* TheMuso returns.00:18
andyrockgood night all02:07
Trevinho'night (or morning) all03:05
dufluTrevinho: Heh. Night03:07
dufluand soon afternoon03:07
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robert_ancellbye all04:56
didrocksgood morning05:06
TheMusoHey didrocks. Feeling better today?05:09
didrocksTheMuso: not really, woke up at 2am and couldn't sleep again until 4…05:14
didrocksTheMuso: thanks for asking though :)05:14
didrocksnothing really worrying, it's just a cold, but enough to feel uneasy05:14
TheMusodidrocks: Yeah, I know.05:15
pittiGood morning05:20
didrockshey pitti!05:22
pittibonjour didrocks !05:22
hikikohello all05:30
didrockshey hikiko05:33
Sweet5harkgoood morning (from mission: at conference)!06:01
didrockshey Sweet5hark06:07
Sweet5harkdidrocks: heya.06:08
seb128good morning desktopers!06:40
didrockshey seb12806:41
Sweet5harkseb128: heya06:41
seb128re didrocks :-)06:41
seb128hey Sweet5hark06:41
pittibonjour seb128 !06:44
seb128pitti, hey, wie gehts?06:45
pittiseb128: gut, danke!06:45
pittiseb128: a bit tired, two hours of Badminton on Tue and two hours of Basketball last night take some toll :)06:45
pittibut it was great06:45
seb128I had 3 hours of tennis yesterday, feeling a bit tired as well today06:46
pittiseb128: 3! wow06:47
seb128yeah, it was fun ;-)06:47
seb128they do mixed groups on wednesday evening, anyone can show up and they and each hours there is a round where you play with different people06:48
seb128-and they06:49
pittiseb128: oh, that's fun! so you don't adjust too much to only one or two players06:49
seb128it's also often doubles06:49
seb128depending of the number of people showing up06:49
seb128great fun ;-)06:49
seb128I often do two rounds but I stayed for a third one yesterday06:50
* pitti -> allergy shot, bbl06:54
pittire; ironically, the doctor is ill07:02
didrocksah :p07:03
seb128seems like you didn't have to go far at least07:03
pittino, just 2 mins walking07:04
seb128hey willcooke07:13
TheMusoHey willcooke. :)07:13
didrocksmorning willcooke07:15
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larsugood morning!07:29
willcookehey larsu, seb128, TheMuso, didrocks07:31
didrocksmorning larsu07:31
seb128hey larsu TheMuso07:31
larsuhehe that was quick07:32
Laneyhi ;-) (-;08:02
larsumorning Laney!08:03
Laneyit's larsu!08:03
pittihey Laney!08:03
didrockshey hey Laney08:03
larsuhey hey hey Laney08:04
Laneyoh it just gets better and better08:04
Laneyhey pitti and didrocks08:04
larsuyou just broke the chain :/08:04
Laneyforget that08:04
Laneyi'm too happy to see everyone08:04
larsuawesome :)08:04
Laneyeven in textual form08:04
Laneywhat's up?08:04
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:05
larsunot much. Drinkning tea after a night drinking a lot of beer08:05
larsu*drinking even08:05
Laneylarsu: pink killer?08:06
Laneyseb128: MAN, YOU AS WELL08:06
larsunah, good old flensburger08:06
seb128Laney, stop shouting, larsu has an hangover!08:07
larsunot really08:07
larsuit wasn't *that* much08:07
* pitti hands larsu some Gurken08:08
larsupitti: danke und gtuen morgen :)08:12
seb128Trevinho, hey :-)08:12
seb128how are you?08:12
didrockslarsu: so, you drink, and I'm the sick guy, unfair!08:12
didrockshey Trevinho08:12
larsudidrocks: get better!08:13
didrocksif only things were so simple08:13
pittididrocks: argh, cold caught you after all? :-(08:13
TrevinhoA bit tired, but ok (last night I closed my editor at 5 :-P)08:14
didrockspitti: yeah, I didn't resist Julie's microbes…08:14
didrockspitti: but of course *she* now feels really well…08:14
pittididrocks: you're supposed to not resist *her*, not her microbes08:14
* pitti hugs didrocks08:14
* didrocks hugs pitti back08:15
pittididrocks: some guy at basketball had a cold as well yesterday, I hope I did't catch it08:15
pittiotherwise I'll bring the ubuflu to Budapest08:15
didrockspitti: argh, yeah, keep strong then to not be patient 0 :)08:15
* Laney watched Cordon a few weeks ago08:17
Laneythat was a fun series08:17
Laney(speaking of patient 0...)08:17
pittiI don't get the reference08:17
pittibut only ~ 8 more OITNB episodes, afterwards I need a new series; is that a good one?08:17
LaneyIt's about the outbreak of a virus :)08:19
Laneyyeah, it's not too deep but still quite fun08:19
pittiah, not on netflix08:20
Laneythe BBC was showing it08:21
Laneyeven though it from Belgium08:21
* TheMuso -> EOD. Goodnight folks.08:22
LaneyI guess they started looking for non-English series to buy after the Killing proved so popular08:22
Laneybye TheMuso!08:22
willcookeg'night TheMuso08:22
didrockssee you TheMuso08:23
seb128davidcalle, looks like the fix from https://code.launchpad.net/~submarine/unity-scope-zotero/trunk never landed in Ubuntu, do you think you can get that uploaded?08:23
seb128Trevinho, stop working so late! or sleep longer next day ;-)08:24
seb128Trevinho, what did you hack on all night?08:24
davidcalleseb128, what year is it?08:24
seb128davidcalle, I saw it when reviewing bugs with patches08:25
