kenvandinerobru, ack'd an publishing01:06
robrukenvandine: tanks01:09
kenvandinerobru, np01:09
robruMirv: the fix I did that made uncommitted branches go away broke dual silos04:12
robruMirv: the watch phase in a dual silo watches the wily build twice04:13
robruMirv: I'm working on a proper fix but won't be able to land it today04:13
robruMirv: so for your shift you should double check vivid builds before publishing04:13
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Mirvrobru: ok, thanks for telling, I'll do manual checks.04:53
robruMirv: actually it's only 10, I may roll out tonight... just working on unit tests.04:54
robruthe trick is that if I rollout I need to stay up at least long enough to confirm nothing exploes.04:55
Mirvheh, ok, we'll manage either way04:55
robrunah I better not roll out so late, I'm getting sleepy05:23
robruMirv: yeah I'll sleep on this and roll out first thing tomorrow.05:24
Mirvrobru: sounds like a good idea05:51
robruMirv: maybe warn people that it's possible that vivid builds fail but train reports only wily status06:04
robruOnly for today though, my fix is good i think06:04
robruMirv: oh actually, what would you prefer? I could revert the thing that introduced this bug, but then we're back to "merge failed due to uncommitted changes" when merging silos06:05
Mirvrobru: yes, I'll look a bit what people are doing and tell them06:11
Mirvrobru: I think this is better, we can glance the vivid builds a bit more closely06:12
robruMirv: OK, yeah the uncommitted changes thing required a lot of futzing in train internals when it arose.06:13
Mirvpstolowski: hey! so they thing is that the branch did already go through QA and was landed on Monday. but since this x86-only webbrowser unit test flakiness was found out, it'd be good to understand if we're truly safe with it or not. the silo 054 is only there to test how the revert would look like, if something odd is spotted.07:25
Mirvso that's why I ran all the unit tests for packages I could think of doing network tests, in addition to the autopilot tests and manual tests done during the landing earlier.07:27
pstolowskiMirv, otp07:34
dbarth_robru: ack, will review silos this morning07:45
robrudbarth_: thanks!07:50
Mirvsil2100: so, we need to keep extra eye on vivid+dual silos for today. the watch_only currently watches over wily twice, so there's a possibility of missing a vivid build failure. robert will push the fix in the evening, but I thought it's better to live with that than with the "merge failed due to uncommitted changes" problem (a fix for which brought this regression)08:21
sil2100Mirv: ok, good to know, not sure if there will be many dual landing silos with the wily final freeze08:22
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? ping cihelp | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: wily final freeze and OTA-7 string/feature freeze now in effect
Mirvsil2100: well final beta freeze will be over in <12h08:23
Mirvsil2100: not final freeze, final beta freeze :)08:23
Mirvfinal freeze Oct 15th08:24
sil2100Oh, right, indeed ;)08:24
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? ping cihelp | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: wily final beta freeze and OTA-7 string/feature freeze now in effect
sil2100Now that sounds better08:24
dbarth_hey o/ can a ci admin help me upload oxide-qt 1.9.3 to silo 21 ?08:34
dbarth_it is now available in the phablet-team ppa, courtesy of oSoMon08:35
pstolowskiMirv, hey, I'm not sure what to do, as far as arm is concerned all looks fine with latest rc-proposed images. I guess it would be worth checking x86, but that would require unity8 environment on the desktop08:35
dbarth_we need a full source rebuild, to catch the right media-hub dependency which is in the overlay ppa08:35
sil2100dbarth_: let help you08:41
Mirvpstolowski: right, it was just an idea if you can come up with anything extra to check or run in a loop, and also as a FYI that something has changed. it'd be nice of course to have a test case to trigger that error message sometimes seen without this bug fix.08:41
sil2100dbarth_: will need to re-build the source package, this will take a while08:42
dbarth_sil2100: oh yes, it will take time, but that's really required now08:42
