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daftykinsyigal is totally timewasting and giving bad advice in #ubuntu03:39
valoriehi folks, since adding some new Kubuntu Council members, we opened the #kubuntu-council channel08:07
valoriehow do I get that logged by the official logging bot?08:09
valorieor should I take this to the irc council?08:09
Flannelvalorie: I believe it's still an email to rt at ubuntu08:12
valoriethat's the sysadmins, correct?08:13
k1l_its the admins from canonical that manage the logbot08:13
valorieah, got it08:14
ubottuObrienDave called the ops in #ubuntu (atten1)08:26
valorieand sent, thank you08:27
bazhangthat insane rants for $50008:29
bazhangand was08:29
bazhang<k1l> eldariond: better ask in ##chat11:15
bazhangwut wut11:15
ikoniahello ahoneybun12:01
ahoneybunhey ikonia12:01
ikoniawhat's up ? how can we help you tody ?12:02
ikoniatoday too12:02
ubottuIn #ubuntu-server, RoyK said: ubottu: also, ftpd is old and insecure and should not be used. Use sftp instead!12:36
c0m0Hi, my user name is c0m0 and I has been banned from #irc chanel and I would like to know the reason13:09
c0m0I never have been banned from any irc channel and I have this problem only in #ubuntu chanel13:10
ikoniac0m0: hi there13:14
ikoniaso you're currently banned in #ubuntu right ?13:14
c0m0ikonia: yes, but I don't know why13:14
ikonialets see if we can find out13:15
c0m0When I use /join #ubuntu I see "Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned)."13:15
ikoniaI see why13:15
ikoniacan you give me a moment to look into it please13:16
ikoniac0m0: that should be resolved for you now13:16
ikoniaapologies for that - it was a false positive for you13:16
ikoniac0m0: do you want to try to join #ubuntu now ?13:17
c0m0ikonia: yes, I like to see the post in ubuntu chanel13:17
ikoniatry to join now and it should work13:18
ikoniagreat, you're in, I see you13:18
c0m0ikonia: thanks Now it works13:18
ikoniano problem, apologies for the problem13:18
c0m0ikonia: what was the false positive?13:18
ikoniathere had been trouble makers from your ISP - your IP was caught in a ban13:19
ikoniathat simple really13:19
c0m0ikonia: thanks for your help13:19
ikoniano problem13:19
ikoniac0m0: if you don't need anything else can you /part this channel please13:24
ikoniaahoneybun: do you need anything from this channel ?13:26
DJonesikonia: It was f0urq that returned, drone +q'd them, then they left14:25
Picibazhang: fyi, I had a issue with tachibana yesterday, ended up with a kick warning and then they went silent shortly after joining and not getting an answer.15:27
bazhang<tachibana> i would be installing cisco packet tracer15:27
bazhangwhat ever for pici????15:28
k1lthe one claiming he got down syndrom while insulting others yesterday15:28
bazhang@random chu emacs HURD15:28
bazhangoh yeah15:28
k1lhihi, the bot seems to have a hurd random generator ;p15:29
bazhangbots got a truthy thing goin on15:29
ikoniaPici: was that the guy who threatened to rip your ears off ?15:33
ikoniaI enjoyed him15:33
Piciikonia: nah, this is some other guy.15:34
ikoniaoh, I enjoyed him15:34
geniiHehe, the ear-ripper troll15:34
phunyguylaaa laa laa ear the ripper...   *cowbell* *cowbell* *cowbell* *cowbell* *cowbell* *cowbell*16:00
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valorieah, ahoneybun was here because he's now on the KC, and thus an op on #kubuntu and #kubuntu-devel21:48
valorieor supposed to be....21:49
Unit193I don't see the flags.21:50
yofelhow are those even updated? We might've forgotten do some some step for that21:53
yofelor who is supposed to update them?21:53
k1lJ.Riddell got founder flags, so he is the one with the most access21:55
yofeldo the launchpad teams have an effect?21:56
k1lbut Jussi01, ScottK, yofel, valorie, shadeslayer got all access too (kcouncil flagset). and the irccouncil got access too.21:57
yofelhm, that list is outdated21:57
k1lyofel: no. someone named above needs to sort the flags here on freenode.21:57
valorievery much so21:57
yofelhow does one add/remove said kcouncil flagset for people?21:58
k1li am looking for a guide i have in mind but just cant find it on the interwebs22:01
Unit193yofel: /msg chanserv help flags22:02
Unit193or /msg chanserv help access22:02
k1lthere seem to be clever templates set already. so i would use them22:02
k1l/msg chanserv help templates22:03
Unit193yofel: Also, usually the LP teams are supposed to match the channels.22:03
k1lyeah, but there is not automatic sync between LP and freenode22:03
Unit193I know.22:03
Unit193k1l: Also, that's why I linked to 'access', for the templates.22:03
Unit193/msg ChanServ ACCESS #kubuntu ADD user57 kcouncil  for example.22:04
yofelahh, thanks. I'll try it22:04
yofelACL updated to match the current council, thanks for the help22:12
Unit193yofel: You'll want to make sure your folks are logged in too, ahoney wasn't.22:13
yofelisn't it enough if they're registered?22:14
Unit193Why would it be?  It's the same for forums, can't post under your username if you aren't logged in.22:15
yofelgood point22:15

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