles11:10
Trowi m a newbie and it s a simple question..11:12
lotuspsychjeTrow: shoot11:13
cfhowlettTrow, even newbies should know how to use alis to search11:13
lotuspsychjeTrow: and yes, a very crowded #docker channel exists11:14
Trowwe have a folder that contains our application and then we will say to docker to build a container from that folder. my question will docker copy the files to the container and then we will have two places having the same code ?11:14
rustyraptorlotuspsychje oh sorry i meant on the irc channel. I am looking for a specific library and i remember there being a bot here that does searches like that.11:16
JH151Hey guys, I have setup ubuntu to authenticate via a windows domain for access control purposes, but if a user logs into the machine with an expired password winbind will crash the server. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks :)11:16
lotuspsychjerustyraptor: you can search that with apt-cache also if you like11:17
Neihi, I'm trying lxc OS container on ubuntu LTS and have some trouble with /proc/meminfo, it shows the host' meminfo11:17
ProfMac /msg alis list #ubuntu*11:17
Neiaccording to google it should be some fuse mount that simulates the restricted memory, anyone has an idea where to look into this?11:17
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | rustyraptor11:17
ubotturustyraptor: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".11:17
lotuspsychjeJH151: your working with samba?11:18
JH151lotuspsychje: Yeah11:19
lotuspsychjeJH151: maybe the #samba channel might help you?11:19
lotuspsychjeioria: good afternoon mate11:20
JH151lotuspsychje: Brilliant, thank you, I will check that one out. I was not sure if it may have been an issue with the samba version in the ubuntu repos, as I believe its serving 4.1.6. I'll check out that channel, thank you11:20
lotuspsychjeJH151: wich ubuntu version are you on?11:20
JH151lotuspsychje: 14.04 LTS11:21
lotuspsychje!info samba11:21
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.1.13+dfsg-4ubuntu3 (vivid), package size 864 kB, installed size 11250 kB11:21
lotuspsychje!info samba trusty11:21
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:4.1.6+dfsg-1ubuntu2.14.04.9 (trusty), package size 821 kB, installed size 11092 kB11:21
iorialotuspsychje, Good Afternoon to You  .... ^_^11:21
lotuspsychjeJH151: should be good version11:21
JH151lotuspsychje: This is what samba -V gives: Version 4.1.6-Ubuntu11:22
kame_I am looking for a software11:22
lotuspsychjekame_: wich one11:22
JH151lotuspsychje: I'll check out the #samba channel as well to see what I can find out :) Thank you for your help11:23
lotuspsychjeJH151: no sweat mate, if you cant solve come again and re-ask here11:23
JH151lotuspsychje: I will do11:23
kame_when I go to the upper right corner i want to use one programm, when I go to the middle left side i want to open an other programm/console window. Do you understand what I mean?11:24
lotuspsychjekame_: you need a start button with ubuntu programs right upper as indicator?11:24
kame_i go with the mouse to an area, and then I want to use a programm11:25
kame_the problem is that I have a small monitor and I use 10 programms at the same time11:25
lotuspsychjekame_: not sure if i follow you mate11:26
lotuspsychjekame_: you mean a window tiler or so?11:26
kame_it is like a mouse event11:26
lotuspsychjekame_: explain a bit11:26
hwpplayer1does anybody live in china ? My question is Ubuntu Kylin preinstalled computers ? Did you see them on market ?,11:27
lotuspsychjeioria, EriC^^ cfhowlett come to discuss i have a msg :p11:27
cfhowletthwpplayer1, I'm in Beijing11:27
cfhowletthwpplayer1, let's P11:27
ioriakame_,   http://askubuntu.com/questions/493775/raise-window-on-mouse-up-event-instead-of-click-event-in-ubuntu11:27
cfhowlettPM   darn "m" is sticking11:27
NeverWinterHello. I'm back with my problem(after I was send to hardware, then to linux, then to ubuntu): ubuntu in installation time try to set a higher resolution than my monitor can (1280 x 1024) and my monitor complain about this. I don't know what to do, I posted on forum too. What to do ?11:28
hwpplayer1cfhowlett : did you see ubuntu laptops Dell11:28
cfhowletthwpplayer1, PM = private msg.11:28
kame_lotuspsychje: http://flockdraw.com/dhl8am11:30
hateballNeverWinter: Provide some specs of your computer, like GPU chipset and monitor model11:30
kame_mouse goes into the red area --> then console window from the back comes to the front11:30
kame_somebody destroyed my picture :)11:30
NeverWinterhateball, screen: https://www.pcliquidations.com/p11593-philips-190s-grade-c11:30
NeverWinterhateball, GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 970 OC WindForce 3X 4GB DDR5 256-bit11:31
hateballNeverWinter: are you using proprietary or noeuvau driver?11:31
lotuspsychjekame_: is what ioria say what you need?11:31
k1l_kame_: you mean "hot corners" but not with desktop commands but with starting programs?11:31
lvlephWhat package provide petsc?11:32
lotuspsychje!find petsc11:32
hateballNeverWinter: oh it sets the wrong resolution when you try to install?11:32
ubottuFound: libpetsc3.4.2, libpetsc3.4.2-dbg, libpetsc3.4.2-dev, petsc-dev, petsc3.4.2-doc11:32
NeverWinterhateball, I do not use drivers.. is just ubuntu installation11:32
NeverWinterhateball, yes, right11:32
hateball!nomodeset | NeverWinter try adding this to boot option when installing11:32
ubottuNeverWinter try adding this to boot option when installing: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:32
NeverWinterhateball, my monitor really dont like it http://i21.servimg.com/u/f21/16/13/35/99/20150910.jpg11:32
NeverWinterhateball, I already tryed nodemodeset11:33
hateballNeverWinter: Is this 15.04 ?11:33
NeverWinterhateball, is ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd6411:33
NeverWinterhateball, first on page :D :))11:33
ioria!info libpetsc3.4.211:33
ubottulibpetsc3.4.2 (source: petsc): Shared libraries for version 3.4.2 of PETSc. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.4.2.dfsg1-8.1build1 (vivid), package size 1978 kB, installed size 9878 kB11:33
kame_lotuspsychje: no11:34
kame_k1l_: yes11:34
ioria!info petsc-dev11:34
ubottupetsc-dev (source: petsc): Virtual package depending on latest PETSc development package. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.4.2.dfsg1-8.1build1 (vivid), package size 4 kB, installed size 54 kB11:34
lvlephI have petsc installed, but it isn't clear which package installed it.11:34
cfhowlettNeverWinter, that's not a nomodeset issue, it's hardware.  your monitor says it can't display the resolution you requested.11:34
oceanlvleph: dpkg -S /path/to/file will show you11:34
iorialvleph, dpkg -l | grep petsc11:35
NeverWintercfhowlett, why ubuntu try a so high res ? isn't enough a 600 400 for installation ?11:35
hateballNeverWinter: I doubt 14.04 has noeuveau new enough to support 970. the proprietary doesnt either. there should be some way to go into a "safe graphics mode" tho11:35
cfhowlettocean, whoa.  WHOA!  thanks, man!  That is one nice factoid!  I'd buy you a beer but all I can give is11:36
cfhowlett!cookie | ocean11:36
ubottuocean: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:36
NeverWinterhateball: so what you are saying is to try ubuntu 1511:36
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter: we have been tru this already, its your monitor that doesnt like your cards res11:36
lotuspsychjecfhowlett, ioria come to #ubuntu-discuss i have an important msg :p11:37
NeverWinterlotuspsychje, only in ubuntu they don't like each other.. it works on windows OSes.. :(11:37
ubuntuisawesomeYou guys ever use this: http://www.susestudio.com11:38
kame_or how can I switch between different console windows ?11:38
kame_is there a shortcut?11:38
BluesKajHiyas all11:39
EriC^^NeverWinter: try setting the graphics lower in grub just to install and maybe update11:40
NeverWinterEriC^^: and the 1.000.000 problem: how ?11:40
hateballNeverWinter: you could, yes. still it has old drivers tho so you'd need to add the graphics drivers PPA to get support for the 97011:40
NeverWinterEriC^^: and the 1.000.000 dollars problem: how ? *11:40
EriC^^NeverWinter: add to the end of the kernel line vga=78911:40
EriC^^this is a list of the vga numbers and graphics http://pierre.baudu.in/other/grub.vga.modes.html11:41
NeverWinterEriC^^: I'm going to try now11:41
EriC^^NeverWinter: you might need to add another thing so that grub passes it to the kernel11:42
mcphailNeverWinter: what is the native resolution of your monitor?11:43
EriC^^it's usually put in /etc/default/grub as GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep , but the variable is gfxpayload in grub11:44
EriC^^so if you can get a grub prompt put "set gfxpayload=keep"11:44
NeverWinterno luck11:54
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter: you have a hdmi cable to test to your tv?11:55
NeverWinterI don't have a hdmi cable or a tv11:55
NeverWinterwell, maybe I have a tv, but sure without hdmi11:57
EriC^^NeverWinter: did you try vga= and did you get a message about not being able to display 800x600?11:58
mcphailNeverWinter: what is the native resolution of your monitor?11:58
NeverWinterI do, same error11:58
NeverWinteris 1280 x 102411:58
EriC^^NeverWinter: did you put the keep for the payload?11:58
NeverWinterI don't understant what you said, eric11:59
mcphailNeverWinter: try adding "drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1280x1024" to your kernel parameters12:00
EriC^^NeverWinter: you need to set keep so it passes that mode to the kernel12:00
EriC^^i just tried in a vm, and you can press f6 then press esc, you'll get the linux .... quiet splash -- line12:00
EriC^^it's like this quiet splash --12:01
EriC^^make it quiet splash vga=789 -- ; set gfxpayload=keep;12:01
EriC^^then press enter12:01
EriC^^be sure to put the ";"12:01
EriC^^NeverWinter_: did you get my msgs about pressing f6 etc?12:05
NeverWinter__Im appeding to the string which ends in quiet splash --, right ?12:08
EriC^^yeah, quiet splash vga=789 --; set gfxpayload=keep;12:09
=== alexbligh1 is now known as alexbligh
NeverWinter__same ..12:14
EriC^^that's odd, it worked in the vm12:14
EriC^^maybe something else is going on12:14
EriC^^do you get the msg right after you press enter?12:15
NeverWinter__no, i get it after about 10s12:17
EriC^^try booting without quiet splash and see what it says, did you notice the resolution was 800x600 after pressing enter?12:17
puffiTrying to downgrade a kernel to 3.13.x I've installed the image and headers via apt-get updated grub, but I don't seem to have an option on boot to boot that kernel?12:17
puffiubuntu 14.0412:17
EriC^^puffi: it should be in advanced12:18
puffiEriC^^: It doesn't seem to be12:18
EriC^^puffi: type cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 999912:18
EriC^^paste the link here12:19
EriC^^it's there, 3rd option12:20
puffiEriC^^: I understand it's in the file, but it's not an option when I boot..12:20
EriC^^puffi: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999912:20
EriC^^maybe you're loading a different file or something12:20
puffiEriC^^: http://termbin.com/f2pb12:21
puffiEriC^^: I've just rebooted again, seems to be showing up now12:22
EriC^^puffi: ok12:22
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: url goes to home, nothing to see12:23
neverwinterfor me it works ...12:23
EriC^^same here, home page12:23
ExecSlim_neverwinter post it on imgur12:23
ExecSlim_I'm getting a homepage12:23
neverwinterok, but on my phone works12:23
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: try what ExecSlim suggests12:24
neverwinteri do12:25
neverwinterthis is what i wrote12:25
iorianeverwinter, you got the "cannot display this video mode" message ?12:26
EriC^^neverwinter: ok, try without quiet splash12:26
neverwinterok, one moment12:26
iorianerbellion, have you tried this http://askubuntu.com/questions/107806/error-cannot-display-this-video-mode ?12:26
iorianeverwinter, http://askubuntu.com/questions/107806/error-cannot-display-this-video-mode12:27
lotuspsychjeioria: he gets this warning after 'try' or 'install'12:27
neverwinterioria this shoukd work only if i already have a linux system right ?12:28
iorianot installed yet ?12:28
mcphailNeverWinter: have you tried adding "drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1280x1024" to your kernel parameters?12:28
neverwinteryes i tryed12:28
EriC^^neverwinter: try instead of vga= and gfxpayload gfxmode=800x60012:28
mcphailneverwinter: same result?12:28
neverwinteri have windows 712:28
EriC^^-- ; set gfxmode=800x600;12:28
EriC^^no quiet splash12:28
Mathisenany tools to bypass activation on a ipad ???12:28
cfhowlettMathisen, wrong channel.12:29
Mathisencfhowlett, can you send me in the right direction12:29
cfhowlett!alis | Mathisen,12:29
ubottuMathisen,: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*12:29
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: so if you put the windows setup dvd in, you bypass this warning?12:31
iorianeverwinter, what happens if you wait a bit after the warning ?12:32
neverwinteri am i have installed already w712:32
absklbemacs is crashing when i open large file.12:32
absklbon ubuntu 15.0412:32
absklbany idea?12:32
AnthaasHi guys, I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro and am wondering if someone could help me enable multi-touch gestures on my touch pad.12:33
neverwinterI havent waited more than 2 minutes12:33
lotuspsychjeabsklb: maybe the #emacs channel might know the specific error?12:33
neverwinterhow much to wait ?12:33
absklblotuspsychje, tried. they cant help.12:33
lotuspsychjeabsklb: any errors on crash?12:33
mcphailabsklb: you've already said you had errors in your config file. Do you still get the crash if you get rid of your config file?12:34
absklbmcphail, that was different. i removed that errors now no errors. emacs run well.12:34
absklbi am not talking about that.12:34
mcphailabsklb: no matter12:34
absklbthis time i am talking about something new12:35
lotuspsychjeabsklb: have you tryed this on 14.04?12:35
AnthaasMy mouse settings don't even seem to mention the touchpad12:35
mcphailabsklb: and, I repeat, do you still get a crash if you get rid of your config file?12:35
iorianeverwinter, it's enough, i think :_|12:35
Anthaas"xinput list" seems to list a PS/2 Generic Mouse12:36
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: have you tested a lubuntu or xubuntu liveusb?12:36
neverwinterthis is really anoying... when I bought the pc it was already ubuntu installed.. and ive installed windows...12:37
neverwinterno, just this ubuntu12:37
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: wait a minute, you had ubuntu working on same card?12:37
cfhowlettneverwinter, and that wrote over the ubuntu bootloader.  as expected.12:37
somsomI am having issues with sound12:37
absklbmcphail, i cant get rid of my config file as it has my web mode installed12:37
lotuspsychje!sound | somsom12:37
ubottusomsom: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.12:37
neverwinteri haved about 10 mounths ago12:37
somsomsoundcard is not detected, I tried checking pulseaudio but no soundcard shows up12:37
mcphailabsklb: ok, well we will never be able to tell whether this is a problem with the emacs package or your config12:38
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: wich version worked on your box?12:38
somsomAlso, there is no alsamixer and neither am I able to install it12:38
neverwinterI dont have any idea. i just wipe the hdd and installed windows12:38
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: worked on the same monitor?12:38
BluesKajsomsom, install alsa-base and alsa-utils, alsamixer is part of those packages12:39
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: did you buy this with ubuntu installed, or install yourself?12:39
neverwinterbut it was already installed12:39
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: by whom?12:39
neverwinteri buy with the ubuntu installe12:39
neverwinter"for testing"12:39
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: from person or store12:39
absklbmcphail, i md .emacs emacs and started emacs. open large php file. try to go down. it crashed.12:40
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: can you see the ubuntu version on the paper you received?12:40
absklbmcphail, it killed all my apps and x12:40
LibertyPlanetDoes anyone know how to install Virtual Box in Trisquel?12:40
absklbwhats trisquel?12:40
neverwinterno i cant12:40
nutzerwho knows if portal is available for linux12:40
cfhowlett!steam | nutzer12:40
ubottunutzer: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.12:40
LibertyPlanetIncase you don't know Trisquel is based off ubuntu12:40
absklbportal devs?12:40
neverwinteralready searched for it12:40
AnthaasI have a Toshiba Satellite Pro and am wondering if someone could help me enable multi-touch gestures on my touch pad, I'm running Ubuntu. "xinput list" seems to list a "PS/2 Generic Mouse" and there are no options within the "Mouse and Touchpad" area of System Settings.12:41
cfhowlettLibertyPlanet, but trisquel is NOT ubuntu and is not supported here.  ask trisquel for support of their OS12:41
mcphailabsklb: OK, that sounds more helpful. X crashes completely?12:41
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: and it worked on same graphics card right?12:41
absklbmcphail, as if i did kill -9 -112:41
absklblike that12:41
neverwintereverything same12:41
LibertyPlanetTrisquel is still using the Ubuntu engine.. Hopefully this chatroom is welcoming and accepting.12:41