Trevinhoseb128: the more I work in the scrollbars, the  more issues I find...08:25
seb128Trevinho, :-(08:25
Trevinhoseb128: I'm more focused when I've the long night for me ...08:26
TrevinhoAnd if something blocks me.... Then I just can't stop08:26
seb128typical hacker behaviour ;-)08:26
davidcalleseb128, thanks, I'll look into demoting that package from the distro asap ;-)08:26
seb128davidcalle, wfm, less code to maintain!08:26
TrevinhoSort of ;-)08:27
seb128Trevinho, willcooke, do we expect the scrollbar changes to land for wily? we probably need ffe/uife for that08:27
davidcalleseb128, more seriously, I don't even know if it still works, the maintainer has lost interest, I'll see what I can do about that08:27
Trevinhoseb128: in terms of UI nothing changes for the screenshots or... Anything docs related08:28
seb128davidcalle, it's really a minor detail, unsure if anyone use that service, I just mentioned it because if we ship it we can as well have it to work08:28
davidcalleseb128, indeed08:28
TrevinhoBut as you prefer08:28
seb128Trevinho, well, it does, we don't have overlay scroll thumbs anymore, right?08:28
seb128well, I prefer less work08:29
seb128maybe Laney has an opinion08:29
Laney"the more issues I find" sounds worrying to slide in late :)08:29
seb128Laney, do you think the scrollbar change in unity is a ffe?08:29
davidcallewillcooke, I'll send you a mail soon about old python scopes we still ship and should kill :)08:29
willcookedavidcalle, nice, that ties in with something I was going to talk to seb128 about08:29
Trevinhoseb128: Yes, but that's only shown in mouse over and I don't think anyone used those for docs, but we can ask an UI fe08:29
willcookeTrevinho, yeah, we'll need a UI FE08:30
seb128Trevinho, well, it's more the ffe, as Laney said, if it's non trivial code change and has potential to create issues it needs a risk/benefit evaluation08:30
TrevinhoLaney: not in the new code, but issues that are alredy there for years08:30
LaneyI don't think it's really bad to ride the time based release cycle instead of pushing risky things through the freeze08:31
Laneybut if you think it will have 0 new bugs then file the request and see what happens08:32
* didrocks is fighting our jenkins tests system again…08:33
hikikoTrevinho, Trevinho Trevinho ping!08:33
willcookeWe need to decide which is better:  New OSB in some/most apps and old OSB in the dash but we know it's status vs same OSB in dash and apps and the risk therein08:34
willcookePersonally, I think having different OSB in the dash vs apps is worth a FFE to fix08:35
TrevinhoLaney: I don't think there are new bugs... It's just that there were bugs inside nux or the dash, that we just ignored till now... And since I'm there I don't want to leave them around08:35
didrockswillcooke: +1, but then, we need to evaluate the risk (but yeah, we already have enough inconsistency in that area to not add more)08:36
TrevinhoI guess you could evaluate the code, it's actually a simplification of things08:37
LaneyThe procedure is that you file the bug and make your arguments in there08:38
LaneyYou might want to get a PPA which other people can try too08:39
TrevinhoLaney: yeah, as always...08:41
seb128Trevinho, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1446081 has a 1 liner patch to use GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_FORCE_SIZE, could you review it?08:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1446081 in unity (Ubuntu) "Incorrect scaling of launcher icons" [Medium,Confirmed]08:55
Trevinhoseb128: ok08:58
seb128Trevinho, thanks08:58
TrevinhoI'll check that after the meeting with kylin08:58
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Laneyattente: !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?09:27
larsuattente: err...09:27
Laneyworking early09:28
Laneyin order to go out bouldering in the afternoon09:28
attenteto both maybe...09:28
seb128hey attente09:29
larsuattente: morning!09:29
happyaronattente: morning09:30
attentegood morning guys :)09:30
didrocksmorning attente ;)09:30
didrockshey happyaron, you around! :)09:30
seb128attente, seems there is a patch on bug #1226962 , do you know if that's still an issue/maybe you could have a look to the change to see if it makes sense?09:31
ubot5bug 1226962 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "Hotkeys not functional in non-latin keyboard layout" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122696209:31
attenteseb128: sure, i think one of those is from the ppa that we couldn't add to archive because holding shift would change the layout back if the switching shortcut used shift09:36
seb128attente, oh, ok09:36
willcookemorning attente09:45
Trevinholarsu: as per bug 1446081, do you think we should always use GTK_ICON_LOOKUP_FORCE_SIZE in unity? As we currently do it in /some/ places... While it seems that it changed its behavior recently10:05
ubot5bug 1446081 in unity (Ubuntu) "Incorrect scaling of launcher icons" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144608110:05
