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nasserHi I'm an ubuntu user since the last October and this my second year in Computer Science and I would like to have a career in Robotics field I've heard about ubuntu Snappy and ubuntu core what is your advice to focus on ?07:19
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videogenicam i in the right place?12:22
dholbachsorry - you'll all have to reload the page - we're in the #snappy channel12:24
dholbachreload http://ubuntuonair.com that is :)12:25
dholbachwe'll start in 5m12:25
willcookehi all, lay the snappy on me!12:33
willcookedholbach, looks fine to me12:40
dholbach→ snappy12:43
willcookeQUESTION:  Do you have a Python demo today as well?  I'm still learning Go but I can be productive in Python today.12:44
dholbachsorry, we're in #snappy12:45
clobranoQUESTION: are there podcasts about this ubuntu-on-air?12:48
popeydholbach: that was great13:22
dholbachthanks a bunch everyone :)13:22
* popey had it on in the background, hoping to acquire snappy knowledge subconciously13:22
dholbachclobrano, what do you mean by podcast?13:24
dholbachclobrano, as in shows you can watch later on again?13:24
dholbachthey should be all up on youtube.com/ubuntuonair13:24
dholbachthere's a snappy sprint next week, but shortly after that we should do another clinic :)13:25
vitimitiI just joined Ubuntu On Air13:31
vitimitiRight on time, I see, phew13:31
dholbachvitimiti, not quite - it's not live any more - it was an hour ago - but you can ask questions in #snappy after you've seen it still - no problem13:34
vitimitidholbach, oh, I see13:35
vitimitidholbach, I was having launch, bad luck13:35
dholbachno worries :-))13:35
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