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tvansteenburghrick_h_: what am i doing wrong here? https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v4/bundle/mediawiki-single-814:39
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v4/mediawiki-single/meta/any14:39
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: no need for /bundle14:40
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: and you have to have an endpoint (meta/any is the simplest, see /meta for the list of supported14:40
tvansteenburghrick_h_: thanks, was tripped up by paragraph 2 here https://github.com/juju/charmstore/blob/v5-unstable/docs/API.md#intro14:41
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: yes, why technically bundle is implemented as a series, it's not meant to ever be exposed to end users or the api14:42
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: but yea, taht paragraph sohuld ignore that vs noting that14:42
rick_h_though I guess this is charmstore docs...which is implementation14:43
rick_h_tough line there14:43
tvansteenburghrick_h_: is there a python client for this already?14:44
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: yes sec14:44
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: https://github.com/juju/theblues has the python client that is used in the storefront14:44
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: and please feel free to file bugs/patches14:44
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: and we might end up trying to get this into jujulib one day, but for now it's on its own14:44
tvansteenburghrick_h_: excellent, thanks14:44
rick_h_tvansteenburgh: storefront = web front end on jujucharms.com14:44
firlanyone have experience hooking up logstash with apache logs?15:37
lazypowerfirl, i have done this. which version of the charm are you using? there's currently 2 completely diverged charms. 1 that I am keeping on life support, and one i would recommend that is under maintenance by jrwren15:38
firllazypower: I haven’t hooked it up yet. I just deployed 4 nodes of a web frontend using my charm15:39
firland wanted to know how hard / easy it was to get a logstash setup working across it15:39
lazypowerjrwren, you've added combined apachelog grok filters setup haven't you?15:39
lazypowerthe certainty is comforting :D15:41
jrwrenfirl: i'll start by saing, it ain't easy :)15:41
lazypoweractually, you have apache_access in here...15:41
jrwrenthe grok filter is an easy part.15:41
lazypowernot the combined log15:41
lazypowerso, there's that15:41
jrwrenlazypower: look again.15:42
lazypowerhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~evarlast/charms/trusty/logstash/trunk/view/head:/files/filter.conf  - is what i'm looking at15:42
lazypowerah disregard, line 9 has the magic15:42
jrwrenthe thing is, I'm not aware of any apache charm which uses the log relation to expose to a logstash or beaver subordinate which logs to ship, so its a largely unsolved convention in all juju charm.s15:43
firlso is there another easy way to aggregate apache logs using juju charms or should I try on getting the logstash working?15:43
lazypowerjrwren, we should write an interface stub for it15:43
lazypowerthat way all you're doing is "filling in the blanks" in whatever consumer charm15:44
firlit be nice if I could just have my charm expose the relation15:44
lazypowerfirl, +1 to that. why eat an agent when your relation can do what it needs to do15:44
firl( I was kinda hoping it was that easy )15:44
jrwrenlazypower: yup. i have that, probably could be a lot better.15:44
lazypowerfirl, it will be basically that easy. THere's some dependency work to be done though.15:44
lazypowerjrwren, correct me if i'm wrong, but beaver is the only *supported* shipping method atm right?15:45
jrwrenlazypower: supported by whom? me? :)  beaver is the most tested by me.15:45
lazypowerjrwren, well the charm is in *your* namespace :)15:45
jrwrenlazypower: right, and for good reasons that it is not promulgated :)15:46
lazypowerjrwren, are we still working towards making that charm the ~recommended? its lightyears ahead of the revision i currently have on life support15:47
lazypowerIS is still submitting patches to that charm as well. the sooner we can deprecate it, the better we will be in terms of getting additional hands on helping w/ maintenance15:47
jrwrenlazypower: its taken a lower priority lately.15:48
jrwrenlazypower: we do want to get back to it.15:48
lazypowerunderstood, so long as its still on the list :)15:48
lazypowerfirl, i would highly recommend tracking jrwren's logstash charm, and doing a beaver integration w/ the apache logs vs using whats currently in ~recommended15:49