larsugoing for lunch with my sister in mitte, might be gone for a bit longer than usual10:05
larsuTrevinho: sorry about the timing. I'll have look when I'm back10:05
LaneyTrevinho: have you noticed that d-feet's icon in the dash is weird?10:05
Laneyyou get the top left quarter or so10:06
TrevinhoLaney: yeah, no worries10:06
TrevinhoLaney: it might be the same thing10:06
TrevinhoLaney: we use it /somewhere/10:06
larsuTrevinho: short answer: we should for application icons10:06
larsuand fix the theme for others10:06
Laneyactually this only happens on my laptop but not desktop10:06
Trevinholarsu: even for indicators?10:06
TrevinhoLaney: your laptop is lying10:06
larsuTrevinho: indicators have app icons as well (messaging menu, sound)10:07
Trevinhook, ok10:07
* Trevinho puts it everywhere10:07
TrevinhoSo normal behavior is now that we try to get the icon with size that is closer to the one we requested, right?10:07
Trevinho(by using lookup with size)10:08
TrevinhoLaney: my d-feet is fine, though10:08
LaneyWOAH gnome-screenshot crashed10:09
seb128Laney, d-feet is fine here, your laptop is hidpi/use scaling?10:09
TrevinhoLaney: 2x?10:10
seb128maybe has to do with it?10:10
Laney2× indeed10:10
* Trevinho adds that10:10
TrevinhoLaney: ok, that triggers it10:12
Laneyif this same fix doesn't resolve it then I'll file a bug10:16
Laneynot that urgent, I only notice it on d-feet10:16
TrevinhoLaney: I guess it's a different thing10:16
TrevinhoLaney: yeah, but it's caused by something else, so I'd like to know what10:17
Trevinhoprobably because gtk image use scaling for loading them...10:17
Trevinhowhile we do that by ourselves10:17
Laneyif you right click it then the icon is correct there10:17
Trevinholike... load_at_scale...10:17
Trevinhoyep, I saw it10:17
Laneyalright, I'll file it, just for you :)10:18
* Trevinho opened unity at 2x in his non-hdpi monitor... and well, wow... How nice it is!?!10:20
TrevinhoYou should give a try to 4x to see the same thing :D10:20
Trevinhoin dash we've just low quality "arrows", but they should be fixed soon10:21
TrevinhoLaney: we've the same also with Trusty's gtk/gio... And, can you scroll your full app list to see if you see something else?10:24
Trevinho(that's the only one for me)10:25
Laneyseems to be d-feet only10:25
hikikohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/1498712 look at all these bugs we don't have enough time to fix... :) willcooke Trevinho I guess that's important too isn't it? (accessibility + we have wrong position calculations when the desktop is transformed, in this case zoomed)10:35
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1498712 in Compiz "Screenshot while zoom grab different area" [High,Confirmed]10:35
hikikoI think the offset has the size of the scaled decoration from a first quick look10:36
happyaronhikiko: maybe it's something good to have Kylin people involved on those bugs, too10:36
hikikoyes :) if you could help in any way that would be great happyaron ! many thanks!10:37
happyaronhikiko: I saw the meeting with them was canceled, would be nice to raise it in next one10:38
hikikosure happyaron :) will do!10:38
willcookehikiko, that bug... I think it's worth putting on the list, but low priority10:39
hikikook willcooke changed to low10:44
hikikooh noes...10:45
hikikowillcooke, https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/110202410:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1102024 in compiz (Ubuntu) "[regression] Restoring a maximized Gnome Terminal window with keybinding fails to restore the original geometry" [Medium,Triaged]10:45
hikikoour window ordering... seems to be wrong10:45
hikikoif I open gimp10:45
hikiko(with toolbox)10:46
hikikoand then press the ctrl+super+up/down as he says10:46
hikikothe toolbox is on top of the maximized window10:46
willcooketerminal works fine for me10:46
willcookelemme try gimp10:46
Trevinhohappyaron: hey, we cancelled the next meeting because they told me there's a big national holiday during that time, not the next ones...10:47
Trevinhohappyaron: I mentioned about that also in the past meetings, but they're quite busy in doing new stuff now, so I hope they'll find time for bugs as well10:47
hikikoit's because you don't have many win per application willcooke10:48
hikikogimp has 3 windows10:48
hikikoand doesn't work well with gnome terminal :/10:48
willcookebug report says terminal10:48
willcookeworks fine for me10:48
willcookeI'll try 15.1010:48
hikikoI'll upload the video in a minute10:48
Trevinhohikiko: so I'm getting that, however enhanced zoom is not enabled yet by default, and that's something we should actually do.... But We'd need the fix for launcher/dash before :)10:49
hikikoI kno I kno...10:52
hikikobtw willcooke Trevinho https://transfer.sh/qEy90/maximized-term.ogv10:52
hikikothat's what I mean :/10:52
willcookehikiko, opening behind gimp windows?10:53
hikikoexactly willcooke10:53
willcookethat's probably not a bug10:53
