lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:50
lotuspsychjenameuser_: hi06:31
nameuser_I'm going to buy a Samsung SSD 850 Evo 120G. Does it work well with Ubuntu?06:32
lotuspsychjevery well06:32
* ObrienDave waves from Englewood, Colorado, USA08:11
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EriC^^anybody good with lvm?21:06
daftykinsnewp ;x21:07
* daftykins always avoids it21:07
lordievaderEriC^^: What's up?21:07
* lordievader loves lvm21:07
EriC^^great :D21:07
daftykinsheh, imo if you don't get your partitions right the first time you didn't plan well 8D21:07
lordievaderWhcih reminds me, I need to checkout lvmetad on Ubuntu.21:07
lordievaderdaftykins: I don't have to plan for the future.21:08
EriC^^if you're using a live cd to mount an ubuntu using lvm21:08
EriC^^you just install lvm2, then vgchange -ay ?21:08
lordievaderEriC^^: Yes, or lvchange -ay if you just need one lv.21:08
EriC^^ok, and then you run lvscan to get the list of partitions?21:08
lordievaderFor that you don't need to activate them.21:09
EriC^^i want to mount them21:10
lordievaderThen you do need to activate them ;)21:10
EriC^^oh ok21:10
EriC^^cool, thanks man21:11
lordievaderHmm, lvmetad doesn't seem to be available on Ubuntu.21:16
tgm4883daftykins: why not have OS on raid 10?21:24
daftykinsonce you have the OS on there you'll find maintenance and drama far worse21:25
daftykinsfar easier to keep an OS beside and simply have the main body of storage as a mount point imo21:26
daftykinsyou'll see folk come in time and time again that've upgraded and killed their RAID setups21:26
tgm4883daftykins: doesn't the RAID just look like a single drive though? or are you talking about a setup without a raid card?21:27
tgm4883eg. fakeraid21:28
daftykinswell this user isn't telling us what the RAID setup is, but yeah mdadm setups and what not21:28
tgm4883or softraid21:28
tgm4883ah ok21:28
* daftykins pats his hardware RAID21:28
tgm4883yea I don't generally deal with that sort of thing. When I dealt with hardware, it was physical raid cards21:29
daftykinsjust the other night a disk decided to go AWOL :) unplugged the SATA power, popped it back in - it was rebuilt within a few hours like nothing ever happened21:29
tgm4883and not that onboard raid crap :)21:29
daftykinswell most Linux folk don't use any of it21:29
daftykinsthey just let Linux handle it in software21:29
daftykinsi use intel's rapid storage tech for windows customers though21:29
daftykinskeep their personal data on a RAID 121:30
tgm4883daftykins: surely you mean linux consumers21:30
tgm4883or people using something like ZFS21:30
daftykinsno because i don't put in Linux for anyone21:31
daftykinsand it's a firmware RAID so i don't think it plays too well with Linux :D21:31
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EriC^^how do you solve these lts-vivid stuff?22:00
EriC^^nouveau wants xserver-xorg-core and installing that removes the lts-vivid ones --> blank screen on reboot22:01
EriC^^should he use the old kernel that isn't lts-vivid to fix this?22:01
daftykinsthat'd need to be paired up with the older xorg components22:05
EriC^^we installed the old xorg stuff, still not working *shrug*22:56
daftykinsdid you track down removing the entire HWE?23:02
daftykinswhat was even the original issue? nvidia drivers not working?23:02
EriC^^yeah i think it removed it all http://termbin.com/frra23:04
EriC^^apt-get install xserver-xorg-core made all that happen ^23:05
daftykinshmm, and what resulted after that? working nouveau boot?23:07
EriC^^nope, blank screen23:07
daftykinshrmm, you had an lspci listing at any point?23:08
daftykinscould be handy23:08

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