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: wich brand is this pc?12:41
neverwinteris custom pv12:41
mcphailabsklb: anythig odd about the file you open?12:42
BluesKaj!flavors | LibertyPlanet12:42
ubottuLibertyPlanet: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.12:42
somsomwhen I try to install alsamixer it says "E: Unable to locate package alsamixer"12:42
iorianeverwinter, have you tried Lubuntu ?12:42
absklbits a .php file! what else can be more odd! :-p12:42
absklbmcphail, its a .php file! what else can be more odd! :-p12:42
absklbmcphail, no. nothing. just a regular php file.12:42
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: yeah try lubuntu/xubuntu as ioria says12:42
cfhowlettLibertyPlanet, we are accepting and welcoming of ubuntu users.  trisquel IS NOT ubuntu.12:42
neverwinterno just this version, not anything elsr12:42
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: try one pls12:43
BluesKajLibertyPlanet, the only above ubuntu flavors are supported here12:43
neverwinteri will, but now i havent any free dvd12:43
absklbLibertyPlanet, most probably they should have their own channel and mailing list12:43
iorianeverwinter, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Alternate_ISO12:43
iorianeverwinter, usb ?12:43
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: got spare usb perhaps?12:43
neverwinteri mean, empty dvd12:43
neverwinteri borred my12:44
mcphailabsklb: presumably there is no error message before the crash? Do you get an apport error message after you restart X?12:44
absklbmcphail, i tried to look at Xlog, sys long and thhey do not hint anything to do with "emacs" in them12:44
absklbmcphail, once I got the apport message after this happend very first time, i made it report the bug, but after that nothing happend.no browser open nothing.12:44
LibertyPlanetthe distro I am using is a variant of Ubuntu 14.04. In the spirit Free Software for Freedom, can someone please help me and not get concerned about semantics.12:44
AnthaasCan anyone help me with my mouse issue?12:44
neverwinterand it never comes back.. i use mybphone to move data12:45
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: call the store to know wich ubuntu version came with your custom pc, im really curious :p12:45
iorianeverwinter, boot win , download from the link,   go to http://www.pendrivelinux.com/ , , insert usb and it's done12:45
absklbLibertyPlanet, please join ##linux12:45
mcphailabsklb: if you delete everytging in /var/crash and repeat the process, do you get an apport message?12:45
absklbif you have registered nick that is!12:45
neverwinteri could ask in their board12:45
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
absklbmcphail, let me test.12:45
blobbagusI'm getting ready to nuke my hdd and install clean. Is there a way to list the packages I've installed so I can build a bash that re-installs those?12:45
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: wich board would that be?12:45
neverwinterthe store forum12:46
cfhowlettLibertyPlanet, as clearly stated, this channel is for ubuntu support.  you are NOT using ubuntu.  your OS should provide support.  if they don't perhaps there's a message for you.  we suppor the official ubuntu flavors only12:46
lotuspsychjeneverwinter: got an url?12:46
neverwinterlet me boot win first12:46
somsomcan someone tell me why I get this error when trying to install alsamixer "E: Unable to locate package alsamixer"12:46
LibertyPlanetUbuntu is Free Software. There is no such thing as Official!12:46
cfhowlett!flavors | LibertyPlanet false.  read.12:47
ubottuLibertyPlanet false.  read.: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.12:47
LibertyPlanetUnless Ubuntu has become the new Apple or Microsoft12:47
blobbagus@somsom: you probably don't have the repository...12:47
=== mehdi__ is now known as mehdi
lotuspsychjesomsom: wich ubuntu version are you on?12:47
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:47
cfhowlettsomsom, lsb_release -a tells you???12:47
somsomblobbagus: which repository do i need to add ?12:47
bashtanovhi chat, what x terminal emulators support copying of color text to clipboard (for further pasting in HTML-aware application such as e.g. libreoffice writer)? pipe converters such as aha are not an option12:47
somsomlsb_release gives distro name12:47
blobbagusfrom http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1537375 alsamixer is in the alsa-utils package12:48
cfhowlettsomsom, we know.  now ... tell us what YOUR'S says12:48
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: yes?12:48
absklbmcphail, seeing the apport report. reporting .....12:48
NeverWinter_the board12:49
NeverWinter_http://www.pcgarage.ro/ the main site12:49
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: ok tnx12:49
absklbmcphail, sorry ubuntu 15.04 has experienced internal error if you notice further problems try restarting.12:49
blobbagusnow... any way to list manually installed packages? :)12:49
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: now try a lubuntu/xubuntu maybe12:49
absklbmcphail, in details it shows /usr/bin/Xorg i am clicking on continue12:50
trijntje_I'm trying to run a 14.04 ubuntu guest on a 14.04 host in virtualbox, but the resolution of the guest is only 640x480. How can I get a normal resolution for the guest?12:50
NeverWinter_yes... is any way to install it from hdd ?12:50
mcphailabsklb: which package does apport blame?12:50
absklbmcphail, in details it shows /usr/bin/Xorg i am clicking on continue12:50
mcphailabsklb: aah12:50
cfhowletttrijntje_, install guest additions12:50
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: you can load Iso's from grub, thats a little harder way12:50
absklbmcphail, after this windew where i click continue it shown the very first "Report this problem" winow12:50
NeverWinter_lotuspsychje, I haven't grub :D12:50
mcphailabsklb: can't remember if you get a url at the end of the process. If you do, can you post it here?12:50
absklbmcphail, no nothing. no urle. just the very first report problem window again.12:51
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: you do have grub, thats where you added lines with EriC^^12:51
NeverWinter_lotuspsychje, oh, do you mean, the grub from ubuntu 14 dvd ?12:51
mcphailabsklb: go through the process with that window as well as it might be a different package12:51
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot12:51
absklbmcphail, did. clicked on report. nothing happened.12:51
absklbno new window at all.12:52
NeverWinter_lotuspsychje, may I ask you why are you so curios ?12:52
AnthaasCan anyone help me with my mouse issue?12:52
mcphailabsklb: give it a few minutes. apport can be sloooooow12:52
blobbagusI ran this: dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > my-selections, but it has tons of pkgs I didn't install :(12:52
absklbmcphail, sure. will waint and let you know if any new window comes.12:52
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: im curious to know wich ubuntu version Did work on your box, have no monitor issues before right12:52
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: this is handy to know for us troubleshooting12:52
mcphailabsklb: cheers. I can't remember how you can get a link to an apport report, though12:53
mcphailabsklb: if anything obvious arises, ping me. I've got to work for a few hours but I'll check my /lastlog12:53
AnthaasI have a Toshiba Satellite Pro and am wondering if someone could help me enable multi-touch gestures on my touch pad, I'm running Ubuntu. "xinput list" seems to list a "PS/2 Generic Mouse" and there are no options within the "Mouse and Touchpad" area of System Settings.12:54
absklbmcphail, sure and thanks.12:54
absklbAnthaas, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad12:55
absklbAnthaas, http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=24806612:55
mcphailabsklb: hope I can help12:55
absklbme too! :-) need to get emacs really!12:55
absklbsorry for the fedora link. i thought its generic.12:55
NeverWinter_I asked on their board12:56
trijntje_cfhowlett: I've already installed the guest additions iso via apt get, and ran the VBoxLinuxAdditions.run, but I still have low resolution12:58
NeverWinter_how can I open the GRUB 2's terminal ?12:59
cfhowletttrijntje_, to clarify; your guest user doesn't get full resolution at boot?12:59
absklbNeverWinter_, when you reboot press shift after bios it will show you grun entries. select recovery12:59
ioriaAnthaas, have you tried without the mouse  and pressing "Fn" + "F9" keys together ?12:59
trijntje_cfhowlett: correct13:00
NeverWinter_let me ask in a different way: how can I open GRUB 2's terminal from a ubuntu installation ? is it the same ?13:00
cfhowletttrijntje_, but if you login as a regular user you DO get the correct rez?13:00
hateballlotuspsychje: if he has a 970 he needs newer drivers than ubuntu has, so they could have preinstalled a minimal install and then manual drivers from nvidia (or ppa)13:00
lotuspsychjehateball: yeah, ive just found a garage pc with 11.10 on it lol13:01
=== wook is now known as Guest11877
ioriaNeverWinter_, you don't have a spare usb  ? (i'm curious too)13:01
NeverWinter_not anymore13:01
trijntje_cfhowlett: the guest resolution is wrong, both during the boot of the guest and after logging in as a user in the guest ubuntu13:01
NeverWinter_i use my phone as one13:01
hateballI'd do a minimal install without GUI, then from a tty add the graphics-drivers PPA and install ubuntu-desktop13:02
cfhowletttrijntje_, ah, then you need to get the guest additions sorted.13:02
cfhowlettas guest additions enable native resolution13:02
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: buy a cheap 2gig to make an ubuntu usb13:02
Anthaasioria: That is volume down for me...13:02
somsomcfhowlett: lsb_release says No LSB modules are available. Distribution id : Ubuntu 14.04.3  LTS13:02
NeverWinter_yeah.. I will buy13:02
ioriaAnthaas, no.... sorry then :-P13:03
cfhowlettNeverwinter  .... and never leave home without it!13:03
lotuspsychjehateball: good idea, minimal or lubuntu13:03
cfhowlettsomsom, OK.13:03
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: lol13:03
hateballlotuspsychje: well any gui will go crazy if the driver is wrong anyhow13:03
trijntje_cfhowlett: but how?13:03
absklblotuspsychje, xubuntu13:03
ioriaAnthaas, was reading this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=92537913:03
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, I am dead serious.  I have one around my neck and a credit card/usb in my wallet.  just in case.13:03
cfhowletttrijntje_, have you rebooted since adding guest additions?13:04
NeverWinter_alwais problems with resolution :)))) in a virtual machine -> too low, boting and trying to install -> to high. ubuntu really hates me13:04
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: i always have trusty 64bit on my keys :p13:04
Anthaasioria: Im not even sure my laptop has recognised that it is a synaptics touchpad.13:04
absklbAnthaas, did you saw the link I gave?13:04
ioriaAnthaas, it's not working at all ?13:04
Anthaasabsklb: Yes, I have read through both of them13:05
=== akhil is now known as akhi
=== akhi is now known as akhil
Anthaasioria: It is working in that I can move the mouse around the page, it is just the two finger scrolling that isnt working.13:05
somsomI tried following this thread but alsamixer still does not get installed13:06
trijntje_cfhowlett: yes13:06
hateballNeverWinter_: if the machine has integrated graphics you could use them for installing13:06
AnthaasI typed synclient and got: Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?13:07
cfhowletttrijntje_, you restarted your ubuntu guest, right13:07
NeverWinter_hateball, do you mean a processor graphics ?13:07
hateballNeverWinter_: Yes13:07
ioriaAnthaas, take a look at your bios (if TP enabled) , otherwise you should search for some kernel parameter to add at boot13:07
trijntje_cfhowlett: yes13:08
NeverWinter_hateball, I have Intel Core i7 4790 3.6GHz13:08
Anthaasioria: Restarting :-)13:09
NeverWinter_HD 460013:09
NeverWinter_hateball: HD 460013:09
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
hateballNeverWinter_: can you try booting using that instead of the nvidia card?13:10
puffiusing 3.13.0-63-generic on 14.04 and nls_utf8.ko doesn't seem to exist on this kernel13:10
puffiso i have issues mounting cifs with iocharset=utf8, work arounds?13:11
arunangshui am trying to patch my wifi driver but due to mismatch between driver source code and kernel version api i am getting make errors. how to fix this situation and i am new in here13:11
NeverWinter_hateball: if you told me how :D13:11
absklbarunangshu, install that kernel?13:11
lotuspsychjearunangshu: wifi chipset, driver loaded and ubuntu version please?13:11
hateballNeverWinter_: well you move the cable to your monitor. however you must disconnect the nvidia card from the motherboard or it will try to use that13:13
arunangshuto absklb: how to know which kernel to install13:13
hateballNeverWinter_: if you can get installed that way, we can add the nvidia drivers before plugging the card back in13:13
absklbarunangshu, the one mentioned as requirement in your driver doc?13:13
lotuspsychjehateball: +113:13
NeverWinter_hateball, I'm not very sure I'm allowed to open the .. how to say... the "house"13:14
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: your box is still in garantuee?13:14
NeverWinter_i think yes13:14
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: under 2 years old?13:15
NeverWinter_about 11 mouths13:15
NeverWinter_so yes, it is13:15
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: is it sealed with something?13:15
AnthaasOh, ioria has gone...13:16
NeverWinter_it looks like yes13:16
Anthaasabsklb: There is nothing in my bios to turn it on or off...13:16
NeverWinter_but Im not 100% sure13:16
NeverWinter_no bios/uefi way xD ?13:16
AnthaasNot from what I can see :/13:17
hateballNeverWinter_: There might be a setting to disable the discrete graphics13:17
NeverWinter_I will search it13:17
hateballNeverWinter_: failing that, you'd need to get hold of a thumbdrive that lets you put 15.10 on it, I think that has a fresh enough kernel to give at least basic support for the 970 card13:18
fornaxHi, I need help with lxc on Ubuntu 15.04. The network between lxc guests and the outside suddenly stops working. Everything seems to be configured correctly but after some time I'm no more able to access any ip from inside the container and the container intself from outside or the host itself13:18
fornaxEven when I restart the container, the problem still exists13:18
NeverWinter_hateball, yes, I will burn 15.x on a dvd this days13:18
trijntje_cfhowlett: looks like its a known problem that isn't going to be fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virtualbox/+bug/142476913:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1424769 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox-guest-x11 uninstallable with mesa-lts-utopic" [Medium,Triaged]13:20
hateballNeverWinter_: 15.04 still has too old a driver to support 970 out of the box13:21
arunangshuon issuing make command i am getting this errors http://pastebin.com/jELz3qBv what to do13:21
hateballNeverWinter_: only the nvidia proprietary driver has proper support, which is why it would be nice if you could install it with intel first so we could prepare the drivers13:21
lotuspsychjehateball: doesnt makde sense he can goto the 'try' and 'install' screen without trouble?13:22
jpdsandriyun: Why are you compiling something from 2012?13:22
cfhowletttrijntje_, ow.  sorry to hear that.13:22
NeverWinter_so how can I get 15.10 ?13:22
hateballlotuspsychje: I didnt think it got that far?13:22
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | NeverWinter_,13:23
ubottuNeverWinter_,: wily werewolf is the codename for Ubuntu 15.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+113:23
wm-rajpouthello 2 all13:23
hateballNeverWinter_: like cfhowlett said, also http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/13:23
lotuspsychjehateball: yes he can, he gets the monitor error wrong res, after the install or try screen13:23
cfhowlettNeverWinter_,  you DO know you're chasing an unreleased version there, right?13:24
NeverWinter_cfhowlett, now yes13:24
Ben64what problem are you trying to solve13:24
lotuspsychjeBen64: he's getting wrong resolution error after trying or installing ubuntu on his 97013:25
cfhowletttrijntje_, I can only imagine it's a unity conflict.  I've been happily booting full resolution with fedora and *buntu guests.  BUT, I run xfce4, not unity13:25
lotuspsychjeBen64: his card is connected with vga to dvi to monitor13:25
Ben64that might be the source of the problem actually13:26
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: converter right?13:26
NeverWinter_I dont understand what do you want to say with converter13:27
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: you said to me your card is dvi, and monitor vga output right?13:27
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: and you using a converter?13:28
NeverWinter_my monitor have both dvi and vga, but i have only vga cable13:28
trijntje_cfhowlett: according to that bug report it has to do with the lts hardware enablement stack. If you install it you cannot run vbox with guest additions due to version conflicts13:28
NeverWinter_yes, I do13:28
cfhowletttrijntje_, I see.13:28
