amjjawadGood morning, darkxst :) is there any chance the current images will have a re-spin?00:03
darkxstamjjawad, there was a respin today I believe06:59
darkxstthough now I see your emails, so you already know that!06:59
octoquaddarkxst, can I mark that plymouth initramfs bug report as invalid? I am unable to reproduce on my end. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings/+bug/149420108:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1494201 in Ubuntu GNOME "update initramfs when installing plymouth theme" [High,In progress]08:01
Inokidarkxst you here?08:50
amjjawaddarkxst, yes, that's the beauty of being on IRC when it's the milestone release day hehe09:03
amjjawadhello octoquad and Inoki ;)09:04
InokiHi Ali, replying to your mail.09:04
amjjawadHi Inoki, which email? guess I'll wait then :D09:04
octoquadhi amjjawad how are you?09:05
amjjawadhi octoquad, not very good but not too bad either .. how about you?09:05
octoquadyeah i'm ok thanks. :)09:05
amjjawadthat's good to know, octoquad09:06
amjjawadit seems that only very few of us are testing and using the ISO tracker :(09:06
amjjawadyou, me, Lance and someone else not sure who09:06
amjjawadI fail to understand what's so hard about ISO tracker that people avoid it? :/09:07
octoquadhmm, it was a bit confusing when first starting, but I think over time it gets easier.09:08
amjjawadindeed but still sad that only very few are using it ..09:10
amjjawadthe problem is, we can't tell who is testing and who is not unless using the ISO Tracker. Well, I know bugs report is kind of a way to know but it won't give you accurate data at all.09:11
amjjawadFor example, there might be 10 people testing and none of them find any bug.09:11
octoquadmight be related to free time people don't have when testing is required, I think reminders a 2 weeks before hand, if possible might get people prepared if they are interested in testing.09:11
amjjawadHow would we know that? without using the ISO tracker? I don't think we can.09:11
octoquadyes, that makes sense as well.09:12
amjjawadoctoquad, that's useless if you ask me. Beta 2 images are ready only 48horus before it's released09:12
octoquadsure, but we have a good idea when they will arrive.09:12
amjjawadunless you mean only a reminder, that's something else. In fact, the best way ever is to keep sending this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases09:13
amjjawadI always check this link09:13
octoquadYes, a friendly reminder, maybe a week before looking at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseSchedule09:14
octoquadjust throwing ideas out there :)09:14
amjjawadyou're right09:15
amjjawadI was fighting with: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/146268809:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1462688 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Wily) "ubi-timezone failed exit code 1 error when installing UbuntuStudio Wily-15.10 32bit version" [Critical,In progress]09:15
amjjawadI left some notes09:15
octoquadamjjawad, interesting, I didn't hit that bug with three installs today.09:17
amjjawadsome people still can't produce it so I understand where you're coming from09:17
amjjawadInoki, that's why I hate written communications :D09:20
InokiIf it was possible otherwise...09:20
amjjawadalways and I mean always people will get you wrong, no matter how hard you try ;)09:20
amjjawadYes, it is possible but YOU ALL disagreed.09:21
amjjawadI have asked you all to do Google hangout just like what Ubuntu tea does09:21
amjjawadbut then again, you guys refused :)09:21
amjjawadI am not going to reply that email09:21
InokiIt's not that I disagreed, I cannot because of borked hardwared.09:21
amjjawadI am going to write here09:21
amjjawadYou misunderstood me big time!09:21
InokiI only replied to what I read.09:21
InokiIt was stated there directly, plain and clear.09:22
amjjawadI was NOT accusing you, I was actually AGREEING with your approach. By not asking the public for their opinion and ONLY ask those who are decision makers ;)09:22
InokiThat's the reasonable approach to take.09:22
amjjawadyou misunderstood what I wrote ;)09:22
amjjawadand I was AGREEING with it :)09:22
amjjawadnot the way you understood it09:23
InokiPerhaps, a bit, but then again I couldn't help it. I am quite a sensitivite one and things like these I often, even unwillingly, take personally.09:23
amjjawadI know09:23
