Riddellmparillo: high five for doing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta2/Kubuntu08:31
valorieweird that that apport bug still hasn't been fixed08:33
valorieI guess that isn't our problem though08:34
valoriealso, I'd like to remove "The Kubuntu team are committed to releasing 15.10 in October."08:35
valoriethat is just a repeat of the first sentence08:36
Riddellvalorie: go for it08:36
valorieomg, moin --- get into gear!08:37
valorieslowest wiki in creation08:38
sitter/usr/include/Qca-qt5/QtCrypto/qca_safetimer.h:47:8: error: expected ':' before 'slots'08:42
sitter public slots:08:42
sitterqca code is glorious08:43
valorieahoneybun: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/149923308:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1499233 in Ubuntu "Slack-desktop package is not in the archive" [Undecided,New]08:52
valoriesoee might care too!08:52
* valorie heads to bed08:52
sneleRiddell: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dolphin/+bug/149022108:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1490221 in dolphin (Ubuntu) "Ship libkonq-common in order to fix dolphin 15.08 "create new" context menu" [Undecided,New]08:57
sneledolphin is kinda crippled atm08:57
snelealso this would be nice to ship by default https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-settings/+bug/149061808:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1490618 in kubuntu-settings (Ubuntu) "Ship qtdeclarative5-xmllistmodel-plugin and libqt5qml-graphicaleffects by default" [Undecided,New]08:58
soeevalorie: it is a bit slow and menus arent responsive as they should but the client works pretty good09:00
clivejogreat, my feeds are gone again09:11
soeedon't waste time trying tu use akregator atm.09:14
Riddellnew beta candidates are up!09:17
Riddell! testers | ↑09:18
ubottu↑: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information09:18
Riddellthelionroars: ↑09:18
sitterqapt and debconf properly released now09:20
sitterI think I am done with releasing now09:20
sitterbug 1490618 wouldn't solve the problem09:21
ubottubug 1490618 in kubuntu-settings (Ubuntu) "Ship qtdeclarative5-xmllistmodel-plugin and libqt5qml-graphicaleffects by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149061809:21
Riddellsitter: why not?09:23
sitterRiddell: the problem is that runtime things (applets) have runtime deps (qml imports) that may not be installed. so unless you intend to seed all qml-module-* packages we have 99% of applets will remain broken09:24
Riddellwe need qml packagekit integration clearly09:25
Riddellsnele: thanks for the highlighting anyway, bugs tagged09:25
sitterRiddell: yes, that would solve the problem :P09:25
sitterif we had a recent packagekit09:25
sitterRiddell: at the very least this should be discussed on plasma-devel me thinks09:26
sitterit might well be that we can actually build something on the plasma side of things09:26
Riddellwhy is this a new issue? wouldn't the same issue exist in kde 4?09:26
sitterwhich would be preferrable as we can integrate that tightly UI wise, if we have to solve it in qt it will slow down all the things and have no means to integrate with the application that caused the missing import09:27
Riddellslightly weidly we have a recently packagekit-qt now but not a recent packagekit09:27
sitterRiddell: since 90% of the applets in kde4 were c++ it didn't happen09:27
sitternow 100% of applets have a qml component so 100% can run into the problem09:28
sitterand since you mentioned it, I think when I talked with aseigo about this eons ago he suggested to have deps listed in the metadata.desktop of the applets and have plasma handle the rest09:28
Riddellmm that could help09:29
sitterwhich still sounds like a workable approach. however it might be that we can actually hook into the qmlengine and handle things dynamically09:29
Riddellalthough still tricky to get the qml module -> package matching09:29