arunangshuon issuing make command i am getting this errors http://pastebin.com/jELz3qBv what to do13:29
NeverWinter_yes, I'm using13:29
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: so monitor vga====cable====vga to dvi converter===card13:29
trijntje_Is there a way to download ubuntu 14.04? I can only find 14.04.3 on the website13:30
lotuspsychjeBen64: what should he try, dvi cable?13:30
popeytrijntje_: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/13:31
Ben64dvi would be way better13:31
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: so 2 things to buy this week: dvi cable and usb 2gig :p13:31
NeverWinter_I will but a new monitor in novembre / decembre13:31
popeytrijntje_: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04.0/ specifically (ignore the banner at the top and scroll down)13:31
NeverWinter_I stii don't know if "decembre" si french or english13:31
popeyer -> en, re -> fr13:32
trijntje_popey: I didn't know they kept those around, thanks!13:32
NeverWinter_still *13:32
popeytrijntje_: np13:32
NeverWinter_yeah, ty13:32
NeverWinter_november or december so13:32
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: if it would work with dvi cable, why buy new monitor?13:33
NeverWinter_because my current monitor is from 2007, is squary and I want a new one for few years :))13:34
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: always use your hardware until it explodes13:34
arunangshuon issuing make command i am getting this errors http://pastebin.com/jELz3qBv what to do13:34
NeverWinter_lotuspsychje, don't worry13:34
NeverWinter_lotuspsychje, will be used with old pc13:35
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: ok you received many hints today, time for action :p13:35
* cfhowlett prefers to use it until is begins smoking and gently melts into a pool of warm platic13:35
lotuspsychjeand good luck!13:35
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: hehe13:35
NeverWinter_no, time for a coffee13:35
NeverWinter_ok guys, thank you, I go to make a coffee13:40
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: what about us?13:40
NeverWinter_a beer for you13:41
NeverWinter_and hate13:41
NeverWinter_and everyone who helped me13:41
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter_: great!13:41
blibI've a intel box and am looking to automate the ubuntu install and update process. How can I do this?13:45
cfhowlettblib, for ONE machine or an entire fleet13:46
blibcfhowlett: I've 7 machines - but one for starters would be nice13:47
cfhowlettblib, suggest you ask in #ubuntu-server and take a look at13:47
blibcfhowlett: I want everything automated, so that I can keep going back to ubuntu basic, then run an update script to get my applications setup13:47
ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project13:47
absklbblib, check pxe boot and cobbler13:48
cfhowlettthis ^^^13:48
AnthaasI hav13:52
AnthaasI have /home/me/bin on my $PATH variable, and have a folder inside /home/me/bin which contains a program. Why can I not execute this from anywhere?13:52
Ben64Anthaas: move it to /home/me/bin/13:55
k1l_Anthaas: did try a relogin?13:55
AnthaasBen64 surely it is recursive? i.e. anything in subfolders is also on the path...13:55
zeniszhello! :) i need some help with installing ubuntu on a second hdd. i got dual-boot win7/ubuntu on main hdd. can someone help me?13:56
AnthaasIm back, sorry. Just tried relogging.13:56
AnthaasStill nothing.13:56
EriC^^zenisz: choose something else in the installer13:57
Ben64anth0ny: no, PATH is not recursive, and don't call me shirley13:57
AnthaasHahaha :P A reference I get! Watched Airplane the other day :P13:57
cfhowlettroger, Roger13:57
AnthaasSo, if I have /home/me/bin on the PATH, and I have /home/me/bin/folder/program, then "program" isn't on the PATH?13:57
Ben64Anthaas: correct13:58
zeniszEriC^^: what should i choose in "Device for boot loader..." ?13:58
EriC^^zenisz: choose the second hdd13:58
EriC^^( where you're installing )13:58
AnthaasBen64: Thanks :D13:59
absklbBen64, what? its not recursive? why?13:59
lo0k3hey guys, i want install 3 distros at one pc, is it ok?13:59
zeniszEriC^^: is any difference about this? also, do you suggest me to add root and home separately?13:59
AnthaasYeah, I would have thought it would have been too...13:59
k1l_lo0k3: ok13:59
AaronZ800lo0k3 yeah it is13:59
Ben64absklb: why would it be? bin/ is for binaries, not for folders with binaries13:59
absklblo0k3, coompletely ok. as long as your disk and pc owner aproves it!13:59
mzazaI am configuring FTP on AWS instance running Ubuntu, following this guid http://sdykman.com/content/installing-vsftpd-ubuntu-1404-amazon-ec2-instance14:00
lo0k3thanks guys14:00
AnthaasBen64: It would allow me to separate binaries logically14:00
mzazaStill with no luck, it asks  for password then I get 425 fail14:00
absklbBen64, what if programs want to store their binaries in folders with some config files?14:00
AnthaasAlso that14:00
Ben64they shouldn't14:00
fearnothing-althi, I want to disable automount without using dconf-editor14:00
fearnothing-althow can I do this please?14:00
AnthaasThey should reference somewhere, perhaps ~/.config14:00
EriC^^zenisz: it's better so it'll be a standalone install, it's up to you a separate /home isn't needed14:00
Ben64mzaza: ftp is old and bad, I recommend strongly against using it14:01
zeniszEriC^^: okay, and one more question: what about swap partition? how much for 16GB Ram do you suggest?14:03
cfhowlettzenisz, 16gb14:03
EriC^^zenisz: if you want to hibernate ^14:03
zeniszcfhowlett: 16gb swap part? that is not too much?14:03
mzazaBen64: What should I use?14:04
cfhowlettzenisz, depends on your use, but it's what I use on my 16 gb box14:04
mzazaBen64: SCP?14:04
EriC^^if you dont need hibernation, don't use a swap partition unless you have a special need for it14:04
somsipmzaza: open the port on your security group14:04
Ben64mzaza: sftp, scp yeah14:04
SunnySinghhey folks14:05
zeniszcfhowlett: okay, so 16gb are for hibernate? right?14:05
cfhowlettzenisz, yep.  of course, if you never hibernate ...14:05
zeniszEriC^^: for virtualbox etc... you think i need it?14:06
mzazaBen64: OK, the problem is that in AWS I use pem file to authenticate, and I don't know how to use that in ftp client. No password14:06
EriC^^no 16gb is enough14:06
Ben64mzaza: do you mean sftp client14:06
mzazaBen64: Yes14:07
zeniszEriC^^, cfhowlett: so, if i do 16gb swap can i release some space from the swap partition for the home folder in the future?14:07
cfhowlettzenisz, yep14:07
cfhowlettwith gparted14:07
Ben64mzaza: here are instructions for winscp https://winscp.net/eng/docs/public_key14:07
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info14:08
EriC^^zenisz: yeah, you can delete the swap, resize the other partition and fs, then recreate the swap, make sure to put the swap at the end though14:08
Ben64mzaza: ooh wait wrong page. https://winscp.net/eng/docs/guide_public_key#configure_winscp_session14:08
mzazaBen64: Thanks, one last thing. To use sftp I need to install vsftpd?14:08
mzazaBen64: OK, waiting14:09
zenisznice, cfhowlett & EriC^^ thank you so much! have a great day! :)14:09
Ben64mzaza: nope. sftp is file transfer over ssh, nothing to do with ftp or vsftpd14:09
cfhowletthappy2help! zenisz14:09
EriC^^np, you too!14:09
SunnySinghI have a laptop running Windows 10 and would like to install Ubuntu. I must retain Microsoft Excel and Office generally so thought I'd dual-boot but according to Ubuntu documentation it's better to natively install it and virtualise Windows 10. Does this mean I should clear Windows 10 off my laptop and then install Ubuntu natively then run Windows 10 virtually?14:09
fearnothing-altanyone have any pointers to my automount question?14:10
lo0k3SunnySingh: just use dual-boot14:11
lo0k3SunnySingh: it's ok14:11
SunnySinghthanks, lo0k314:11
SunnySinghin the past week I've migrated from Chrome to Waterfox and from Outlook to Thunderbird14:11
lo0k3SunnySingh: dual-boot = native install14:11
SunnySinghoh OK14:11
cfhowlettSunnySingh, you could also install windows + vbox + ubuntu14:12
SunnySinghso that would virtualise Windows 10, cfhowlett?14:13
codematherI found that ubuntu mate is the most awesome distro in the world14:13
cfhowlettSunnySingh, no.  windows 10 + vbox + virtual ubuntu14:13
SunnySinghoh right14:13
codematherIt is lightweight, fast and has complete theme which is better than linux mint14:13
codematherIt also provides global menu and many solid applications :)14:14
SunnySinghmy first foray into Linux to be honest14:14
cfhowlettcodemather, glad you like it.  please give love in #ubuntu-offtopic and let us continue with support in this channel14:14
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realcrI can't manage to install supervisor on Ubuntu:14.04 in a docker container. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32716298/cant-install-supervisor-on-a-docker-container-ubuntutrusty14:15
EdwardIIIi'm seeing some weird-ass issues with php5-fpm14:16
EdwardIIIthe init.d script says "No /usr/sbin/php5-fpm found running; none killed." but yet i can see it's running14:16
EdwardIIIif i kill php5-fpm manually something restarts  it14:16
k1l_EdwardIII: wasnt it you using 3rd party PPA or a 3rd party .iso last time?14:17
EdwardIIIi am using a 3rd party ppa yes but from what i can tell fpm doesn't come from there14:18
EdwardIIIactually maybe i'm wrong: https://gist.github.com/EdwardIII/ad9d78f81a557090a83214:18
k1l_EdwardIII: "apt-cache policy php5-fpm"14:19
EdwardIIIhuh well why don't i just shut up then14:19
EdwardIIIapparently it is from there14:19
EdwardIIIso i guess i need to lodge an issue with the author or use the offical repos i guess?14:19
EdwardIIIunless there's a supported way to get php 5.5 on ubuntu 14.04?14:19
k1l_yes, that is what we could help you with in this channel.14:20
EdwardIIIok... is there one?14:20
lotuspsychje!info php5 trusty14:20
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.5.9+dfsg-1ubuntu4.11 (trusty), package size 1 kB, installed size 29 kB14:20
k1l_EdwardIII: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/php5  its 5.5.9 in ubuntu14:20
k1l_in ubuntu 14.0414:20
louiematis there any help for a question on chromixium to be answered14:21
cfhowlett!ask | louiemat,14:21
ubottulouiemat,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:21
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:21
EdwardIIIhmm weirdly i don't see anything in my build process that contains that ppm. i'm going to destroy the box & rebuild it14:21
lotuspsychje!ask | alig14:22
ubottualig: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:22
k1l_EdwardIII: might be a preconfigured thing from vagrant. you could use a original ubuntu iso14:22
EdwardIIIk1l_: hmm yes possibly. for now perhaps i'll add a remove to my build process14:23
louiematWhat is the best browser to use on Chromixium-chromium or chrome?14:23
EdwardIIIis it just rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ondrej-php5-trusty.list ?14:24
cfhowlett!help | alig14:24
ubottualig: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:24
lo0k3louiemat: it's same14:24
cfhowlettlouiemat,  chromixium OS is not supported here.  ask them for support14:25
lo0k3but chrome install with some google's shit14:25
k1l_louiemat: better ask the Chromixium support what they think about that. its not an official ubuntu release14:25
lotuspsychjelouiemat: or feel free to install ubuntu desktop14:26
OerHekslo0k3, it is not the same, and please watch your language, thanks14:26
AnthaasCan someone help me set up ssh certificate based autentication from my laptop to my server (which I need to connect to through another server)14:29
Anthaasi.e. Me -> Middle Server -> My Server.14:29
EdwardIIIAnthaas: ssh tunneling?14:29
EdwardIIIor the certificates specifically?14:29
AnthaasGetting bored of typing ssh me@middle.blah, password, me@myserver.blah, password.14:29
a7i3n1. Generate the ssh key pair on your client computer:14:30
AnthaasUmm, I dont know EdwardIII sorry14:30
a7i3n ssh-keygen14:30
a7i3nCopy the public key to the server:14:30
a7i3n scp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub user@
a7i3nConnect to the server:14:31
a7i3n ssh user@
a7i3n4. Append the public key to authorized_keys and remove the uploaded copy:14:31
a7i3n cat id_rsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys14:31
a7i3n rm id_rsa.pub14:31
a7i3n5. Edit the ssh server configuration to make sure that public key authentication is enabled (it should be enabled by default):14:31
a7i3n sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config14:31
a7i3n5.1 These entries must be set to yes:14:32
a7i3n RSAAuthentication yes14:32
a7i3n PubkeyAuthentication yes14:32
IvoahI have two hard disks installed in my laptop. One has Ubuntu+Grub on it, and the other had Mac OS X. I formatted the Mac drive and installed Windows 7 on it, but grub still thinks it's got OS X. Do I need to refresh grub or something?14:32
a7i3n6. Reload the configuration:14:32
a7i3n sudo service ssh reload14:32
a7i3n7. Disconnect from the server:14:32
a7i3n exit14:32
Anthaasa7i3n: thanks :D I am going through these now14:32
a7i3n. Try connecting without the need to give the password to the ssh-client:14:33
a7i3n ssh user@
a7i3nYou might need to give a password now to access your private key  file, but you should not need to give the password to the ssh program.14:33
a7i3n9. Disable password authentication:14:33
a7i3n sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config14:33
a7i3n9.1 The following settings should be set to no:14:33
a7i3n ChallengeResponseAuthentication no14:33
a7i3n PasswordAuthentication no14:33
a7i3n UsePAM no14:33
a7i3n9.2. Reload the configuration:14:33
a7i3n sudo service ssh reload14:33
OerHeksa7i3n, why copy paste ?14:34
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)14:34
aligwhat the best irc app for android ?14:34
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:34
k1l_alig: better ask in #android14:34
somsipalig: nothing to do with ubuntu14:34
a7i3nIThis is the process I have used, it's from my notes...14:34
kame_Is there a *good* text about the IRC and how to use it?14:34
OerHeksalig, you might want to ask that in a #android channel14:34
a7i3nI'm a lousy typist so I keep strict notes...14:35
aligand for ubuntu )14:35
aligi use xchat14:35
EdwardIIIi have a feeling a7i3n's solution would only get him as far as the middle server, right? he'd still have to re-enter his creds on the other server14:35
cfhowlettkame_, https://inkscape.org/media/cms_page_media/56/ask-smart-questions.pdf14:35
OerHeksalig, xchat is fine, bu tno longer in development14:35
a7i3nI use weechat...14:36
cfhowlettalig, sudo apt-get purge xchat && sudo apt install hexchat14:36
aligwhy for hexchat ?14:36
IvoahI have two hard disks installed in my laptop. One has Ubuntu+Grub on it, and the other had Mac OS X. I formatted the Mac drive and installed Windows 7 on it, but grub still thinks it's got OS X. Do I need to refresh grub or something?14:36
a7i3nWhat would you add Edward?14:36
cfhowletthexchat is the recommended replacement for xchat.  xchat is a dead project14:37
aligok thx14:37
k1l_alig: xchat is stopped. hexchat is the new xchat14:37
EdwardIIIk1l_: ok so i've switched to the offical repo, destroyed & rebuilt the box but the problem seems to persist? https://gist.github.com/EdwardIII/14b94c26ae5a100353fe14:37
OerHeksIvoah, yes, open terminal :  sudo update-grub # and reboot14:37
aligi'll try14:37
EdwardIIIa7i3n: good question, i'm not really sure14:37
OerHeksif it finds no windows on your mac, : os-prober14:37
EdwardIIIAnthaas: why do you connect through the middle server?14:37
EdwardIIIAnthaas: incoming connects must come from that ip address?14:38
OerHekslolz, windows on your mac, that sounds so silly14:38
a7i3nI'm no expert so I was hoping you might have further information concerning this issue...14:38
Anthaasa7i3n: Perfect - thanks. Im assuming I repeat the process from middle->myserver once I have done me->middle?14:38
AnthaasEdwardIII: Yes.14:38
k1l_EdwardIII: what issue exactly? i am not a php guy :/14:38
a7i3nNot sure...play with it for awhile and see what happens... just do things slowly...Antaas14:39
EdwardIIIk1l_: well i don't think it's a PHP problem necessarily, the init.d script basically doesn't work. it always never does what it's meant to (e.g. stop the service) and it does so silently14:39
=== giantwaffeldonke is now known as ircmaxell
k1l_EdwardIII: 14.04 should use upstart scripts14:40
EdwardIIIso i should be going "service php5-fpm restart" for example?14:41
k1l_with a sudo in front, yes14:42
IvoahOerHeks: worked perfectly, thanks :D14:42
OerHeksIvoah, great, have fun!14:43
laskoSo when I run sudo commands I get "unable to resolve host" errors. And I figured out its because " <hostname>" is not in my hosts file. Is there a quick way to re-add this? I have to do this to like 100+ servers and doing "sudo vim /etc/hosts" takes quite some time to. Is there a flag that can be passed to sudo to not try and resolve?14:50
tgm4883lasko: push it out via your configuration management software?14:51
lasko*nod* I'm going to just use ansible14:52
laskobut I wasn't sure if there was a faster way14:52
tgm4883lasko: a faster way to touch 100+ servers?14:52
=== Yukiku is now known as Dhs92
laskolol just throwing darts at a board, and wanted to just get another view from someone else14:53
somsiplasko: +1 ansible in parallel mode, but OT here14:53
k1l_i bet there is some weird sed/grep/ssh/scp stuff possible. but i guess thinking about that and test running the script will take longer14:54
