dufluAlbertA: still around?01:48
AlbertAduflu: just for a bit02:21
AlbertAduflu: how is it going?02:21
dufluAlbertA: OK, I swear you fixed this already, or something like it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/140672502:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1406725 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Severe graphical corruption running software clients (including Xmir) on android" [High,Triaged]02:22
AlbertAduflu: I fixed one for "software" buffers... does flicker use software buffers?02:24
dufluAlbertA: Yep. And I found in a related bug it seriously breaks arale too :)02:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1498806 in Mir "[arale] Software clients can rapidly cause a Mir server to exhaust all fd handles" [High,New]02:24
dufluwhich may be related02:25
AlbertAduflu: interesting... I hope HWC is not leaking the fds02:26
AlbertAduflu: the fix for the graphical corruptions were the flags in AndroidAllocAdaptor::convert_to_android_usage02:27
dufluAlbertA: Although treat them as separate bugs. The primary issue is the corruption which happens on mako with Xmir too. And mako does not have the fd leak02:28
AlbertAduflu: the flags in lp:mir look correct.02:29
dufluAlbertA: The least buggy form of corruption is when you just get in-surface tearing. So that combined with the fd leak shows our android buffer fencing isn't working02:31
dufluI guess that could reveal apparent corruption too02:31
AlbertAduflu: right02:32
dufluAlbertA: Never mind, and good night. I have endless tangents if you linger too long02:32
AlbertAI wonder what changed....02:32
AlbertAis this a regression? or did you just notice it now?02:32
dufluAlbertA: AFAIK it's never works02:33
RAOFCan I plz haz jenkins & merge proposals on launchpad git? Grr.02:35
dufluRAOF: Merge proposals for LP git exist. I've done one!02:37
RAOFI can't propose a merge into lp:mir though!02:37
dufluThat's true. Mir is not git yet though02:38
dufluBTW did wily break? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/149913402:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1499134 in Mir "[wily] Mir suddenly no longer builds: /usr/include/EGL/eglplatform.h:100:35: fatal error: android/native_window.h: No such file or directory" [Critical,New]02:39
dufluFully updated wily can't even build our stable branches any more02:39
* RAOF updates to check!02:40
RAOFPlausibly; we've got mesa 11.0 now.02:40
dufluWoo, good news then02:40
dufluBut we should build too02:40
RAOFHm. I think it's actually mir that's broken...02:53
RAOFHeh, yes.02:56
dufluThat's why I left Mir tasks open :)02:57
robert_ancellduflu, hmm, that merge commit seems to be confusing git rebase. I think we should just rebase on xmir-1.17 and you can keep your changes on another branch if you want them. Note that all this history will ultimately be lost when we go upstream.03:08
duflurobert_ancell: Do what you need to. Just don't lose yesterday's additional fix... Also I think next time we should aim to merge without clobbering history. It's OK to lose the history when upstreaming, but very annoying when you're mid-sprint and can't see what you've just done03:22
robert_ancellduflu, I think you should treat xmir-1.17 branch as upstream and just maintain a branch with your changes. git doesn't seem to handle keeping history around03:23
duflurobert_ancell: git does. And in fact it did by accident yesterday. I'm just saying that accident is what git should be doing and is meant to do anyway03:25
robert_ancellduflu, but git rebase is horribly confused after you made that change. So I can't effectively rebase anymore.03:25
duflurobert_ancell: Sorry, all I did was pull then push. Normal activities so I guess we need to find out where it went wrong03:26
duflurobert_ancell: I'll stay hands off for a while so if you want to forcefully overwrite things to fix it, go ahead.03:29
robert_ancellduflu, all fixed now03:29
dufluI'm still worried that git automagically created this situation....03:29
duflu"you're holding it wrong"03:29
robert_ancellNot surprised in the least with git :)03:30
dufluThe whole point of non-numerical revision IDs is that they get to stay around and don't get confused by merges03:31
robert_ancellOh, the changes will always remain. Just I don't think the tools can handle a branch being both rebased and merged at the same time.03:32
duflurobert_ancell: So is simply 'push, edit, commit, push' wrong?03:34
duflu'pull, edit, commit, push'03:34
robert_ancellI *think* git pull -r might do it right.03:34
robert_ancelli.e. you should rebase on xmir-1.17 instead of merging.03:35
robert_ancellThe other option is to keep on another branch and then rebase those changes into xmir-1.17 periodically (i.e. when we release packages)03:35
robert_ancellI'm open to better ideas but I found it very hard to generate the actual patches from a branch with full history.03:36
duflurobert_ancell: git diff <oldrev> HEAD ?03:36
dufluSomething like that was working for me03:37
dufluWe need some solution that doesn't require deleting commit history so often...03:37
dufluOr ever03:37
robert_ancellduflu, the history is never deleted - keep it on another branch if you want03:38
robert_ancellgit diff doesn't handle having more than one change like we do03:38
duflurobert_ancell: The history should be visible on launchpad. If we need another branch on LP?....03:38
dufluIt's not OK to lose history of what you've done03:39
dufluAnd not OK to say, you should keep it locally03:39