amjjawadcan I be honest?09:23
InokiYou have to09:23
InokiEven if it's bad09:23
amjjawadyou're the most sensitive member within our family and I know I need to think twice and be very careful with you!09:24
amjjawadI can handle it, no problem but I am just trying to say that I know that fact about you :D09:24
InokiI often speak my mind, and sometimes it doesn't sound nice. But then again the world isn't nice either.09:24
amjjawadIf you can't find nice people, be one09:24
amjjawadthe world is nice, it's we who are making it worse09:25
amjjawadby we, I mean the entire human race09:25
InokiTrue that. Change yourself and the world might change too.09:25
amjjawadSo, don't take it personally ;)09:25
InokiRoger that09:25
amjjawadI have nothing against anyone09:25
amjjawadEveryone knows me within Ubuntu09:25
amjjawadI hate no one09:25
amjjawadOps, I lied. I hate Microsoft :D09:25
InokiScumbags :D09:25
amjjawad+ Apple :D09:25
InokiHow's progress with the teams btw?09:26
amjjawadAh, that one09:26
amjjawadsomething is not going the way I want09:27
InokiI've been meaning to ask about the marketing + design merge, but haven't heard/read anything.09:27
InokiAnd again about meetings - I cannot attend audio/video, my microphone works only under Windows.09:27
amjjawaddarkxst, is focusing on the names of the sub-teams while I focus on the function of each09:27
amjjawadInoki, use Windows and I won't tell anyone :D09:28
amjjawadAh, to be honest, I gave up :D Ubuntu GNOME is the only project I contributed to it and had only 2-3 meetings for 3 years :D09:28
InokiMy gf still uses Windows and I can't convince here despite the fact she loves Gnome, but she can't have Adobe, she can't have games she plays on it...09:28
InokiI am moving away from everything, I even got an Ubuntu Phone.09:29
amjjawadI understand and when I started StartUbuntu project, I learned and understood that GNU/Linux is not for everyone ..09:29
amjjawadReally? YAY :D09:29
amjjawadnot sure when that will be available here in down under09:30
InokiAquaris E5 HD, but it's not so good.09:30
amjjawadOh :(09:30
InokiI mean design yes, HD yes, but it freezes a lot, hangs, not many apps, those that are are buggy.09:30
InokiBut it has crystal clear sound on the phone.09:30
amjjawadI think they need more time until things start to be better09:31
amjjawadby the way Inoki :D hehe .. if you just waited and read my other reply, you would have understood what I was talking about :P heheh09:31
amjjawadbut never mind, cased solved :D09:31
InokiWhat I dislike about Ubuntu is they release prematurely, which is not a wise strategy. People can be disappointed just as me. I wait for the next OTA and if it won't bring necessary improvements I'm afraid I'll have to revert back to Android for the time being.09:32
InokiYeah, noticed that after I wrote the email...09:32
amjjawadno worries ;)09:32
amjjawadI'd appreciate if you send another email saying that case solved after chatting with me on IRC :D09:33
InokiI will reply to the other one.09:33
amjjawadno problem09:33
amjjawadoctoquad, all is good here :D how was your testing?09:33
amjjawadI won't mark them as ready yet. I'll do that before going to bed. It's 19:33 here09:34
octoquadno problems on my end.09:35
octoquadDon't have time for the i386 tests unfortunately. I hope someone can assist with those today *holds thumbs*09:35
octoquadHi Inoki, apologies for not greeting earlier09:36
amjjawadoctoquad, refresh ;)09:36
InokiHey octoquad, no worries, how's it going?09:36
Inokioctoquad glad to hear that :309:37
octoquadI downloaded the ISO09:37
octoquadthat's as far as I got haha09:37
amjjawadthat's the beauty of Virtual Machines :d09:37
amjjawadstill you helped us :D thanks for testing amd64 :D09:37
octoquadno problem09:37
amjjawadguys, did you see the youtube for GNOME 3.18? :D09:38
InokiYeah, about that testing... I am yet to get my machine back. ricotz told me yesterday good news, that the latest AMD Catalyst will be a part of the fglrx bundle in Ubuntu, so I will get to use Wily after all :309:38
InokiI fell in love with 3.1809:38
amjjawadI loved that YouTube video :D WOW09:39
amjjawadInoki, how many machines (real) you have?09:39
InokiAbsolutely amazing work done there09:39
InokiI'm on my gf's old machine now, running Vivid09:39
InokiSmooth n' slick09:39
Inoki3 laptops 1 tablet 2 phones09:40
amjjawadIf we could just include that with 15.10 .. it would be super09:40