EdwardIIIhrm this upstart stuff...14:54
EdwardIIIis proving tricky14:54
EdwardIIIi can see the child daemons, and they seem to be working, but the parent/master process has disappeared14:54
EdwardIIIand when i try and restart i get https://gist.github.com/EdwardIII/9d675e877ce0c86af55614:54
somsiplasko: and the 'unable to resolve host; is normally a warning (it is here on EC2 anyway). Are you sure that's causing an error?14:55
ioriaEdwardIII, see post 10 in this https://i-mscp.net/index.php/Thread/6182-PHP5-FPM-Reload-on-Ubuntu-14-04-Trusty/14:56
EdwardIIIioria: interesting, thanks!14:58
=== daniel is now known as Guest25529
ioriaEdwardIII, you're welcome14:58
EdwardIIIthat does seem to fix a lot of weirdness15:00
EdwardIIInow i just have to figure out why the hell xdebug isn't debugging15:10
THClol @ debugging the debugger15:10
EdwardIIIheh yes indeed, who debugs the debugger?15:11
EdwardIIIme, apparently15:11
THCis it connected?15:11
EdwardIIIugh now fpm is broken again heh15:11
EdwardIIIwhy the hell does that happen grrr15:12
THCis it loaded in php config?15:12
EdwardIIIit's become headless again - the master process has died15:12
THCxdebug module15:12
EdwardIIIso when i try and reload fpm i get: reload: unrecognized service15:12
EdwardIIIand restart... says it's restarted but actually i don't think it has15:12
THCis thi15:12
xpl0iterHi I am trying to set up multiple interfaces in ubuntu and assign public ipaddresses to both. For now the ip eth0 is pingable, but not from eth115:15
xpl0iterCan someone please tell me what could have gone wrong?15:16
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xpl0iterI am using eth0:cfg and eth1.cfg for configuring15:16
Guest2000ola  pessoa sou novo aqui  , e em linux15:18
Guest2000alguem   pode  mim ajudar  ? ???15:18
EdwardIIITHC: right, xdebug is enabled and configured correctly15:20
EdwardIIIand if i tell the debugger to 'break on first line' it does, so i guess i can assume everything else is configured ok15:21
THCoh ok15:21
EdwardIIIit runs twice though weirdly15:21
THCso you just have to learn how to debug then15:21
Pici!br | Guest200015:22
ubottuGuest2000: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.15:22
Fr3d3r1cis it possible to change the group of /home ?15:23
PiciFr3d3r1c: yes, but why would you want to do that?15:24
Fr3d3r1cbecause i haven't the rights15:25
Fr3d3r1ci need to work in all directories in home15:26
Fr3d3r1cactually, the owner and group of /home is "root root"15:26
PiciFr3d3r1c: You can use sudo to elevate your rights to make changes to files that you wouldn't normall be able to.15:26
Picino what?15:26
Fr3d3r1ci have to edit the files since external editor15:27
Fr3d3r1cfrom external editor15:27
a7i3nsudo su works well...15:27
PiciFr3d3r1c: You can start your editor with elevated privleges.15:27
Fr3d3r1cnot console, a program15:28
lehzmgod why is this flash update taking 20 minutes15:28
a7i3ngksu programname15:28
a7i3ngot that ok fr3d3r1c?15:29
Fr3d3r1cyou don't understand15:31
Fr3d3r1ci use a program with which i connect me to ftp15:31
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fizk_Hi, I'm trying to install ubuntu server 15.04 off a usb key, but the usb keyboard doesn't work once the keyboard selection page is shown15:41
BluesKajguests, create a nick and stick with it15:42
fizk_the server is a HP dl16015:42
SunnySinghI downloaded the Ubuntu ISO file to my Windows PC15:55
SunnySinghI now need to burn that to an external hard drive to put it on my laptop15:55
TraskianWhy an external hard drive?15:56
SunnySinghI don't have a USB pen15:56
SunnySinghor a disc15:56
TraskianAh, I see.15:56
EriC^^SunnySingh: does it have an os right now?15:56
SunnySinghthe laptop, EriC^^?15:57
SunnySinghIt runs Windows 10- as does my PC15:57
EriC^^oh, cool15:57
EriC^^i guess it's uefi then15:58
TraskianHave you done this before Sunny?15:58
SunnySinghno, Traskian15:58
TraskianBack. Up. EVERYTHING.15:58
Freddie_MercuryRunning Lubuntu 14.04 LTS here. I get this error when I try to install something I need for Minitube 2.5: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12521988/15:58
EriC^^SunnySingh: you could make a fat32 partition on the external hdd or, if you have one already just copy the iso contents in that partition and you can boot it with uefi15:58
Freddie_MercuryAny pointers on how to solve this dependency hell?15:58
SunnySinghyeah... I understood a couple of those words15:59
EriC^^SunnySingh: open the disk management in windows and check if there's a fat32 partition in it16:00
Traskianhello giacomo16:00
EriC^^( in the external hdd )16:00
SunnySinghit says the file system is NTFS16:01
EriC^^SunnySingh: oh, is it an empty hdd?16:01
SunnySinghno, EriC^^16:01
SunnySinghit has quite a lot of stuff on it16:01
TraskianFreddie_Mercury http://askubuntu.com/questions/551632/unable-to-install-anything-on-ubuntu-14-10-with-apt-get-says-files-list-file-for16:01
TraskianLooks like this guy had similar issues.16:01
EriC^^SunnySingh: ok, there's also grub4dos you can boot the .iso from that if you install it to the laptop i think16:01
giacomo_there are an itlian?16:01
Freddie_MercuryTraskian: Mind you, I'm on 14.04 LTS; same fix?16:02
TraskianI honestly don't know, but it's a start.16:02
Freddie_MercuryOK, let me try. brb16:02
SunnySinghno worries, EriC^^16:02
TraskianOkie doke.16:02
SunnySinghI don't think I know enough about computers to do this stuff lol16:02
TraskianSunny, it takes a little bit of time but there's plenty of resources online that can help you through the process. Most of the issue with anything is just learning terminology.16:03
=== whydidyoustealmy is now known as shakamunyi
EriC^^SunnySingh: http://sourceforge.net/projects/grub4dos/16:04
Freddie_MercuryTraskian, nope, same error.16:04
EriC^^i've never used it, but i think it is supposed to give you a grub shell and if you copy the .iso to the laptop via the external one, you can boot it16:05
SunnySinghah it's cool- I just wanted to see what the hype was about Linux over Windows but it's not like I had to make a transition16:05
SunnySinghthanks for your help though :)16:05
EriC^^SunnySingh: this is some info about it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot16:05
EriC^^SunnySingh: ok :)16:05
ioriaFreddie_Mercury, libqt5widgets5 and libqt5gui5 should be already installed ...16:05
Freddie_Mercuryioria: Then why does it give that error message instead of saying it's already the newest version.16:06
ioriaFreddie_Mercury are you using unity ?16:06
Freddie_MercuryLike I said before:16:06
Freddie_MercuryFreddie_Mercury> Running Lubuntu 14.04 LTS here. ...16:06
Freddie_MercurySo, no. LXDE.16:06
ioriaFreddie_Mercury lubuntu does not use QT16:07
Freddie_MercuryHm, I see. See, this is something Minitube 2.5 complained about.16:07
Freddie_MercurySince 2.4, the version I have, has some issue now with the Google API.16:07
aligwhy cant change bckgr > hexchat16:08
Freddie_Mercuryalig: Try #hexchat ?16:08
alig* #hexchat :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services16:09
Traskianalig / msg Nickserv IDENTIFY (password)16:10
Traskianbut without the space between / and msg16:10
Freddie_MercuryYou should run those commands in NickServ's query or in your status window/tab -- but that's off-topic here. #freenode or #hexchat would be better.16:11
Freddie_MercuryHm, apparently Minitube 2.5 *requires* QT. ._.16:12
Freddie_MercuryWhich is, for now, a no-go on Lubuntu, until they switch to QT.16:13
ioriaFreddie_Mercury dpkg -l libqt5gui5  ... what i says ?16:15
Freddie_Mercury"dpkg-query: no packages found matching libqt5gui5"16:15
Freddie_MercurySounds self-explanatory enough.16:15
Freddie_Mercury"It ain't there."16:16
ioriaFreddie_Mercury apt-cache policy  libqt5gui516:17
Freddie_MercuryTwo spaces?16:17
ioriajust one16:18
Freddie_Mercuryioria http://paste.ubuntu.com/12522118/16:19
ioriaFreddie_Mercury       and apt-cache policy  apt-cache policy  libqt5widgets516:20
Mandeep_SinghWhen I do Ctrl+Alt+f1 and try to log in using a normal user, it keeps16:20
Mandeep_Singhon asking for credentials again and again(login loop problem within console) but get16:20
Mandeep_Singhlogged in using 'root' credentials. Then tried the 'startx' command and16:20
Mandeep_Singhthe GUI appears but everything with root permissions. So we couldn't16:20
Mandeep_Singhlog in using the normal user(even after creating new ones, also tried the  .Xauthority thing). Also tried16:20
Mandeep_Singhnew display managers and desktop environment(after removing unity),16:20
Freddie_Mercuryioria http://paste.ubuntu.com/12522134/16:21
ioria!info libqt5gui5-gles trusty16:23
ubottuPackage libqt5gui5-gles does not exist in trusty16:23
ioria!info libqt5gui5-gles16:23
ubottulibqt5gui5-gles (source: qtbase-opensource-src-gles): Qt 5 GUI module - OpenGLES. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.4.1+dfsg-0ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 2164 kB, installed size 13702 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)16:23
Mandeep_SinghHi, can someone see my problem above?16:23
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: sounds like you messed the users file permissions in his folder already with using the root account16:23
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: never ever again log in root and never ever again use startx16:24
ioriaFreddie_Mercury     if yiou try to  install libqt5gui5     what happens ?16:24
Mandeep_Singhk1l_, okay. Then what can be the solution now.16:24
venkat-3494hi is there any channels related to writing makefiles??16:25
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: chown -R user:user /home/user/16:25
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: set user to your actual user name16:25
Freddie_Mercuryioria http://paste.ubuntu.com/12522154/16:25
Freddie_Mercuryioria, do I say "Yes"? >_>16:26
Mandeep_Singhk1l_, Is it something to do with the new user? New user should work fine.16:26
Mandeep_SinghWhy don't the lighdm, gdm, kdm start16:26
ioriaFreddie_Mercury   as said , lxde does not use qt.... you can try to install it ... but don't know if it will mess with it16:27
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: well, when the lightdm doesnt start its a different issue. but the login loop comes from that issue16:27
Freddie_Mercuryioria: Bah. ._.16:27
Freddie_Mercuryioria: I aborted (pressed 'n') because I'm too scared to break the system.16:27
ioriaFreddie_Mercury  :(16:27
Traskianvenkat-3494 #workingset16:27
Freddie_MercuryWell, this is my only functioning computer right now. :P16:28
Freddie_MercuryI don't want to have to go through hell and back to fix it, or reinstall the OS.16:28
ioriaFreddie_Mercury  i see, sorry  it should be safe...  but i have never installed QT on lubuntu16:29
=== ogra2 is now known as ogra-snappy-test
Freddie_Mercuryioria: Yeah.16:29
MonkeyDustFreddie_Mercury  sometimes it's easier to reinstall than to repair16:29
MonkeyDusteasier and faster16:29
Freddie_MercuryMonkeyDust: Oh, I know, I just don't want to do either at the moment; I'll be starting college again soon and I've already loaded it up with the programs and files I need.16:29
Freddie_MercuryDon't want to reinstall all that over again.16:29
Mandeep_Singhk1l_, yes I got login loop a few times before. But then it was on lighdm. Now lightdm (or any other dm) even don't show up. It's loop in the console.16:30
TraskianOh, college man eh? What are you studying if you don't mind me asking?16:30
TraskianNice. I study History and Sociology myself.16:30
ioriaFreddie_Mercury  this is why there is a new lxde project  that will use qt16:31
Freddie_Mercuryioria: Oh, yes, I do know that -- thing is, even when LXDE will have/already has stable new versions of QT-based DE's, Lubuntu will apparently only get it for the *next* LTS.16:31
Freddie_MercuryWhich will be, what, 2 years from now iirc?16:31
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: you got 2 issues: one is messed up file permissions (or messed up files) in that users home. the other one might be a driver issue or something. that can be seen in dmesg or xorg.log16:32
ioriaFreddie_Mercury  LXQT16:33
Freddie_MercuryThat's the name.16:33
Mandeep_Singhk1l_, actually I forgot to mention how it all started. first there got an error "running on low graphics mode". Guess what the laptop doesn't have any dedicated graphics card (nvidia or so).16:34
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: try to boot an older kernel in grub and see if that works16:36
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: but again: for the 2nd issue: see dmesg and xorg.log to see whats going wrong16:36
Mandeep_Singhk1l_, I tried booting from recovery mode from the oldest kernel that the system have. Okay checking the logs.16:37
mingdaoWe have some thin clients running embedded Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. When I run "apt-get update" it outputs "W: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock"16:38
mingdaoThere is no "man apt-get" and "apt-get help" has nothing about locking.16:38
tgm4883mingdao: why is that file read only?16:38
mingdaoIs there any way to "apt-get install rsync" on this machine?16:38
mingdaotgm4883: I have no idea.16:38
tgm4883mingdao: Can you ls -l that file16:39
mingdaotgm4883: it is 64016:39
mingdaoalready did16:39
mingdao640 root:root ... and I am root16:39
TBA_ITtgm4883: I am switching from mingdao (on my LAN at home) to my work nick16:40
TBA_ITso I can cp/paste if need be16:40
TBA_ITtgm4883: I'm just trying to get some log files off for HP. These are HP t510 thin clients.16:40
TBA_ITThe HP fellow suggested fire up the GUI and take screenshots.16:41
tgm4883TBA_IT: is the partition mounted read only right now?16:41
TBA_ITtgm4883: none on / type aufs (ro,relatime,si=95947b05,noplink)  <-- mount output16:42
teo_does anyone know where can I find the source code for Broadway Server (gtk3 web backend)? Also will Broadway functionality be affected by introduction of mir in ubuntu?16:42
TBA_ITtgm4883: there are separate partitions, but /var doesn't seem to be one ... let me see if I can get the entire mount output for you16:42
k1l_teo_: MIR (when it will be released for desktop as tsable) will have gtk backend.16:43
Osirus126hello all16:45
aligtnx. did it16:45
venkat-3494hi anyone here know about makefiles??16:46
Osirus126i am having trouble with updating with sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get upgrade16:46
Osirus126i get this error <teo_> does anyone know where can I find the source code for Broadway Server (gtk3 web backend)? Also will Broadway functionality be affected by introduction of mir in ubuntu?16:46
k1l_Osirus126: can you put the log into a pastebin and sho wht link here=?16:47
Osirus126wtf thats not what i wanted to paste16:47
Osirus126one second16:47
Freddie_Mercuryioria, so I finally took the plunge and installed libqt5gui5 and its dependencies; it apparently worked, and now Minitube is working again. Thanks! :)16:47
TBA_ITtgm4883: https://bpaste.net/show/4df6c59c3f1e16:47
ioriaFreddie_Mercury  hasta la vista a la victoria ! siempre16:48
Osirus126i am using the ubuntu mate distro for raspberry pi and it doesnt seem to have pastebin installed16:48
TBA_ITsneakernet ;)16:49
Osirus126do i install with apt-get install pastebin?16:49
k1l_Osirus126: just use the oldschool mark, copy, paste way :)16:49
k1l_!paste | Osirus12616:49
ubottuOsirus126: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:49
Osirus126id like to install pastebin tho16:49
kflomi trayed to abdate my computer but after i pressed the restart buttun my computer can not start again16:49
k1l_Osirus126: its pastebinit16:49
tgm4883TBA_IT: what device is this? I would think you would need to remount / as rw16:50
TBA_ITtgm4883: It's a HP t510 thin client ... embedded Linux16:51
TBA_ITtgm4883: we use them to RDP into a TS server16:51
TBA_ITtgm4883: It's not a big deal. I'll just walk to it and use a flash disk. Was trying to rsync the files rather than walking to the back of the plant.16:53
ambu 16:53
TBA_ITtgm4883: My goal was "apt-get install rsync"  ;)16:53
kflomi updated my software from 14 to the latest and my computer culdnt restart again pls help16:53
TBA_ITtgm4883: It's running, and remounting wouldn't be prudent. Plus, it is configured to automatically reconnect so it'd just be more of a bother.16:54
TBA_ITtgm4883: Thanks for your replies.16:54
Mandeep_SinghHow can I get the latest(most recent) logs of this channel?16:54
kflomhello any body interested to help16:54
Osirus126whenever i use "sudo apt-get upgrade | pastebin" it tells me command not found16:54
tgm4883Osirus126: pastebin isn't a command. pastebinit is though16:54
Osirus126and ive installed pastebinit16:55
k1l_Osirus126: just use copy and paste and put it on the pastebin website16:55
kflomhave a nice time16:55
Osirus126im sure ive used pastebin on my linux mint machine16:55
Osirus126il try pastebinit16:55
TraskianWell, I gotta get to class ladies and gents. Have a good one.16:56
Osirus126k1l_,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12522363/16:59
Osirus126and pastebin is a command on my linux mint machine. thats why i was getting confised16:59
Osirus126and pastebin is a command on my linux mint machine. thats why i was getting confused16:59
k1l_Osirus126: the command ist "pastebinit" not pastebin.17:00
MonkeyDustOsirus126  it's because mint is not ubuntu17:00
Osirus126yes i realize this now17:00
Osirus126did you get the pastebin link?17:00