sil2100dbarth_: the rebuild too, but I meant that before uploading it to the PPA I need to re-build the source to get it a new version number, which usually takes a while on my PC - but it's in progress08:43
Mirvsil2100: if you didn't notice, the Monday's qtbase landing makes one webbrowser unit test flaky on x86 only. oSoMoN is trying to understand it. the Monday's fix is a further fix to another fix which upstream urged everyone to ship on May (the previous fix is already in OTA-6). https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/12073808:50
Mirvsil2100: I rebuilt all scopes, unity8 etc to have unit test results in addition to AP results, but only that one test on x86 seems to become flaky. if something is noted, there's a revert silo 054 which can be tested with.08:51
dbarth_sil2100: ah, i thought you could do a ppa copy? is there something we can do next time for the version number?08:51
Mirvsil2100: but the fix could/should also fix random network failures, and at least pstolowski had seen the symtom in scope logs earlier when multiple requests were queued (which this new landed patch fixes), so as long as everything seems perfect on armhf I'd vote to keep the patch in08:52
sil2100dbarth_: we can't do a PPA copy because since it's a rebuild, we need to have a different version number08:53
dbarth_hmm ok, so we could have spared the re-upload to phablet; good to know anyway08:53
sil2100Mirv: I would also opt for keeping the patch released in this case, only considering reverting it if the flaky test seems unfixable for some reason08:54
Saviqpsivaa, hey, so I've been trying to get the dependencies fixed... unfortunately there's a lot of alternatives between unity8 and qtmir, and when upgrading just unity8... apt decides it's better to remove qtmir-android and ubuntu-touch instead of upgrading them...09:09
psivaaSaviq: this is with image 191?09:11
Saviqpsivaa, 183 on mako, same thing09:11
Saviqit's basically because qtdeclarative5-qtmir-plugin has qtmir-desktop | qtmir-android09:12
psivaaSaviq: yea,  I do not have an idea as to how to proceed with this. testing a devel package on an older image doesn't look very suitable09:13
Saviqand apt apparently decides the first one is better than the second, even if it causes a removal of some packages instead of just upgrades09:13
Saviqpsivaa, well, it *should* work, that's why we have the elaborate dependency chains...09:13
Saviqpsivaa, one thing that comes to mind09:14
Saviqpsivaa, is we could add "ubuntu-touch" to the list of packages for apt-get install, that makes apt choose the right solution...09:15
Saviqand we always want ubuntu-touch don't we... only adverse effect might be its otherwise unnecessary upgrade09:15
psivaaSaviq: ok, we could try adding ubuntu-touch to the apt-get install list, obviously i'm not entirely sure of its effects on other package tests09:25
Saviqpsivaa, IIUC that boottest only runs on touch, right? so ubuntu-touch is always there... the only point where it could be a problem is when there's a new ubuntu-touch package09:27
psivaaSaviq: right, it only runs on touch.09:28
psivaaSaviq: and yes, when there is a new ubuntu-touch and there is another package to test, we'd actually be testing an environment of both upgraded09:29
alan_gcihelp I'm not sure why, but we've just had a couple of new jobs added to Mir CI (mir-wily-i386-ci and mir-mediumtests-builder-wily-armhf). They are failing consistently and blocking work - can we disable them please? (We will want to re-enable once we've resolved the problems with those targets.)09:38
psivaaalan_g: aiui, this was a request based on  https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/cupstream2distro-config/add-mir-priority-jobs/+merge/27213809:40
alan_gpsivaa: that request was for them to be added as without their failures affecting the CI PASS. That isn't what I see.09:42
psivaaalan_g: do you have  a job that these are affecting09:44
psivaaa link i mean09:45
alan_gAlthough... there's another failure too.09:45
alan_gI guess it could be clearer which build results affect the overall result.09:47
psivaaalan_g: yea, since these are specifically marked nonfatal, it should be the other failure that's causing the MP to fail09:48
