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hggdhGySgt-BioSPHeRe: hello, what can we do for you?18:51
GySgt-BioSPHeReyou using weechat by chance?18:56
hggdhit haapens I am, but this is not a support channel19:08
GySgt-BioSPHeRenot looking for support19:13
GySgt-BioSPHeRejust wondering if you have snotify.py working at all or know if its even possible19:13
GySgt-BioSPHeRebefore I spend too much time on it19:13
hggdhno, I do not use snotify19:14
* Unit193 supports hggdh.19:15
hggdhsnotify: to snoterise something19:52
hggdhmine is not snotered19:52
Unit193Pici: BTW, did you happen to see my pokings?20:29
PiciUnit193: no...20:33
Unit193Hrm, one or two were UDP (Asked what Drone` was, Chantracker+chanreg+limnoria), and the other was about the topic in -team.20:34
PiciUnit193: oh, right, I should have some time to look at that this weekend.20:41
Unit193It was just a couple things to remove.  Oh!  And UDP poked you about a "fork" of PackageInfo ProgVal did.20:42
Unit193...Do you get pings? :P20:43
PiciUnit193: yes, but if somehow irssi doesn't go into away mode I can miss them20:47
Unit193Hah. :D21:15
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