average_guyits masochism aedend, arch is all you need01:24
average_guypft, gone anyway01:26
average_guyI'm playing w/linux again.  I have a desktop, and laptop w/win and a headless ubuntu server with a printer hooked to it that I want network accessable01:28
average_guyI know it can be done, much googling happening01:29
cyberangeraverage_guy: cups03:49
cyberangerby default the web interface only binds to localhost:63103:49
cyberangeryou have two options, open it wider (or my preferred) ssh user@server -L 6310:localhost 631 and then point iceweasel at localhost:631003:50
cyberangerkeeps things locked down03:50
average_guyI am looking at /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.  I havent broken it yet though, still reading11:27
average_guyand it's backed up.  I dont give a crap about security, I want printing for everyone11:29
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johnhaitasi need to get znc set back up :-) i think that's what i was using17:08
johnhaitasi guess wrst isn't as active anymore :-/17:08
cyberangerjohnhaitas: he is, just we all get busy and I think you'll find he is a little more now than what you remember17:45
cyberangerfamily man, right wrst17:45
cyberangerjohnhaitas: I'm not sure if that's what you were using, but it is what I use and like17:46
cyberangerwrst: uses quassel, another option17:46
cyberangerI used to use irssi and screen, then irssi-proxy, znc with the work mac, my debian laptop and andchat for android is perfect for me17:47
cyberangeresp. when I added pushbullet to znc17:47
johnhaitasi used znc for the scrollback across machines/clients as i recall now18:26
Juzzyyay my xmas lights ship tomorrow18:54
Juzzyanyone want to take a wild stab at the weight?18:54
wrstjohnhaitas: kids, kids they suck all your time away!19:20
wrstor in my case kid!19:20
johnhaitasi'm on my way to that19:20
wrstits great but certainly redirects your recreational time, and congrats!19:21
wrstjohnhaitas: I really like quassel for the scrollback, it isn't the best client out there, but the client works on everything, windows, osx, android, ios is a paid client but pretty nice from that standpoint, if you want to be that connected19:24
cyberangerFinally, I think I've finally got obfsproxy and openvpn to play nice together20:52
cyberangerhave my configs set to use it (and for a really bad day, tor) too (not as the primary server, primary is still direct)20:52
cyberangerhave to get my wiki and blog up, not to mention my new site20:53
cyberangerso in case I get distraced in trying to finish that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody20:53
cyberanger(only slightly kidding, not enough time for my todo list)20:54
aedendbuilt hexchat from source... not sure it is going so well...23:22
Unit193Why'd you do that?23:22
aedendI wanted to learn more about how things work23:23
aedendIt's easy to install a deb package. I wanted to know what all goes into making that deb23:24
Unit193Well, not precisely like building from source, and it sure isn't checkinstall. :P23:25
cyberangerDid you verify your source code? >:-)23:27
aedendUnit193, I got to reading this http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Software-Building-HOWTO-4.html Because I wanted to learn23:27
aedendIt had some valid points, plus I wanted to know how everything works behind the scenes23:28
Unit193https://wiki.debian.org/IntroDebianPackaging or https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/ I'd say.23:28
Unit193cyberanger: I actually do when I compile a kernel!23:28
cyberangerUnit193: +123:29
Unit193getkernel.sh grabs the detached sig and will extract the tarball if it's all a-ok.23:29
aedendUnit193, nice! thanks23:29
* cyberanger coughs cheat23:29
* cyberanger inhales coughdrop, then really starts coughing and throwing a fit23:30
Unit193cyberanger: Heeey, I wrote it!  And it makes sure it gets checked! :P23:30
cyberangerAh, that's a little better, doesn't help my coughdrop problem though23:31
aedendcould one of you use my nick please, I need to see if the pearl script for highlights loaded correctly23:32
Unit193As in, ping aedend.23:33