lazypowerI'll have to put in some time to add some relations + migration path for consumers of the currently recommended logstash charm, and if you go that route, you'r elikely to have an upgrade surprise.15:49
firlSo basically, expose the apache relation into my charm, add the beaver to the units, spin up a logstash and add the relationship15:49
lazypoweryep, that *should* (tm) be all you need to do. Add beaver + write the config for beaver w/ the logstash unit address + port for shipping.15:50
lazypowerjrwren, when i'm not buried (ha!) i'll try to get some additional time in on this stack as well and contribute the legacy interfaces we will want to support moving forward. logstash-agent + lumberjack15:51
lazypoweri have a pretty good idea how we can do lumberjack integration + ssl shipping as well15:51
lazypowerself signed cert, but it'll work regardless. Just means we're shipping a CA cert from the leader and normalizing on that certificate15:52
firlthanks guys, looks like it’s trusty only. I will have to wait a couple weeks until the code base gets upgraded for trusty15:52
jrwrenlazypower: cool. i'm so negative on jvm that what I'd really like to do is move to Heka15:52
jrwrenfirl: yeah, sorry. I've not been on precise for quite a while.15:52
lazypowerjrwren, whit did some work there to. Hekka is great for log shipping but writing that config file is hairy15:52
firljrwren: haha … I hadn’t until I started helping a side project get up to date. they are feeling the upgrade pains now15:53
lazypowerjrwren, i think i'd rather use the logstash-agent (? i forget which one is the golang bin) and use the recommended plugin15:53
jrwrenfirl: yeah? what side project?15:53
firljrwren: helping get a php website up on amazon using juju and charms. they were on rackspace and could only scale vertically15:54
jrwrenlazypower: if you can solve the ssl issue with logstash-agent (lumberjack?) you'd be my hero. :)  its a bit convoluted.15:54
lazypowerjrwren, challenge accepted... in due time.15:54
jrwrenfirl: that sounds fun! :)15:54
firljrwren: lol, getting mellanox support on openstack sounds more fun currently. But yeah, juju has helped quite a bit in getting some standards and environments managed for the side project15:55
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coreycbjamespage, did you have a comment on keystone action-managed upgrade?17:06
coreycbah maybe amulet failures17:06
jamespagecoreycb, yeah - hence the recheck17:08
bdxhatch: you around?17:23
hatchhello bdx17:23
bdxhatch: do you know how socket_url is set?17:24
bdxhatch: in juju-gui17:24
hatchwe've actually been doing a bit of work around that of late, I'll have to refresh my memory on that version17:24
bdxapp.env.getAttrs() returns an object, one attribute of the object is socket_url, which is set to "wss://"17:25
bdxhatch: should socket_url be indicitave the ip of my bootstrap nodes ip address?17:26
hatchbdx: it should point to the gui instance17:26
bdxoh ok17:26
hatchas it needs to talk through its server17:26
hatchstill can't connect hey?17:26
hatchI'm guessing that there is a communication issue between the gui instance and your bootstrap node17:27
hatchwhich we should be surfacing but aren't17:27
hatchif you log into it, there should be a log in the upstart logs17:27
hatchmaybe there is an indication to the problem in there17:27
bdxok...I feel like I've checked them out and didn't see anything jumping out at me ....is there something I should be looking for inparticular?17:29
hatchhonestly I have no idea, I have never heard of this issue before :)17:30
hatchI asked a couple others, just waiting to see if they have any ideas17:30
bdxhatch: great, thank you17:31
frankbanbdx: could you please try if the ws connects in incognito mode?17:34
bdxyes, omp17:34
bdxfrankban: nothing17:35
bdxfrankban: same result17:35
frankbanbdx: do you have python available?17:36
frankbanbdx: to check that the ws is listening17:36
bdxfrankban: of course17:36
frankbanbdx: could you please pip install websocket-client?17:37
bdxyes, done17:38
hatchthanks frankban :) bdx he is much more familiar with the guiserver side than I am :)17:40
bdxhatch: awesome, thanks for your help!17:40
frankbanbdx: python -c 'import websocket; websocket.create_connection("wss://", sslopt={"cert_reqs": 0, "ssl_version": 3})'17:40
bdxfrankban: I can successfully create a ws object17:42
frankbanbdx: so the problem is that the GUI is not able to connect to that endpoint?17:44
bdxIf I assign the object to a variable e.g. ws = websocket.create_connection("wss://10 ......), and then do a result =  ws.recv(), ws.recv() never returns....17:45
bdxis this behavior expected?17:46
frankbanbdx: yes17:47
frankbanbdx: you should send something before receiving, like: {17:48
