CooloutACanybody know how to get a busy mouse cursor when launching programs from desktop or start menu?02:44
kgiiiIs this a good spot to ask a few questions?07:09
ianorlinkgiii: yes just ask07:10
kgiiiExcellent and thanks. Is there any official word on when Lubuntu 15.10 will be released?07:10
ianorlinI think around third week of october but not sure of the exact date myself right now testing a lot of installs for final beta right now07:12
marcushi all. i have installed the i386 variant of lubuntu and noticed that nm-applet is not started automatically after installation. is that intended?07:12
kgiiiThanks. Will I be able to do an inplace upgrade or will I need to reinstall?07:12
ianorlinmarcus: if you can start it manually then run updates and it should07:13
ianorlinthat is fixed in the point releases like 14.04.107:13
marcusok, great. thanks07:14
marcussame goes for gnome-keyring?07:14
marcusas on first startup it asks to enter a password07:14
marcusshouln't it use the login pw as default?07:14
ianorlinmarcus: not sure about gnome-keyring I think you can add that to autostart07:15
marcusit starts but it prompts for a passwort to enter07:16
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tolkorto all the creators, keepers and everybody else involved with lubuntu:  i want to give a huge tnx for the incredible job on this.  i became an ubuntu fan about 2006 or so, left the ubuntu world by around 2010 or so because it's front end became so ugly, cumbersome to use, and in general a resource oinker killing my older systems.13:39
tolkori've tried various ubuntus down the years but it wasn't until i tried lubuntu 2 months ago that i felt "hey, this is nice"13:39
tolkori am currently installing lubuntu on my 4th desktop13:39
tolkortnx heaps and loads to all involved for a wonderful tool13:40
tolkoranother attaboy:  lubuntu is the first *nix distro that my wife, who always struggles with technology, has said "i like this; it works well for me"13:42
pmishhello! could somebody help me out with changing chmod +x on a program run from an sd card?15:05
pmishi can't run it because i get a permission denial, and i cant change the rights, nothing happens15:06
tewardpmish: is the SD card formatted ext4 or no?15:07
pmishrunning lubuntu 14.04 on a radxa rock pro (single-board computer)15:07
tewardpmish: if the SD card is not formatted ext4 then you can't make it work.15:07
tewardat least, not easily15:07
pmishthanks for the quick reply, let me check15:07
* pmish is a novice linux user (hurray..)15:07
pmishokay, so i flashed lubuntu onto the sd15:08
pmishit is ext4 yes15:08
pmishthen i have the rest of the free space on the sd as an additional partition where i store everything15:08
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wxlinteresting nick, Chicken_Wrap17:41
tsimonq2^ +117:42
Chicken_WrapThe tastiest nick in all of nickdom.17:42
cooloutacanyone know how to get busy mouse cursor to show when lauching app from desktop?18:38
holsteincooloutac: i dont understand that question18:39
vikingredwolfonly apps who has the "launch information" do that18:39
vikingredwolfand that depends of the app itself and the .desktop file18:39
cooloutacvikingredwolf: i'm not sure what you mean?18:39
holsteincooloutac: you want an animated cursor? that, while an app is launching? you have something like an animation indicating the program is loading?18:39
cooloutaci added the command in every .desktop file but it still doesn't work18:39
cooloutacholstein: ya18:40
vikingredwolfin Gnome it happens because of a daemon18:40
vikingredwolfor in KDE18:40
cooloutacwhen i was using fedora lxde it worked, not sure why not in lubuntu18:40
holsteincooloutac: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2108908 is where i started18:40
holsteincooloutac: you can ask in the fedora team how they implement that in lxde, and, it will be the same in this lxde..18:41
vikingredwolfit seems it's happening to some people : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221410618:41
cooloutacya its not the theme,  its not the .desktop files...hmm18:42
cooloutaci wonder if there is a fedora lxde roo18:43
leszekmaybe fedora just starts that gnome daemon in the background18:44
leszekthats what I suspect though I did not try it18:44
vikingredwolfI think it's "inside" gdm, but I'm not sure18:44
holsteinand, a lot of changes are happening there.. or, *not* happening there, since, changes are just happening upstream18:45
holsteincould be, fedora is just using a newer version of something.. gtk related, or lxde its self.. etc18:45
vikingredwolfand "we" are going to another direction. dropping some gtk elements.18:49
cooloutachow come?18:49
holsteinlxqt.. who knows..18:49
vikingredwolfWe're heading to a complete Qt desktop18:49
holsteinthings are changin.. ^18:50
cooloutachope it still works on my old system18:50
holsteinlubuntu 14.04 is an LTS18:50
cooloutaci switched from fedora lxde cause it starting causing problems18:50
holsteinyou mean, you switched to lxde desktop from some other desktop?18:51
cooloutacstarted getting erros with the newer kernels,   getting freezes18:51