hikikoalthough it's maximized10:53
hikikoand it has the focus10:53
hikikoand all windows are normal10:53
willcookegimp tool box windows are Utility Windows by default10:53
hikiko(not always on top for example)10:53
hikikoso utility windows are on top of the maximized ones?10:54
Trevinhohikiko: ahhhh...10:54
hikikono if I do the same on xfce10:54
hikikothe maximized win covers everything10:54
Trevinhohikiko: I think that's a requirement of gimp, in order to be able to use it when the picture is maximzed10:54
Trevinhoor not?10:54
hikikono, if you have a 2nd indow manager or DE10:54
hikikoyou can try to do the same10:55
hikikoand the maximized win goes on top10:55
willcookeGimp -> Prefs -> Window Management (near the bottom) -> Hint for docks and toolbox -> Set to normal window -> try again10:55
hikikolet me see10:55
Trevinhowillcooke: what about making gimp to be default in single-window mode, btw? I guess people coming from other™ OS® would prefer that10:55
willcookeoh, and re-load gimp10:55
willcookeTrevinho, yeah, I use it it single window mode all the time10:55
willcookeand it will be for pocket desktop I expect10:56
Trevinhoindeed it's not installed by default, so it shouldn't be much under our radar, but I guess that forcing that would be a nice addition10:56
willcookeTrevinho, for everyone who likes it, there will be someone who does not.  I don't think it's worth changing, but I don't really mind either way10:56
willcookeanyway, that bug says terminal max and terminal restore sets the window to be still full screen - which is not what we are seeing10:57
happyaronTrevinho: yes Oct 1-7 will be National day holidays10:57
Trevinhoindeed... But well, the thing is that: who already used it knows that can change things from settings. Instead the first-time user feeling that gets three windows opened is: "what the f....?!?"10:57
Trevinhohappyaron: I love your holidays :D10:58
willcookeTrevinho, fair point10:58
TrevinhoI thought we had many national holidays here, but well... Chinese people beaten Italians again :)10:59
Trevinho(actually we've less NH than UK I think)10:59
davmor2Trevinho: we only have like 9 days iirc10:59
hikikowillcooke, I changed to normal and I still get the bug11:00
hikikomaybe it's not11:00
willcookehikiko, ?!?!?!  wmf :D11:00
Trevinhoitaly has 11, but it's flexible as we don't have bank days as in UK, so if an holiday is during the weekend we loose it :( (So I guess, it happens everywhere else)11:01
willcookehikiko, trying on 15.1011:01
willcookedownloading gimp @ 45k a sec11:01
hikikono no11:02
davmor2Laney: difference is iirc china get no other days off that is like our 25 plus national11:02
hikikogimp needed reboot11:02
hikikocool one bug less!11:02
* willcooke didn't know about utility windows until now11:03
willcookeI wonder if u8 supports that11:03
Trevinhowillcooke: I don't think so :)11:03
willcookeI should speak to robert_ancell about them in xmir rootless11:03
Trevinhowillcooke: there was a discussion IIRC and a doc about this (by JohnLea)11:04
willcookeah, kk11:04
Trevinho(i might find it if you want)11:04
* Trevinho hopes in drive domain search11:04
Trevinhohikiko: I was looking at https://trello.com/b/9YvUSYqq/unity-7, it looks like you've three tasks in progress... I guess you can adjust them to reflect proper status11:05
willcookeTrevinho, I remember reading it - it was about a million pages long11:05
willcookes/remember/read it but forgot all the content11:06
Trevinhowillcooke: however, I don't think gimp will run natively there until we don't get the gtk3 port11:06
Trevinho(not sure what's its status)11:07
willcookeyeah, it'll be Xmir, but maybe xmir rootless11:07
TrevinhoIt's funny that the GimpToolKit is at 3.0 (heading to 4.0), and gimp is still on 211:07
willcookeurgh - gimp downloading at 17k sec now.  I think my router needs a reboot11:08
Trevinhodo you have fiber or what?11:08
willcooke2 x vdsl11:08
Trevinhoah, nice... I've VDSL as well. But just one :o11:08
Trevinhohow much is the speed there?11:08
willcookein theory I should be able to download a from a single server @ 40 Mbps11:08
Trevinhoah, so... 40 x2..11:08
willcookeIf I'm downloading from multiple servers (e.g. iso torrents of Ubuntu) then I should be able to hit 80 -> 100 Mbps11:09
TrevinhoMh, I've 30 Mbps, but they should be upgrade it to 50 at some point.... And next year FTTH finally (300Mbps).11:09
* Trevinho dreams11:09
willcookeI went from 8 Mbps x 2 to 40/50 (depending on the weather) x 211:10
willcookeI thought that would be soooo much that I could drop one of the lines11:10
willcookebut no11:10
willcookeMOAR GBS11:10
TrevinhoWell, at the end if you end up in a server that is not responsive as it should, it doesn't matter11:10
Trevinho(as probably in this case)11:10
* didrocks loves his FTTH at 1Gbps11:11
hikikook Trevinho11:11
willcooke /o\11:11
hikikoI added some activity :p11:11
Laneyi knew that didrocks was going to appear11:11
Trevinhodidrocks: don't troll us, 3rd world guys!11:11