alan_gpsivaa: thanks for the help.09:49
Saviqpsivaa, just noticed one thing though, the apt-get command has a -t ${release-proposed}, ubuntu-touch might not be in proposed... but would apt-get install a package from release pocket to satisfy a dependency of a proposed package when -t ${release}-proposed is used?10:03
Saviqpsivaa, FWIW, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12540662/ made the boottest pass for me with silo 3810:10
psivaaSaviq: looking10:11
psivaaSaviq: curious how this would have installed the actually required packages from -proposed?10:12
Saviqpsivaa, you mean without -t wily-proposed?10:12
psivaaSaviq: yes10:13
Saviqpsivaa, -t is just prioritizing10:13
psivaaSaviq: ahh ack, so the needs_install.packages were actually installed from wily-proposed10:13
Saviqpsivaa, from silo 38 in fact10:14
Saviqpsivaa, I only removed it because I was testing with the PPA, it should be fine with it when the packages are in proposed10:14
* Saviq tries with something that's actually in proposed10:14
Saviqonly question is if apt-get will be fine with ubuntu-touch not being in proposed when -t wily-proposed is passed10:15
Saviqtrainguards, mir from https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/365 is UNAPPROVED queue, is that because of FF? is there a plan to deal with that these days?10:22
* Saviq starts thinking we should start a wily overlay..10:23
MirvSaviq: yes, because of that, the final beta freeze should be over later today10:24
ogra_Saviq, no need to "start" anything ... the existing one could serve more than one release10:25
MirvSaviq: a given idea for the eventual wily -> wily + 1 delay from slangasek was configuring dual landings to be both to the overlay (although train does not support such at the moment)10:28
Mirvbut that's not needed for this ending-very-soon freeze, more like when the final freeze hits in on Oct 15th10:28
Mirvand then when wily + 1 opens the overlay/wily can be copied there10:29
Saviqogra_, d'oh, of course10:30
Saviqpsivaa, so, while I couldn't properly verify because of the beta freeze, IMO http://paste.ubuntu.com/12540898/ should work10:49
psivaaSaviq: thanks for this. I'll make a note of it and give it a try, may be when the freeze is over10:51
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Saviqpsivaa, btw, can't see any boottest results in excuses, have they been disabled?10:57
Saviqalso... shouldn't nm have been blocked in migration when it broke the boottest? :)10:58
psivaaSaviq: yea, i dont see them either, disabling them is not on our side, may be the release team did?10:59
psivaaSaviq: as per how nm slipped in, the boottesting is done after provisioning + and then installing the package.10:59
psivaaso the nm would not have broken boottest10:59
psivaasil2100: do you know if boottesting is disabled in the britney side?11:01
sil2100psivaa: it shouldn't, I only saw some propositions but nothing definite11:24
psivaaSaviq: not sure if you've got VPN setup, http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/psivaa-wily-boottest-unity8/9/artifact/results/log/*view*/ is with your suggestion to add ubuntu-touch, but on Krilllin though11:56
psivaaSaviq: 'ERROR: timed out waiting for Unity greeter'11:57
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Saviqpsivaa-lunch, unity8 and qtmir dependencies are not fixed yet (they are in silo 38)12:02
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
Saviqpsivaa-lunch, so it only upgraded unity8 without the required qtmir upgrade12:02
=== psivaa-lunch is now known as psivaa
psivaaSaviq: ahh ack, understand.13:20
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camakotrainguards, silo 57 says "Migration: mir is in the UNAPPROVED queue". What does this mean?14:02
sil2100camako: that's normal, wily is still in final beta freeze so the archive for most packages is frozen14:04
camakosil2100, so when is it going to migrate?14:04
sil2100camako: any seeded package, as per infinity's announcement, now requires an archive admin approval before migrating - and I think mir is seeded in desktop14:04
sil2100s/archive admin/release team14:06
camakosil2100, ok I see. Do I need to do anything?14:06