cooloutacholstein: no i switched from fedora lxde to lubuntu18:51
vikingredwolfin Fedora?18:51
holsteinwell, the kernel is just that.. likely, some newer kernel that your hardware does not support18:51
vikingredwolfsupposedly new kernels add more support18:52
cooloutacya well 4.1 kerne;ls have failed to find device cpu 0 message at boot18:52
holsteinsure.. but, for *newer* hardware :)18:52
cooloutaci was told to ignore it,  but i started getting other issues as well,  said the heck with this and installed lubuntu instead18:52
holsteinbut, nothing is preventing the creators of any hardware from supporting the kernel.. or, releasing modules for any kernel.. etc18:52
holsteincooloutac: which, is cool.. and, im certainly glad you are here, and enjoying it. but, im just postulating a plausible scenario.. where, the newer kernel versions in fedora were not supported by your hardware well. rather than, its just a fedora vs ubuntu issue18:53
cooloutacholstein: does it matter?18:54
cooloutacit shows their development makes no sense18:54
holsteincooloutac: sure.. it matters, since, you are trying to provice support for it, and the creators of the hardware are not.. its very important to know why things are happening, and how you are going to deal with it18:54
cooloutaclxde for me is for older hardware18:55
holsteinsure.. and im not even addressing the desktop.. im removing it from the equation.. you can use whatever desktop you like, but, if the kernel is having issues being supported, that wont matter..18:55
cooloutacholstein:  i think i remembe your name now,  i remember now why i don't like you lmao18:56
holsteincooloutac: you dont "like" me? anyways.. im only here to provide volunteer support, and help provide factual assistance.18:57
cooloutacholstein: so what are you trying to say,  that pretty soon ubuntu is going to have 4.1 kernel and i will have same issues?18:57
cooloutacI guess i will just have to wait and see,  rather then just "postulate"  lmao18:58
holsteincooloutac: im saying, if the kernel drops support for something your hardware needs, then, yes.. when you get the same kernel in ubuntu, you will have the same issues.. and its not constructive to assume its related to LXDE, or fedora18:58
holsteinsince, the kernel is the kernel..18:58
cooloutacyou guys don't even have the busy mouse cursor when lauching apps in your desktop,   you don't even have pulseaudio,   i'd have to imagine you and fedora are worlds apart18:58
cooloutacand i think your "postulating" is useless18:58
cooloutactheories are for nerds,   i will wait and see what happens with my own eyes,  because there is probably a 50% chance yours is meaningless18:59
cooloutacI mean I am not assuming all the issues i was having on the latest fedora are because of the kernel even18:59
cooloutaci just gave you one example19:00
holsteinsure. its just that, you *have* a theory.. and im saying, it may be something where, when the kernel versions are the same, you will may see the same issues19:00
cooloutacstop your postulating already and help me figure out how to make the mouse cursor show when a program is laucnhying is all i fkn asked!!!19:00
holsteinanyways.. 14.04 is an LTS19:00
cooloutacholstein: ok thats nice,  i don't give a fk about that either19:00
cooloutacjesus christ!19:00
holsteincooloutac: sure, friend.. ask the  fedora team how they implement that feature in lxde.. you can likely just drop it in, no compatibility issues19:01
cooloutacask the fedora team is your answer hahah19:01
holsteincooloutac: correct.. that is still what i think is the shortest path to how to get that going..19:01
cooloutaci'd rather you just said that you have no fkn clue and stopped talking after that....19:01
holsteinhey, maybe you can just look at the config in the fedora live iso..19:02
cooloutacholstein: stop talking to me dude19:02
holsteincooloutac: no problem.. good luck, and keep in mind, you can use #ubuntu for general issues, as, it is typically quite slow in here.. cheers, and good luck19:02
cooloutaci never got such terrible advice from anyone before lol19:03
cooloutacsometimes its best to admit when you don't know19:03
cooloutacnoone wants to hear you talk19:03
holstein!ot | cooloutac19:04
ubottucooloutac: #lubuntu is the Lubuntu support channel, #lubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Lubuntu, and #lubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!19:04
cooloutacholstein: you got issues dude19:04
cooloutacone of those nerds that comes on freenode to make himself feel smarter,  and doesn't really help anybody19:04
krytarikcooloutac: Please stop this now.19:05
holsteincooloutac: please join me in the appropriate channel.. im fine letting this go right here, but, we need to keep the channel clear. thanks..19:05
cooloutacholstein: can you stop fkn talking to me already!!!19:05
krytarik!language | cooloutac19:06
ubottucooloutac: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList19:06
cooloutaci'm ready to install fedora lxde iso again and just wait for the 4.2 kernel.   since holstein says i'm going to get fkd soon on lubuntu anyways haha19:07