aedendUnit193, haha, yeah. and... it works!23:33
cyberangeraedend: no I can't do that23:33
aedendthanks guys23:34
aedendor should I say, thank you Unit193 and cyberanger23:34
aedendI setup a new vm with xubuntu. Going to try and build a linux from scratch... I judge I'll learn the most from this endeavor23:36
cyberangeraedend: try arch too23:36
aedendcyberanger, I'm going to stick with LFS since I've read about 30% of the book so far.23:37
aedendoh, a little confusion there. I see what you were saying cyberanger23:38
cyberangeraedend: Arch Linux23:38
aedendyeah, I have a vm with it installed23:38
cyberangerAh, okay23:38
Unit193I'm lazy, Bridge looks nice. :P23:38
aedendbut I felt more comfortable using xubuntu for my custom build since I slightly more familiar with it23:39
cyberangerI think I've finally got my vpn network over tor back up and running23:39
aedendcyberanger, are you paying for a vpn somewhere?23:40
cyberangerNeed to get the servers fully running too still, that'll take time to do right23:40
cyberangeryeah, somewhere ;-)23:40
Unit193Xubuntu?  I think I've heard of that one.23:41
aedendgot it ;)23:41
aedendcyberanger, I was looking a Digital Ocean for hosting a vpn and maybe a wordpress site. Your thoughts on their service?23:42
* aedend senses a little sarcasm from Unit193 :p23:42
cyberangeraedend: I have a few servers, (linode mostly, also use ColoCrossing, via servermania) and link them together via openvpn over tor23:43
cyberangerI'm working on changing how some of the systems are paid for and connect to each other23:43
Unit193A lot of people use and like DO, get a promo from wrst if you do though (will credit him and you, IIRC.)23:43
cyberangerI do also use private internet access23:43
cyberangeraedend: previous and current employers use them, I was happier with Zunicore and Linode honestly23:44
aedendUnit193, that is good information, if I decide to go with DO I will do that, thanks23:44
cyberangerthink I've got a referral code with a similar deal for linode too23:44
Unit193Linode really declined so it seems.23:45
cyberangerI think I actually liked zunicore the most, just cost stings23:45
aedendcyberanger, I saw a comparison data sheet on DO and Linode, it seemed to me that DO was better23:45
cyberangerUnit193: They've gone through a hiring frenzy lately, and switched to KVM as a default, I can boot bare disk (images) too23:46
cyberangerit's the Lish console access that really sold me23:46
Unit193Well huh.23:46
cyberangeraedend: Any idea on when it was dated?23:46
aedendcyberanger, I have to look, I saw it last night, let me check23:47
cyberangerUnit193: I think they're really so close currently that it's simply a preference choice, I'd go with zunicore if they weren't more expensive, it's worth it, but I can't afford that yet23:48
aedendcyberanger, here is one I looked at  http://www.itekhost.net/digitalocean-vs-linode/  updated September 13, 201523:49
cyberangeraedend: it might say updated in Sept. but I've had servers in Singapore since May, and Frankfurt using KVM since July I believe23:53
cyberangerso It's not really up to date23:54
cyberangerAnd when it says refunds, that's to get cash, not credit for another server23:54
cyberangerI'm not against them, but that comparison looks slanted, some valid points too (I don't recall linode's billing getting hacked, but they did have serious issues when people were doing bitcoin on them, somebody hacked them to raid their wallets)23:56
Unit193Yeah well starting out DO had some major design flaws. :P23:57
cyberangerThat too, and I like that Linode will take money order and checks too23:57
aedendcyberanger, one of my questions was if big corporations are unable to secure users data on their servers, how can I trust these virtual hosting companies?23:57
cyberangerI think it was an inside job to be honest, so big or small, you can't from that23:58
cyberangerI think somebody was seeing low pay, guarding a bank vault (basically) that always had the door wide open23:59
cyberangerso they robbed the vault (bitcoin wallets on the VPS servers) and then clocked out like normal23:59

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