sil2100camako: not sure, I suppose we could poke the release team to check it and push it through later today, as the beta images should be ready around later today14:06
camakosil2100, and it's dual landing. Would this block the vivid landing too?14:07
camakokgunn ^^14:07
sil2100camako: no, the vivid landing is already released14:08
sil2100It's just the wily part that will be blocked :)14:08
camakothanks sil210014:08
dbarthsil2100: is there an apparent reason why oxide-qt failed to buikd on armf? https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-021/+build/793562814:10
dbarththere's no build log or indication of why it failed14:10
kgunncamako: cool14:11
kgunnwell...not cool, but thanks for telling me :)14:12
cjwatsondbarth: I've retried, that was around the time of a buildd upgrade so could've been related to that14:12
cjwatson(that should have just caused builds to be retried automatically, but ...)14:12
dbarthcjwatson: so you retired the armhf one specifically already? or should i do something in the interface?14:14
dbarthretried, even... ;)14:14
cjwatson2015-09-24 11:20:45+0000 [QueryProtocol,client] Scanning kishi19 failed with: Attempted to start a build on a known-bad builder.14:14
cjwatson2015-09-24 11:20:45+0000 [QueryProtocol,client] Judged builder kishi19 (1 failures) with job PACKAGEBUILD-7935628 (1 failures): False, False14:14
cjwatson2015-09-24 11:20:45+0000 [QueryProtocol,client] Failing job PACKAGEBUILD-7935628.14:14
cjwatsonI think the sysadmin doing the upgrade may not have quite followed the prescribed ordering14:14
kgunnsil2100: yeah, so altho it landed in vivid....since it was dual landed, that does mean we have to wait for any new (dual) landings in those projects right ?14:14
dbarthhmm, welll that explains then14:14
cjwatsondbarth: I retried it in Launchpad.  If CI Train thinks the build has failed, you should do a *watch-only* build14:15
cjwatsonarmhf specifically, yes14:15
dbarthok, thanks for that14:15
cjwatsonAlso checked, no other instances of this AFAICS14:15
dbarthi'll do a watch build in a bit once the ppa task is completed14:15
cjwatsonWell, you can do it now and let the computer remember it for you :)14:16
cjwatsonIt'll wait for the build to complete14:16
dbartheven better !14:16
dbarththank you sir14:16
rvrjamesh: Approving silo 1914:17
sil2100kgunn: theoretically yes, but if you're certain that these packages are migrated we can force-merge it14:20
dbarthhmm, the watch actually didn't go so well14:21
cjwatsonok, you need a trainguard for that14:21
sil2100dbarth: what's up?14:21
cjwatsonalthough: I did say "if CI Train thinks the build has failed"14:22
dbarthsil2100: trying to watch build silo 21, now that cjwatson kindly restarted the armhf build which had failed (see log above)14:22
cjwatsonAFAICS, it did not think that the build had failed14:22
cjwatsonthe last run of the build job was nine days ago ...14:22
cjwatsonunless I entirely fail to understand https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-021-1-build/build14:22
dbarthit was a manual source upload14:23
cjwatsonAIUI, a watch-only build is only necessary if the train thinks the build has failed14:23
cjwatsonwhich is why I had that "if" in my instruction14:23
sil2100dbarth: strange, there's no sync in the silo even14:24
sil2100dbarth: I think that's some bug in the train code14:26
sil2100dbarth: no, wait, it's not a bug14:27
sil2100dbarth: ok, fixed, now running watch_only, seems to work14:28
dbarthok, great14:28
dbarththanks all14:29
kgunnsil2100: what do yo mean "certain packages are migrated" ?14:29
kgunnin the end yes, it'd be nice to have a "force merge" button..knowing that they _would_ migrate after freeze is over14:30
kgunnthis way, the merge back happens, and we can continue landing new stuff, and the "new" pkg should just overwrite what's in the queue right ?14:30
robrukgunn: depends what queue you're talking about. that's already possible with Proposed pocket, but if you force merge something in UNAPPROVED, it gets deleted forever14:58
kgunnrobru: ok, that i don't know "where it is"....it was mir/u-s-c from silo 57 y;day14:59
robrukgunn: I don't know either but it would have said either 'Migration: foo is in the Proposed pocket' or 'Migration: foo is in the UNAPPROVED queue'15:00
