zequenceThis it the background to our ISO problems https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=79544407:41
ubottuDebian bug 795444 in python-enum "python-enum: Conflicting module with package 'enum' provided by 'python-enum34'" [Grave,Fixed]07:41
zequenceWe may be required to drop laditools in order to fix this07:43
zequenceI will do that now07:44
zequenceWe need to drop gladish, in fact07:45
zequenceI will do that until someone fixes Gladish07:45
zequenceI reported a new bug about python-enum, Bug 149834507:59
ubottubug 1498345 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "python-enum conflict with python-enum34 causing havoc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149834507:59
zequenceOvenWerks: Hrm, I saw you added something new to seeds recently. Please don't do that now, since we are beyond feature freeze for a long time now.08:17
zequenceIs it fixing a bug?08:17
zequenceI'm removing it for now, and you can readd it after this release08:19
zequenceRight, we removed arandr after feature freeze as well08:23
zequenceAnyway, I don't want to take any chances two days before Final Beta, so I'm just removing Gladish for now08:24
zequencemicahg: Do you have powers to move ubuntustudio-meta from proposed? bug #149834509:08
ubottubug 1498345 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "python-enum conflict with python-enum34 causing havoc" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149834509:08
zequenceI didn't take proposed-migration into account. So, should be fine.09:24
zequenceOk, the new meta is in universe. Let's see if we get a sucessful build today.10:53
sakrecoerfinger crossed that iso will iso <3 i battled the unknown for some time, restarting the procedure. conclusion: i'm unsure i'm fitted for this type of bug fixing intervention :,( sorry23:16
sakrecoerstill motivated tho! we can do this!23:17
=== sakrecoer is now known as sakreZZzz

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