asdasd"the most beautiful desktop alive!" it really is04:57
bassehi, are packages from Kubuntu CI Unstable-weekly then moved to Stable ?06:23
basseand is stable ppa constantly updating?  so stable-weekly would be safer?06:24
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rishabhhello , i am facing an issue on kubuntu 15.04 .I can't close ,minimize,maximize any window.can't switch between two windows.just restarted my virtual machine and started facing this issue everything was fine before that.i might have accidentally removed some packages .Moreover ctrl+f is not displaying the full screen.08:25
rishabhhow do i reslove this?08:26
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hateballrishabh: How did you "accidentally remove" packages?08:42
hateballrishabh: /var/log/apt/history.log will reveal the truth08:42
rishabhhateball: i was building kdevelop .in the process i do remeber some packages got removed08:43
rishabhhateball : is there anyway by which i can dowload the missing packages ?08:49
lordievaderrishabh: Could you pastebin your apt history?08:50
lordievaderAlso there is no need to remove packages to compile kdevelop, perhaps install a few but not remove.08:50
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rishabhlordievader: http://pastebin.com/0Jd5utPz08:53
rishabhlordievader: ^ apt history08:54
lordievaderNothing important got removed.08:55
lordievaderBut you might have broken packages, run 'sudo apt-get install -f'.08:56
rishabhlordievader: alright will try that08:57
yossarianukIs there anyway to make sound continue when you go to a virtual terminal (ttyn) - i.e CTRL+ALT+F208:59
yossarianuki.e - for example I'm listening to music in KDE, when I use CTRL+ALT+F2  to go to a tty the music stops until I go back to the tty running X (CTRL+ALT+F7)09:00
yossarianukis there a way to prevent the music stopping ?09:00
rishabhlordievader: http://pastebin.com/PavjHd27  the output doesn't suggest that there are any broken packages09:01
lordievaderrishabh: Ok, good. Do you still have access to krunner (alt + f2)?09:01
rishabhlordievader: yes09:02
lordievaderDoes running 'kwin_x11 --replace' fix the problem?09:03
rishabhlordievader:  the program kwin_x11 is not currently installed  ,got this message09:07
lordievaderrishabh: Wut?09:07
lordievaderrishabh: Reinstall plasma-desktop09:07
rishabhlordievader: reinstall ? sudo apt-get install plasmapdesktop says it's already the newest version09:11
lordievadersudo apt-get install --reinstall plasma-desktop09:11
rishabhlordievader: done .kwin_x11 --replace still says taht it is not installed09:13
lordievaderThat '.' is a typo I suppose?09:14
hateballyossarianuk: perhaps https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/21314909:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 213149 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "pulseaudio breaks on switching from tty7 to tty [1-6] (in and out of Gnome)" [Undecided,Fix released]09:15
rishabh'kwin_x11 --replace' was the command i entered09:15
lordievaderrishabh: Is the kwin package installed?09:16
rishabhlordievader: no,just installed it09:18
lordievaderThat is likely the source of your problem. Log out -> log in09:19
rishabhlordievader: alright .will get back in a minute09:20
rishabhlordievader: problem solved. thankyou for helping me out.although the its still not in the full screen mode but other problems have been solved09:28
lordievaderWhat do you mean with full screen mode?09:28
rishabhsome portion on the right and left side of the screen are black .09:31
lordievaderUnusable or just black?09:31
rishabhjust black . the desktop is not being displayed on the entire laptop screen.09:33
lordievaderrishabh: Restart plasmashell.09:33
rishabhi just  rebooted09:34
lordievaderOr change the resolution.09:36
rishabhlordievader: that also didn't help09:40
lordievaderCould I see a screenshot?09:41
rishabhhow can i provide you the screen shot?09:41
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.09:41
yossarianukhateball: cheers for the bug link09:54
yossarianukjust shows some of the bad design with pulseaudio if that is an intentional feature....09:55
rishabhlordievader: imgur.com/nxRcz89 its not a screenshot09:57
lordievaderSeems a bit like you've selected a 4:3 resolution.09:58
rishabhyes. but it used to work fine before09:59
lordievaderWhat resolution do you have selected?10:01
rishabh1280 * 72010:02
lordievaderHmm, that is odd...10:03
lordievaderDoes your login screen have the same oddity?10:03
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rishabhya.although it doesn't ask me to enter my password anymore,jus logs  in10:04
lordievaderHmm, that makes you think the problem does not lie with plasma5.10:05
rishabhlordievader: i will try changing the resolution or something. it used to work fine before..thaks for the sorting out the kwin issue10:12
lordievaderSure, no problem.10:17
hateballyossarianuk: well it also shows you should be able to config around it10:33
yossarianukhateball: yes it does, I just mean as a default setting..10:38
