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flexiondotorgogra_, Does the linux-raspi2 kernel also provide the bootloader?08:07
flexiondotorgOK, where does Snappy get that from then?08:07
ogra_from the oem snap08:08
ogra_(soon to be renamed to gadget snap)08:08
flexiondotorgRight, so this is a snap tool that provides the required device specific "stuff"?08:09
ogra_no, its a snap developer who does :)08:09
flexiondotorgSo, I know practically nothing about Snappy.08:09
ogra_there is no tool beyond "snappy build" to finally assemble the snap from a tree of binaries08:10
flexiondotorgI'm not doing Snappy for Ubuntu MATE (yet).08:10
flexiondotorgI know how to put the boot loader etc in the right places and have debs for that.08:10
ogra_yeah, you probably dont want to yet08:10
flexiondotorgBut I'm interested to understand the mechanis for this with snappy.08:10
ogra_for snappy you need to try to think out of debs and closer to upstream08:11
flexiondotorgogra_, Yeah I've been told to not adopt snappy just yet.08:11
flexiondotorgBefore :-)08:11
flexiondotorgogra_, I understand the concept of snappy, just not how a snappy OS if created.08:11
flexiondotorgbut, I've got my answer.08:11
ogra_a snap is just a collection of binaries and glue between them, how these binaries are produced is up to the person making the snap08:11
flexiondotorgI can used the linux-raspi2 kernel (when available) and I'll have to provide the bootloader, firmware and GPU drivers myself.08:12
flexiondotorgogra_, So the snap binaries.08:12
flexiondotorgThis is a prebuilt OS for different architectures?08:12
ogra_we might focus on getting the free graphics driver to work08:13
flexiondotorgA generic rootfs, if you will?08:13
ogra_so this might end up in the archive proper08:13
flexiondotorgogra_, OK cool.08:13
ogra_the snappy OS is similar to the phone today ...08:13
flexiondotorgogra_, The is also the fbturbo driver that is 2D accelerated for Pi2.08:13
flexiondotorgogra_, Understood.08:14
ogra_you have a generic rootfs and a device tarball that carries all device specific bits08:14
flexiondotorgAnd can I create my own "device tarball"?08:14
ogra_the oem snp from above describes that combo and ships everything necessary to boot08:14
flexiondotorgogra_, BTW, thanks for answering all these questions.08:14
ogra_np :)08:14
flexiondotorgogra_, OK, thanks.08:14
flexiondotorgAfter 15.10 I think I'm going to spend to first couple of week into 16.04 playing with snappy.08:15
ogra_the oem snap can also describe what app snaps you have preinstalled ... and even potentially ship default confis for them08:15
flexiondotorgogra_, Am I right that snappy is not suited for graphical applications right now?08:15
ogra_so it is very easy to build an appliance for example08:15
ogra_there is some Mir demo snap for amd64 i think, so it is "a little" suited :)08:16
ogra_but far from ready for general use08:16
ogra_not sure if it includes Xmir08:16
flexiondotorgFinally, app snaps.08:16
flexiondotorgAre these discrete apps that can have inter apps dependencies or are they everything you need for a full stack app?08:17
flexiondotorgMore precisely.08:17
ogra_well, imagine them as "metapackage on steroids"08:17
ogra_or "project packages"08:17
flexiondotorgIf I wanted to make a snap of Discourse, would everything required by Discourse be in a single app snap?08:18
flexiondotorgLike I do it with Docker now.08:18
ogra_i.e. i'm currently packaging a mailserver snap ... that consistes of dovecot, postfix, spamassasin and the bits needed to make them work together08:18
flexiondotorgOk, understood.08:18
flexiondotorgSo, in the future, if I wanted to make Snappy MATE the whole desktop and all compoents applications would be a single app snap?08:19
ogra_yeah ... plus application snaps08:19
flexiondotorgSo, MATE desktop would be one snap. Firefox another. LibreOffice another and so on?08:20
ogra_i.e the whole basic desktop would be one single one ... and then you have a libreoffice and a firefox snap on top08:20
flexiondotorgIn 10 minutes you taught me everything I needed to know.08:20
ogra_there is also #snappy btw :)08:21
flexiondotorgAnd joined. Thanks.08:21
ogra_and very newly we have snapcraft ... a tool that makes building snaps easy enough my mom coould do it ;)08:21
ogra_well, probably not my mom :)08:22
flexiondotorgFor building app snaps?08:22
ogra_but yu dont need big skills with it08:22
flexiondotorgogra_, Reading that now. You should use ZNC ;-)08:23
ogra_all you need is the snapcraft.yaml ... the rest is fully automatic (the other bits there are just glue)08:23
ogra_yo go into the dir with the snapcraft.yaml ... call snapcraft and out comes a snap08:23
flexiondotorgstage-packages being debs?08:24
ogra_and if you upload your branch to LP there is a single button "build snap" that does the same and even uploads it to the store for you08:24
ogra_but they could also be a github branch08:24
flexiondotorgOh man. That is brilliant.08:24
ogra_that would then get automatically built08:24
ogra_or some other upstream centric thing ...08:25
flexiondotorgIs that LP button in there now or coming?08:25
ogra_its in there right now08:25
flexiondotorgOK, getting distracted from my 15.10 beta 2 testing now.08:25
flexiondotorgSo want to play with that.08:25
flexiondotorgMust resist.08:25
flexiondotorgThank you.08:25
ogra_yeah, finish your beta :)08:25
flexiondotorgThat has totally sold me on the idea.08:26
flexiondotorgI'll be playing with Snappy after I've got 15.10 out the door.08:26
flexiondotorgMany thanks.08:26
ogra_if you have questions (you surely will) ask in #snappy :)08:26
flexiondotorgWill do.08:27
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