InokiOne of my proposals as part of the merged marketing + design team would be to try and attract more developers to the cause.09:40
amjjawadI'd love that09:40
InokiI know the easiest part would be to offer money, wish I had so much >.>09:40
amjjawadif we had money, none of us would be here :P09:41
octoquadI haven't seen it. Please share the link09:41
amjjawadoctoquad, one second09:41
InokiIf I had money, I would back this project, fund developers. I know, sounds like kid dreams, but I know I would do it.09:41
amjjawadInoki, I'd do the same without thinking twice09:42
amjjawadI've been helping FOSS world for 5 years now without getting one single $09:42
InokiI was on Unity from long but privacy concerns drove me away from that desktop. It was also considerable slower on older machines. GNOME, on the other hand, runs like butter09:42
amjjawadamong all the projects I contributed to, by far, Ubuntu GNOME is the best09:42
amjjawadfunny that I hated GNOME 3 and Unity so I moved to Lubuntu. 2 years with Lubuntu then I joined Ubuntu GNOME. Since then, I didn't switched nor even thought about it .. I don't want to leave Ubuntu GNOME09:43
octoquadlooks good!09:44
octoquadInoki, that was my reason to move as well.09:45
InokiThe way I see it, I do this for 2 reasons, 1) I love the project, 2) it helps me grow personally and as an artist. Many choose to do what they do solely for the money, designers included. I believe I have met some pretty f*cking generous and amazing people who donated a lot of their spare time to make the world a better place and I felt like giving back.09:45
amjjawadLinux has changed my personal life09:47
amjjawadI was totally different person 5 years ago09:47
amjjawadI would have never wasted 1 single second over any volunteer job09:47
amjjawadit's 180 degree the opposite after I started using Linux09:48
amjjawadSometimes, I was working nearly 24/7 :D09:48
amjjawadthat's how my health became bad09:48
amjjawadNow, the only thing that making my life hard within Ubuntu GNOME is the community version 2.009:49
InokiYeah, about that, ever considered losing some weight on projects you carry? From my POV you're involved in far too much for one man, young man.09:49
amjjawad34 years :P09:50
InokiStill, young man09:50
Inoki31 here, soon 3209:50
amjjawadI dropped StartUbuntu09:50
amjjawadhelping my own project ToriOS once a week and sometimes, once every 2 weeks09:50
octoquadFunny I was thinking the same thing earlier Inoki09:50
amjjawadI am focusing on my real life more09:51
Inokioctoquad there's certainly something about it09:51
amjjawadthat's why I am less active09:51
InokiBalance Ali, it's all about Zen :D active, but with less projects09:51
octoquadamjjawad, I am one to preach here, but I think we all need to try and achieve some balance in our life09:51
amjjawadYes but I had to reduce everything before it's too late as my real life was at risk09:52
amjjawadI'm interested to go with the merge09:52
amjjawadI believe it might solve some unsolved issues09:52
InokiPersonally, I would never take more than I know I could bear. That's why I focus solely on the design part and nothing else. Ok, I do volunteer translations for Smart Launcher and Mozilla even in the past, but only when I really know I have some spare time and the projects I chose dont' require my constant attention.09:53
InokiThe merge definitely should.09:54
InokiIf you feel like it's too much amjjawad, consider meditating. I know how it sounds, but far from what it seems, it actually really helps and it takes about 10 minutes a day.09:55
amjjawadwait, if you want to focus on the design only, then weren't you who suggested to step in for marketing?09:55
InokiDesign + Marketing. Those are merged by definition.09:56
InokiYou can't do marketing without some design.09:56
amjjawadInoki, are you ready for writing news, updates, etc?09:56
InokiOf course. Did I mention I worked as an online journalist before?09:56
amjjawadCan't remember that at the moment09:56
amjjawadthen all set09:56
octoquadamjjawad, Inoki: http://www.newsweek.com/2015/08/14/meditation-and-being-quiet-359641.html09:57
amjjawadI just need to do some paper work and confuse our boss that the name doesn't matter :D09:57
octoquadAnd use the pomodoro technique :)09:57
InokiThese tasks aren't stressful, writing a news item from time to time and when there's really somethign worth mentioning it's not like we're running an outlet that has to publish every single day.09:57
