magespawngood day09:25
grembleGood morning10:14
magespawnhi gremble 10:21
grembleHow are you magespawn?10:21
magespawngood and you?10:25
grembleI am well thank you10:25
grembleTrying to decide on an editor to use. I have to re-setup both my emacs and vim if I want to use them, and not very keen at the moment10:26
magespawni use the stock vim, no custom settings10:27
magespawnor what ever is on the system i am using at the moment10:27
grembleYes, you're right. I should probably just use it. haha.10:28
magespawni am trying to set up a cisco 837 router10:30
grembleAnd? Successful?10:30
magespawnwell i have managed to connect to it through a console cable and minicom, but that is all so far10:32
magespawni have to learn the cisco commands10:32
grembleAh alright10:34
grembleNot a lot of fun to have to work on a public holiday though :<10:35
magespawnno this is not work, but education10:36
grembleOh alright10:36
grembleThat is not as bad10:36
magespawnyup cisco manuals are rather large10:37
magespawnlooks like the preferred way is through the console10:37
grembleThis book is quite hostile to python 3 -_-10:38
kulelu88python3, the mistake10:38
magespawnkulelu88: why is that/10:39
grembleMight be the mistake, but that is what you will be using10:39
kulelu88don't mind me, I'm just fuelling flames. py3 is like systemd10:41
grembleEveryone hates it for no apparent reason?10:42
kulelu88the problem with py3 is that it doesn't bring major benefits while so many libs are still py210:43
grembleA lot of them have been ported. Most of those that haven't are orphaned anyway10:43
grembleThe syntax for python3 is so far much nicer for me than python2. So I don't complain too much10:44
kulelu88i still use py210:47
grembleand I 310:47
kulelu88I like stability10:47
grembleBut I don't use python a lot10:47
grembleso it doesn't phase me10:47
grembleMy friend wants me to build a quick statistical model, so I am playing around 10:48
kulelu88what kind of model? 10:48
grembleCard draw model. So I'll probably do hypergeometric or derive a similar model based on his theoretical parameters10:49
grembleHe is really into Magic the Gathering, so he wants me to help him theory craft a deck10:50
grembleWelcome back11:06
magespawnlooks like there is a web interface for the 837, but it has to be enabled first11:08
magespawnokay got the web interface up and running11:33
grembleweb interfaces on routers always make me worry that they are easily configurable from the outside. 11:34
magespawnyou can set so much on this one, the security seems quite high11:35
grembleAh alright11:35
magespawnupdate: the webpage is refusing to load14:29
grembleHave you been waiting for it to load for the last 3 hours?14:30
magespawnyes, but in my defense i did also going shopping and take a nap14:33
grembleI should take a nap14:35
magespawnit does wonders for my outlook14:38
grembleIt is true. If only it wasn't as hot 14:41
grembleevil in emacs is amazing. I am not even going to lie14:43
Kiloshi magespawn inetpro thatgraemeguy gremble and others as well14:57
grembleHey Kilos 15:03
gremblehow are you doing15:03
Kilosgood ty and you15:04
grembleI'm well thank you15:04
magespawn hi Kilos 15:53
inetprogood mornings 16:16
inetpromagespawn: don't do the web thingy, learn to do it the right way on the cli 16:18
inetproai! 16:44
magespawninetpro: looks like at least in this case there is no option16:54
magespawnit does take longer usually but does provide flexibility 16:56
Kiloshi inetpro 17:27
magespawnback like boomarang17:40
Kilosso where the clever telegram peeps17:52
Kilosi have an app called org.callgram.messenger.apk but dont know how to install it in telegram or run it17:54
inetproKilos: really!>18:03
Kilosreally? inetpro 18:03
Kiloswhat you mean?18:03
inetprowhy try funny things like that?18:04
Kiloswell i dont want to use skype18:04
inetprohave you tried https://desktop.telegram.org/ ?18:04
magespawnthat does not seem to be from the makers of telegram though18:04
Kiloswhat other voip thing works on ubuntu and android18:04
magespawnand there is an automatic download on that page18:05
magespawnthat looks highly suspicious18:05
* inetpro agrees with magespawn18:05
Kilosinetpro i have telegram18:06
inetprowhat the problem is?18:06
Kilosbut typing when you on your back is hard on the neck18:06
Kiloseasy to talk to debs than type to her18:06
inetproanother very easy option is google hangouts18:07
Kilosim trying to get away from all google stuffs18:07
inetproaudio and video takes bandwidth anyway18:09
inetproaudio less so but still more than text18:09
inetproand Telegram does not yet support the calling feature as others do18:10
Kilosyes but i am prepared to use some to be able to voip18:10
inetproat least not that I'm aware of18:10
Kilosoh i thought callgram was part of telegram peeps18:10
inetproif you want telegram stuff then you go to https://telegram.org/18:11
Kilosive read that and many other pages over and over18:12
Kiloseen looked for them on irc18:12
inetproone day when we all grow up we will have a seemless cross-platform calling feature no matter what you use18:13
