dholbachhello hello from mvo's place :-)08:03
davidcalledholbach, hey :-)08:34
dholbachsalut davidcalle08:46
dholbachdavidcalle, are we there yet? :)08:59
davidcalledholbach, they are waiting on mike to confirm if the version they plan to publish is working well, but yes, we are there!09:08
dholbachgo go go go go!09:10
davidcalledholbach, indeed :)09:10
dholbachdavidcalle, does the video on ubuntuonair.com show for you?10:20
davidcalledholbach, I see the player with a "Please stand by" message10:21
dholbachok cool10:21
dholbachthanks - now it shows up for me too10:21
dholbachit wasn't earlier10:22
popeydholbach: how long until the on air?10:22
popey2 hours 10 mins, right?10:22
* popey re-shares10:23
dholbachyep, writing a longer blog entry now10:23
davidcalledholbach, is the qml demo working?10:24
dholbachthe qml snapcraft plugin works again10:24
dholbachI haven't tried running the example though10:25
dholbachmight be worth checking :-)10:25
davidcalledholbach, cool :) I want to try to snap an app during lunch10:25
dholbach'snapcraft run' also works now10:25
dholbachhaven't tried with mir yet :)10:25
davidcalledholbach, you need to make it aware of your snappy vm to make it run?10:25
dholbachjust run 'snapcraft run'10:26
* davidcalle loves magic tricks :)10:26
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mhall119pleia2: are you coming to FOSSETCON again this year?20:19
pleia2mhall119: no, I have 3 conferences between now an then, and I decided that was enough for the year :)20:39
mhall119smart decision, you're barely home as it is20:41
mhall119you will be missed though20:41
pleia2thanks :)20:43
mhall119I'll have to take jose out to taco bell on my own20:47
popeyfor the number of times I've been to the US, I'm surprised I've only been to Taco Bell once20:58
mhall119that's probably enough times20:59

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