hateballyossarianuk: well, if you target "desktop" users then it probably doesnt matter much10:40
hateballI mean a regular user will not do anything in a tty unless something is broken and they have to10:41
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yossarianukhateball: yes you are right... However I have a habit of using a virtual terminal to do updates through... (just in case an update ever broke Xorg/kde, etc)11:11
hateballyossarianuk: that's what screen is for :p11:24
hateballand I do think do-release-upgrade of recent launches in screen11:25
alvinWhat is the current method to create Kubuntu USB sticks? Since usb-creator-kde is broken, is it possible to use dd or not?11:58
amarhey guys11:59
hateballalvin: unetbootin works11:59
amaris it worth to try this OS?11:59
amaris uses ubuntu with unity?11:59
alvinamar: No, Ubuntu with KDE11:59
amari'm sorry12:00
amari wrote it some wrong thing12:00
amarfuck my english12:00
amarI know this is just ubuntu with other DE12:00
amarit looked kinda cool12:01
amaris it cool?12:01
alvinOh, certainly. Personally I find that there are too much error messages, but yes, I use it daily.12:02
alvin(Well, I'm not complaining about the messages, but about the errors themselves. Nothing too serious.)12:02
amaralvin: then i'll give it a try thank u12:04
alvinWhile I'm here. Are there people using Kubuntu (or speciefically plasma5) in some sort of terminal server scenario? Does it work well with XDMCP? The X2go devs are telling me X2go does not work (yet) with plasma5. Might be a difficult one. Any alternatives to use it as terminal server, or am I limited to XDMCP?12:05
alvinamar: Do that. Lots of quality software in KDE.12:06
svend-evGood morning12:44
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BluesKajHey all14:01
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hay207hi guys , i want help with my bluetooth headset, it is recognized but sound won't work, p311 arctic15:20
hay207so, i guess i need to specify the output device15:21
hay207how to do so?15:22
soeehay207: in SystemSettings -> Multimedia maybe ?15:24
hay207where in multimedia?15:25
hay207played with multimedia settings a little, but still sound won't work with bluetooth headset15:27
magus666could try alsamixer and see if it will pick it up15:27
hay207no options in alsamixergui, except sound meter volume15:32
magus666is anything muted in alsa15:36
Gamayunhay207: You might have to set the device preference in Audio and Video Settings. Devices get prioritised from top to bottom, usually bluetooth devices end up on the bottom initially.15:40
hay207no bluetooth audio device to select in multimedia15:43
hay207only hdmi and analog devices15:43
Gamayunhay207: Hm, it should show up if it's paired properly. Is it listed under 'known devices' if you right-click on the bluetooth icon? With an option to disconnect?15:47
hay207yes , listed under knownndevices in bluetooth program15:49
cogpieafternoon (utc :), is this a good place to ask about what appears to be a deadlock problem with KConfig sync in the Kubuntu 15.04 release? I tried searching for something but nothing obvious appeared.15:49
hay207with an option to disconnect15:50
Gamayunhay207: Not sure then. It *should* show up in device preferences.15:53
hay207ok how to redirect output device to bluetooth headset, using other program / cl?15:55
cogpiejust read gls, sorry for my poor question: plasmashell freezes seemingly randomly but periodically, gdb attachment shows a deadlock call starting from KConfig::sync(); systemsettings5 also showed the same deadlock. Killing and restarting plasmashell resolves this, is this a known issue or has a more elegant fix?16:16
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att_hello there16:39
SdorplWhen will it be released Kubuntu 15.10 Beta 2? She was to be today, but no; /17:20
MoonUnit`downloading the daily-live likely amounts to the same thing.17:22
marco-parilloUsually the official announcement goes out pretty late in Europe / early evening in the Americas. That is often a couple of hours after Beta-2 will appear at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/wily/17:24
SdorplThanks  of respond me ;) My time is GMT +1/Warsaw, Plasma 5.4 very nice :D I waiting for Final Kubuntu release 15.1017:26
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diego_Hello, I need help fixing the dead keys for accents of my keyboard in Spanish.18:04
diego_I have found this bug reported, but the solutions don't seem to work in my system.18:04
diego_The problem happens mainly in my browsers, for which writing emails is a pain.18:04
diego_Thank you.18:04
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mksoftWidzi mnie kto ??20:11
mksoftczy gadam sam do siebie20:11
HKitaini do not speak Polish20:11
Unit193!pl | mksoft20:11
ubottumksoft: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.20:11
mksoftthis is only test20:12
mksoftbay all20:12
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noahmg123can I force KDE5 to use Compwiz instead of kwin?23:50

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