sitterdon't know enough abuot qml internals though09:29
sitterRiddell: I think that's the easy bit TBH09:29
sittermaybe not in packagekit but with qapt09:30
sitterwe coudl just slap a list of modules into the package metadata09:30
sitterRiddell: maybe appstream can help?09:30
Riddellthen it's not distro independent09:30
sitteryou just need distro independent api09:30
Riddellmaybe, appstream knows about files, dunno how files map to qml modules09:30
sittera bit dodgy but straight forward on a best effort basis09:31
sitteressentialy any dir with a qmldir file is a module09:31
sitterthe base path with sub('/', '.') is the import name09:32
sitterif the dirname of basepath contains a . already everything after that denotes the version of the module09:32
sittere.g. I think we have QtQuick.2/qmldir09:32
sitterliterally 3 lines of code for very simply mapping requirements ;) http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/ci-tooling.git/tree/lib/qml_dependency_verifier.rb#n11609:35
mparilloNew images? BTW, unetbootin stopped working for me, but dd does.09:58
soee_lol, can someone test one think in dolphin:10:21
soee_try using mouse to select more than 1 file or folder10:22
soee_for me dolphin quits if i select 2 or more items ..10:22
soee_same when selectgn all items (ctrl +a)10:23
sitterenable baloo :P10:24
bshahit was fixed recently10:24
bshahso update baloo :p10:24
bshah(if using unstable)10:25
sitter!find nvml.h10:32
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvml.h&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all10:32
sitterwell that's not broken at all10:32
sitterhow am I supposed to find out why plasma leaks gpumem when the relevant nvidia lib is not available!10:33
soeemedh dolphin is broken :/ can't ampty trash, can't remove new items :/10:34
clivejosoee: dolphin works ok for me selecting 2 icons or all icons11:05
clivejositter: any news on the so5 bump?11:48
clivejodont think I can do any more on that Wily FIX list then11:53
=== rdieter_work is now known as rdieter
Riddellclivejo: kopete needs fixed in the archive if you are looking for something to do12:00
BluesKajHey all14:01
Riddellhi BluesKaj, beta candidates for the testing if you're able http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/346/builds14:07
BluesKajRiddell,  the same one as yesterday? I installed yesterday's daily 14:09
BluesKajor is this newer ?14:10
marco-parilloShutting down to install 32-bit LVM. BTW, need to refresh the bug list on the Beta2 page.14:22
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | milestoned bugs: http://goo.gl/AOx7bx
Riddelladded milestoned bugs: http://goo.gl/AOx7bx14:25
BluesKajok Riddell ,zsyncing , shouldn't be a problem , now that I smartened up and created a separate root partition :-)14:35
=== alvesadrian is now known as adrian
BluesKajhmm, zsync is at 100% downloaded, but it's not going back to the prompt ...it's been 10 mins at 100%, is it doing asum check ?15:28
RiddellBluesKaj: dunno, control-c it and try again?15:41
Riddellsitter: why does mobile kci say I broke this? http://kci.pangea.pub/job/mgmt_tooling/15:41
marco-parilloBluesKaj: When my zsync stalls, I control-c, but before trying it again, I checksum, and it generally matches.15:43
BluesKajmparillo,  too late I already cnacelled , this zsync is pita, wget is much simpler and faster 15:44
BluesKajand the iso is still a part15:45
Riddellclivejo: ooh kamoso/purpose is out if you're in a packaging mood15:53
sitterRiddell: because you had a recent commit I guess15:54
clivejoRiddell: is this purpose packaging on Alioth?16:04
Riddellclivejo: that looks like it16:04
Riddellgrab the kubuntu_wily_archive branch16:04
clivejobut the watch file isnt working16:04
clivejowhere is the new code?16:05
clivejoits not part of frameworks?16:06
Riddellclivejo: no not yet, so maybe that packaging should be moved, but the plan is to make it part of frameworks16:07
clivejoso update the packaging?16:07
