xubuntu124Hi i have a HP pavilion dv2000 I install xubuntu, but i can't connect via wifi01:08
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knobGood morning all! =)11:24
cfhowletttimezones = morning for you but not for all.11:25
cfhowlett"greetings!"   :)  is always good11:25
knobhe... true that11:28
knobYet I'm just pumped in the mornings.... so I always blast in with a hearty GOOD MORNIGN!  =)11:28
knobYet it's all good!    Sometimes I go for the  morning/afternoon/evening   lol11:28
knobHow you doing cfhowlett ?  How's it going over there?11:28
cfhowlettno complaints.11:29
knobGood stuff then!   I'm starting the day at the office... some paper work.  Let see if we don't get any fires today.11:29
knobHey cfhowlett and others, got a n00b question.   Years ago, Ubuntu used init.   I believe in 8.xx they changed to upstart.12:08
knobIs it changing now to systemd?12:09
cfhowlettI know systemd is coming but don't know anything about "init".  ask #ubuntu?12:09
knobOk.  Just asking because I am going through some LPIC material (for a Linux Certification).  And they're mentioning the move from  init to upstart... yet I don't know if systemd follows upstart.  The material I have is "dated".12:10
cfhowlettknob, right.  ask the other channel.  most of them know WAY more than I do.12:11
knobOk ok.  Thanks! =)12:12
knobcfhowlett, I found this... which seems to indicate that yes, it was  init --> upstart --> systemd    http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/5877/what-are-the-pros-cons-of-upstart-and-systemd12:17
cfhowlettknob, OK.  (still exceeds my understanding).12:17
knobcfhowlett, cool.  Just wanted to share.   I am forever a linux/bsd n00b12:18
IceyECso, I'm having a strange issue; Macbook Pro retina 13", touchpad worked fine originally, setup touchegg on it to handle multitouch gestures, touchpad still worked; this morning touchpad will let me click, and multitouch gestures work but I can't get it to move the cursor13:00
IceyECI've tried resetting the X settings for the input13:06
IceyECI'm really getting to my wit's end, over an hour debugging this so far with no end in sight :(13:07
IceyECfortunately external mouse works just fine13:07
IceyECthe strangest thing to me is that the multitouch gestures and click work fine13:07
knomeIceyEC, the strangest thing is that you are expecting macs are supported :)13:08
IceyECheh, it's good hardware and I'd rather have Xubuntu that OSX on it13:08
knomeanyway, traditionally xubuntu hasn't done much for hardware support13:09
knomethat's also why we don't promise support for this and that13:09
IceyECyeah, the annoying thing is that it _did_ work before13:09
knomeyou might want to ask #ubuntu and/or other people who run (x)ubuntu on macs13:09
cfhowlett!mac | IceyEC13:09
ubottuIceyEC: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages13:09
knome^ those might help, but i don't know if they have a lot of information about the newer systems13:10
knome(tbh looks like they don't, and new hardware is new hardware)13:10
IceyECwell thanks, I'll keep digging13:13
IceyECi'm wondering if it's actually a mac issue or a touchpad setting somewhere disaling mouse movement from the touchpad13:13
cfhowlettIceyEC, assuming a new kernel in that update you mentioned, perhaps boot an older kernel??13:13
IceyECwell, when I say it worked before, I installed xubuntu on this laptop on Sunday13:14
IceyECso it's all fairly fresh13:14
cfhowlettand if that works, you might need to reinitialize a driver or 2 with dkms.  I discovered my vbox drivers didn't always autoupdate.13:14
IceyECI _may_ just install clean again but I'd really rather not13:14
cfhowlettIceyEC, dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999913:15
cfhowlettthat'll return a url.  paste here13:15
cfhowlettIceyEC, see the new kernel?13:16
IceyECso, I'm assuming I should try booting with the 0-25 kernel and see if it works13:18
cfhowlettso: reboot, choose the older kernel and test13:19
IceyECk, off to try that13:20
medicijnmandoes anyone know how i can change the background image in xfce4-terminal with a command rather then edit->preferences->background?13:23