k1l_Osirus126: might be a arm specific issue. try to ask in #ubuntu-arm17:01
Mandeep_SinghI found this web page containg today's irc logs of ubuntu. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/09/22/  But there are plenty of files. Which one contains the recent chat of this channel?17:02
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: look for the name #ubuntu17:03
Mandeep_Singhk1l_, there are 312 entries starting with the word "#ubuntu". :P17:05
tewardMandeep_Singh: the filenames are literally [channel].txt or [channel].html17:05
tewardMandeep_Singh: that being said, you are looking for #ubuntu.txt for raw text, or #ubuntu.html for prettified stuff17:05
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: not starting. look for #ubuntu.html or .txt17:05
k1l_Mandeep_Singh: the other ones are different channels17:05
Mandeep_SinghThanks teward k1l_  found it.17:06
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altinwhen adding a new network service, where are those config files saved ?17:15
=== krisd_ is now known as krisd
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samthewildoneI'm having trouble with autostart programs. I went to ask ubuntu and followed some advice but, still my start up applications are a hit or miss.17:26
samthewildoneI edited in the ".config/autostart/*"17:26
samthewildonestill doesn't work17:26
anonyAfter a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04, you can press F9 during boot to see the CMD line. What can someone do in order to be shown by default? /etc/default grub.txt?17:30
anony(disregard the ".txt" old bad habbit)17:31
mikubuntuanybody have any idea how to make this work with ubuntu? http://geniatech.com/pa/u6012b.asp17:31
tgm4883anony: do you mean to see the boot process, or to see the boot menu?17:33
=== WeSsBrOwN84 is now known as wEs
anonytgm4883, the boot sequence (info [OK], info [ERROR] etc)17:34
=== deweytechpro is now known as dew3y
tgm4883anony: I think that is probably quiet boot that you are talking about17:34
=== athairuzzz is now known as athairus
tgm4883anony: http://askubuntu.com/questions/477821/how-can-i-permanently-remove-the-boot-option-quiet-splash17:35
anonytgm4883, yes there are two lines... GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" and GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" - I tried removing Quiet from the first line and updating grub* but didn't seem to work. LEt me check your link,.17:36
anonytgm4883, aaah, I had to remove splash as well... Thanks.17:37
anonyBy the way, I was wondering why "sudo gedit grub" doesn't work* while "sudo nano grub" does...17:38
LtLanony: my guess is gedit is looking for gksudo or gksu, whichever it is not sudo17:40
MonkeyDustanony  try 'sudo -e'17:43
Osirus126k1l_, check this out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/y-ppa-manager/+bug/146444017:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1464440 in Y PPA Manager "package xserver-xorg-input-wacom 1:0.25.0-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: unable to move aside `./lib/udev/rules.d/69-wacom.rules' to install new version: Invalid cross-device link" [High,Confirmed]17:46
ren0v0hi, i have my router setup so that i can use "server" for example, as a domain name elsewhere on the network. However, it only sometimes works. I have the routers IP set as a DNS server in ubuntu's network config, should i be doing something else?17:46
Murdoch5I installed webmin on my server, where can I find the source code?  I want to edit one of the modules17:47
tgm4883ren0v0: that sounds correct17:48
Osirus126can someone help me with this bug?17:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1464440 in Y PPA Manager "package xserver-xorg-input-wacom 1:0.25.0-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: unable to move aside `./lib/udev/rules.d/69-wacom.rules' to install new version: Invalid cross-device link" [High,Confirmed]17:48
ren0v0tgm4883, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't :S17:48
mikubuntuanybody have any idea how to make this work with ubuntu? http://geniatech.com/pa/u6012b.asp17:48
tgm4883ren0v0: as it works on some machines and doesn't on others? Or it works sometimes on a machine, then you try it later on the same machine and it doesn't work17:49
ren0v0the later17:49
ren0v0ssh user@server  works sometimes, and not others on the same machine17:49
tgm4883ren0v0: well that's odd. When it doesn't work, are you able to do a lookup on teh server for that address?17:50
Osirus126can someone please help me with this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/y-ppa-manager/+bug/1464440 i get this error every time i update or reboot17:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1464440 in Y PPA Manager "package xserver-xorg-input-wacom 1:0.25.0-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: unable to move aside `./lib/udev/rules.d/69-wacom.rules' to install new version: Invalid cross-device link" [High,Confirmed]17:50
ren0v0tgm4883, i just logged in using the IP, and now i can use "server"17:50
tgm4883!patience | Osirus12617:50
ubottuOsirus126: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:50
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Osirus126sorry :P17:51
ren0v0nslookup shows the IP correctly now yes, but maybe thats because i've already logged in using the IP and its in some cache or something17:51
tgm4883ren0v0: sorry, I mean are you able to query the DNS server for that address from either the host you are on, or directly on the DNS server17:51
tgm4883ren0v0: when you setup the record in DNS, did you just setup the A record, or also the AAAA record? Follow up, do you have IPv6 on your network17:52
ren0v0tgm4883, maybe i got it completely wrong, I've simple added certain static IPs to the hosts file on the router, with a name17:53
ren0v0so, there isn't bind or anything running on the router, just this setup, but it works?17:53
anonyAlmost forgot. Thanks for the info :)17:54
tgm4883ren0v0: uh, that's not how you add DNS entries to a router usually17:54
ren0v0tgm4883, right, but this is all i can do with this router, and was the suggested thing to do17:54
ren0v0its an ERlite17:54
wfreemanI have a kubuntu 15.04 system that has a broken KDE install; I have no panels/widgets and a black desktop. (alt-f2 to run programs still works.) Is there any way I can either 1) fix this, or 2) set Unity as the default session? (I already have Unity installed; I'm just not sure how to set it to the default desktop environment.)17:55
tgm4883ren0v0: unless the router is looking at the hosts file to serve addresses to clients, then I don't see how that would work17:55
ren0v0well i guess it must be, because it does work17:56
ren0v0and DHCP entries go here as well i believe17:56
ren0v0i mean, they are automatically added here, because i ran a command for that as well17:57
tgm4883ren0v0: well apparently it doesn't work though :P17:57
ren0v0tgm4883, seems like i need to go back to looking at the router then17:57
ren0v0probably 5% of the time it does, thats all17:58
ren0v0i was wondering if its an ubuntu setup thing17:58
ren0v0i have other DNS servers added to my network config as well as the router, could that cause an issue?17:58
tgm4883ren0v0: well I think it's just caching the address17:58
tgm4883ren0v0: are the other DNS servers yours, or external17:59
ren0v0do you mean ubuntu caching the address? i can't see how it know its called "server"17:59
tgm4883ren0v0: you mean after you ssh to the IP address of "server" and it communicates with it?18:00
ren0v0tgm4883, i could shutdown, start another day and would be able to ping "server" just fine18:00
ren0v0i'm pretty sure what i did on the router does work, it was a few weeks ago now so brain is a little washy lol, but "nas" and other names work as well18:01
ren0v0from all devices18:01
ren0v0saying that, if it works on mobile device i didn't set any DNS server on that, so its just using the gateway or something ?18:01
tgm4883ren0v0: it would use whatever DNS server gets pushed by DHCP18:02
tgm4883ren0v0: so a few things I would try18:02
tgm4883ren0v0: when you can't connect to it via "server" see if you can do an nslookup against the router for "server"18:03
awilist chanel18:04
tgm4883ren0v0: does you ubuntu system get it's address via dhcp?18:04
ren0v0yea address only18:04
tgm4883ren0v0: I'd also test setting your NIC to ignore ipv6 and see if that fixes it18:05
ren0v0tgm4883, so using network GUI just goto ipv6 and choose ignore ?18:05
tgm4883ren0v0: yea18:05
ren0v0ok done that18:05
ren0v0and  "nslookup server"    for when i can't resolve ?18:05
ren0v0ok great, thanks!18:06
MollerzHey guys, I'm trying to remove Ubuntu from my Acer Aspire One laptop and resetting to factory. Having some problems though. Alt+F10 during boot isn't working and I've tried a handful of things, any suggestions?18:09
ben_gMy laptop doesn't fully start up anymore. It shows the ubuntu splash screen, but instead of showing the login screen, the screen just turns off.18:11
ben_gAnd booting it with failsafe X shows the error message "No screens found".18:12
ninjaiso I ran this command: "gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.background active true" and now my desktop is broken.  What do I do now?18:12
ben_gI can still acces that fullscreen terminal thing by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1.18:12
Freddie_Mercuryben_g is it something like this http://askubuntu.com/questions/296163/black-screen-on-login ?18:13
vltMollerz: You could run `shred` on your hard drive. This will remove EVERYTHING (and thus resetting to factory).18:13
Bashing-omMollerz: (?) Remove rather then fix ? Any partition editor will remove the install.18:13
morfinit can be offtopic here but how stable Ubuntu Touch right now?18:13
ben_gFreddie_Mercury: not entirely. The text in that CTRL+ALT+F1 terminal thing is visible to me.18:14
MonkeyDust!touch | morfin18:14
ubottumorfin: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch18:14
morfinow i did not find that channel using alis, ty18:14
CyberGabberMollerz: Maybe this helps? ( use at own risk , make backups before use! ) http://www.question-defense.com/2010/11/23/how-to-boot-the-recovery-partition-on-a-acer-aspire-when-alt-f10-does-not-work18:15
Mollerzvlt: Wouldn't that disallow me from reinstalling Windows? Bashing-om: Remove yes, I'd like to reinstall Windows18:15
ben_gAnd manually running startX shows the login screen, but logging in (even using guest mode) just refreshes the login screen.18:15
MollerzThere is nothing on the computer I need, so backup isn't necessary18:15
Bashing-omben_g: What results when attempting to boot the system in "recovery" mode - grub boot menu -> advanvced -> recovery kernel ?18:15
MollerzCyberGabber: Thanks I'll try that18:16
vltMollerz: If you insert a Windows install medium it will install a fresh system on the empty hard drive.18:16
Bashing-omMollerz: Nope, IF you are to (RE-)install Windows. Windows will take care of wiping out 'buntu .18:16
ben_gBashing-om: it shows some text and then a menu where I can do stuff like start with failsafe x.18:17
ben_gI already tried running boot repair from a live session, btw.18:17
Bashing-omben_g: So far so good, so what happens if you "failsafe x". maybe all we are looking at is (RE-)installing the graphic's driver .18:18
ben_gFatal server error: no screens found.18:19
CyberGabberMollerz: Google on string 'how to remove ubuntu and install windows', to find lots of clear/illustrated instructions.18:20
Bashing-omben_g: Grapjic's drier still not ruled out. As you can get a terminal (ctl+alt+F1) . says the system is sound, a problem with the X layer. We can look at the log file and get an idea of what is not taking place .18:21
Bashing-omgraphic's driver*18:22
kubast2Hey ,have you ever made mtp work ?18:24
ben_gIs the log with the highest number the most recent?18:24
kubast2I never made it work on linux ,maybe on raspberry pi18:25
kubast2but never on actual desktop18:25
kubast2with os like linux mint/ubuntu18:25
Freddie_Mercurykubast2 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222670218:25
Bashing-om!tab | ben_g18:26
ubottuben_g: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:26
k1l_kubast2: mtp works since ages on ubuntu. for linux mint please ask their support18:26
Freddie_Mercurykubast2, for me, using Lubuntu 14.04 LTS and those programs, it works well.18:26
Freddie_Mercurykubast2, with all the bells and whistles; I can even use my Android smartphone as a USB tethering device.18:26
somenickasdFreddie_Mercury the wifi tethering works correctly?18:27
ben_gBashing-om: sorry, I'll try to write your name before every response now.18:27
Freddie_MercuryHaven't tried that yet, but I will.18:27
Bashing-omben_g: Install the tool "pastebinit" and then run ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit ' and pass the link back here so we can read that file .18:27
Freddie_Mercurysomenickasd: Point is, mtp devices work (as that was kubast2's question).18:28
somenickasdhmm, i have not gotten that to work right with my samsung galazy tab II. i thnk it is just for the phones18:28
somenickasdah ok. cool18:28
kubast2vendor[22b8] attr[2e76] 22b8:2e76 ?18:28
k1l_somenickasd: it still depends on the smartphone device on the other end. ubuntu with network-manager is capable of tethering.18:29
Bashing-omben_g: If I am not addressed, good chance I will not see your entry . As this is a busy channel, and I am busy also else wheres .18:29
k1l_somenickasd: some manufacturers/providers block tethering on android. with cyanogenmod it works18:29
ben_gBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12523605/18:30
Bashing-omben_g: reading .18:30
somenickasdk1l_ Freddie_Mercury thanks for the infos18:31
Guest41862hi, i need help to install silverlight in firefox... to watch film, tv18:31
somenickasdk1l_ that certainly would make my device a lot more useful18:31
Freddie_Mercurykubast2: Excellent. :)18:32
Guest41862hmm anybody helps me ?18:32
Bashing-omben_g: " 25.378] (**) |-->Inactive Device "intel" "" Optimus technology ? Have you been using nvidia-prime to swich graphics sets ?18:33
ben_gBashing-om: Optimus, yes. But I think I used bumblebee to switch between graphics cards.18:33
Stridergood evening18:33
Guest41862what about silverlight ?18:34
Guest41862i cant't watch tv etc... any solution (windows only ???)18:35
MonkeyDustGuest41862  i'm not sure if silverlight is still maintained18:35
smellsLikeGoatSpHello everyone, I am having problems with ddrescue. I get " can't open input file" error. any clue?18:35
geniiGuest41862: Try the pipelight PPA18:35
Guest41862i tried pipelight 5.1 and 5.0 ... and still nothing18:36
Guest41862why linux can watch tv/films on web sites where is need silverlight18:36
ben_gBashing-om: is nvidia-prime better? If so, how do I switch to it?18:36
StriderLong Live Ubuntu ...  Hurray!   Hurray!  Hurray!!11!! :)18:37
MonkeyDustlong live Strider hooray!18:37
Guest41862strider - try pinguy - more frienly18:37
Striderehehehe thank you !18:38
Strideri wish i had switched to Ubuntu 10 years ago18:38
=== VonB1 is now known as VonB
StriderGuest41862:  thanks for the tip18:40
loais there any way to set niceness to proccess permanently?18:40
loafor example by proccess name?18:40
loai want to play game and run some proccess in background, and don't want my game loose too much fps18:41
Guest41862Strider - i'm still testing, and i'm very happy to working with this distro18:41
Striderwow it sounds very promising18:42
Bashing-omben_g: Well. yeah Nvidia-prime is now considered the better means. As to the current problem; Nvidia recommends the 352 version driver, you are trying to build the 340 driver. I think - just my thought - you should purge BumbleBee and the current Nvidia driver, install the Nvidia driver from our repo .// What returns ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' ?18:42
k1l_Guest41862: Strider for other non ubuntu distros better check their support. we can only support ubuntu flavours in here18:42
Striderwhich things are more friendly in Pinguy than in Ubuntu ?18:43
Strideraight ty k1l_18:43
Gh0stB0yHey I'm trying to run some basic java games and failing at it.  Minecraft doesn't give me an error but starmade managed to give me this.  SSLException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty18:43
MonkeyDustloa  try   renice -n 15 `pgrep [game name here]`18:44
ben_gBashing-om: nvidia-340-updates and nvidia-340.18:44
Guest41862pinguy is a like fork ubuntu, but more friendly and offer much more than ubuntu... and of course i came from chat pinguy to you (ubuntu)18:44
ben_gBashing-om: so I should run 'sudo apt-get purge bumblebee' ?18:44
loaMonkeyDust, alread have this, but it is not what i want18:44
loai want something automatic18:44
loagame i run from steam18:45
Guest41862which ? for me much more give me on start (install) than ubuntu18:45
loaah i can add my own command to steam18:45
loai will do this18:45
loai forgot about that feature18:45
k1l_Strider: i would not count that as a plus if users from others distros need to come to ask in #ubuntu for support because their distro doesnt offer support18:45
Striderlool true k1l_18:45
Striderall beginnings are small :P18:46
Guest41862ubuntu don't offer help about plugin silverlight too..., so - for me t is the same "help"18:46
Striderwell .. a plugin is usually from a third party18:47
k1l_Guest41862: please stop that ubuntu rantings and asking for pinguy support on the same time. see the pinguy support on your issue, thanks18:47