frankban        'Type': 'Admin',17:48
frankban        'Request': 'Login',17:48
frankban        'Params': {'AuthTag': 'user-admin', 'Password': password},17:48
frankban    'RequestId': 1}17:48
frankbanbdx: maybe I am missing some background, is the GUI not connecting to the socket?17:49
bdxI mean....I feel like I would be seeing errors in the console if it wasn't.....17:50
frankbanbdx: yes, so what are the symptoms?17:51
bdxfrankban: http://cl.ly/image/0h1N3P3k0Z2817:53
frankbanbdx: I see, no services in the canvas17:54
bdxfrankban: I can deploy juju-gui to lxc, baremetal, or kvm, no mater what It wont display my environment details...17:54
frankbanbdx: could you please run this script passing your env name? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12544350/17:54
bdxfrankban: done. What am I looking for here?17:56
frankbanbdx: alos, i see an error notification on your GUI, what does it say?17:56
frankbanbdx: could you please paste the output of the script?17:56
frankbanbdx: oh wait17:56
frankbanbdx: the output will include your env password, so you might want to remove that17:57
bdxthe script runs indefinitely17:57
frankbanbdx: cool that error is unrelated17:57
frankbanbdx yes, just the initial output is ok17:57
frankbanbdx: the script watches the juju env in a similar way than the GUI does17:58
bdxfrankban: nice, ok : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12544391/17:58
bdxfinally some introspection.....17:58
frankbanbdx: so you are getting a "unit not found" error from the watcher, and that would explain why the GUI is not showing services17:59
frankbanbdx: juju version?17:59
bdxfrankban: totally, nice.17:59
hatchyay progress! :)17:59
frankbanbdx, hatch: looks like https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1485249 to me, and looks like a juju-core bug18:02
mupBug #1485249: Juju gui is not loading. Because: "Error":"unit not found" <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1485249>18:02
frankbanbdx: simple fix would be updating juju version18:02
frankbanhatch: I need to go now, could you please take care of triaging that bug and gather info from bdx?18:03
hatchyou bet18:03
hatchthanks a lot frankban18:04
bdxhatch, frankban: if I update juju-core, do I need to also need to update juju on machines where the agent runs?18:04
frankbanbdx: yes I guess you need to run "juju upgrade-juju" but never run that so hatch can be more helpful there (or core devs)18:05
frankbandone for the day, good night!18:05
hatchactually I've never run it either :D18:05
bdxfrankban: thanks alot! night!18:05
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bdxhatch: so I have upgraded juju such that juju-core and all of my agents are running 1.24.618:16
bdxhatch: the issue persists after the upgrade even18:16
hatchbdx: alright so it appears that the issue has not yet been resolved in juju-core18:16
bdxhatch: gotcha, I see that.18:17
hatchcould I get you to add your report to that bug frankbank linked?18:17
hatchI can then pass it up the food chain to get it looked at18:17
hatch(I'll do that regardless, but if you comment you'll be notified)18:17
bdxhatch: Totally, will do18:17
hatchthanks, sorry about the bug18:18
bdxhatch: Ok, bug updated. Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks for your help!18:24
hatchexcellent thanks18:24
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beisnero/ well hi there bdx, firl20:09
firlhey beisner, how’s it going?20:15
beisnerahh pretty good here, thanks firl20:16
beisnerfirl, infinibanding yet?20:17
firlI sent a message to the mailing list, mark responded saying some people might reach out20:17
firlbut I think I am going to start by cloning the charms I need and one by one hooking it up proper20:17
beisneroh yes i recall now seeing that.20:19
firlSo I might ask you some questions on the sanity of my environment since you’ve tested everything under the sun haha20:21
beisnerha, feel free to ask.  if i don't know i'll try to find info.20:22
beisnercoreycb, jamespage - neutron-gateway/next unit tests start failing @ rev 14221:03
beisnercoreycb, oh that one.  well now my branch fails as i rebased ;-)  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~openstack-charmers/charms/trusty/neutron-gateway/next/revision/14221:03
beisnerfyi output @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/12546097/21:05
niedbalski_aisrael, ping21:15
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coreycbbeisner, oops, yeah that commit fixed amulet but broke unit22:11
coreycbbeisner, ok that's fixed now in next22:15
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aisraelniedbalski_: pogn22:45
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