medicijnmanman xfce4-terminal does not help me either13:23
IceyECold kernel didn't help13:23
IceyECbesides not working with my wifi card ;-)13:24
koegsmedicijnman: you have to change the config-file13:24
cfhowlettIceyEC, arrrr.  sorry.  no more ideas.13:24
IceyECalright, thanks13:24
medicijnmankoegs: here?  ${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc13:25
medicijnmanthat file does not seem to exists. should i create it?13:25
koegsmedicijnman: you have to create it13:25
koegsit will only be there if you have changed xfce4-terminal settings via preferences13:26
IceyECso, intereating tidbit, in the mouse and touchpad settings page, the option for touchpad is gone13:26
medicijnmankoegs: ahh i have found the file. but i can't see the var=value for the background image i have set via preferences13:26
koegsmedicijnman: BackgroundImageFile=13:28
koegsand BackgroundMode13:28
medicijnmankoegs: just BackgroundMode ? without = value?13:29
IceyECI can see the setitngs in the settings editor but not in the regular mouse and touchpad settings13:31
IceyEClooks kind of like http://askubuntu.com/questions/661036/xubuntu-14-04-options-missing-from-mouse-and-touchpad-control-panel13:32
medicijnmankoegs: okay. this is my file http://paste.ubuntu.com/12521087/.13:34
medicijnmanif i open a terminal it does not seem to have any effect. logout + login does not seem to have any effect either13:34
medicijnmankoegs: the image does exist13:35
medicijnmankoegs: i rebooted the machine but still no background image13:39
koegsmedicijnman: same here but it also does not accept a background image via preferences13:41
koegsseems like a bug13:41
medicijnmankoegs: so for background via preferences you have "Background image" ? what xubuntu version do you have?13:42
koegs14.04.3 and xfce4-terminal 0.6.313:43
medicijnmankoegs: hmmm i have the exact same versions13:49
medicijnmankoegs: xfconf-query -l does not list xfce4-terminal either. is that also a bug or do i need to invoke another command?13:50
cfhowlettmedicijnman, doesn't show on mine either13:51
koegsxfce4-terminal does use the config-file, not the xconf-system, i think13:51
medicijnmancfhowlett: so apparently to only way to change xfce4-terminal behavior is through the config file?13:51
medicijnmankoegs: but apparently the preferences override the config file?13:52
koegsthe preferences write/change the config file13:53
koegsand normally the xfce4-terminal immediately obeys to changes in the config file, even if you did them manually, no restart of the terminal required13:54
medicijnmankoegs: maybe i am editting the wrong file then13:55
medicijnmankoegs: mine is located in /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc13:55
medicijnmankoegs: ahhh13:55
medicijnmankoegs: that makes sense13:55
medicijnmankoegs: i already thought something was wrong because root is the owner with 644 permissions13:56
medicijnmankoegs: thanks. that worked13:58
medicijnmanxfce4-terminal does not support animated gifs does it?13:59
Picimedicijnman: no... its a terminal.14:02
medicijnmanPici: i mean as background image :p but it should be expected to work with background images anyway14:02
Picimedicijnman: oh.. heh.  I don't know, but I sadly wouldn't expect it.14:02
medicijnmanPici: yeah. i was really suprised that xfce4-terminal supports background images in the first place.14:04
cfhowlettwait, what?14:04
cfhowlettso a background image IN the terminal?!14:04
PiciI thought that had always been there.  I remember using it as a poor-man's transparent terminal.14:05
medicijnmancfhowlett: yeah :D like a desktop background with your command output on top of it14:05
cfhowlettsweet.  looking up my favorite ... image :)14:06
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xubuntu87ihi guys, im installing xubuntu now, everything is fine17:19
knomeglad to hear17:19
cubatronAny sigestion for a good video editing software?17:42
cubatronxubuntu87i, if is possible another17:54
xubuntu87ii did not use, but i seen suggests of lightworks beta. and i heard kdenlive one of the best17:58