Guest41862OK - we all small, but pinguy gave me more usefull programs18:47
Guest41862kll_ .. but you can't help user's ubuntu with the same problem like me (unable to watch films with plugin silverlight)18:48
Gh0stB0yHey I'm trying to run some basic java games and failing at it.  Minecraft doesn't give me an error but starmade managed to give me this.  SSLException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected error: java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty18:48
Bashing-omben_g: Like this; BumbleBee is the open source project to support hybrid graphics, back when therre was no support. Nvidia has stepped up to the plate and now offers their support to us in the form of nvidia-prime to support their driver .18:49
Striderghostboy i dunno but it sounds like some bug in the code18:50
ben_gBashing-om: Well, I'm willing to switch, but I'd rather not do the installation without someone guiding me, I've messed up drivers in the past...18:51
Bashing-omben_g: 340 offered is disappointing . What release are you running ? as 14.04 has the later drivers availale . I may be in a learning mode here .18:51
ben_gI'm running 14.04 LTS.18:51
PiciGh0stB0y: which java are you using?18:51
ben_g* Bashing-om: 14.04 LTS.18:52
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com18:52
Gh0stB0yPici:  I have tried the available IcedTea from the repos and I have sinced removed that and got the available files from the Java site.18:52
Bashing-omben_g: Think'n .. I am surprised that 352 is not offered to you .18:52
PiciGh0stB0y: be sure that you're actually using sun java though, you may need to run through sudo update-java-alternatives18:53
ben_gBashing-om: I always install updates when they're available though (as long as ubuntu itself asks me about it).18:53
Bashing-omben_g: Yah, always keep the system updated . Let's verify from the system what card is installed so I can recheck. what returns ' lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA ' ?18:55
Gh0stB0yPici:  Tried that and all it did was spit out the basic JRE instructions.  Added -a and it said there were no alternative java installations installed18:56
ben_gBashing-om: Intel corporation 3rd gen core processor Graphics controller.18:57
ben_gBashing-om: iirc the nvidia card isn't connected to outputs but it streams trough the intel one.18:57
=== sins-_r is now known as sins-
PiciGh0stB0y: Consider using the WebUpda8 PPA, which should integrate with the alternatives system. https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/java18:58
ben_gBashing-om: I'm pretty sure the card is a 710m though.18:58
Strideri have version 15.04   .. it works like a charm18:58
StriderThank you Ubuntu >:D<18:59
Gh0stB0yPici:  Ok I'll see what happens18:59
Striderfreedom at last18:59
Bashing-omben_g: True that ^ . How about ' lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 3D ' . As I realy do want to know what the hardware for Nvidia is .19:00
Strideri still have to learn the terminal commands19:01
Gh0stB0yPici:  How do I use that command?19:01
ben_gBashing-om: Nvidia corporation 117M rev a1.19:02
PiciGh0stB0y: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer19:02
ben_gBashing-om: Is that what you need? There's still a bit more displayed.19:02
PiciGh0stB0y: or java7, if you prefer that.  Once its done, do sudo update-java-alternatives -s java-8-oracle19:03
Bashing-omben_g: Well, 710m is a bit aged, I can accept that the 340 version is all that is available for this card in our repos. And I would still purge BumbleBee in favor of the nvidia-prime, purge the present driver and (re-)install . Worth a shot to see what results. // GeForce 117M ?19:03
Knight80Hello everyone19:03
Striderhello knight8019:03
Knight80Does anybody know which code I should type to restart a Java class?19:04
mauvehedproblem: on report something is overriding /etc/network/interfaces -- info: ubuntu 12.04, VM running in vCenter/ESXi 5.5 -- Verified: network-manager is not installed nor enabled -- suggestions of what else could be causing an overwrite?19:04
Gh0stB0yFSociety:  I didn't know TV shows could talk19:04
ben_gBashing-om: 117M is what the command wrote to the screen. The specs of the laptop list it as geforce 710M.19:05
Knight80I'm developing a programme in java which takes out some random numbers for the lottery19:05
ben_gBashing-om: the laptop is about 2 years old, btw.19:06
Bashing-omben_g: Pasetbin that last 'lspci'please, as I see no listing for a 117M at the Nvidia site .19:06
Striderknight80 cool19:06
=== mick is now known as Guest1719
Knight80But I don't know how to restart a class19:07
Striderhmm i dunno either19:07
ben_gBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12523885/19:07
Striderperhaps new19:08
ben_gBashing-om: is switching to nvidia-prime as simple as "sudo apt-get purge bumblebee" followed by "sudo apt-get install nvidia-prime" ?19:09
* m3n3chm0 nasZ19:09
Bashing-omben_g: OK, could be a number of different cards ; let's get specific ' grep "[[:space:]]1140" /usr/share/misc/pci.ids ' . Pastebin that one please .19:11
Gh0stB0yPici:  It worked thx19:13
PiciGh0stB0y: great to hear :)19:13
ben_gBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12523947/19:13
dezzzzso i have an issue19:14
genii!details | dezzzz19:15
ubottudezzzz: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)19:15
dezzzzinitramfs got corrupted, i rebooted the pc unknowingly, booted in a live kali linux to attempt to mount the disk, ran testdisk and now my encrypted luks disk has 2mb instead of 700gb19:16
Bashing-omben_g: Purging BumbleBee, even easier, as now when the Nvidia driver is installed nvidia-prime is automatically installed. When we get to that point we ' sudo apt-get purge bumble* ' . To also remove the config files .19:16
TrioxinI installed the ubuntu installation image to a USB drive and have been using the "Try Ubuntu" option, booting into that. If I save files and install things will they be removed on next reboot? If I want to have an install on the USB drive should I actually install ubuntu to it or can I just keep booting into it this way?19:17
dezzzzand i still cant access the ubuntu install19:17
dezzzzi just need the data19:17
ben_gBashing-om: so if I purge bumblebee now, everything will work again?19:17
bajahi i am not able to turn on off  wi-fi19:18
brothersomeTrioxin, You loose everything except the things you stored on another place in the disk and mount that part19:18
mauvehedlooks like the issue was being caused by settings in vCenter (VM->Edit Settings->Options->vApp Options->Properties)19:19
bajahow can i make the wi-fi work19:19
dezzzzany ideas?19:19
sb_9how to encryypt executable shell script ?19:19
slamberthi all19:19
Bashing-omben_g: Boy I messed that one up .. took me aback 'till I saw my error . try as ' sudo update-pciids ;  grep "[[:space:]]fa33" /usr/share/misc/pci.ids ' .19:20
bajaall wi-fi labels are off and i cannot manually turn wifi on in the connection manager19:20
Trioxinbrothersome, what size would be the most minimal install of ubuntu desktop?19:20
aligifconfig wlan0 up19:20
sb_9how to encrypt executable shell script ?19:20
Bashing-omben_g: It is no big deal to purge the Nvidia driver and have the system "autoinstall' anew .19:21
brothersomeTrioxin, Ubuntu is big, what size do you want?19:21
Trioxinsb_9, I have a program for that19:21
Trioxinbrothersome, it's a 16 gig flash drive.19:21
sb_9Trioxin: what program? can i see that19:21
ben_gBashing-om: Are you sure? Installing the nvidia drivers was pretty hard to do and required a large file.19:22
bajaerror: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted19:22
brothersome16 Gig USB stick? Ubuntu is not designed for that19:22
Trioxinactually nvm it's 3219:22
Trioxinsurely ubuntu minimal install doesn't take up THAT much19:23
Bashing-omben_g: This is linux. If it is hard, you are doing something wrong .19:23
bajaerror: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted19:23
aligbefore command19:23
aligsudo ifconfig wlan0 up19:23
Trioxinsb_9 http://www.datsi.fi.upm.es/~frosal/19:24
ben_gBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12524020/19:24
a7i3nif it's hard you are doing something fun! :)19:24
brothersomeTrioxin, I run Ubuntu from my harddisk - 8 GB is sufficient with a minimal install, Intel has a very small computer with Ubuntu on it19:24
bajaalig SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill19:24
Trioxinsb_9, it compiles your shell scripts to binary and obfuscates19:24
aligwhat interfaces u have ? ifconfig19:25
Trioxinsb_9, I usually run it in cygwin to compile my installation scripts19:25
bajaim using studio19:25
bajacreative studio19:25
Bashing-omben_g: Well ! That do remove all doubt huh .. let's purge, clean up and re-install the graphics driver .19:25
sb_9Trioxin: is it your own code? or did you copied it from internet?19:26
shudonhi all :) where should i install new trusted ssl certificate authorities' certificates?19:26
dezzzconnection went down19:26
dezzzany ideas19:26
=== VonB1 is now known as VonB
Trioxinsb_9, the scripts I compile are my code19:26
Trioxinsb_9, I linked you to the compiler19:27
brothersomedezzz, USB stick?19:27
dezzzim using an usb stick with kali live19:27
dezzzthats how i used testdisk19:27
Trioxinoh wait it is 16gb lol my brain is all over the place today. so whatever 8 gigs install size is fine. I just want to use it for browsing and maybe a few small tools anyway19:27
dezzzubuntu live wont work19:27
brothersomedezzz and you wlan is also a USB stick?19:27
brothersomeTrioxin, USB?19:28
dezzzi got a problem with initramfs19:28
aligwhat return after "ifconfig" ?19:28
Trioxinbrothersome, yeah19:28
raucohello there19:29
Trioxinit's mostly just to have an encrypted OS on my thumb drive19:29
TrioxinI know there are much smaller distros19:29
brothersomeOuch - I prefer puppylinux with the newest Firefox browser - that is much more flash oriented19:29
raucoI'm trying to figure out which ubuntu release comes with python3 by default19:29
Trioxinbut I don't need that much space19:29
aligor iwconfig19:29
bajacan anyone help me i am having difficulties in access wifi its turned off default19:29
Trioxinbrothersome, my concern there is having full repos19:30
ben_gBashing-om: I just purged bumblebee. Do I also have to purge the nvidia drivers?19:30
sb_9Trioxin:  I linked you to the compiler. what does mean?19:30
Trioxinsb_9 I19:31
brothersomeTrioxin, it is just the purpose of an OS, puppy is designed for running from a USB stick and can use the repository of Ubuntu19:31
Trioxinto the compiler19:31
alighad same problem butdont remember commANDS )19:31
aliggoogle wifi driver install ubuntu19:31
Trioxinbrothersome thx, I also heard of a REALLY small linux distro. the name isn't coming to me19:31
Bashing-omben_g: ' sudo apt-get purge bumble* ; sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old ; sudo apt-get purge nvidia* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ; sudo nvidia-xconfig ' .19:32
=== valeech_ is now known as valeech
brothersomeTrioxin, I am the owner of puppylinux.eu but puppylinux.org and .com are the official sites19:32
Trioxindamn what was that distro. I needed it for doing a custom build19:33
brothersomeFor browsing and compiling it is fine, for fun/ daily use, on harddisk with powerfull computers - Ubuntu is better19:33
guntbertbrothersome: Trioxin I currently fail to see what your discussion has to do with Ubuntu support19:33
alirizai am new at ubuntu19:34
Trioxinbrothersome, puppy uses ubuntu repos though?19:34
guntbertaliriza: Do you have an ubuntu support question?19:34
brothersomeguntbert, I know - but Ubuntu running from a flash drive is hard, perhaps we should switch the discusssion19:34
Trioxinthe latest ones I presume? AMD?19:34
alirizamy cursor has problem when ubuntu is at process19:35
brothersomeguntbert, I meant a USB stick19:35
alirizait s flushing19:35
alirizasorry, flash19:35
guntbertbrothersome: there is always #ubuntu-offtopic19:35
brothersomeEverybody has the ability to complain19:36
Trioxintopic nazis. whatever19:36
bajacan anyone help me i am having difficulties in access wifi its turned off default19:38
Freddie_Mercurybaja: "By default"? Be more specific; do you mean you have to manually enable it after Ubuntu boots?19:41
geoffmccbaja: is it that it is disabled, or not installed19:41
trijntjemy pc just suddenly powered down, then it rebooted a couple of times and now the fan keeps running on full all the time. what could be going on?19:41
Trioxinsb_9, one more time... http://www.datsi.fi.upm.es/~frosal/19:42
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Perhaps an overheating problem?19:42
EriC^^trijntje: try top see if anything is using up the cpu19:42
alirizamy cursor is flashing, when downloading any file19:43
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Follow the first three steps in "Monitoring sensors via the command line with lm-sensors" at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto19:43
trijntjeFreddie_Mercury, EriC^^ I dont think so, cpu usage is low and core temperature is around 36 degrees19:43
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Then do 'sensors' in the command line, and paste output, maybe?19:43
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: What about GPU.19:44
Freddie_MercuryThere's other components that can also produce overheating issues.19:44
trijntjeFreddie_Mercury: http://pastebin.com/3s0WA6vt19:44
Freddie_Mercury(EH, try to use the pastebin in the topic for next time.)19:44
trijntjehow can I find out the gpu temperature, it doesn't show in sensors19:44
Anetossrver iris.irc.gr19:45
Freddie_MercuryWell, I was wondering, the fan you said that was always on, is that the CPU heatsink fan or the GPU.19:45
Freddie_MercuryEach has their own fan.19:45
trijntjeFreddie_Mercury: I dont know, it just started19:46
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: What kind of GPU is it?19:46
k1l_baja: what did you do that it doesnt work anymore?19:46
trijntjeFreddie_Mercury: ATI Radeon HD567019:47
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Are you using the proprietary driver? If you are, try 'aticonfig --odgt' in terminal.19:47
m0etezhi,i have a laptop with one ssd and one hdd.can i install ubuntu on the ssd et windows on the hdd ?19:49
trijntjeFreddie_Mercury: temperature of the video card is 33 C19:49
Freddie_MercuryThen it isn't overheated by any means.19:49
k1l_m0etez: if they are physically 2 different devices (not one hdd with some ssd cache) yes19:49
m0etez2 different yes19:50
m0etezso they will not interfere ?19:50
trijntjem0etez: just install windows first19:50
m0etezthanks man19:50
Bashing-omben_g: Long time no hear. Hoz it going ?19:52
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Could it be that it overheats and *then* shuts down? Some mobos are configured to power off when a certain temperature threshold is reached? Ungraceful shutdowns are mostly caused by that, or by malfunctioning hardware on mobo like caps.19:52
Epx998Can anyone direct me to a HowTO for adding an ubuntu apt source to Spacewalk?19:53
ben_gBashing-om: The ubuntu-drivers autoinstall has just finished.19:53
trijntjeFreddie_Mercury: could it be a problem with the power supply? I can reproduce the problem pretty well by watching a HD vid on youtube, but playing a game on windows for an hour doesnt trigger it19:53
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Holy crap.19:53
darius93is there any way to get kate 5 on ubuntu 14.04? I would compile it if the libraries existed in the repo19:54
trijntjemy hypothesis is that its more connected to the power draw from the graphics card then actual heat production19:54
Bashing-omben_g: K .. when all done, reboot and let's see the effect .19:54
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Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: That's... exactly what happened on my HP desktop that died; it had an Nvidia GPU and it also shut down ungracefully when watchin videos on YouTube.19:54
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: And ... it was overheated.19:54
Freddie_MercuryMy problem there was that I was using the Nouveau drivers on another distro, which were crap on that card.19:54
Freddie_MercuryAnd overdrove it/didn't support it well.19:55
Freddie_MercurySo, it was always *idling* at 85C.19:55
cipenukany 1 good with graphics issues?19:55
cipenukafter a recent update my desktop over hangs19:56
Bashing-omEpx998: Define "spacewalk" please .19:56
trijntjeFreddie_Mercury: I guess I can try to open it up and clean it out, it might have gotten dusty. I have the problem on both windows and ubuntu, so its not a driver issue19:56
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Right, that seems then like a hardware-defined behavior to protect itself.19:56
geoffmcctrijntje: how old is the display adapter?19:57
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: WHat I would do is try to log the temperature of the GPU as you play videos and see if it starts shooting up.19:57
Epx998Bashing-om: oh dear..19:57
Bashing-omcipenuk: Propritary graphics driver ? - Have you purged and (RE-)installed the driver ?19:57
trijntjegeoffmcc: pretty old I'd say, at least 5 years or so19:57
cipenukall i know is it says i have a driver  for amd installed is there a way to find out for sure what one i have?19:58
cipenukits a radeon hd 545019:58
ben_gBashing-om: My laptop fully starts now, but how can I now run a program with the dedicated gpu?19:58