cooloutaci mean i had to change default theme just so the lib notify bubble didn't look glitched,  it was embarrassing19:07
cooloutaci thought maybe lubuntu project was actually abandoned or something cause i don't know how that is ok'd lol19:08
holsteinthere is testing going on, right now.. for the upcoming 15.10 release.. also, filing bugs can be helpful to let folks know what you are finding that is not meeting your needs..19:09
cooloutacyes i've been adding the "me too"  for all these bugs19:10
holsteinthats a big help, actually.. these are changing times, though.. for lxde generally.. its a challenge for the smaller teams to keep up, for sure19:10
cooloutaci ahve a feeling its not for the better19:11
cooloutaconly reason to use lxde is for an older system19:11
cooloutacif I wanted to pretend i'm using something ligthweight that really isn't i could juse use xfce19:11
holsteinwell, that can be the only reason you choose to.. but, folks actually like it becuase its light, and less clutter.. etc.. not only for older systems..19:11
cooloutaci'm sure my reason is the reason 90% of the people choose it19:12
cooloutacif your bored and want something to do,  go fk up xfce19:12
cooloutacit seems like this no busy cursor on lubuntu has been a problem for years19:12
cooloutaci see people comoplaining about it in 2012 and up19:12
cooloutaci mean its a huge problem since lubuntu is used mostly for older systems,  and when i got the kids and my parents clicking too manyt imes19:13
cooloutacand yes i added the me too the bug report,   something that hasn't got fixed in 4 years19:13
holsteinthe gnome tool doenst work for you?19:13
cooloutacgnome tool?19:14
holstein14:40 < vikingredwolf> in Gnome it happens because of a daemon19:14
cooloutaccan you explain?19:14
cooloutacwhat is it I'm supposed to do?19:14
cooloutacbetter yet please don't talk to me19:15
cooloutacI think i'd be better off ignoring all your advice, sorry19:15
TheSchafsounds like a good plan, go to a help channel, ask for advice and then ignore all the advice :D19:16
cooloutacTheSchaf: if you wanan give me some that'd be great19:16
cooloutacbut holstein doesn't actually give advice,  he just likes to hear himself postulate19:16
cooloutache is lost in the clouds like most of these freenode nerds,  I don't need that shit today19:16
holsteincooloutac: its good advice from vikingredwolf , actually.. if you want to try and provide a busy curor, i would try it.. otherwise, /join the OT channel for discussion..19:16
cooloutacfucking try what????19:17
cooloutacyou are not sayign anything19:17
cooloutacare you telling to me to install something called "gnome tools"19:17
cooloutacand if so then wtf do I do with it?19:17
cooloutacthe fact you are suggesting that,  probably means its fkn nonsense19:17
holsteincooloutac: im trying to calm this down, a notch.. please, watch the language in the channel..19:17
cooloutacholstein: get lost dude19:18
cooloutac4 years people have been asking how to do this19:18
cooloutacand not one fkn answer online19:18
cooloutacand I'm supposed to listen to the guy that only wants to postulate to himself about unrealted shit?19:18
Unit193cooloutac: No cussing (even leaving out a letter) please.19:18
cooloutacthis project is a failure19:18
cooloutaci'm gonna have to go back to fedora lxde19:19
Unit193Sure, have fun.19:19
cooloutacpretty soon lxde will be deprecated it looks like19:19
holsteincooloutac: cheers! we'll be here, if you need assistance..19:19
cooloutacyou will be able to wipe your ass with your "qt" version19:19
holsteinthere are a lot of changes coming..19:19
wxldo not feed the trolls, folks19:19
holsteinwell, it did trail from trolling to support question..19:20
wxl→ offtopic19:20
Chicken_WrapHey, I'm having a problem with the live version of Lubuntu. When I add files to the desktop, they sometimes do not show up at all, so I have to restart the desktop. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix it?19:42
Chicken_WrapAlso, I know for a fact that they are actually (because ls) THERE, but they just won't show on 'graphically'.19:44
leszekChicken_Wrap: pressing f5 should refresh the desktop19:53
Chicken_Wrapleszek: I've tried that. No luck.19:54
leszekfam or gamin should be installed which autorefresh this normally. Though it might be a bug somewhere else19:54
leszekrunning 14.04 I don't have any problem so far19:54
Chicken_WrapIt's been installed to your HDD?19:55
Chicken_WrapThat works too.19:55
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Chicken_Wrap#join #lubuntu-offtopi21:28
rytomiCan anyone help me install a video driver to Lubuntu?22:41
Kamilionnvidia or amd catalyst?22:45
rytomiNiether. It's a VIA chipset. They provide the drive for Lubuntu 15.04, but I can't seem to get it to install I think I'm missing something.22:45
rytomiIf you want to take a look, you can download from here: http://linux.via.com.tw/support/downloadFiles.action22:47
rytomiI have the VX900 chipset.22:47
rytomiThe Make.log has Error 2 at the end.22:49
rytomiNo one?22:52
rytomiOk.... guess no Lubuntu for me :(22:57
krytarikrytomi: Why do you think you need it then?22:59

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