Riddellfix the watch file and add a new changelog at least16:07
Riddelljust leave it where it is for now, too much faff to move it16:08
clivejocan I use git-buildpackage-ppa on it?16:12
clivejoRiddell: ^16:12
Riddellclivejo: be my guest :)16:15
Riddellwould need the watch file with the stable line added I guess (keep the unstable one in there too)16:16
clivejoRiddell: Ive pushed a fix to the watch file - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/purpose.git/log/?h=kubuntu_wily_archive16:17
clivejook seems to be building ok16:17
clivejopurpose (1.0-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium16:20
clivejoshould it be UNRELEASED?16:20
clivejoRiddell: ^16:21
Riddellclivejo: yep16:23
* Riddell uploads kopete fix16:23
clivejoRiddell: how did you fix it?16:24
Riddellclivejo: it was just a bunch of files that were no longer build now that kleopatra library from kdepim is kf5 instead of kdelibs416:24
Riddellso I just removed them from the .install files16:25
clivejoRiddell: put it in staging PPA, or my own?16:27
Riddellclivejo: go with staging-whatsitcalled16:28
Riddellstaging-misc so it is16:28
clivejoIve uploaded into my own PPA for the time being16:28
clivejotest it there16:29
clivejonot put it in staging-frameworks?16:29
clivejoRiddell: does KCI not do these?16:35
RiddellI don't think it's been added to KCI yet, probably because it's not released as a framework16:36
clivejoRiddell: Kamoso is being rejected in my PPA - Version older than that in the archive. 3.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 <= 3.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa116:44
Riddellclivejo: call it 3.0.0 then16:50
clivejo3.0.0 is higher than 3.0?16:50
clivejoRiddell: I deleted the previous build out of my PPA and dput -f it, it seems to have built in my PPA16:52
clivejoIll wait until it publishes and test16:52
* Riddell wanders out16:59
RiddellI'll mark the beta images as ready, mparillo if they get released feel free to put it on the website17:00
* Riddell uploads baloo with hoped for acc fix17:01
clivejowhat should the version number be?!?17:07
ovidiu-florindo any of you use the CI on a daily basis?17:21
ScottKRiddell: what was the baloo fix?18:10
ovidiu-florinso I guess not18:44
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: you've done packaging18:49
* yofel only uses CI for package QA18:50
ovidiu-florincould you please help me?18:50
ovidiu-florinyofel: I'm trying to build that VM we talked about18:50
ovidiu-florinand attempting to build Calligra18:50
ovidiu-florinapparently build-dep did not bring in everything18:50
ovidiu-florincmake fails 18:50
yofelcalligra from git has new dependencies I guess18:51
ovidiu-florinsearching for KF5Archive and many others18:51
ovidiu-florindoes Vivid not have KF5Archive ?18:51
yofel libkf5archive-dev | 5.9.0-0ubuntu1  | vivid/universe | amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc, ppc64el18:52
yofeltoo old maybe?18:52
yofelfor development purposes, something like "apt install libkf5*-dev" might actually be a good idea18:54
yofelwon't fetch everything thanks to exceptions like kio-dev, but it'll get most18:55
clivejois there a stable release of calligra ported to kf5?19:21
rdieterclivejo: no19:28
rdieter(work to port it is still underway however)19:29
clivejooh, this blog seems to suggest its done - http://www.valdyas.org/fading/index.cgi/2015/09/24#porting-done19:29
clivejoI was going to attempt to package it19:30
rdieterclivejo: initial porting progress may be far, but you specifically asked for "a stable release"19:38
clivejois there an unstable release?19:38
rdieterthere is only a branch19:39
clivejomay I have a link?19:39
yofelgit clone kde:calligra19:39
yofelwarning: it's rather large19:39
clivejois there any way to just get a tarball minus the git folders?19:40
rdieterclivejo: git archive19:40
ovidiu-florinyofel: I've added the weekly CI PPA and upgraded, build-dep brings in nothing new, yet cmake fails with the same error for calligra19:40