Trevinhoit's not kind11:11
didrockswell, I'm using wifi thus, so the gig… :)11:11
Trevinhodidrocks: how much is that?11:12
didrocksTrevinho: 30€/month (incl phone and tv)11:12
didrocksyeah, quite nice :)11:13
didrocksmost plans have 300Mbps for 38-39€11:13
TrevinhoI'm 34 times slower paying just 10€ less (but because I've a good deal, main operators gives you 30Mbps for 45€, and nothing else included)11:13
Trevinhodidrocks: and is that symmetric?11:14
didrocksTrevinho: no, but still 200Meg up11:14
* Trevinho can now cry and go back to serious stuff11:14
Trevinhothink that when I'm at my parents' home (in countryside) I've just a crappy 6/0.5 Mbps ADSL -_-11:15
didrockswell, my parents are at 2… so yeah, I know the feeling :)11:16
hikikoTrevinho, remember the bandwith in Changsha when you used vpn etc and stop complaining!11:16
hikikoyour adsl is super fast :p11:16
Trevinhomh, right11:16
Trevinhowell, that was super-fast... When you only needed Chinese stuff11:16
didrocksheh :)11:16
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|ln
andyrockgood morning11:26
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?11:26
andyrocksleepy :D11:27
qenghogood morning11:31
didrockshey andyrock, qengho!11:34
seb128hey qengho11:44
* happyaron wants to write something that changes wallpaper automatically11:45
* happyaron will do it11:45
Laney"gsettings set" ?11:46
happyaronwith some crawling functions11:46
happyaronand I love KDE11:47
Laneyor https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SlideshowWallpapers ?11:48
happyaronI know that and is dealing with the Kylin wallpapers...11:48
happyaronbut I want to crawl wallpapers from some Internet sites and change to those wallpapers automatically11:49
seb128Laney, desrt, larsu, could https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/284909f1836f8bba8cc9703066f408c7bee28de6 be a glib bug?11:49
seb128g_menu_exporter_menu_items_changed assertion failed: (position + removed <= g_sequence_get_length (menu->item_links))11:49
seb128just have it when starting pidgin on my wily11:49
seb128we got a few recent similar reports11:50
willcookedesktoppers:  http://ubuntuonair.com/  <-- Snappy Clinic for people who want to learn a bit about Snappy.  It'll be recorded11:55
willcookestarts in about 30 mins11:55
Trevinhoit works :)11:55
seb128what works?11:55
* willcooke is loving the hellos as well11:55
Trevinho(ehm I meant the highlighting :P)11:55
seb128oh, keywords ;-)11:55
* seb128 likes the hellos, the channel feels more active11:56
Trevinhoit's tempting now to bother everyone by saying deskto***ppers at every second :D11:56
hikiko|lnhey, could anyone write add a testimonial here (if you have some time I mean)? thanks in advance! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/hikiko11:57
didrocksok, I'm starting to hate javascript rendered page :p11:57
didrocks(yeah, I told that)11:58
didrocksI wonder how I can fix that in ubuntu make11:58
seb128hikiko|ln, sure11:59
seb128hikiko|ln, what do you apply for? ubuntu membership?11:59
hikiko|lnyes seb12811:59
seb128you should write it on the page ;-)11:59
hikiko|lnwhere? I was copying willcooke's page tbh :p plagiarism :p12:01
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
seb128ok, maybe not12:03
seb128your page feels a bit light though12:03
seb128maybe give some example of things you fixed12:03
hikiko|lnbut there are all in lp and I wrote that I work on nux, compiz and unity... :)12:04
* didrocks has a terrible idea… let's see how it goes12:04
seb128well, it's just my feeling, but the contributions and futur goals section could be a bit more verbose12:04
seb128but maybe it's fine12:04
seb128hikiko|ln, in any case I'm going to add something to your page ;-)12:05
hikiko|lnthanks a lot seb128 :)12:05
willcookehikiko|ln, mutant star goat?  :)  HHGTTG ftw12:09
* willcooke lives in perpetual fear of the time he calls The Coming Of The Great White Handkerchief12:09
hikiko|lnhaha yes12:10
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
hikikoI am back from lunch btw I forgot the nick12:11
* willcooke expects qengho knows these refs as well ^12:13
didrocksthe evil solution worked \m/12:18
seb128didrocks, don't tell anyone about it then ;-)12:25
didrocksseb128: oh, I won't, I need to adapt tests for it though :p12:26
larsuseb128: [not sure if already answered above] could be, but it's more likely that someone is using the api wrong12:54
larsuseb128: shall I look into it?12:54
seb128larsu, if you want, but pidgin is gtk2, so if something is using it wrongly it's unity-gtk-module I guess?12:54
seb128so maybe one for attente?12:55
LaneyAny special steps to make it happen?12:56
seb128no, it stopped doing it12:56
seb128"starting pidgin" did it the first 3 times12:56
seb128like clicking on the dash or starting from a command line12:56
LaneyI started it like 10 times12:57
seb128yeah, it stopped doing it here now12:57
larsuyes, it's in unity-gtk-module12:58