robrukgunn: basically: pockets are safe places for packages to hang out even after the silo is freed. queues aren't.15:00
robrukgunn: just read some scrollback, it was UNAPPROVED15:04
robruwhich is expected due to the freeze15:05
kgunnrobru: assuming they create their beta today, it could at least make it into proposed ?15:05
kgunnat least i would hope that's how this works15:05
robrukgunn: yes once the freeze is lifted it would go into proposed15:06
kgunnta even15:07
robruyou're welcome15:14
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ogra_sil2100, i need to skip today15:46
popeysil2100: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/pickerProblems/+merge/272062  we need that in _before_ OTA-7 for notes app - date picker is broken15:52
popeysil2100: I assume zsombi needs to land it, once reviewed.15:52
sil2100ogra_: ACK15:56
sil2100popey: do you know if it's targetted for any current landing?15:56
sil2100bzoltan: ^ ?15:56
popeyI don't15:56
robrusil2100: meeting?16:00
bzoltan_sil2100: popey: that MR is a work in progress16:47
sil2100bzoltan_: you think it would be ready for OTA-7?16:47
bzoltan_popey: sil2100: it need to be landed first to the staging16:47
bzoltan_sil2100:  when OTA7 gates close?16:47
sil2100bzoltan_: the final freeze will be (we hope) in 2 weeks16:47
sil2100The dates aren't final yet since there was some confusion with those that Pat set16:48
bzoltan_sil2100: popey: no problem... it will make it to that16:48
sil2100bzoltan_: would it be possible to get that next week ASAP? :)16:48
bzoltan_sil2100:  i will do a landing next week for sure. So it is very much possible... but first that MR need to be approved and merged tothe staging16:49
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robrubfiller: let me know if you need help with silo 48, looks like your packaging is wrong.18:06
bfillerrobru: which package is broken? renatu ^^18:07
robrubfiller: renatu address-book-app has broken build depends line18:08
robruVersion should come before arches18:08
renatulet me see18:08
renatubfiller, this is the Kaleo's branches18:09
robruKaleo: in address-book-app you've got "foo [arches] (> version)" but it should be "foo (> version) [arches]"18:10
Kaleokenvandine, ^18:11
Kaleorobru, thanks18:11
robruKaleo: lol did ken make that mistake? He should know better...18:12
Kaleorobru, yeah, one beer :)18:13
robruKaleo: nah, it's from this MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/address-book-app/converged_bottom_edge/+merge/270693 blame fboucault18:21
robrubfiller: ^18:22
Kaleorobru, nah I merged ken's MR that creates the issue into that one :)18:22
Kaleokenvandine, youa around?18:22
robruKaleo: oh, you are fboucault, lol18:23
Kaleorobru, funny heh18:23
robruKaleo: nice to meet you ;-)18:23
kenvandineKaleo, yeah, what's up?18:45
Kaleokenvandine, in address-book-app you've got "foo [arches] (> version)" but it should be "foo (> version) [arches]"18:45
Kaleokenvandine,  ;)18:45
Kaleokenvandine, I fixed it locally in my branch that merges yours18:46
kenvandinethx :)18:46
robrukenvandine: hey while you're around can you publish a couple silos? https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/publishable ;-)18:49
kenvandinerobru, i'll take a look18:50
robrukenvandine: thanks18:51
kenvandinerobru, done ;)19:03
camakosil2100, are the beta images done? Should we talk to the release team to approve silo 57 migration (Mir 0.16)?19:39
oSoMoNtrainguards: can the i386 and amd64 builds for vivid be retried in silo 46 please? (https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-046/+build/7936554 and https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-046/+build/7936551)20:08
oSoMoNtrainguards: and on a related note, would it be reasonable to give permission to the person who owns a silo to retry a failed build for one given arch?20:09
oSoMoN(reasonable and doable, of course)20:10
sil2100ogra_: on it20:47
sil2100I mean20:48
sil2100ogra_: scratch that20:48
sil2100oSoMoN: on it (even though he's gone)20:48
robrusil2100: oh i tried already, dias it need it again?20:49
sil2100They were failed, so probably they fail constantly...20:57

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