pleia2knome: yep, that's nice :)00:03
knomeadded something more about contributing and translations00:05
pleia2if the magnet from my phone case gets close to the power button on my laptop it makes it go sleepies00:06
pleia2looks good00:07
knomebut i'll want to change the teaser artwork00:07
knomeit's horrible and blurry00:07
knomebut that'll have to wait until tomorrow00:07
* pleia2 nods00:07
knomebut if you think it's ok to go otherwise, i can take action to push it out00:07
pleia2I do!00:08
knomegoodie goodie00:08
pleia2thanks :)00:08
knomeoh also00:08
knomeone more thing00:08
knomewe might want to link to http://xubuntu.org/products/00:08
knomefor the "always latest version" page00:08
* pleia2 nods00:09
knomepleia2, btw, i guess you have some extra stickers left?00:13
pleia2yep, a whole bunch00:14
knomethat were reserved for the QA winners00:14
knomeok, i have an idea00:14
knomewe now have 4000 twitter followers00:14
knomemaybe we could do something like00:14
pleia2that's a lot of followers00:14
knome"Reply to this tweet with the best Xubuntu story you have - best tweeteres win stickers" or sth00:15
knomeor make them use #lovexubuntu00:15
knomeor sth00:15
pleia2140 characters is not a long story00:15
pleia2but it's a good idea, I'll think on it00:15
knomemaybe it can also be a poem :P00:15
pleia2haiku for xubuntu00:16
knomeor a marketing punchline00:16
knomei mean, whatever00:16
knomelet people get creative00:16
knomei don't care00:16
pleia2yeah, good idea00:16
knomeguess it could be done on other social media sites too00:17
pleia2we can start with twitter00:17
knomelet's think about that overnight or so00:17
* pleia2 nods00:18
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micahgbluesabre: you're welcome02:42
slickymasterWorkkrytarik, re. the RU translation po file, I've wet ahead and correct:11:30
slickymasterWork121:msgstr "Заполните текстовые поля с необходимой персональной информацией и нажмите <guibutton> Применить </ guibutton>. При применении этих деталей с <Application> Pidgin </ Application> и / или установлен LibreOffice, вам будет предложено обновить свои настройки." 122:msgstr 11:30
slickymasterWorkand 123:msgstr "Подробнее на <ULINK URL = \"http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=mugshot-docs\"> Mugshot </ ULINK> Официальная документация."11:31
slickymasterWorkin all cases I'm going to mail them 11:32
slickymasterWorkknome ^^11:32
knomeyep, i noticed that too11:36
slickymasterWorkI'm just going to mention the extra spaces in the tags knome 11:38
knomeand tag names ALWAYS in lowercase11:38
knomei don't know if that's mentioned in the guidelines11:38
* slickymasterWork checks11:39
slickymasterWorkno, it isn't11:40
knometags and attribute names11:40
knome<ulink url="">11:40
slickymasterWorkyou have mail knome 11:46
slickymasterWorkdon't we all :P11:46
knomegood goof11:46
knomegood good11:46
knomeno goofs11:47
slickymasterWorkkrytarik would also have if he only would be so kind as to provide it11:47
slickymasterWorkwhere knome, in the mail11:47
knomei said no goofs11:47
knomeit was supposed to be "good good"11:47
flocculantflexiondotorg: bug 149854415:15
ubottubug 1498544 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "Autlogin lost after 15.04 to 15.10 upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149854415:15
flexiondotorgflocculant, Thanks.15:16
flocculantyea saw that - hence adding it in comment :)15:24
flocculantanyone think of any sensible reason not to try and pull in testing from users from this milestone? 15:39
flocculantmight even get some real world upgrade tests15:39
flocculantflexiondotorg: well that was pretty quick - high and robert assigned15:48
flexiondotorgflocculant, Yep, but robert is at a conference ;-)15:50
flocculantdoesn't matter really - not likely to get sorted in one day - so be after final beta 15:51
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flocculantpleia2 knome - words upon words for final beta - if we could do the social media stuff that'll be awesome :)19:26
knomeflocculant, i'll tweet that in the next 30 mins or so unless pleia2 gets to it first19:34
knomeflocculant, and good mail, thanks for that19:34
flocculanttried to positively say what needed to be said :D19:35
flocculantwicked headache - probably not back till the morrow19:39
knomehuhu, get good rest then19:45
pleia2today is all-the-work-meetings day, I'll try to get to it in a bit19:50
flocculantknome: just a quick one - linkedin on our website is dead now19:50
flocculantpleia2: no rush - not even frozen images yet anyway 19:50
pleia2I thought we had cleaned up references to that, which page?19:50
knomepleia2, i'll do that19:51
pleia2ah, the social media line, sneaky19:51
pleia2thanks knome 19:51
flocculantanyway - off now - sounds like thump thump thump as I type ... 19:52
pleia2night flocculant 19:52
knomeok, tweeted19:53
knomesocial media line updated19:53
knomeadded a line for the beta 2 testing19:55
knomei should look at the flyer teaser art19:56
* knome boots gimp19:56
sorinellohello knome. Which is the official tweeter account of Xubuntu ? I happen to find 3 of them20:54
knomesorinello, which 3 then?20:54
knomesorinello, and for the official one, what about the one that's linked to from the website?20:55
sorinelloindeed, didn't see it on the main page20:55
knomenot even below the information about 14.04 LTS?20:55
knomewhat are the other two accounts you found then?20:56
sorinello1) https://twitter.com/XubuntuLinux which seems empty20:56
knomeyes, that's our old handle - the description in that links to the new one20:56
knomewe should likely consider actions for that account20:57
knomepleia2, ^20:57
sorinellolike, removing it ? :)20:57
knomethat's one option, but pleia2 hates anything that's related to deleting20:57
knomeme, on the other hand...20:57
sorinellobut I think it doesn't hate it more than duplication and confusion :)20:57
sorinello2) https://twitter.com/LinuxXubuntu20:58
sorinelloalso it's quite cool it seems someone in Russia is a big fan of Xubuntu: https://twitter.com/Xubunturunet20:58
knomethat's better, at least they are using the current logo etc20:59
knomethanks, we'll look into these20:59
pleia2XubuntuLinux is actually still linked places, I didn't want someone else registering it and old resources giving them traffic, which is why the description points at the new account21:00
pleia2nothing we can do about LinuxXubuntu21:00
knomewell, except maybe ask them to do something21:00
knomeit's confusing that they use this name21:01
knomeand it's stupid that they also use our logo21:01
knomei guess one way would to seek that our account is the verified one21:01
sorinelloyeah, and it doesn't seem related to xubuntu at all21:02
sorinelloindeed, that would be the best thing21:02
knomethat's something we can at least do, even if the LinuxXubuntu maintainer(s) didn't want to stop doing what they do21:02
pleia2knome: I'm away tomorrow, aim on publishing post re: flyers thursday (eek, beta 2!) or friday?23:48

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