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ohmyhello everybody08:43
justCarakashello ohmy08:45
ohmy(general qml question) i'd like to create a thumbnail of my current qml view (well i need a sort of screenshot of my current view something like the boxes https://dribbble.com/shots/2129157-Moovers-Visual-Sitemap)08:45
ohmywhat could be the best "crossplatform" approach to achieve this ?08:46
kivijustCarakas, o/08:47
justCarakaskivi o/08:56
kivijustCarakas, what's new?08:57
justCarakaskivi: not much when it comes to app development :p08:58
kivijustCarakas, ah shucks.08:58
kiviI'm about to release a game. Just need a paypal account08:58
justCarakaskivi: main focus is on websites atm :)08:59
justCarakaskivi: cool :) can't you create one ?08:59
kivijustCarakas, I'm sure I can. No credit card~08:59
justCarakaskivi:  you don't need one :) at least the last time I checked :)09:01
justCarakaskivi: you can use paypal without a credit card09:02
kivijustCarakas, yeah. I guess I could just set it up now... I just need to confirm... hmmm09:02
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nemomcphail: I apologise, but I misplaced the link to the ppas.sh file, do you mind terribly giving it to me again?13:04
nemowas thinking of asking our ubuntu builder to take a look13:05
nemosince you said you weren't going to have much time for it, figured it might help13:05
nemomcphail: https://launchpad.net/~costamagnagianfranco/+archive/ubuntu/hedgewars-nightly  this guy ☺13:07
nemofigured maybe he might be more familiar w/ cross compiling since he does the arm desktop package13:07
mcphailnemo: hi. Unfortunately I'm sitting at an airport and will be out the country for a week or so. I won't have access to my machine until then. Can you remember when I sent you the link? We should be able to get the link from the irc logs13:10
nemocouple of days ago. cool. had no idea there was an irc log13:11
nemoscrolled back but couldn't find it13:11
nemomcphail: is there anything special about your build env he should know, if I convince him to try this? or is it just some internal ubuntu build box?13:12
mcphailnemo: https://adoptingubuntu.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/creating-an-emulated-armhf-chroot-for-development/ is my setup13:13
mcphailnemo: http://termbin.com/d86l was the link to that file, but I can't open it from here so don't know if it is dead13:16
mcphailnemo: :)13:17
mzanettikenvandine, hey, if we want to share a remote music stream, that's ContentType.Link, right? Not Music15:10
mzanettipopey, are we meeting today?15:34
popeyoh, it's that time.15:35
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davmor2victorp: music app skip is random right or was that fixed?  In the playlist version is that handled by media-hub?18:11
victorpdavmor2, ?18:11
victorpwrong victor?18:12
davmor2victorp: indeed sorry18:12
ogra_victorp, no, we expect you to fix music app now18:12
ogra_you have been pinged ... there is no way back18:12
victorpdamn.. you are slave driver!18:12
victorpogra_, haha18:12
* ogra_ grins18:12
victorpsee you on monday , remember ?18:12
ogra_me ?18:13
* victorp grins even more18:13
victorpogra_, you are not in budapest18:13
victorpI will find you!18:13
victorpsomewhere :)18:13
ogra_nobody likes me18:13
victorpogra_, fair enough18:13
davmor2victorp: on a plus because nobody likes ogra_ he's fine with you blaming him for stuff he doesn't even touch so not all bad :)18:34
victorpdavmor2, that is a good point!18:34

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