cubatronxubuntu87i, I have a bug with lightworks17:59
cubatronwhen I start lightworks in Xubuntu 15.04 I only get a black screen17:59
xubuntu87iu can also try Cinelarra18:00
cubatronohh yes, I tottaly forget Cinelarra18:00
cubatronthanks xubuntu87i18:00
dreamonhello. if I tab on my touchpad upper right corner .. it paste my clipboard. how can I remove this?18:33
Elbron01any solutions to xfce power manager not working? (blank screen after 10 minutes even though setup not too, same for laptop lid close putting laptop in sleep)19:03
* m3n3chm0 nasZ19:09
m3n3chm0hi, in Xubuntu 15.04 how can I move or adjunt in one place the WICD icon on the panel ¿?20:00
* m3n3chm0 hi20:00
knomeif it works like any other panel applet, then you can move it like any other panel applet20:01
gordonjcpis anyone here using gmusicbrowser?20:02
gordonjcphow do you get rid of the hideous crunching distortion?20:03
knomei'm using gmb but i have no idea what you are talking about20:03
gordonjcpknome: everything is severely clipped20:03
m3n3chm0knome it doesn't move20:08
m3n3chm0the other icons sure but wicd not :(20:09
m3n3chm0another issue most urgent i need to edit /etc/resolv.conf and add a line20:09
m3n3chm0router IP20:09
m3n3chm0all the times I login20:09
m3n3chm0why ¿? if not internet is not working20:10
drcm3n3chm0: 1) Are you talking about WICD icons (i.e., you installed it yourself, it's not installed by default); 2) how are you trying to move it?)20:10
knomem3n3chm0, well if you are using wicd, there's not much we can do20:10
knomem3n3chm0, if that was working when you used network manager, then you should talk to the wicd developers20:10
m3n3chm0thanks knome20:10
AbrahamHello! I'd like to know what dock I could use in alternative to cairo.20:22
AbrahamI have 1 GB RAM20:22
AbrahamHello! I'd like to know what dock I could use in alternative to cairo.20:24
AbrahamI have 1 GB RAM20:24
gordonjcp1GB ought to be plenty20:24
AbrahamYes, I think it is, gordonjcp..20:26
AbrahamWhat dock could you recommend to me?20:27
whiterHello, I need some help.20:37
whiterI've been trying to get this working since last night.20:37
whiterBasically, I got Xubuntu 15.10 installed, and Compiz/Emerald, and everything works correctly, but when I maximize the windows, it covers the panel OR maximizes behind the panel20:37
whiterwhich is at the top of my screen20:37
whiterhow would I fix this?20:37
Abrahamwhiter, what is your screen resolution?20:38
mrkrampsAbraham, try wbar, it's pretty light weight20:38
Abrahamhmmm, thanks, mrkramps. I will.20:39
whiteron this external display im using20:39
whiteron the laptop its 1600x90020:39
Abrahampretty good resolution XD. Well, open panel preferences and check it to reserve space for the panel.20:40
knomewhiter, compiz/emerald isn't officially supported on xubuntu, so you should ask for compiz support for help20:41
knomeasking jesus would likely not help in this case, but you can ask jesus as well.20:41
whiterIt's not a compiz issue.20:42
whiterThis was happening before I installed those20:42
whiterasking you would not help, so please stop20:42
knome15.10 is not released officially, but i haven't heard others having this problem either20:42
knomemaybe it's something else in your configuration20:42
whiterthat was literally the most useless advice you could have given20:43
knomeyou're welcome.20:43
knomewhiter, anyway, you should likely file a bug so developers can look at the issue and at least try to reproduce it.20:45
whiterI doubt its a bug though20:45
whiterIts what you said20:46
whiterBut I already knew that :\20:46
Abrahamwhiter, you watched panel preferences already?20:46
Abrahamdo it :) be sure the option 'Don't reserve space on borders' is unchecked20:47
whiterit was checked20:49
whiterI love you20:49
Abrahamthou are welcome.20:51
AbrahamHey, mrkramps, there's no wbar on Ubuntu Software Center... there's plenty of solitude...20:54
Abrahamwell, there is the wbar-config application... but nothing else.20:54
mrkrampssudo apt-get install wbar wbar-config20:55
Abrahamoh, thanks20:56

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