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phillwwxl: can you mark all as ready (again :P )14:28
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phillwwxl: how is the release team progressing with a GO for beta 2?19:04
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phillwflexiondotorg: I take it that those flavours using the 'old' format of release notes from ubuntu will no longer be able to use20:53
phillw<<Include(WilyWerewolf/Beta2/CommonInfrastructure, , from="^##StartWilyReleaseBugs", to="##EndWilyReleaseBugs")>>20:53
flexiondotorgphillw, I have no idea. This is ll new to me.21:13
phillwokies... just trying to follow. I took the precaution of manually adding in 'core' bugs to our release note :)21:14
phillwflexiondotorg: wiki uses # as comment21:38

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