ZigguratI tried to install Intel Graphics Driver for Linux on Ubuntu 15.10, I am not sure if it worked the installer says it requires 15.04 but I circumvented the check, at least I got some more features unrelated to graphics. I have only been able to launch linux with the nomodeset parameter both before and after I tried to install the driver.10:06
BluesKajHey all14:01
amariHi, is ubuntu 15.10 beta 2 out?14:56
amariBluesKaj: Where to get it? Can't find it in releases.ubuntu.com yet14:56
amariBluesKaj: thanks :D14:58
BluesKajit's in the topic above as well14:58
BluesKajor should be14:58
amariDaily builds: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ the normal daily builds14:59
amarinot the beta ISO itself14:59
amaribut should be the same as the one released today :P14:59
amariOr I don't know...14:59
BluesKajlook at the date in the list below the images , it syas sept 24 , which is today15:00
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coyoteHi I am running ubuntu 15.10 and having trouble installing brackets because of a dependency issue https://github.com/adobe/brackets/releases I tried installing the deb file with gdebi and get this message Error: dependency is not satisfiable:libcrypt11 (>= 1.4.5)Launchad says that it's a transitional dummy package  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+package/libgcrypt11-dev16:46
coyoteWhich dependency should I go for?16:47
coyotelibgcrypt20-dev the new one or a libcrypt11?16:48
qenghocoyote: The old transition isn't in your dist version then?16:52
coyotehow do I tell>16:53
qengho$ apt-cache policy libcrypt1116:54
qenghocoyote: since you know what it did, you could make your own that Depend on new, and satisfies the name of the old.  Pack age "equivs" can do that for you. Read its man page.16:55
coyoteapt-cache policy libcrypt1116:55
coyoteman page for what command?16:57
goddardi sometimes have to run my ssh command multiple times to connect20:24
goddardi use private key files20:24
goddardis this some how my fault?20:24
lehzmsomething change with the 15.10 torrents? rtorrent stating not authorized suddenly23:08
DalekSeclehzm: New beta, didn't know/remember they did torrents for beta releases.23:44
fhfDalekSec: He mean rtorrent package, not torrents for releases23:52
fhflehzm: its up to rtorrent devs if i understand you correctly23:53

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