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AndroUseranyone use ubuntu phone03:42
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jr_Is there any news on ubuntu touch being able to be installed on tablets? I realize there are a few projects for select devices. but I mean to be installed on tablets in general04:30
lesamouraiHello , ubuntu aquarius 5 phone  entered boot loop , any possible solution?06:04
Stanley00lesamourai: well, did you try reflash with the rom from bq?06:07
lesamouraireset to factory settings is only thing I tried and it didn't solve it06:08
lesamouraiand now its constantly rebooting ..06:10
Stanley00lesamourai: ok, you can try reflash then, here's the tools http://www.bq.com/gb/support/aquaris-e5-ubuntu-edition06:10
lesamouraithanks , will go through them06:12
* guest42315 they see me rollin' la la la08:39
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday, and happy Punctuation Day! 😃09:36
InokiJamesTait: woot woot! Happy Thursday to you too!10:02
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kenvandinejdstrand, i'm working on surfacing some apps installed inside libertine containers in the peer picker, how would you feel about adding a rule like this to the content_exchange policy to allow read access to the icons?14:33
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jdstrandkenvandine: that would all untrusted apps to enumerate installed apps on the system14:37
kenvandinewell, the themed icons14:38
kenvandinethey might not be provided by the apps... but i see your point :/14:38
kenvandinejdstrand, they already have access to the themed icons... in /usr/share/icons/14:38
jdstrandkenvandine: yes, that's true. perhaps I don't understand what is in @{HOME}/.cache/libertine-container/*/rootfs/usr/share/icons/*14:41
jdstrandI don't care at all about access to themed icon sets14:42
jdstrandin general14:42
kenvandinethat's the directory for themed icons inside the containers14:42
jdstrandhowever, iiuc, anything that is installed via apt-get might get themed icons14:42
jdstrandwhich means an untrusted app could enumerate what the user installed in the container14:43
kenvandinejust by finding the icons, but quite a few of those are there without matching apps14:43
kenvandinethey could potentially compare what's inside the default sets of icon themes and look for extras14:43
kenvandineto deduce the delta14:44
jdstrandyes. like I said, any system supplied ones are fine because that doesn't leak anything about the user14:44
kenvandinejdstrand, so since they could try to compare what icons are there, i need to find another way to show the icons in the peer picker, right?14:46
kenvandinegetting the image data from a themed icon requites a qguiapplication :/14:47
kenvandineand i really don't want to turn content-hub-service into that14:47
jdstrandkenvandine: that is what I'm thinking yes. I might suggest that the out of process picker either displays it, or opens it and passes the fd14:47
kenvandineit isn't an out of process picker right now14:48
kenvandinethat's the issue, the picker is a qml component in process14:48
kenvandinewe use the service side to marshal the icons for click apps14:48
kenvandinethe ones we get full paths to the icons for14:48
kenvandinebut we can't get that for themed icons14:48
kenvandineit's a hard problem :/14:49
kenvandinei could get a pixmap if the service was a qguiapplication14:49
kenvandineand marshal it over dbus as well14:49
kenvandinebut i really don't want to do that14:49
jdstrandkenvandine: I'm not clear on what makes qguiapplication different. in that case it will talk to some out of process other service?14:52
jdstrandis that the thumbnailer?14:53
kenvandineit would essentially be a gui app without a window14:53
jdstrandright, but why does that work?14:54
kenvandineQIcon::fromTheme will load a pixmap for the icon14:55
kenvandinenothing out of process14:55
kenvandinebut maybe something like the thumbnailer could help us14:55
kenvandinei hadn't considered that14:55
kenvandinemaybe we can generate thumpnails for icons in the container14:55
jdstrandwhy does QIcon::fromTheme not also need access to those icons? because it is guaranteed to be FromTheme?14:56
jdstrandif thumbnailing is fine, we can stop talking. I just am trying to understand why clicks get dbus marshalled data container apps don't. perhaps it all works for click because /usr/share/icons is guaranteed to not have user installed data but the container's /usr/share/icons does?14:58
kenvandinethe clicks have paths to the files for the icon15:00