larsuattente knows this much better than I (if he has time)12:58
seb128desrt, just crossed https://launchpadlibrarian.net/217269912/Stacktrace.txt which might interest you (or not), "g_file_monitor_source_handle_event: code should not be reached" bt in 2.45.712:59
attenteweird, unity-gtk-module hasn't really changed in over a year12:59
larsumaybe a menu in pidgin has and is hitting an edge case?12:59
seb128attente, I don't think that bug is new13:00
seb128https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/1427739 seems similar13:00
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1427739 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "nautilus crashed with SIGABRT in g_assertion_message()" [Medium,Confirmed]13:00
seb128which is from 15.04 but just got a duplicate report from wily13:00
seb128so maybe not happening often and just some coincidences13:01
seb128closing pidgin just made unity-panel-service segfault13:02
larsuno problem! It restarts! WONTCLOSE13:03
seb128#0  0xffffffff in gtk_menu_tracker_model_changed (tracker=0xb452a5c0, tracker=0xb452a5c0, n_items=1, offset=<optimized out>, change_point=0xb450e30c)13:03
seb128    at /build/gtk+3.0-78a2wN/gtk+3.0-3.16.7/./gtk/gtkmenutracker.c:29013:03
seb128I can reproduce by exiting pidgin13:03
seb128oh, pidgin triggered apport as well, bug #149931813:05
ubot5bug 1499318 in pidgin (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/pidgin:GMenuModelItemsChangedInvalidIndex" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149931813:05
qenghowillcooke: I didn't remember that handkerchief one. :(13:05
seb128I don't understand what those reports are though13:05
seb128recoverable errors?13:05
seb128what has a hook for that one?13:06
seb128well, that's not a segfault13:06
seb128it's an apport special type of report13:06
seb128but unsure who declared those and on what it triggers13:06
seb128well, the GMenuModelItemsChangedInvalidIndex apport report I mean13:06
seb128the segfaults/assert are real13:07
seb128http://paste.ubuntu.com/12541905/ is the unity-panel-server segfault13:09
seb128is that possible/normal?13:10
seb128shrug, and why is apport not triggering on u-p-s segfaults :-/13:12
larsuno, this shouldn't happen13:15
larsuoff-by-one error somewhere in u-g-m?13:15
seb128bug #1499133 is the u-p-s segfault13:16
ubot5bug 1499133 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity-panel-service crashed with SIGSEGV in gtk_menu_tracker_remove_items()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149913313:16
seb128attente, can you have a look? let me know if debug info would be useful13:16
attenteseb128: yep, looking!13:17
* Trevinho leaves for ~1hr13:17
seb128Trevinho, have fun!13:17
seb128hum, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1499117 is recent as well13:19
seb1282.45.8/./gio/gmenumodel.c:400:g_menu_model_real_get_item_link: code should not be reached"13:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1499117 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity-panel-service crashed with SIGABRT" [Undecided,New]13:19
desrthello desktop13:20
desrti am here13:20
seb128desrt, hey13:20
seb128desrt, good timing, some potential glib issues in the recent channel backlog :-)13:20
desrti see that13:21
desrtthe file monitor stuff?13:21
seb128I just mentioned that one because it's a "code should not be reached", I just saw 1 report13:21
seb128in case you would be interested13:22
desrtthat sounds like my stuff :)13:22
desrtit asserts?  call desrt!13:22
didrockshey desrt! :)13:30
seb128Laney, should we sync the new gst-fluendo-mp3 to wily?13:48
Laneyseb128: probably don't want to drop packages now, wasn't going to bother14:02
seb128Laney, ok, it should fix bug #1358368 from the ChangeLog, I wonder if we should do some fix backporting then14:04
ubot5bug 1358368 in gst-fluendo-mp3 (Ubuntu) "Seeking is broken with media-hub on versions 0.10.24 and above" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135836814:04
Laneyhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/182644117/gst-fluendo-mp3_0.10.29.debian-1_0.10.29.debian-1ubuntu1.diff.gz I think fixes the same bug14:06
Laneyit turns off that code path anyway14:06
seb128yeah, I though so, unsure if that has side effect/if the official fix is better14:06
seb128anyway that can wait next cycle14:06
Laneyprobably is but I don't think they hve the bug14:06
Laneyif you want to do it then grab the orig and 0ubuntu1 the update14:06
attenteseb128: it stopped reproducing for you entirely now?14:22
seb128attente, which one? the pidgin or unity-panel-service one?14:22
attentethe pidgin one14:23
seb128the ups segfault is easy to get by closing pidgin14:23
seb128I had it a few times again14:23
seb128I can try to get info if you want, tell me what you need14:23
larsuspeaking of which... are we declaring chat on desktop dead or will we s/empathy/pidgin before the lts?14:23
seb128I would argue for empathy->piding if pidgin wasn't still gtk214:24
seb128but it is14:24
seb128so unsure14:24