yofelclivejo:  git clone --depth 1 kde:calligra might be worth a try19:41
yofelthat should skip the histroy19:41
yofelovidiu-florin: which one?19:42
clivejordieter: which branch is the lastest kf5 - https://projects.kde.org/projects/calligra/repository ?19:44
yofelmeh, upgrading vivid to wily really doesn't give an acceptable result :(19:44
rdieterclivejo: master/ I believe 19:45
ovidiu-florinyofel: which one one?19:46
ovidiu-florinwhich error?19:47
yofelthe error, yes19:47
ovidiu-florinyofel: Could not find a package configuration file provided by "KF5Archive"19:47
ovidiu-florinrequested version 5.7.019:48
yofelis libkf5archive-dev installed?19:48
ovidiu-florinyofel: no19:58
ovidiu-florinwhy is it not?19:58
ovidiu-florinwhy did build-dep not bring it?19:58
yofelthe current calligra packaging is for the kde4 version, so it doesn't know about the new kf5 dependencies19:59
RiddellScottK: libBalooEngine.so doesn't get installed any more so I dropped that from acc19:59
ovidiu-florinyofel: and the master hasn't been packaged yet?20:00
yofelno, clivejo just said that he's interested in packaging it ^^20:00
=== rdieter is now known as rdieter_work
clivejoif it ever downloads20:02
ovidiu-florinclivejo: what do you mean downloads?20:03
yofeldid you try the depth command?20:03
clivejoyes yofel, but still 200-300Mb20:03
yofeltrue :/20:03
clivejoand contention is high this time of the day for me20:04
clivejodo we not have a packaging branch for kubuntu?20:07
clivejoon alioth?20:07
yofelVcs-Bzr: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/calligra20:07
yofeloh, now I see that 2-auto-widgets thing20:09
BluesKajok Riddell, I have the latest daily installed. Had to update and upgrade at the VT/TTY upon first boot to get a desktop, and the nouveau driver was crashing the VDs until I installed the the nvidia recommended driver, but all seems fairly stable now.20:11
BluesKajBBL, back lawn needs a haircut20:14
clivejoyofel: calligra version is set(CALLIGRA_STABLE_VERSION_MAJOR 3) # 3 for 3.x, 4 for 4.x, etc. set(CALLIGRA_STABLE_VERSION_MINOR 0) # 0 for 3.0, 1 for 3.1, etc. set(CALLIGRA_VERSION_RELEASE 89)  so thats 3.0.89?20:24
yofelalthough I wonder what it's >320:25
yofel*why it's20:25
clivejoshould I use that?20:25
clivejoversions always seem to trip me up20:25
yofeldrat, I have no calligra clone around20:26
clivejoI was going to call it calligra_2.9.7~git2015092420:26
yofelprobably a better idea, but use + not ~20:26
yofel2.9.7~ << 2.9.720:27
clivejobut I see in the CMake file there is a hard cored version set20:27
yofelwell, they have to put something there.. maybe ask in #Calligra20:27
clivejoits only practice, so Ill leave it at 2.9.7, easier to bump up when we know more20:28
yofelwell, if you use 2.9.7~git20150924, nothing will update, because we have 2.9.7-0ubuntu3 which is larger than 2.9.7~git2015092420:34
yofel~ is lower than "nothing"20:34
yofeli.e. 0~ is positive, but smaller than 0 ^^20:34
ovidiu-florinyofel: once clivejo manages to package calligra KF5 wil it be in the CI?20:41
yofelprobably not, we would first have to move the packaging to alioth for that, then poke sitter to CI it20:41
ovidiu-florinyofel: I don't know what alioth is20:43
sgclarkdebian git20:44
yofeldebian project management software/website20:44
ovidiu-florinhow difficult is that ?20:45
yofelnot very. Asking the pkg-kde folks if they mind (most likey not), adding the branch there, possibly modifying the repo to add KCI support, adding it on jenkins20:47
ovidiu-florinI found a maintainer for Karbon (the vector graphics app from calligra)20:50
ovidiu-florinbut he needs me to help him with the setup20:50
ovidiu-florinand I kind of need this for this20:50
ovidiu-florinthis also goes hand in hand with the Kubuntu Development provisioning setup20:50
ovidiu-florinthe Karbon VM image is a clone of the KDPS V 0.220:51
ovidiu-florinv stands for version20:51
