zmoylan-piwe threw people off the fire escape. the rule was watch out below :-)00:06
diddledanI love that about drupal: every time you hack core god kills a kitten00:13
diddledanthe problem is d8 is based on symfony which has the exact opposite mantra00:13
diddledanthats what I'm currently watching00:14
* zmoylan-pi watched first episode of the new muppet show... i'll be buying that on dvd when it's released :-)00:17
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davmor2Morning all08:41
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:55
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday, and happy Punctuation Day! 😃09:35
* zmoylan-pi looks suspiciously at that semi colon...09:36
JamesTaitI think I'm missing a comma, too.09:38
dutchiefor the writer, maybe :P10:00
zmoylan-piwell at the time they were writing on vellum and cows cost serious money :-)10:01
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davmor2JamesTait: I hate punctuation, I'm gonna hit you so hard you come to a fullstop and end up in a comma......badumtish! ;)10:22
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bpIbdZhrzA10:24
JamesTaitVery good, davmor2. 😃10:27
diddledanlol, davmor2, that phonetic punctuation video is class!11:26
* brobostigon has found a version of magic, for android, :)11:47
zmoylan-piplay online? free game?11:48
brobostigonsingle and or multiplayer, and free.11:48
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selinuxiumBack again... :) o/12:52
selinuxiumStill having issues with certs.. :) Any cert officiandos in the house?12:53
brobostigonzmoylan-pi: its free to play to a point, £7.80. :(13:26
diddledan£7.80 counts as free?13:27
zmoylan-piit did sound too good to be true13:28
brobostigonzmoylan-pi: iap's.13:42
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foobarryhad a discussion whether i could siwtch from 1 disk to a 2 disk raid system without rebuilding...found "raider"14:40
foobarryanyone used it?14:40
diddledanfoobarry, if you're switching up to raid-1 then it should be fairly simple14:42
ujjainwhat can explain scp -r host1:/tmp/* host2:/tmp/* not working? I can connect fine to those hosts seperately.14:42
diddledan1) create new partition on blank disk for raid. 2) initialise that partition as degraded raid-1 (only one device present) 3) format new "array". 4) copy data. 5) nuke old partition and introduce into array as second member14:43
diddledanujjain, you can't do remote-to-remote14:44
ujjainI want remote via local to rmeote14:44
diddledanujjain, you'll need to copy to your own system first14:44
ujjainah :(14:44
diddledanalternatively login to one of those systems and copy directly14:44
ujjainyeah, there is no conncetivity14:45
ujjainbetween those servers14:45
diddledanyou could cheat by doing a pair of ssh tunnels and tar14:46
foobarrydidn't work for grub14:47
diddledanssh host1 tar -C /tmp cf - | ssh host2 tar -C /tmp xf -14:48
diddledanthat might work but I may be wrong with the syntax14:48
diddledanfoobarry, yeah you'll need to rebless the grub install :-/14:48
diddledangrub-install /dev/md0 might do it14:49
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)15:09
davmor2bigcalm: man what time do you call this to drag yourself out of bed ;)15:10
bigcalmI feel so tired15:15
* diddledan sleeps15:19
foobarrystarting from scratch, wondering whether to use btrfs15:36
foobarryon my work desktop15:36
diddledanseriously? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U2DKKqxHgE16:08
popeyheh, my reaction too16:11
zmoylan-pithere have been some weird movies made for videogames...16:13
diddledanlike doom?16:14
diddledanlol that was terrible16:14
zmoylan-pisuper mario brothers was terrible16:15
diddledanoh god yes!16:15
zmoylan-piis there any movie made about a game that wasn't?16:15
diddledangood point16:15
zmoylan-pibattleship was made into a movie, wasn't it?16:15
diddledanresident evil were ok16:16
diddledanyeah battleship starring rhianna16:16
zmoylan-pican't go wrong with zombies16:16
zmoylan-piwell you can but it's harder16:17
popeyi liked resident evil16:21
diddledanpopey, I'm waiting for the next installment with anticipation16:25
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ballIt's eerily quiet in here.17:27
* zmoylan-pi and the 100 ninjas + predators watch ball17:28
zmoylan-piit's tea time and folk are afk :-)17:28
yungBLUD_Hey, can anyone help with Ubuntu wifi issues?17:36
davmor2arrives disappears doesn't wait for an answer nice17:38
DJonesDidn't even respond in #ubuntu either17:39
brobostigonand 2 secs is hardly enough time to do anything.17:40
diddledanwait, I needed to answer that one!17:48
DJonesdiddledan: 4218:09
davmor2popey: come and live in Heathtown most of the residents are evil18:22
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daftykinshow do you do a proper HTTP GET over telnet o023:26
daftykinsah it's ok i got some HTML back, this NAS toy is still acting weird23:29
daftykinsweb admin won't come up but it's still responding to ping23:29

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