geoffmcctrijntje: yeah, i have had pretty much the same issue with nvidia cards. Desktop easly replaced, but on my old laptop i resorted to placing it on top of a window fan until i got a new one19:59
cipenuknot sure how to purfge and reinstall19:59
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: http://askubuntu.com/questions/614081/nvidia-geforce-gt-240m-running-hot-on-kubuntu-64bit19:59
PiciEpx998: spacewalk supposedly has a channel here on freenode in #spacewalk, but it doesn't look too populated. You might also be able to get an answer in #ubuntu-server19:59
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: It's problems like that and its symptoms ("When I start a YouTube-Video the GPU temperature raises within 5 minutes up to 106°C and Linux goes down.") that reminded me of my own issue and now yours.19:59
Bashing-omcipenuk: Yeah there are means. what release are you on ? later releeses now have better tools .19:59
Freddie_MercuryAnd 106 C is just nuts.20:00
trijntjegeoffmcc, Freddie_Mercury the only difference is that my card sits at 33 when not in use20:00
cipenukcurrently i installed  14.04 it worked fine untill i did the update software20:00
m3n3chm0hi, in Xubuntu 15.04 how can I move or adjunt in one place the WICD icon on the panel ¿?20:00
* m3n3chm0 hi20:00
Bashing-omben_g: Great .. The GUI way is from nvidia-prime . should be available in the Nvidia settings .20:00
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: OK -- but the way you're describing it, it's when it goes into use that its temperature possibly shoots up, till it reaches its hardware-defined limit to avoid permanent damage. The *reason* your card is doing that, I am not so sure, dust on it could be the culprit.20:01
Bashing-omben_g: One no longer has to 'optirun' .20:01
trijntjegeoffmcc, Freddie_Mercury I'm watching the temperature of the video card and I'm gonna start a youtube video. If is disconnect you'll know why ;)20:01
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje: Log the temperature, even if by hand.20:01
Freddie_MercuryKeep that ati command ready.20:02
trijntjei'm writing it to disk every second20:02
Freddie_MercuryI'd write it to an external drive just in case your system goes down for good (hope it doesn't).20:02
Freddie_Mercury(My HP did. ._.)20:02
EriC^^how can i use shockwave with firefox or chrome?20:02
cipenukso should i uninstall my driver? then reinstall?20:03
cipenukand how whould i do that?20:03
Bashing-omcipenuk: in 14.04 too see the hardware: terminal command ' sudo ubuntu-drivers devices ' to see what drivers the repo offers ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' .20:03
ben_gBashing-om: I do indeed see the option to change the graphics card that is used between intel and nvidia, but it says that that setting is applied on logout.20:03
Epx998Pici: Was hoping ubuntu folk have used it, generally SysA's are familar with cross-distro package management.  Ill keep searching the interwebs.20:03
ben_gIs there no runtime solution for it anymore?20:04
PiciEpx998: good luck20:04
Bashing-omben_g: Correct, select the GPU and then relog .. Will come back up using that GPU .20:04
cipenuk== /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:09.0/0000:02:00.0 ==20:05
cipenukmodalias : pci:v00001002d000068F9sv0000174Bsd0000E164bc03sc00i0020:05
cipenukmodel    : Cedar [Radeon HD 5000/6000/7350 Series]20:05
cipenukvendor   : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI]20:05
cipenukdriver   : fglrx - distro non-free20:05
cipenukdriver   : fglrx-updates - distro non-free20:05
ben_gBashing-om: Thank you for helping me.20:05
Bashing-omben_g: Hey, glad to be of assistance, Pass it own .20:06
cipenuki can go into my software uodate and see 3 different options but it dont seems to help which oner i choose20:07
Bashing-om!paste | cip20:07
ubottucip: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:07
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cipenukok thanks and again sorruy20:08
alphalinuxhows ubuntu going20:08
k1l_alphalinux: great20:08
alphalinuxkewl k1l_20:09
Bashing-omcipenuk: Can not hurt a thing to purge and RE-install a driver. What is the specific problem as is ?20:09
cipenukok so any ideas it only started to over hang after an update20:09
geoffmcctrijntje: now that i think of it... are you using html5 in youtube or flash?20:09
cipenukthe edge of my desktop hangs over20:09
cipenukits liek 1/2 inch is cut off all the way around20:09
geoffmccor is all of youtube html5 now? dont youtube much20:09
trijntje_geoffmcc: html520:09
cipenukhow do i purge and reinstall?20:10
Bashing-omcipenuk: That to me is a resolution issue, perhaps others can advise in this respect better than I .20:10
geoffmcctrijntje_: ok, nevermind... guess thats not it20:10
trijntje_geoffmcc, Freddie_Mercury my pc rebooted after like 5 sec of watching youtube on 720p, but the temperature was stable on 34 C20:10
cipenukit worked before my update so i was thinking it was one of my files is all i know20:11
cipenukany way to roll back my updates/20:11
cipenukany 1 good with graphics issues/20:13
wileeecipenuk, state the issue with the hardware for help.20:13
cipenuki have a radeon 5450 card i have ubuntu 14.04 installed worked fine untill i did a software update now my screen hangs over my desktop20:14
AaronZ800cipenuk you probably need to update the drivers20:16
cipenukhow do i do that?20:16
AaronZ800or possibly revert depending on what was installed20:16
cipenukis there a way to roll back my l;ast updates?20:16
wileeeAaronZ800, If you know answer users, not probably here please.20:17
Epx998Where can I find the pgp for an apt source I have installed?20:17
trijntje_cipenuk: no, you cannot roll back updates easily20:17
wileeecipenuk, no roll back of updates overall, individual packages yes at times.20:17
cipenukok well im open to suggestion20:18
cipenukhow do i update my driver?20:18
wileeecipenuk, patience is one, free volunteer help here.20:18
trijntje_geoffmcc, Freddie_Mercury Any ideas on what could be the problem since its not overheating of my GPU?20:18
cipenukyes for sure much appreciated20:18
geoffmcctrijntje_: what browser?20:19
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje_: ANother idea that occured to me; since GPU's have their own (often substantial) power requirement (wattage), it could be a malfunctioning PSU.20:19
cipenukall i know is my desktop was fine before i did the software update20:19
geoffmcctrijntje_: the only thing that really comes to mind is hardware accelaration if using chrome, but not sure that would cause this20:20
trijntje_geoffmcc: firefox, but the crashes are not exclusive to firefox. watching HD vids in firefox is just the best way to trigger a reboot20:20
geoffmcctrijntje_: is it only hd vids. does it matter if full screen or not?20:21
Bashing-omcipenuk: As a quicky that "might" have good results; ' sudo amdconfig --initial ' . to regenerate the config file .20:21
trijntje_Freddie_Mercury: thats what I was thinking too, since the power supply is also older. But I'm not sure how to test that, or if they even reduce power output over time20:21
trijntje_geoffmcc: hd vid is most reliable way, fullscreen doesnt seem to matter20:21
cipenukok did that it spit out some stuff20:22
geoffmcctrijntje_: i would still maybe disable hardware accel then in firefox and at least test it... can always turn back on if not it20:23
Freddie_MercuryYeah, do try that. iirc that was something else I tried with my HP.20:24
Freddie_MercuryTurning off hardware acceleration, that is; still happened.20:24
geoffmcctrijntje_: im reading some outdated stuff, but some people had problems with nvidia and hardware acel20:24
energizerMy computer woke from sleep last night for no reason. It wasn't the mouse. How do I find out what happened?20:24
cipenukwow ur the greatest it worked20:24
cipenukthank you so much20:25
trijntje_geoffmcc: I have an ATI card. Do you happen to know how to disable hardware acceleration for the video card?20:25
Freddie_Mercurygeoffmcc: Heh, yes. Nvidia was my card.20:25
dezzznow can I get help? Mine is a hairy issue20:25
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje_: Can't you do it in the browser.20:25
Bashing-omcipenuk: Who > and what worked ?20:25
wileee!ask | dezzz20:25
ubottudezzz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:25
trijntje_found it20:25
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje_: Legit.20:26
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:26
cipenukyou  sudo amdconfig --initial20:26
trijntje_here we go again ;)20:26
dezzzinitramfs was corrupted and i rebooted my pc, so i used testdisk to try to repair the partition but my data partition was repartitioned so testdisk went nuts and made it look like its 2mb instead of 750gb20:26
cipenukonce i did that i could change my resolutions20:26
Bashing-omcipenuk: :)20:26
Freddie_MercuryI'll be away for a bit removing my facial hair, will check in again in a bit. ;) Good luck, trijntje_.20:26
cipenukthank uyo again20:26
netametaAnyone familir with http://www.osboxes.org/, is it a trusted source ?20:27
cipenuknow im going to restart my cpu to make sure it sticks brb if fails other wise thank u again20:27
trijntje_thanks Freddie_Mercury20:28
netametaI want to download a ubuntu 14.04 64 image not sure if i can trust it20:28
Bashing-omCipri: :) .. all in how you point the finger .20:28
dezzznetameta: checksum it20:28
netametadont know what that means dezzz20:29
Bashing-omnetameta: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop .20:29
k1l_netameta: i bet they changed some stuff. but we cant know what they changed. better load a ubuntu.iso and install it manually20:29
daftykins!md5 | netameta20:29
ubottunetameta: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:29
netametaI've been trying to install ununtu 14.04 that was download for the site, the past hour an a half and its stuck on cpu something20:31
guntbertnetameta: the md5-idea from dezzz wont't help in this case20:31
netametathe md5 idea wont help check if an installation is valid ?20:32
dezzzit will help check if the iso you downloaded is valid20:32
m3n3chm0i'm usinf wicd but i have to edit /etc/resolv.conf to have internet20:32
wileeenetameta, what is your definition of valid?20:33
guntbertnetameta: the checksums provied on the Ubuntu website are for the genuine Ubuntu ISO images20:33
m3n3chm0this file is overriten  by resolvconf20:33
m3n3chm0any clue to fix this issue on wicd ¿'20:33
trijntje_geoffmcc: it looks like disabling hardware acceleration in firefox works. But what does that tell us about the underlying problem?20:33
netametawileee, well to make sure its a good instlation really20:34
netametawhats annoying is i have a virtual box instllation that works fine, and have everything i needed set, but for some reason its some what slow, its set to 4GB or ram, and 4 cores20:35
wileeenetameta, Ah, I suspected that, not the best word has multiple meanings. I would just address the actual problems you may be having one at a time.20:35
trijntje_netameta: try to give it some more video memory20:35
geoffmcctrijntje_: glad that seems to work. cant really say for sure, but it is not playing well with your adapter. still may be a driver issue20:36
netametatrijntje_, Now you want to steal my viedoe memory !!20:36
geoffmcctrijntje_: or its a failing adapter or maybe just outdated...20:36
trijntje_geoffmcc: the problem exists in both windows and ubuntu, so I don't think its a driver issue. Maybe a power supply issue?20:37
wileeenetameta, If I was in a vm I would run a light desktop, I would have used the net-install lubuntu probably.20:37
geoffmcctrijntje_: i think firefox will tell you somewhere if hardware accel is even supported with adapter20:37
netametawileee,  i am trying/have tried to run the normal ubuntu installation - from the ubuntu site20:38
netametaBut it stuck on cpu stablzing something20:38
k1l_netameta: on what virt software?20:38
wileeenetameta, Cool, it may just be the vid memory needed, I max it here.20:38
Attilaxxhow can i mount samba share in nautilus ?20:38
Attilaxxi want to mount windows share20:38
trijntje_Attilaxx: file -> connect to server20:39
geoffmcctrijntje_: i dont use firefox, but i think you can go to about, support and then graphics and it will tell you if its supposed to be supported with your card20:39
k1l_Attilaxx: just press on network search on the left bookmarks site20:39
Attilaxxi know20:39
Attilaxxit cant finds20:39
Attilaxxbtw i'M using fedora20:39
Attilaxxbut i cant connect to the fedora irc idk why20:39
k1l_Attilaxx: then please ask the fedora guys what they changed that it doesnt work20:40
netametak1l_, vmware workstation20:40
k1l_Attilaxx: ask in #freenode for help with this network20:40
Attilaxxoh okay20:40
trijntje_geoffmcc: as I see it firefox is just a symptom of the underlying problem. A userspace program shouldn't be allow to crash even the X server or ubuntu, let alone do a cold reboot of the whole system20:42
trijntje_from both ubuntu and windows20:42
netametaCould it be that vmware is faster then virtual box ?20:43
k1l_most beginners best start with virtualbox20:43
daftykinsnetameta: always felt so in my experience, but then i have old hardware :>20:44
netametak1l_, i have an image of VB20:45
netametabut its so slow, to the point typing react about 2 secs after i type20:45
netametaThats unworkable20:45
netametaThats why i want to try vmware20:45
k1l_netameta: are you sure you have powerfull hardware to virtualise and are sure to give enough hardware to the virt. guest?20:46
geoffmcctrijntje_: yeah, i heard of it locking up system, but not rebooting it... cant really say why its able to do that. maybe the logs will have some info?20:46
netametaI am not sure about Gcard, but i gave it 4gb or ram, and 4 cores, 20gb of disc space20:46
Freddie_Mercurygeoffmcc: I thought logs existed for things that shut down the system gracefully?20:47
Freddie_MercuryAs in, issuing the shutdown command.20:47
Freddie_MercuryThis is a cold shutdown.20:47
Freddie_MercuryLike, immediate powerdown.20:47
netametak1l_, i dont think i can increase the size of storage20:47
k1l_netameta: storage is enough for a basic install.20:48
netametait was on 1 mb video memory20:48
netametai increased it to 60 now20:49
netametawill check20:49
k1l_netameta: be sure to check the right cpu settings in the vbox setup for that guest. and again: try a original ubuntu.iso install instead of non-original ones where no one knows whats changed20:49
k1l_netameta: give it a lot more vram20:49
netametaI only used the original ubuntu installation20:49
netametawill see about vram20:49
geoffmccFreddie_Mercury: no errors should be logged.. might be in kern.log20:50
netametak1l_, vram - video ram ?20:50
k1l_netameta: yes20:50
Freddie_Mercurygeoffmcc; could be.20:50
netametak1l_, well i only have 12820:50
netametai gave it 6020:50
k1l_1mb was much to low20:51
netametaok restarting to check20:52
netametawait - managed to get the vm ware to install the original20:52
netametak1l_, Ah wow that did it20:54
netametavram, and cpus20:54
netametaworks like a charm now20:54
netametano need to reset the vmware20:54
geoffmccFreddie_Mercury: sorry not kern.log.. i meant syslog and possibly dmesg20:55
Freddie_MercuryIf it's a PSU malfunctioning, I wonder what those logs would even have.20:55
Freddie_MercuryOther than just mysteriously stoppin.20:55
netametak1l_, trijntje_  and wileee , Thanks for help20:57
trijntje_I'll see if I still have another PSU somewhere, at least it doesn't crash on youtube anymore sinc I've disabled hardware acceleration. Thanks geoffmcc and Freddie_Mercury for the help20:58
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje_: Sure; though it shouldn't be happening at all, even with hardware accel. enabled.20:59
TJ-trijntje_: Sounds like a dodgy VRM or PSU capacitor21:00
Copernicus22 acpi pcc probe failed    after upgrade to ubuntu 15.04 :(21:00
Freddie_MercuryTJ-: Yep called it before; caps often have those issues.21:00
trijntje_Freddie_Mercury: true, i'll have to figure out whats causing it before the cold reboots corrupt my harddisk21:01
mcphailCopernicus22: ignore it21:01
Freddie_Mercurytrijntje_: Yeah, it's why I said to log to an external disk before, because there's only so many times the system will survive that.21:01
trijntje_TJ-: So if its a PSU capacitor I'll need a new power supply, but if its a VRM i'll need a whole new motherboard?21:01
TJ-Freddie_Mercury: There seems to be a renewed 'wave' of failures again21:01
Freddie_MercuryTJ-: Perhaps it's due to new outsourcing, reduction of standards, etc.21:02
TJ-trijntje_: Ha! No... spend maybe £1.20 on some new quality capacitors and replace the failed caps.21:02
mcphailCopernicus22: the message is simply spam from the 3.19 kernel21:02
Freddie_Mercuryiirc, to see which are the failed caps you'll need to see which ones are bulging.21:02
Freddie_MercuryBut that's more of a ##hardware issue.21:02
TJ-Freddie_Mercury: bulging tops due to gassing, or signs of leakage around the pins on the PCB21:04
Freddie_MercuryYeah, the leakage of the dielectric/insulating material is another hallmark.21:04
daftykinsnon solid caps, if in use21:05
trijntje_TJ-: thanks for the advice, i'll have a look inside the case to see if there are any obvious problems with capacitors21:08
TJ-trijntje_: if you're not familiar with the signs, there are lots of great photo resources easily found of suspect caps21:09
ryan_461 21:10
trijntje_TJ-: I'll google around a bit, since I have no experience with this. How risky would it be to keep using the PC for a few days? I have backups of all my data, but I dont want to fry any other component of my pc21:14