octoquadsudo apt-get install gnome-shell-pomodoro09:57
amjjawadI'll check that link octoquad09:57
amjjawadspeaking of stress, aren't you guys at design/marketing willing to do something for the cover picture? :D09:58
Inokihttp://www.thedailyzen.org/ - my source (not the only one of course) of inspiration09:59
InokiThe guy who runs the site has some amazing, insightful articles.09:59
Inokithe link doesn't work for me octoquad, it says I reached my daily limit.10:00
amjjawadInoki, how long it takes usually to do a cover picture? for Ubuntu GNOME?10:02
InokiLike everything, that depends. Any design work should be on topic, so you clearly communicate something. There are some, like wallpapers, which are often just doodles imo where you just play with gradients and effects and blend it all together and have no idea what you do and it turns out to be nice.10:03
InokiA simple poster shouldn't take long though.10:04
InokiI need to know what it should be about, what do you want to communicate through it.10:04
amjjawadOriginally, I wanted 2 kind of cover pictures10:04
amjjawadone to work as a reminder before a milestone is released so people start to help us10:05
amjjawadand one is general just telling what page that is10:05
amjjawadfor me, I use the cover picture as a way to advertise a message10:05
amjjawadmy artwork skills are less than basic and so limited :'(10:06
InokiDo you have an example of how those milestone posters look? Has anyone done anything like that before?10:06
amjjawadIf I just could do some artwork, I'd be in much different position10:06
amjjawadInoki, Alfredo did a general one: help to test Ubuntu GNOME - I'll show you10:06
InokiAbout that personal project of yours, did you manage in the end? Sorry to tell you, but stuff like that really requires time. Basically what design is about is to say everything without saying a word, that's why it's so difficult, although it seems so easy.10:07
InokiOk, that's nice, but we can change that so we have something more fresh.10:08
InokiFore the milestone perhaps something like an infographic with a timeline.10:09
InokiA simple nice time line example https://dribbble.com/shots/600575-Timeline/attachments/4812210:10
InokiStuff like this can easily be adapted to fit a banner.10:10
InokiIt's not exactly tech related, but serves as good inspiration. I picked it randomly from what I saw first.10:11
amjjawadif you could do a timeline (horizontal) that shows the milestones and when they're suppose to release, that would be super perfect10:13
amjjawadit's 2-in-1 banner :D10:13
InokiNothing that cannot be done.10:14
amjjawadinstead of doing 2, we could do 1 that shows everything we really need to show10:14
InokiNow tell me where it will be displayed. Social media? Facebook, Twitter, Google+, what else?10:14
amjjawadFb, T and G+10:15
InokiPlus I need the info that should be on it. Exact text details, or if there is a direct source to use, link it10:15
amjjawadI'm afraid you need to start from scratch as all the files with Alfredo and I need something really different10:16
amjjawadWell, since we're on Beta 2 stage now, we need to show Beta 2, RC and the final release of 15.1010:16
InokiOh, so only for this cycle10:16
amjjawadFor future releases, we need to show it all: A1, A2, B1, B210:17
amjjawadat least, only for this one for now10:17
amjjawadfor the next cycle, we can do something else10:17
amjjawadthe next cycle is 16.04 which is LTS10:17
InokiNow I'll focus only on this, the next cycle can wait :D10:20
amjjawadInoki, indeed :D haha10:20
amjjawadYou already know the size of each site, right? because the cover for fb, tw and G+ is different from each other10:21
amjjawadfb=831x315 .. tw=1500x500 and not sure about G+10:22
InokiAll of them always need larger images. Facebook especially handles images very badly.10:22
amjjawadtell me about it .. that's why I call it failbook :D10:24
InokiWe all call it different, I call it Fakebook :310:24
amjjawadNice name :D10:24
InokiThat's what it mostly is. Everyone wants to be your friend... on the internet only.10:24
InokiOk, I'm gonna do some homework before my gf arrives and then I'll start looking into that banner.10:25
InokiLater ya'll10:26
octoquadCheers Inoki10:27
octoquadamjjawad, I'm out for the rest of the day. Public holiday today :)10:28
octoquadamjjawad, keep well10:28
amjjawadTake care Inoki10:29
