smoserbdx, no.00:31
smoserSpamapS, we're getting there.00:31
SpamapSsmoser: o/00:32
smoserstupid tab complete00:32
smosersorry SpamapS00:32
smoserok... it wasn't tab complete's fault00:32
smoserstupid smoser00:32
Odd_Blokesmoser: If you could give https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/cloud-init/shim_fixes/+merge/269199 a quick review, it'd be much appreciated.08:23
smoserOdd_Bloke, but then harlowja will get all fussy about it being bzr12:43
smoserhe whines a lot12:43
smoserOdd_Bloke, it seems maybe the part find_endpoint after 'No endpoint found in DHCP config.' could/should be its own method . and then some tests on it.12:56
smoseri'll put that in review. and one other comment.12:57
smoseranyone know how to disable the stupid gist editor and get me a nice plain text window in a gist ?13:47
smoserso i can use view-source-with or the like to use vi ?13:47
Odd_Blokesmoser: gist's can be git clone'd, which might be the easiest way to do what you want.13:51
smoseryeah, and i do that sometimes.13:51
smoserbut sometimes i like to use their editor13:51
smoseras its just easy13:52
smoserand i'm particularly lazy13:52
smoserbut now that stupid editor13:52
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harlowjasmoser Odd_Bloke what is that bzr thing, lol17:41
sputnik13bzr... is it like a flea market?18:35
harlowjasputnik13 i think so18:45
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