adomAnyone go to see the Pope? I imagine traffic in the city is insane this week...avoiding driving too far north at all costs.13:27
marcoceppiadom: my girlfriend didn't have much trouble navigating DC traffic for an appointment she had earlier this week15:41
marcoceppibut I'm staying home15:41
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adomyeah don't blame you16:40
adommarcoceppi: any cool new projects you got to work on?17:33
adomalso how's the motorcycle running?17:34
marcoceppiadom: motorcycle is running well, I've picked up a few cars along the way now17:34
marcoceppiI've got an MG Midget, 72 VW Super Beetle, and TR617:34
adombig bucks Marco over here17:35
marcoceppiha, well I buy them cheap and restore17:35
adomHey what's best place to learn about Ubuntu IoT? err...that is to say, where is best place to learn about IoT?17:38
adomI thought IoT is just a thought that many devices are connected to the internet nowadays, but then I see Windows and Ubuntu IoT releases so guess I have more learnings to do...17:38
marcoceppiSnappy is a good start, but it's kind of crazy to work with17:40
marcoceppiIoT is hot, but there isn't like an "IoT" hub to just start learning17:40
marcoceppiit's bascially just anyone with a rpi and evil genius like intentions17:41
marcoceppiadom: they were giving away these for a little bit https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/QqenF7xfrKIYlEyPLWfX_Bx8g8KY9brxdPCZQFFFbb4T8HPRwX31-4KMKLhh0f4hrGnJZfJgr68vpOlyd3C3IvYL2b52A4HXwudqxuAV2poU22kAIbkbutaO1JXDhLThhvnC0GXT3O_dM1kyIhPgavvPDDkU54v7A_uy0cO37kv7nojzGYnQYiyc2vS5N10PbNS1DqWqoRbR46a70vSm_GoCWez_eH_LI3VxFqID68LiLe1OEUcKADHNOrLeIrxrPefLT-d58Aa9padppqAIYug179TqeEbDL_QF_2gk17bzxBWPpOtdbfFcLo4fsXeZj2YcKZ4UsRLI4IIa44Aw9xZ-9uu_X-17:42
marcoceppicalled the Ubuntu Matchbox, at conferences and the like, but it's just a RPI2 with Snappy installed and a PiGlow module17:42

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