robert_ancellduflu, just put it on another branch.03:39
duflurobert_ancell: Essentially I want to know the URL of the "trunk" that shows everyone's workings03:42
dufluThat used to be https://git.launchpad.net/~xmir-team/xorg-server/+git/xmir/ but not now03:43
robert_ancellduflu, The xmir-1.17 branch is a) the patches that go into the .debs and b) what we will propose upstream. It's never been anything else.03:43
duflurobert_ancell: Losing history is still not OK. I don't expect our history to be visible upstream, but it should always be visible on LP03:44
duflurobert_ancell: I'm considering it, but the same problem will reoccur when that gets 'rebased'. So still needs fixing03:46
duflurobert_ancell: So we'd need one new branch for each "sprint" right? So that branch with the history never needs rebasing in itself03:48
robert_ancellduflu, you could just make a branch xmir-1.17-trunk and use that for development03:48
robert_ancellor we could rename xmir-1.17 to xmir-1.17-rebased03:49
duflurobert_ancell: AFAICT git merge -p solves it03:50
robert_ancellyay, git merge --help mentions -p in an example but doesn't define it...03:52
duflurobert_ancell: Oops, I mean git rebase -p03:52
dufluAlthough when you're ready to upstream, then you don't use -p  maybe03:54
RAOFHm. We actually need the android NDK around to build Mir now.03:54
dufluRAOF: It appears that way. Why did it work up to yesterday?03:54
RAOFBecause mesa was using a 4 year old version of Khronos' eglplatform.h03:54
RAOFOh, sorry. 5 year old.\03:55
dufluRAOF: Oh didn't we have the missing bits in 3rd_party? Just got cleaned out recently by alan_g03:55
dufluHe removed "unused" files03:55
RAOFOh, good catch. Yes, native_window.h was one of those.03:57
RAOFIt *was* unused ;)03:57
duflurobert_ancell: I think we need just one new branch in LP. One that keeps history (rebase -p) and one for upstreaming preparation (rebase)03:57
robert_ancellduflu, well, we have that second one and you're welcome to keep the first if you want it.03:58
duflurobert_ancell: I'll look into it... are we tied to the existing branch name xmir-1.17 too?04:00
robert_ancellduflu, nope, the name is fairly arbitrary. It's just 1.17 because at some point we'll need to rebase on 1.1804:00
robert_ancellIs something weird going on in vivid with Mir? My silo is failing on amd64, armhf and i386 with a missing mir_toolkit/mesa/platform_operation.h. Builds fine on the other architectures04:12
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duflurobert_ancell: OK, I've created the two newly named branches. Can we delete the old (duplicate) one now?04:43
dufluOr rename it04:44
dufluI might try04:44
robert_ancellduflu, is -development supposed to have all the history in it?04:45
duflurobert_ancell: Yep04:45
RAOFduflu: If you need it, https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/fix-ftbfs-against-mesa-11/+merge/27220304:45
robert_ancellIt doesn't appear to here04:45
robert_ancelloh, hang on04:45
dufluRAOF: Ta04:45
robert_ancellduflu, ok, now I see a single merge commit04:47
duflurobert_ancell: Yeah merge seems much more friendly than rebase. The latter is designed to clobber history04:48
robert_ancellwas there a reason why you didn't set xmir-1.17-development to your old pre-rebased branch?04:49
duflurobert_ancell: If that's what I think you mean then it contained history of the breakage. So best to not confuse git with the brokenness in the history04:51
robert_ancellbye all05:00
duflurobert_ancell: Bye05:03
anpokRAOF: shouldnt that header be part of android-headers?06:20
RAOFanpok: I don't think so, no. android-headers is for bits of AOSP that we need, right?06:22
RAOFnative_window.h is a part of the NDK.06:22
anpokRAOF: not sure if that is relevant but it defines the native window but not those functions..06:27
RAOFNot relevant at all; all we need of it is “struct ANativeWindow;”06:28
RAOF(That's all EGL needs of it, at least)06:28
dufluRAOF: I would have top approved but Jenkins has found all sorts of fail06:46
dufluCan't see how it's related06:46
RAOFI believe the answer is “it isn't”06:47
RAOFDo we need to build 0.15/0.16 on wily?06:47
dufluRAOF: Is that a trick question? What other Mir version do you intend to put in wily archive?06:48
guest423150.17 pls06:48
RAOF0.17, of course!06:48
dufluLet's release 0.16.0 first.06:49
dufluTo wily06:49
RAOFSpoil sport :P06:49
* duflu is waiting for Mir 0.42 personally06:50
dufluWhich oddly still happens before 1.0 is reached06:50
* RAOF presses the Jenkins retry button.06:50
dufluRAOF: Works on my machine anyway06:50
dufluAnd presumably yours too06:51
* guest42315 they see me rollin' la la la08:39
duflualf_: Didn't you kill the auth magic stuff? It's still used in Xmir09:09
dufluOr is that OK and it's wrapped as a platform message?09:11
alf_duflu: But through platform operations right?09:11
duflualf_:  hw/xmir/xmir-dri2.c:        msg = mir_platform_message_create(auth_magic);09:11
dufluIs that current/safe?09:11
alf_duflu: yes, so only the direct drm stuff was removed from the API and we replaced them with platform ops09:11
duflualf_: OK thanks09:12
Saviqhey guys, any idea why the new mir is in UNAPPROVED queue? sounds like wily feature freeze is starting to bite us?10:05
alan_gSaviq: first I've heard (camako has been working this release), I thought yesterday it just needed to re-sync qtmir.10:07
Saviqalan_g, oh yeah it's past QA and all, it's published, but says mir is in UNAPPROVED, I think that's because of FF in effect10:09
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