seb128that's one of the topics for London14:24
attenteseb128: do you know if pidgin' parent or child process is crashing?14:25
larsuoh weird. Is there no activity on that one either?14:25
seb128attente, could be, it's behaving weirdly, like the buddy list is not showing sometime14:25
attentelike i mean if you gdb pidgin with set-follow-fork to child, does it segfault there?14:26
seb128larsu, there is, but not a lot and gtk3 doesn't seem an obvious "must do" to everybody14:26
attenteer. "set follow-fork-mode child"14:26
seb128[Inferior 2 (process 14960) exited normally]14:27
seb128(gdb) **14:27
seb128GLib-GIO:ERROR:/build/glib2.0-9TzlcR/glib2.0-2.45.8/./gio/gmenuexporter.c:256:g_menu_exporter_menu_items_changed: assertion failed: (position + removed <= g_sequence_get_length (menu->item_links))14:27
attenteso i guess that means the parent is crashing?14:27
attentecan you paste the bt for that?14:28
seb128attente, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12542582/14:28
seb128attente, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12542593/14:29
attenteoh, sorry, i meant reproduce, except without the "set-follow-fork-mode child"14:29
seb128let me install libunity-gtk2-parser.so.0 debigs14:29
attenteand libunity-gtk2-parser0-dbgsym too please14:30
attenteer, sorry14:30
seb128attente, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12542615/14:32
attenteseb128: thanks14:34
seb128is that useful?14:34
attentenot really sure yet tbh. probably not, seems to have pretty much the same info as the error report14:36
seb128attente, ups has some warnings14:39
seb128(unity-panel-service:17865): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_label_set_text_with_mnemonic: assertion 'str != NULL' failed14:39
seb128attente, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12542693/ is the bt of one of the warnings14:40
seb128attente, larsu, I've submenus with "No actions available" greyed section in pidgin, could that be a special case that confuses the parser?14:46
seb128like try to enable a bonjour account14:47
seb128larsu, attente, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/submenus.png14:48
attenteseb128: seems like pidgin is explicitly adding that item14:48
* didrocks waves good bye, going for some nap (getting more sick and I'll need to be on shape to focus on some doc tomorrow morning)14:48
seb128didrocks, get better!14:49
seb128attente, try enabling a bonjour account in pidgin and get online, that might be enough to trigger it for you as well?14:50
seb128desrt, larsu, attente, that pidgin assert doesn't happen if I ld_library_load glib 2.44.114:52
seb128LD_LIBRARY_PATH I mean14:52
seb128or ld_preload libglib-2.0.so.0.4400.114:53
attenteseb128: yeah... that definitely triggered it14:55
seb128attente, the bonjour account?14:56
attenteseb128: yep14:56
seb128going to make easier to debug if it can be reproduced14:56
attentei'll try the older glib too...14:57
seb128well, it's going to work, it's pretty reliable14:57
seb128so something change in glib that makes your code grumpy14:57
attentegit bisect? :)14:59
seb128you like those :-)14:59
attenteseb128: yup, you're right :) bisecting...15:04
andyrockdesrt: ping15:12
seb128attente, hum, starting gedit displays those warning15:19
seb128** (gedit:21929): WARNING **: (../../../lib/unity-gtk-menu-shell.c:176):unity_gtk_menu_shell_show_item: code should not be reached15:19
seb128wonder if that's the same issue15:20
seb128that's new as well I think15:20
attenteyeah... what's going on here?15:20
Laneyyeah if you enable the External Tools plugin...15:21
Laney** (gedit:32245): WARNING **: (../../../lib/unity-gtk-menu-shell.c:176):unity_gtk_menu_shell_show_item: code should not be reached15:21
Laney/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gedit/plugins/externaltools/windowactivatable.py:208: Warning: g_sequence_iter_next: assertion 'iter != NULL' failed ui_manager.ensure_update()15:21
Laney/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gedit/plugins/externaltools/windowactivatable.py:208: Warning: g_sequence_iter_get_position: assertion 'iter != NULL' failed ui_manager.ensure_update()15:21
LaneyGLib-GIO:ERROR:/build/glib2.0-h3kZN2/glib2.0-2.46.0/./gio/gmenuexporter.c:256:g_menu_exporter_menu_items_changed: assertion failed: (position + removed <= g_sequence_get_length (menu->item_links))15:22
Laney[1]    32245 abort (core dumped)  gedit15:22
seb128I'm not alone15:22
Laneyit's a terrible club and I want to quit it15:22
seb128I think it's either the recent gtk or glib update, I would bet on glib since ldpreloading the old one fixes those15:22
Laneydesrt always says that it is someone using the API wrong :)15:22
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hikikowillcooke, https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/815996 did you manage to reproduce it? I saw your tag I was about to mark it as invalid15:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 815996 in OEM Priority Project trusty "Desktop occasionally freezes/locks up when switching workspaces" [High,Confirmed]15:32
