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Saviqltinkl, can you rebase betterDesktopIndicators on Albert's clazy_run branch, there's a conflict between the two14:00
ltinklSaviq, sure14:00
ltinklSaviq, lp:~aacid/unity8/clazy_run ?14:01
Saviqltinkl, yup14:01
ltinklk, on it14:01
ltinklSaviq, done14:03
Saviqltinkl, you also need to repropose the MP with the prerequisite field filled14:05
ltinklSaviq, ok14:05
Saviqltinkl, https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/betterDesktopIndicators/+merge/271455/+resubmit14:06
ltinklSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~lukas-kde/unity8/betterDesktopIndicators/+merge/27225114:06
ltinklSaviq, in the fixLogin1Tests branch, I'll add a few more tests to cover also the gnome screensaver interface, ok? I can mock that too14:09
ltinklSaviq, those were missing previously14:09
Saviqltinkl, having browsed through the two commits, two things stood up: maybe use ::invokeMethod to avoid all the if/elses?14:10
ltinklSaviq, right ye... I was trying to add a QFunctionPointer to  QTest::newRow() but this is better :))14:11
ltinklSaviq, and it didn't work anyway14:11
Saviqltinkl, and you need to cover the opposite case as well, with how it's there you test that Can* return just one value, you need to make the mock return all the four expected values (no, na, yes, challenge) and verify the returned value is correct14:12
ltinklSaviq, ok14:12
Saviqbecause with how it is today you don't even know what it returned14:15
Saviqltinkl, ah and also, maybe use dbus-test-runner's task management capabilities instead of spawning it in the test? although that I'm not hung up on14:16
ltinklSaviq, that I tried and the test runner refuses the python mock to connect to it14:17
Saviqltinkl, d'oh, just noticed --bus-type in dbus-test-runner's help ;)14:19
ltinklSaviq, ye I know that one, tried14:19
Saviqok we'll need to revisit our usage of it then14:21
ltinklSaviq, about the repetitive test with different values, do you think that's necessary? I'm currently testing if the return value from our DUSS service actually matches the one returned by logind14:32
Saviqltinkl, but you don't test what happens if logind returns something different14:33
ltinklSaviq, so it's also covering the "no" and "na" cases, the left side is boolean14:33
ltinklSaviq, hm14:33
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Saviqltinkl, what I mean14:33
Saviqltinkl, is that during the test, it only returns one value, that you don't even know14:33
Saviqltinkl, you need to make the mock return all cases to the call made by DUSS14:34
Saviqand verify the other end is correct14:34
Saviqltinkl, btw,14:34
Saviqdbus-test-runner --task python --ignore-return --parameter -m --parameter dbusmock --parameter org.freedesktop.login1 --parameter /org/freedesktop/login1 --parameter org.freedesktop.login1.Manager --task builddir/tests/plugins/Unity/Session/sessionbackendtestExec --wait-for org.freedesktop.login114:34
ltinklSaviq, ye but the code expects "yes" or "challenge" so if anything else comes our way, false is returned14:34
Saviqdednick, standup?14:36
ltinklSaviq, cool cmd line, that works for me, thanks :)14:37
pstolowskimzanetti, hey, are you ok if i propose debian/post{inst,rm} for unity8 similar to the ones shown in the description of this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scopes-shell/+bug/1389257 ?14:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1389257 in unity-scopes-shell (Ubuntu) "Getting package versions via dpkg-query on startup is very expensive" [High,In progress]14:44
ltinklSaviq, here are the builtin templates that we might want to use throughout our tests: https://github.com/martinpitt/python-dbusmock/tree/master/dbusmock/templates14:52
mzanettipstolowski, sounds reasonable14:56
mzanettipstolowski, isn't there anothe method to get the version at runtime?14:57
mzanettiit does seem a bit of a hack with those files14:57
cimimzanetti, hey ho, welcome back15:02
mzanettihi cimi ;)15:02
cimimzanetti, just a quick thing, was talking to pstolowski about adding a property also for the content type15:02
cimimzanetti, I cannot detect the content type from the dash for remote url15:03
mzanettihmm... I see15:04
mzanetticimi, actually... no15:04
mzanettiif it's a remote, contenttype is ContentTyle.Link15:04