amjjawadI was awake, didn't say cyc to octoquad10:29
darkxstInoki, am now10:43
Inokiback for a bit, have a nice day octo and Tim, Ali, it'd be nice if you guys had Telegram for instance. I know I know, but Telegram is different in it being secure, private, free and most of all, you can reach any of us any time by leaving a message and we respond when we can. On IRC people can often miss a lot by not being here. It's good for group chat.10:52
InokiAnd you can reach people on the go when you need.10:53
InokiIf you reconsider, drop us a mail and we can even add you to our group so you see how we work if you're curious.10:54
InokiAnd back to the kitchen I go again...10:54
darkxstInoki, I don't know what your spat was about over on email, but really don't take it personally10:55
darkxstInoki, UIFe approved, will upload as soon as the final beta ISO's are out the door10:57
amjjawaddarkxst, we solve it :D Inoki got the wrong message and the next email explained everything so it's all solved :D hehe10:58
amjjawadInoki, how can I join that Telegram of yours?10:58
darkxstand you won't find me on telegram, if you want asynchronous comms, email me10:58
amjjawadyes, we know that Mr. Email only :P hehe10:58
amjjawadInoki, I guess by username, right?11:00
darkxstamjjawad, I'm connected to IRC 24/7 also11:01
amjjawaddarkxst, yes, that too haha11:01
amjjawademails are the best of all. No need to scroll down a lot11:01
amjjawadbut for a quick chat, etc .. such applications are good too11:01
darkxstIRC works for that also!11:03
amjjawadhow can you jump to the line that you were tagged at?11:05
Inokiback, well,11:05
InokiTelegram works with Phone numbers, but once registered, you can search for people by nicknames11:06
amjjawadYep, I know that but how to find you now?11:06
InokiIt's cross platform. FYI Fedora started including it in their repos11:06
amjjawadreally? nice11:06
InokiWhen you search for contacts, just type in Inoki11:07
InokiIt has a very nice, easy to use, portable client for Linux11:07
amjjawaddarkxst, have you seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/modemmanager/+bug/148179811:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1481798 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "package:modemmanager:1.4.10-1:subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 100" [Critical,Triaged]11:09
amjjawadInoki, I'll check now11:09
darkxstamjjawad, no11:10
amjjawadas per Lance and the bug report, upgrading from vivid to wily is failing11:11
darkxstand I need to be packing, not arguing about whether irc or telgram is better, off to the mountains tomorrow11:11
amjjawadNever mind that chat ;)11:12
amjjawadhow's the weather over there?!11:12
amjjawadit's back to be cold here11:12
darkxstamjjawad, that is partly why I am headed to mountains ;)11:13
amjjawaddarkxst, I'll send you to the south pole one day :P11:14
darkxstamjjawad, don't worry I'll be back in the french alps soon enough11:14
amjjawaddon't like cold weather nor very hot one11:17
amjjawadI think the images are good to go but I won't mark them as ready yet ... I'll do that before going to bed11:17
LinDolhi all11:18
amjjawadHello LinDol11:19
LinDolamjjawad, Hi. :) How are you?11:19
amjjawaddarkxst, do you use IRC on a smart phone?11:19
amjjawadThanks for asking LinDol :) not too bad, not too good. You?11:19
LinDolI am pretty tired haha :)11:20
LinDolThank you.11:20
darkxstamjjawad, sometimes when I am away11:20
amjjawadOh, sorry about that LinDol11:20
amjjawaddarkxst, but it's much better on a keyboard, right? :D11:20
LinDolamjjawad, haha that is OK :)11:20
darkxstamjjawad, everything is better on a keyboard11:21
amjjawaddarkxst, Indeed11:21
darkxstthats why a drag a laptop around with me most of the time11:21
InokiThat's why you could use Telegram darkxst on your phone! :311:23
darkxstInoki, is telegram going to write code for me? I don't think so11:24
InokiNeither does IRC :D11:24
darkxstand IRC has nothing to do with me dragging a laptop everywhere I go!11:24
InokiAnyways, it's up to you. Ali is there with us, you feel like you need to reach us, you can, even on the go.11:25
darkxstbut really,  I should pack, then service car in the morning, and off to the mountains11:25
InokiDon't forget your keys, your wallet, don't forget to eat! :D11:25
amjjawadenjoy darkxst ;)11:26
darkxstInoki has a Mum Complex ;)11:26
amjjawadI'll be AFK11:27
amjjawadCya everyone11:27