seb128willcooke, bamf is sort of part of unity and it looks like it could benefit from a run of the script that close old apport segfault untouched bugs15:35
hikikooops I have to go... see you later! :)15:35
larsuseb128: sort of?15:36
seb128larsu, well, I though it was used by some other docks/desktop environments nowadays15:37
seb128but yeah15:37
larsunot sure, might be15:39
Trevinhoseb128: Yes... There's not much to close there, but ok15:41
larsubamf is perfect15:43
TrevinhoIt is :-P15:43
seb128Trevinho, there is a stack of old segfaults in _XReply15:43
seb128script closing them would be nice15:43
andyrockand a script to close all the bugs that are marked need-design and start with 7*16:01
larsupretty sure it "needs design" "P16:02
andyrockthe script can close them with a nice comment16:03
andyrocksomething like16:03
andyrock"this design is s**t"16:03
andyrockahah :D16:03
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desrtandyrock: hi16:31
andyrockdesrt: hey! I'm debugging a indicator-appmenu memory leak16:32
andyrockbasically it seems like that some (quite a lot) memory is not freed when an application is closed16:32
desrtandyrock: that's correct.16:33
andyrocki'm using G_SLICE=debug-blocks G_DEBUG=gc-friendly valgrind16:33
desrtjust use G_SLICE=always-malloc16:33
andyrockwell i used that too16:33
desrtbut don't expect glib to release all memory before it quits.  we just don't do that.16:33
andyrockbut I'm getting too much noice16:33
desrtignore the reachable bits and focus on the unreachable stuff16:33
desrtwe've had an idea to support freeing all memory on exit (not enabled normally) in order to help reduce valgrind noise but the effort stalled for a couple of reasons16:34
desrtit's _extremely_ difficult to do this in a nice way16:34
andyrockk valgrind should work too in this case? I mean indicator-appmenu is a library16:35
desrtyes.  you just have to know how to use valgrind properly16:35
andyrockso I'm just loading it using  indicator-loader16:35
andyrocknot sure if valgrind can help in this case16:35
desrtandyrock: valgrind reports reachable, maybe-reachable and unreachable blocks16:36
desrtyou need to only look at the unreachable stuff....16:36
seb128nessita, hey, did you see my ping the other day? ;-)16:53
seb128ups, sorry, ctrl-W with wrong win16:54
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* Laney sniggers17:06
seb128Laney, nervous one?17:08
Laneysort of17:08
Laneybut it will be frozen anyway17:08
Laneyso :(17:08
seb128have fun!17:09
* seb128 is going to call it a day soon17:09
seb128spent most day in launchpad reviewing bugs and triaging/picking things that should be fixed in the next cycles17:09
Laneysome time in the swamp17:10
Laneygood for the skin17:10
desrti'm going to head out to go to seneca@york soon17:25
desrti left my laptop's power adaptor there during the X developers conference and i need to go pick it up17:25
desrti'll be in the subway, so no net access17:25
desrtwill be back later in the afternoon17:25
desrti will not be around during tomorrow, hoever.  i will be driving a car to cincinnati17:26
seb128desrt, drive safely!17:28
willcookesafe travels desrt17:32
kgunnwillcooke: hey do you know when the wily beta is gonna be cut and the freeze will be over ?17:34
willcookekgunn, aiui freeze in to wily won't be over now, so you'll have to wait until X is open17:35
willcookeFinal beta freeze is today17:36
willcookekgunn, final freeze is Oct 1517:36
kgunnwillcooke: right, my understanding is things could at least move into proposed once the beta has been curated17:36
kgunneg today17:36
kgunnwillcooke: otherwise the whole idea of dual landing is borked17:36
* Trevinho leaving again for some football (soccer, meh) playing.... Back later17:39
kgunnsituation is such...dual landing happened last night of mir/u-s-c, freeze happens17:39
willcookekgunn, well, I guess there is a difference between bugs and features right17:39
willcookeif you're talking about bugs, then final freeze is Oct 1517:39
kgunnpkgs migrate to vivid+o, but sit in "UNAPPROVED" queue for wily due to freeze17:39
kgunnthis is worst case17:39
kgunnb/c we can't  even force merge etc17:40
kgunnmeaning, anything in this state can't have anything else landed17:40
kgunnlittle bit better state is to at least have those pkgs go to proposed pocket17:40
kgunnwhere we can force merge, and continue landing (and overwriting whatever is in proposed)17:41
seb128kgunn, try asking on #ubuntu-release17:41
seb128but things that are phone specific should be let through17:41
seb128things in mir/used somewhere else needs manual ack17:41
kgunnseb128: thanks and tried asking on #ubuntu-release... crickets18:02
willcookeg'night all18:46
andyrocknight all19:38
robert_ancellhi all21:23
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attentegood night22:29
TheMusoMorning folks.22:33

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