kenvandineso i can read those in as iconData and marshal it15:00
kenvandineso i don't use QIcon for that15:01
kenvandinejdstrand, but to get a themed icon i have to use QIcon which doesn't work as a non-gui service15:01
kenvandinei'll look into thumbnailer15:02
jdstrandoh I see. installed apps in the container don't have any sort of hooks so that you know what to marshal15:02
kenvandinejust .desktop files with icon names15:02
jdstrandkenvandine: keep in mind (and you probably realize this already), generating the thumbnails and giving access to all thumbnails in the directory is just pushing the problem. but seems creative use of the thumbnail service might be able to get you there15:03
kenvandinei was hoping we could provide access to that path since /usr/share/icons is accessible on the device15:03
jdstrandbut those directories are managed differently unfortunately15:04
kenvandinebut that just exposes the icons for what's installed on the device by default, users can't change that15:04
jdstrandoh right15:04
jdstrandyou only waant the themed ones15:04
jdstrandyes, that's totally fine15:04
kenvandinesame as in the container15:05
jdstrandkenvandine: perhaps add a comment somewhere strategic in the code so we don't forget why that's fine :)15:05
kenvandineso you're ok with  @{HOME}/.cache/libertine-container/*/rootfs/usr/share/icons/*15:05
kenvandinesince it's just the themed icons?15:05
jdstrandok, now I'm confused again15:06
kenvandineok... nevermind15:06
kenvandinei think i was briefly confused by what you said :)15:06
kenvandineso it's fine to allow access on the default system15:06
kenvandinebut not in the container15:06
kenvandinebecause they could deduce the delta15:06
jdstrandwhen I install via apt-get an application in the container, do icons get put in /usr/share/icons? my understanding is 'yes', so that is not an ok path15:06
kenvandinethey get installed in /usr/share/icons of the container15:07
kenvandinewhich is something like @{HOME}/.cache/libertine-container/*/rootfs/usr/share/icons15:07
jdstrand10:06 < kenvandine> so it's fine to allow access on the default system15:07
jdstrand10:06 < kenvandine> but not in the container15:07
jdstrand10:06 < kenvandine> because they could deduce the delta15:07
kenvandineok, so i do need to look into the thumbnailer :)15:07
kenvandinefor the themed icons15:07
jdstrandso, if you can tease out the system themed icons in @{HOME}/.cache/libertine-container/*/rootfs/usr/share/icons in some manner (eg, generate thumbnails of those and put them somewhere), that is fine15:08
kenvandineand i can add a rule to allow access to where those get cached15:09
kenvandinelike ~/.cache/content-hub/icons/*15:09
jdstrandor use an existing path. whatever makes most sense15:09
jdstrandperhaps it would make sense to use ~/.cache/content-hub/themed-icons/*15:10
jdstrandor something so that people understand that app icons won't go in there15:10
kenvandinejdstrand, noted15:12
kenvandinei hope the thumbnailer can do theme lookups15:12
kenvandinei bet it has the same problem... not a gui app15:13
kenvandinei'd hate to have to make the thumbnailer cache all the installed icons15:14
jdstrandI bet the thumbnailer will work fine15:19
jdstrandbut, the trick will be can the app ask the thumbnailer for an icon that is an app icon and get a result15:19
jdstrandie, it can enumerate apt-get installed apps by trial and error15:20
jdstrandkenvandine: ^15:20
kenvandinethis would be done from the service side15:20
kenvandinewhich already has a list of installed apps in the container15:20
kenvandinein the peer list15:20
kenvandinefor the peer picker15:20
kenvandineso the service side will need to hand a icon name for a themed icon to the thumbnailer to have it cache it15:21
kenvandinethen our image provider in the qml (app) side could use that cached icon15:21
kenvandineif the thumbnailer can cache an icon with just a theme path and icon name15:21
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kenvandinejdstrand, thumbnailer requires a path to the file, and if i could get that for the themed icon i could marshal the iconData like i do for the clicks :/15:28
kenvandinejdstrand, back to exposing what's installed inside the container... any app with content_exchange will be able to see what apps are installed by requesting a peer list15:29
kenvandineso i don't think allowing access to  @{HOME}/.cache/libertine-container/*/rootfs/usr/share/icons increases that exposure15:30