darkxstamjjawad, just deal with infinity, and images!11:28
darkxsthang in #ubuntu-release11:29
Inokibtw darkxst, everyone said it's ok in the UIFE11:29
InokiSo what now. You just upload them right?11:29
darkxstYES, i said that a while back11:30
InokiOK! :D11:30
darkxstI'll upload as soon as final beta is done11:31
amjjawaddarkxst, this is what I've been doing for 2 days now!12:29
darkxstamjjawad, I'll be away for a few days12:30
amjjawadNo problem, just enjoy it darkxst ;)12:31
amjjawadwhen you come back, Ubuntu GNOME will move to another DE and we will change the name and logo :P :P :P12:31
darkxstor I don't come back then ;)12:32
amjjawaddarkxst, who's the 2nd in charge for bugs/codes?12:32
amjjawador nothing is needed?12:32
darkxstamjjawad, bruce for bugs, Jackson for pacjaging12:33
amjjawadI hope nothing is needed12:33
amjjawadafter all, Beta 2 will be out in 12 hours or less12:34
darkxstnothing can be fixed now unless super critical12:34
amjjawadnothing can be done anyway12:34
amjjawadand from the testing results, all is good12:34
amjjawadwill the wallpaper and the lock screen be changed or that's after beta2?12:35
darkxstI'll upload Monday12:36
amjjawaddid you see the logo when it's visible on both the wallpaper and lock screen even when there is a window on the top?12:36
amjjawadI noticed when I was browsing the default applications, the logo seemed 'above' the list of applications12:36
darkxstyes it was crap, but should have tested before uploading12:36
amjjawadsame on the lock screen12:36
darkxstI assumed artwork team had tested, but appparently not12:37
amjjawadis there a bug report for that?12:37
amjjawadI guess we need to include that on the notes12:37
darkxstthere is a UIFe bug somewhere12:37
amjjawadAh, that one12:37
darkxstacked by release team12:37
amjjawadcan't remember where did I see it .. will have a look around ..12:38
darkxstso all good to go, but not going to waste a respin on it12:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1498929 in Ubuntu Translations "[Ubuntu GNOME] UIFe for Wily: change of default wallpapers" [Undecided,New]12:38
darkxstyup that one12:38
amjjawadno re-spin is needed12:38
amjjawadUIFe stands for what?12:39
darkxstand no packing had happened yet ;(12:39
darkxstUser interface Freeze Exception12:39
amjjawadI see12:40
amjjawadshould I mention the issue in details on that bug?12:40
darkxstno its all approved12:41
amjjawadit seems a different one from what I was describing12:41
darkxstno its the same12:41
amjjawadI mean it does not say the logo has problems and it appears on the top of the screen12:41
darkxstwe remove the logo12:42
darkxstit can't appear anywhere12:42
darkxstall good12:42
* darkxst goes, be back monday, maybe12:42
amjjawadI thought we need to explain why but no worries12:42
amjjawadtake care and send me some pics12:43
darkxstwill do, txt me if anything urgent, but otherwise I will mostly be staying out of things12:44
gergohi everyone12:47
amjjawaddarkxst, no worries12:47
gergoi have some trouble installing ubuntu gnome on my pc12:47
gergoit stuck at creating ext4 file system12:48
amjjawadgergo, which version?12:49
gergoi dont have hw issues12:49
gergoand the console prints12:49
amjjawadgergo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases12:50
amjjawad14.10 is dead.12:50
amjjawadYou should not use it :)12:50
gergoi know, but i cant use newer release because of compatibility issues12:51
mgedmin14.04 is still supported12:51
mgedmin(it's a long-term support release)12:51
gergoi didnt know that12:51
mgedminthat's what IRC is for: learning new stuff :)12:52
gergoi thought 14.10 is newer12:52
mgedmin14.10 is newer, yes12:52
gergobut anyway, it should not get stuck at this phase of installation12:52
mgedminubuntu has two kinds of releases: regular ones (every 6 months, supported for 9 months) and LTS releases (every 2 years, supported for 3 years on the desktop, 5 on the server)12:52
mgedminyeah, getting stuck in mkfs sounds fishy12:53
gergoit prints ACPI Error: No installed handler for fixed event - PM_Timer, disabling(20140424/ev ... event-286)12:53
gergoand ubuntu 15 with unity installs without trouble12:54
gergowell i try 14.04 with some black magic, and enchantations, maybe it will help :)12:58
gergothx anyway12:58
mgedminthis is weird: ubuntu-gnome and stock ubuntu should have the same hardware support13:03
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