ovidiu-florinI don't know how to publish this though20:51
ovidiu-florinvalorie said something about vagrant20:51
ovidiu-florinI'll have to look into that20:51
ovidiu-florinor vargrant20:52
ovidiu-florinI'll look into it tomorrow20:52
* ovidiu-florin goes to bed20:52
soeewhat package is required to hve video previews in dolphin ?20:54
soeeit look20:54
Riddellsoee: ffmpegviewer I think it's called21:00
soeeRiddell: does not work with current Dolphin version21:00
soee*there is no option to addd  video previews in dolphin settings21:01
yofelset(CALLIGRA_VERSION_RELEASE 89)     # 89 for Alpha, increase for next test releases, set 0 for first Stable, etc.21:01
yofelurgh, who came up with that21:01
clivejoclever huh!21:02
yofel3.0~89 would match that I guess?21:02
clivejoI dunno, versions confuse me21:03
yofelhappens if people do things upside-down21:03
clivejoLOL sounds like something Id do :P21:03
clivejoshould it be 2.9.89 ?21:04
clivejofor an alpha21:04
yofelwell, the other fields say 3.0, but .0 is supposed to be larger than .89, which doesn't work - well, 3.0.0~89 would make sense too21:04
yofelhttps://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Version tells you everything you need to know about dpkg versions21:05
clivejoyofel: how can I fix kamoso, the maintainer uses 3.0 and I used 3.0.021:06
yofelwait for 3.121:06
clivejoif I use 3.0 in the changelog, uscan works and downloads the file, but if I use 3.0.0 it doesnt work21:07
yofelwell, download the tarball, change the version to match yours and hope nobody notices21:07
yofelalternatively, increase the package epoch, but that would be the emergency solution really (i.e. don't do that)21:08
clivejoLP says "Version older than that in the archive. 3.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 <= 3.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1"21:10
clivejowhen I first packaged it I though all version had to have three numbers ie 3 0 021:11
clivejoI didnt know you could only have two 3 021:11
yofelyou can also have just one, or use letters, see the link I gave you21:11
clivejocan that package be recalled?21:12
clivejoor deleted, as wily isnt release yet?21:12
yofelno, it is in wily release, meaning it's on peoples systems21:12
yofelyou want to break kamoso updates for all dev release users?21:12
clivejojust thinking out loud21:13
yofeljust change the upstream tarball version to 3.0.0, not like it's much of a difference21:13
yofeland whoever reads the changelog should understand why you did that21:13
clivejois there any way to leave a note for the next release to follow the maintainers versioning?21:14
yofelthat shouldn't be necessary..21:14
clivejoit just helps make things easier if the watch file works properly21:15
yofelwhoever updates the package should first look up what version he actually tries to package anyway21:16
yofelor use uupdate21:16
yofelmodifying the upstream version in any way always needs a good reason - like in this case21:16
clivejocalligra is a beast21:20
clivejoI think Ill go have a shower, its only 26%21:21
clivejoFailed at 34% :(21:43
RiddellI'm away until Monday again, have fun friends21:54
yofelenjoy the weekend21:54
valorie{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to Riddell21:57
clivejoanyone know where I could find KChartConfig.cmake/kchart-config.cmake ?22:22
clivejoapparently is part of kdiagram22:26
clivejoI guess we dont package it - https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/graphics/kdiagram22:31
mparilloAnybody know how to create a news item on the new website?22:48
Riddellmparillo: hmm ovidiu-florin will22:49
Riddellmparillo: go to wp-admin/22:50
clivejobrute force it :P22:51
mparilloLooks as if it needs my Launchpad Open ID. 22:52
mparilloBut also looks as if I am not elite enough.22:52
mparilloImages are out. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/15.10/beta-2/ Announcement coming soon.22:56

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