cimimzanetti, what about is a remote mp3 stream?15:04
cimimzanetti, or a remote picture?15:05
mzanettistill a link, no?15:05
mzanettiif you set it to ContentType.Picutre, contenthub will expect a file15:05
mzanettiand it wants to copy/hardlink the file15:05
cimimzanetti, so if I want to stream a mp3?15:05
Saviqltinkl, oh cool so there's a logind template already15:05
cimimzanetti, and open with the streamer15:05
mzanetticimi, well, the music app should support receiving contentTyle.Link15:06
mzanettiand then just start playing it15:06
Saviqltinkl, so with something like15:07
Saviqdbus-test-runner --bus-type=both --task python --parameter -m --parameter dbusmock --parameter -t --parameter logind --ignore-return --task builddir/tests/plugins/Unity/Session/sessionbackendtestExec --wait-for org.freedesktop.login115:08
Saviqltinkl, that actually makes the trunk test pass for me15:08
cimimzanetti, :/15:09
cimimzanetti, partly convinced15:10
Saviqnow you only need to control the mock to return the right values15:10
mzanetticimi, I just asked ken:15:11
mzanetti<mzanetti> kenvandine, hey, if we want to share a remote music stream, that's ContentType.Link, right? Not Music15:11
mzanetti<kenvandine> yeah15:11
Saviqthat sounds wrong15:11
mzanettithe thing is, when you share something !Link and !Text, ContentHub will want to manage the file15:12
mzanetticopy it into the target app's folders etc15:12
Saviqwell, sure, but that's wrong15:12
pstolowskimzanetti, we were using dpkg-query before, but that's expensive (thus the bug report). another way would be to use a native apt api i guess... but that sounds like too much for what we need15:13
Saviqyou want to share music, whether it's a local or remote file is a different question?15:13
pstolowskimzanetti, i'm also exploring the idea of abandoning the idea of collecting versions completely, and only send /etc/ubuntu-build number to smart scopes proxy15:14
Saviqmzanetti, OTOH, what if the target app can't do network... you could say content hub might need to download it first... which in a case of a stream might be problematic ;P15:14
mzanettiSaviq, right... I agree, I guess... but that's kinda out of scope for cimi's task :)15:14
mzanettiSaviq, would require 2 props15:14
Saviqmzanetti, +115:14
mzanettipstolowski, I'm not really opposing it.... but I find it quite the opposite of an elegant solution15:14
pstolowskimzanetti, i know. but that was suggested by apt guru15:15
pstolowskiif that helps you swallow it ;)15:15
mzanettipstolowski, that'd be my favorite... not exactly sure why you need the unity version number... but if we could get rid of that reverse-dep it'd be best IMO15:16
pstolowskimzanetti, reverse-dep? what do you mean?15:16
mzanettipstolowski, that's the wrong word, I know...15:17
pstolowskimzanetti, we're currently collecting version numbers of scopes api, shell plugin and unity8 and send them with queries to smart scopes server. this was meant to help them implement workarounds for old clients etc.15:17
mzanettiI see15:17
pstolowskimzanetti, i'm disccusing with them abandoning it and only send build number15:17
mzanettipstolowski, ok, cool. if you can't manage to get there, feel free to add the proposed solution from the bug report... I won't block it15:18
pstolowskimzanetti, k, thanks15:18
pstolowskicimi, sorry, i had to read the backlog15:23
pstolowskicimi, what mzanetti says sounds reasonable, in that case content type doesn't make sense?15:23
mzanettinope... doesn't make sense... well, for local content we need to figure the contentType... but giving remote uri's to content-hub and setting something else than ContentType.Link will break it15:24
mzanettiin its current incarnation at least15:24
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mzanettiI also agree that this is not ideal15:24
Saviqpstolowski, don't smart scopes go away anyway? ;P15:25
pstolowskicimi, i think it would still make sense to make this sharable a dict, e.g. 'share': {'uri': ..} in case we need to add something in near future15:25
pstolowskiSaviq, kind of... they are in maintenance mode only, no new remote scopes anymore, therefore my suggestion to drop these version numbers completely if they ack it. but i think we will need to live with these scopes for a while still...15:27
cimipstolowski, ok15:33
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