jdstrandkenvandine: I'm surprised by the peer list comment. that seems like maybe something that needs revisiting? either way, there is a difference though. with clicks apps opt into using content_exchange, ie, they want to be known to other apps. with apt-get in the container, there is no differentiation15:37
jdstrandthat said, I thought one of the points of the content-hub was so that apps didn't know the other side15:38
kenvandinetrue... but it's a way to provide access to get content to those apps15:38
kenvandinethey know the other side exists15:38
kenvandinebut not direct access to their content15:38
kenvandinewhat we're doing is letting you do something like opening an image from the gallery in gimp15:38
jdstrandhrm, I thought that worked differently15:39
kenvandineso gallery shows a list of possible apps to send the content too15:39
kenvandineusing the ContentPeerPicker component15:39
jdstrandlike, user click share in the app, out of process helper whows user a list of choices, the user picks the choice, the out of process helper launches the choice, give the out of process helper the data which gives it to the app15:40
kenvandinethe helper provides the list, but the component that shows the list is in the app's process15:40
jdstrand(so that is the reverse direction of what you are talking about, but rephrasing it for the other direction would be the same)15:40
kenvandinewe've recently started talking about an out of process app for the picker that does an overlay15:40
jdstrandI think that is a problem15:41
jdstrand(not the overlay, the current display)15:41
jdstrandI thought the content picker used a tps like thing15:41
kenvandinethere was plans for tps, but just to embed the other app inside the requesting app15:41
kenvandinenot the peer picker itself15:42
jdstrandbecause, you are right-- there is no point in blocking access to /usr/share/icons in the container today if all of that is exposed in another way. but that shouldn't be exposed in any way15:42
kenvandinebut we discussed that being tps too15:42
kenvandinebfiller, maybe we need to get the work for the out of process picker scheduled15:42
* jdstrand doesn't care if it is tps or something else, but we are trying hard not to enumerate apps wherever possible15:42
kenvandinebfiller, that we talked about back in austin15:43
kenvandinegetting that out of process solves a bunch of these issues15:43
kenvandinejdstrand, so until we get that work done, can we add access to that icons dir for container apps?15:43
kenvandinethat'll be a big task, and we need the container apps for pd15:44
jdstrandkenvandine: yes, but we need to file an appropriately prioritized bug for getting the other bits fixed15:44
bfillerkenvandine: out of process as in trust session right?15:47
kenvandineyeah, the overlay thing15:48
kenvandinewe had talked about something that runs and fills the same space as the keyboard rectangle15:48
kenvandinebfiller, the tough thing is going to be deprecating the existing ContentPeerPicker that apps are using15:54
kenvandineactually, maybe we can just make ContentPeerModel private... so apps can only show peers inside our UI, not programatically list them15:55
bfillerkenvandine: yup, going to have to think about planning for this in upcoming sprint15:55
kenvandinei don't know of any apps using the model directly15:56
kenvandineit'll be tricky to do that... anyway, we need to start planning it15:57
kenvandinegetting that out of process solves all of these themed icons problems i have :)15:57
kenvandinebut it isn't a short term fix :)15:57
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shd_how do i find out what kills my "powerd-cli active" ?17:20
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pdanekDoes Ubuntu phone have SElinux or apparmor running by default please?22:36
jjohansenpdanek: apparmor by default, and you can configure selinux and use that if you prefer22:36
pdanekjjohansen: thx22:37
jjohansenoh hrmm, actually you can't use selinux on the phone, that is for the desktop.  Eventually you might be able to use it on the phone, but that would require work that has not been done22:37
jjohansenpdanek: ubuntu phone apps are very locked down22:38
pdanekmakes sense22:39
jjohansenpdanek: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/22:41
popeyi doubt we'll implement selinux22:42
popeywe use apparmor22:42
jjohansenpopey: right, at first I missed the phone bit, you can install selinux for the desktop, its more work and community supported22:44
jjohansenfor the phone however, someone would have to do a lot of work22:44
pdanekCan Ubuntu Touch run Android apps already?22:50
JanCpdanek2: no (not yet, at least)23:26

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