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Freddie_Mercurytrijntje_: If videos are the only trigger, I'd avoid that -- possibly anything else that uses the GPU intensively. Perhaps try to disable the GPU for now and only use the CPU's onboard graphics?21:17
wh0amihi guys21:18
wh0amihow can i see my ubuntu server version?21:18
Freddie_Mercurywh0ami: 'cat /etc/*-release'21:19
zykotick9wh0ami: "lsb_release -a" is one method21:19
wh0amithx Freddie_Mercury zykotick921:19
TJ-trijntje_: hard to say. usually it'll just refuse to start at some point as the caps dry out, but it may only affect high-power demand. Remember it may not be capacitors, but right now its the most obvious suspcet.21:22
Freddie_MercuryTJ-: "usually it'll just refuse to start at some point as the caps dry out" ._. I now suspect that's what happened to my HP.21:23
Freddie_MercuryIt just died and now refuses to boot.21:23
TJ-Freddie_Mercury: Usually it can be jump-started by pre-warming them in an emergency :)21:24
trijntje_I'll just try to prevent high load untill I have a chance to look more carfully, thanks again everone who helped me. Good night!21:25
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ubuntu770Че как21:33
k1l_!ru | ubuntu77021:33
ubottuubuntu770: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.21:33
ubuntu770I che eto21:34
GeoHi, with fsck, what does 'exited with signal 9' mean?21:35
TwistedI am trying to setup some routing for two interfaces. I currently have them responding based on the interface it is received. The next step is setting it up to use a specific interface for internet traffic and the other interface for internal traffic.21:37
somenickasdGeo my thought is that it recieved signal 9 which is SIGKILL from somewhere and attempted to not abort and instead proceed with the fsck21:37
TwistedAlthough I have a routing rule and route for the internal it doesn't seem to be following it. Instead everything goes out the interface that is associated with the default GW21:38
GeoI cant think of any reason it would receive one, if its an actual SIGKILL...21:38
somenickasdGeo yeah it was just an hypothesis, not sure it's relevant21:40
somenickasdmy other thought ofc is that it exited and set sgkill to something21:40
somenickasdsent *21:40
daftykinsTwisted: ##networking is more relevant21:41
TJ-Twisted: you need policy based routing21:43
Twistedi'm using policy routing.21:45
Twistedi added a table and set each interface to the respective table21:45
TJ-Twisted: If the 2 interfaces are connected to different networks then the main routing table is sufficient21:47
Twistedthey're on the same network21:48
TJ-Twisted: so you want the default route to leave on, say, eth0, and internal LAN traffic to leave on eth1 ?21:48
Twistedbasically yes21:49
TJ-Twisted: are both interfaces in the same sub-net?21:49
daftykinsthat sounds like a mistake21:50
TJ-Twisted: That is going to cause problems due to ARP; I'll let catphish tell you :)21:50
sofianhmm, speaking of networks and subnets, anyone knows how can i easily set up a virtual network between my qemu vm and host ?21:53
daftykinsi'd bet that's the kind of thing with tonnes of guides online21:54
daftykinsit also still fits under the category of being more relevant to ##networking :)21:54
sofianactually my setting is much more complex currently, i think i am able to find myself this one :)21:54
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Geoso. the theory is that the disk suffered some physical damage to the platters during a power loss. I've lost that data (input/output errors when trying to open some dirs). I'd like to continue using the disk, but prevent future writes to these apparently damaged areas. How can I tell the disk to not write to where its having issues?22:20
TJ-Geo: badblocks, but if the surface is damaged that is likely to spread due to the very fine tolerences involved.22:21
Geosyslog says fsck was killed due to 'out of memory'22:22
Geocan I fix that somehow?22:22
TJ-Geo: replace the disk :)22:23
TJ-Geo: if there is physical damage it is likely there are particles floating about. At any time they could get trapped between heads and platter and cause more damage22:24
GeoTJ-: if there is physical damage.22:25
Geoso, re: fsck whcih can help me determine... how can I prevent that out of memory issue?22:25
=== aarobc_ is now known as aarobc
TJ-Geo: if fsck is running out of memory something pretty serious is wrong with the disk22:26
Geohow would that be related to the status of the disk?22:26
=== Tzunamii_ is now known as Tzunamii
TJ-Geo: if the disk is returning unexpected errors in data it may confuse fsck. Otherwise, there's something else wrong with the system. Maybe fsck executable is corrupted22:28
GeoTJ-: so memory isn't correlated to that?22:30
daftykinsGeo: share a sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX22:32
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noahmg123Does anyone have any experience with JACK? I am completely new to it and don't know the first thing when it comes to music making in linux. Can someone point me to a tutorial for complete beginners. All the ones I've found assume I know things that I don't.22:39
daftykinswe don't know what you're runnin22:40
noahmg123Ubuntu 15.0422:40
nug700I installed libvirt library 1.2.12 using apt-get install. This version is out of date, so I downloaded a tarball of the latest. How do I install it?22:41
wileeenug700, only supported here as an only option generally.22:43
wileee3rd party is your issue, not the channels22:44
nug700I just want general instructions on installing tarballs22:44
daftykinsthe main advice is: don't.22:44
daftykinsif you're finding software that way, you're doing it wrong :)22:44
nug700I have the software installed, but it is out of date22:45
nug700The update version is not availible via apt-get22:45
daftykinsright, so you either have to look for a PPA... or then you can pursue the current angle22:45
daftykinsbut you don't go straight to source :)22:45
somenickasdyeah if you are nto using ap-get chances are good that it will lead to breakage22:45
mcphailnug700: a tarball is just a bundle of files. There is no "generic" way to install. It may be a case of "./configure && make && sudo make install" or it may be something else completely22:45
nug700I have this to go off of22:47
mcphailnug700: install support should come from whoever created the tarball, but expect things to break22:47
wyounglibvirt <322:47
daftykinsdefinitely purge the packages first22:47
barfodif you really have to use your own compiled software then isntall it to /home/$USER/bin or /opt22:47
barfodand confine the run path of the program. it's complex and outside of the scope of this channel's /topic22:48
barfodthough myself and others can probably help on #linux if you like, that is kind of what we do there22:48
daftykinsPPAs are still a more sane approach, everyones neglecting to mention their importance22:48
nug700curious how the apt-get version becomes 9 months of out date when the newest version is only 20 days old22:49
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.22:49
daftykinsbecause people need to package software22:50
daftykinsit doesn't put itself into OSs automagically ;)22:50
pbxand ubuntu is relatively conservative in this regard.22:50
barfod(this is why "we" need _you_) become a servant of free software today and packages things22:50
nug700then what is the best way to get this safely installed?22:50
daftykinsnug700: A PPA like i said 3 times!22:51
daftykinsfor the love of tux.22:51
badboy17is anyone here?22:53
daftykinsyes, we saw you :) ask a question if you have one22:53
badboy17there is 1810 user22:53
badboy17why no one talking22:54
daftykinsbecause it's a support channel, not a chat channel22:54
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:54
badboy17can i take some help for ubuntu?22:54
daftykinsyou have to ask a support question first22:54
badboy17like what?22:55
daftykinswell if you don't have one then you don't need to be here.22:55
badboy17i guess i have22:55
badboy17i have windows and ubuntu on my pc22:55
badboy17but in the GRUB i can't see the windows on list22:55
badboy17there's just ubuntu22:56
zyroxIs the Meizu MX4 really out of stock? Anyone know if there is other sellers?22:56
badboy17how can i fix it?22:56
daftykinsfirst confirm you have a Windows version installed in either Legacy or EFI mode... then check which mode Ubuntu is installed in22:56
daftykinsthey must match22:57
daftykinszyrox: #ubuntu-touch for the phone talk, off topic here22:57
badboy17how can i look22:57
daftykins!efi | badboy1722:57
ubottubadboy17: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:57
zyroxdaftykins, thanks22:57
dtazhow do I get problem with software fixed if author doesn't reply?23:03
daftykinsyou don't23:03
daftykinsunless you get the source and learn to work on it yourself :)23:03
dtazso I have to stay using windows.. ?23:04
daftykinswell, first off you have to realise that i have _NO_ idea what you're talking about, because you haven't said :)23:04
dtaz95% of people don't have the time/knowledge to fix to fix it themselves23:04
daftykinstell me something i don't know :)23:05
TJ-!bugs |  dtaz23:05
ubottudtaz: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:05
jcstarkenquestion, of late I believe I have ubuntu running better than mint. I am getting a galaxy tablet 10.1 2014 will ubuntu run good on it or what channel do I need for this question thank you23:05
pankidso my /tmp directory is full, but my root directory has tons of space. df only shows a root partition. Is there some way to control the allowed size of the /tmp directory other than having another partition?23:06
wileeejcstarken, I would run the hardware and computer against ubuntu on the net if you want to actually know.23:07
jcstarkenwileee: thank you23:07
TJ-pankid: Does 'df' show /tmp as a tmpfs file-system?23:08
dtazso thats the reason when you buy some hardware there is no included linux software etc..   linux too complicated/not enough knowledge out there23:08
pankidTJ-: no, wierd thing is also, we have a raid which is no longer showing up in df, but does show up in lsblk and is definitly mounted. I guess this systems drive filled up sometime overnight.23:08
TJ-pankid: try "grep tmpfs /proc/mounts"23:09
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TJ-pankid: If /tmp/ really is part of the root file-system, and that file-system shows plenty of free space, have you also checked whether it has free inodes too? "df --inodes"23:10
pankidTJ-: yeah, tghat shows /tmp  overflow /tmp tmpfs rw,relatime,size=1024k 0 023:10
pankidTJ-: I also checked the inodes, and there is plenty of free space23:11
TJ-pankid: ah, there you go, size=1MB23:11
TJ-pankid: is there an entry in /etc/fstab for it?23:11
pankidstrange that it is not showing up in df though23:11
pankidTJ-: nothing in /etc/fstab besides /proc, /, swap, raid mount thing, and a backup drive23:12
daftykinsdtaz: sorry don't understand you at all23:12
TJ-pankid: maybe there's a shell alias or function for 'df' that is using some additional command-line options?23:12
TJ-pankid: what Ubuntu release is it?23:13
TJ-pankid: blimey! I was about to 'blame' systemd :)23:13
pankidTJ-: it used to give me every mountpoint until today23:13
TJ-pankid: Hmmm; first thing I'd do is check whether there have been some recent package upgrades that could affect system libraries23:15
pankidJenkins and java23:16
pankiddont seem like either of those would cause any issue with df23:16
dtazdaffykins: I thought 'linux' would have progressed a little better than it has.. thought more people would use it.   If I want to use some hardware.. there is only Win/MacOS app included..  people know how to program in Windows/RAD app.. but not enough knowledge for linux.. APIs etc.. I can program things in Windows.. but I haven't got a clue under linux23:20
TJ-pankid: No; I was thinking libc.23:20
TJ-pankid: Check the logs for indications of problems in the last 24 hours23:21
TJ-pankid: the tmpfs is created by "/etc/init/mounted-tmp.conf" if there is less than 1MB free space on the root file-system, so you have problems23:24
pankidTJ-: oh, so that was probably done this latest boot when the drive was full. After it was cleared it is still like that. So we need to do another reboot. Wow you are super helpful. Never knew that about tmpfs23:26
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quaesitorI tried to boot from my linux live cd on a vaio. I  set boot priority in bios to boot from optical drive first. but instead it booted from the harddrive.23:38
tincatdogquaesitor: how'd you make the disc. On Windows.23:39
bazhangwhat version of ubuntu quaesitor23:39
tincatdogbazhang: does the version matter till we find out how the disc was made23:40
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bazhangtincatdog, ubuntu not fitting on a cd, thats why23:40
Guest55469Hello! I need help with my installation of Ubuntu alongside Windows 10. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with such things?23:40
quaesitor14.04.2 desktop23:41
tincatdogquaesitor: did you use a DVD23:41
bazhangquaesitor, did you mean live usb, or did you extract it onto the cd23:41
quaesitorI made the disk by iso burning it with an external disk writer attached to a mac os x 10.6.823:42
tincatdogquaesitor: is it on a DVD or CD23:42
bazhangquaesitor, did you md5 the iso prior to burning23:42
quaesitorwhat does it mean to md5?23:43
bazhang!md5 | quaesitor23:43
Guest55469Would anyone please help me install Ubuntu?23:43
ubottuquaesitor: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:43
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bazhang!dualboot | cluelesspleb23:43
ubottucluelesspleb: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot23:43
bazhangread the link above cluelesspleb23:44
cluelessplebbazhang thank you23:44
tincatdogquaesitor: this time boot tapping F12 key. Then it will bring up a bios boot menu.23:44
Ben64not necessarily f1223:44
bazhanghe should checksum the iso23:44
tincatdogBen64: let's try easy first.23:44
quaesitorf2 is what brings the bios menu up on my windows computer23:44
danihey guys23:44
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daftykinsdani: yes hi :P23:45
daniwhat are you talkni about in here ?23:45
tincatdogquaesitor: f2 may bring up bios. But usually F12 brings up every bootable device in a menu.23:45
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bazhangubuntu support dani23:46
daniaha ok23:46
bazhangchit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic dani23:46
mattslI just noticed that in the file browsing window that pops up to upload files to a web page in Google Chrome, that I can't do anything with the files. Is there something I can do to allow things like move, copy, rename within that window like I can do in Windows?23:47
Ben64mattsl: what "file browsing window that pops up to upload files to a web page in Google Chrome" ?????23:47
mattslI.e. when I want to upload an attachment to an email or a file to a website23:48
mattslThe window that pops up that lets you choose the file23:48
Ben64well that is for selecting a file, not copying and stuff23:49
tincatdogmattsl: if you have file perrmission you can.23:49
mattslBen64: Right, but in MS Windows, you can do all the normal file manipulation there. For example, I want to download a file, then rename it before I email it to someone23:50
tincatdogmattsl: are you doing this to files in your home folder.23:50
netlarWow Arch is way too tough23:50
mattsltincatdog: I don't have any options to do anything other than choose the file to upload23:50
netlarToo heavy of a price to pay for getting current software23:50
netlarShould be call BrokenArch23:51
mattslRight clicking gives the options "Add to bookmarks, Show hidden files, Show size column"23:51
tincatdogmattsl: then it's using CHROME file manager not ubuntus.23:51
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.23:51
bazhangfantasma, ^23:52
tincatdogquaesitor: anywhere yet23:52
netlarThank goodness for Ubuntu23:52
mattsltincatdog: Exactly. Can I change that?23:52
netlarAnd thank goodness it only happened in Virtual Box23:52
Ben64mattsl: use a different desktop/file manager?23:52
quaesitorI can't check the md5 on windows cause the windows computer has a bad case of bsod23:52
Ben64mattsl: or just rename stuff in your file manager before uploading23:53
quaesitoranyway I can check on my mac?23:53
Ben64quaesitor: yes23:53
bazhangso what computer are you online with now23:53
quaesitorthe mac23:53
mattslBen64: Changing my desktop will cause Chrome to stop using it's own file browser?23:53
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases23:54
Ben64mattsl: chrome isn't using its own23:54
netlarIt is learning OS, no way should it be a on a production box23:54
bazhangnetlar, more of an #ubuntu-offtopic chat thing, thanks23:54
quaesitorfyi, it is the mac that gave me the unreadable disk msg.23:54
mattslBen64: Ok. Seems weird that it's offering to add bookmarks and giving no normal right click options, I figured tincatdog was right...23:55
netlarok sorry, just needed to blow that off, done. and done with arch23:55
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mattslBen64: You're saying that I need to change my system file manager?23:57
Ben64mattsl: yep if you really need to rename stuff in a browser window23:58

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