inetproin fact we already have it18:13
inetproit's called firefox hello18:13
inetprosee https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/hello/18:16
inetprowb octoquad18:20
octoquadhi inetpro 18:20
inetproKilos: you gave up now already?18:24
Kilosnope man was reading everywhere18:25
Kiloshaha and you know i really love firefox18:27
Kilosoh i saw some sip thing18:28
Kilosin the repos18:29
Kiloswhat ai!18:29
Kilossecure peer-to-peer VoIP server for the SIP protocol18:30
Kiloswhat does that mean18:30
inetprouse the easy stuff that just works18:30
Kiloshahaha jy word oud18:30
Kilosnono anything involve with google is not for me18:31
inetprofirefox works18:31
inetproand is fully open source18:32
Kilosiya but through a browser first18:32
inetprowhat is wrong with the browser?18:32
Kilosone can irs from a browser but we use ifrc clients rather, why is that18:33
Kiloswhew hrad to type like this18:34
inetproyou wanted an easy way to talk, that doesn't involve google or skype18:35
Kilosso now you want me to install firefox aain18:36
Kilosai ai ai ai ai18:36
inetprono, go ahead, build your own thingymajig18:36
Kilosne man18:36
Kilossjoe ek sukkel18:36
inetprouh oh!18:46
inetprowho stole my cheese?18:47
superflyThat's what you get for messing with oom Kilos 18:48
Kilossuperfly ++18:49
Kilosty i needed that18:50
inetprosuperfly: you have another solution for audio calls for him?18:50
inetprosorry oom Kilos18:51
Kilosnp man18:51
* inetpro still trying to recover from a migraine18:52
Kilosyou have earned the right to mess with me18:52
Kilosai! sorry man18:52
superflyinetpro: when we call MrsFly's family we use Skype 18:52
superflyApparently Viber is also good 18:52
Kilosits not serios ty guys  i have skype18:54
Kiloswas just trying to keep you guys thinking maybe18:54
Kilosoh my18:55
Kiloshi Cryterion 18:56
CryterionHi Kilos18:56
Cryterionand everyone else18:57
Kilosinetpro 31 dec is 30 years, gotta end it now18:57
Kiloshaha he knows18:58
Kilosyou can get an inkling from 18:58
KilosMaaz kilos.site18:58
MaazKilos: kilos.site is http://mileys-site.yolasite.com and https://sites.google.com/site/mileyssite18:58
Kilostop one18:59
Kiloscant remember what the second one was for18:59
CryterionThis website is not available. in 6 languages19:00
Kilosoh my19:00
Cryterionthat's the top 119:00
Kilosi wonder who killed it19:00
Cryterionbottom one seems to be working19:00
* tumbleweed investigates who killed it19:00
Kiloshi tumbleweed 19:01
tumbleweedhi Kilos19:01
Kiloshope all well there19:01
tumbleweedhrm, there's no record of it being disabled19:01
Kilosoh my19:01
Cryterionbottom one only has 2 video's, one has been suspended due to copyright, the other is a Tara auditioning19:03
tumbleweedKilos: I'm intrigued - we're trying ot figure out what happened19:07
Kilosty tumbleweed i can get to the dashboard and it sees me as me 19:07
magespawntumbleweed: not an area restriction because of the videos/19:08
Kilosbut dont know what to fiddle with19:08
tumbleweedKilos: yeah, it's disabled on the hosting side, but nowhere else19:08
tumbleweedKilos: re-publish19:08
Kilosi have to find how to edit or something19:09
Kiloswill see what i get ty19:09
Kilosi dont have a publish button anywahere19:10
tumbleweedKilos: go to sitebuilder19:10
tumbleweed"edit this site" gets you there19:11
Kiloslast update 1470 days ago19:12
Kilosyay ty tumbleweed 19:13
KilosCryterion its fixed19:13
magespawnyup up and running19:14
tumbleweedKilos: sorry about that :(19:15
Cryterionok, will look shortly19:15
Kilosnp tumbleweed ty for the help19:15
Kilossmile man :D19:15
Kiloshi MaNI 19:18
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
superflyMaNI: how's your solar power doing?19:30
MaNIheh, pretty good, been running pc off it since about a week ago19:32
MaNIbut just a temporary ground setup still need to get it on the roof19:32
superflyah, OK19:35
MaNIgets about 70% capacity on the ground even with partial shading which is better than I expected19:38
Kilosby the time its on the roof there wont be loadshedding anymore19:41
Kilosnight all, sleep tight19:47
MaNIheh - I've always said that once I get them load shedding will stop19:54
MaNIbut realistically I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of it19:55
MaNIalso last sunday we were off the whole day for maintenance, (this happens at least twice a year) was pretty cool not to care about that19:57
magespawnbed time, good night all20:01
grembleGood night magespawn 20:02
grembleOh my. You can run haskell in a Jupyter notebook20:12
tumbleweedI think we figured out what happened to Kilos' site. A nice gnarley distributed-systems bug20:51
tumbleweedancient site, wasn't on all the publishing clusters21:00
tumbleweedso a request comes it for it, it tries to automatically get it published to the cluster21:00
tumbleweedin the process, it sees that the enabled state is NULL, not True / False (yeah, shitty DB schema)21:01
tumbleweedand replicates that out to all the clusters as False, not True21:01
tumbleweedwe recently cleaned up those NULLs to True, but this must have been before that21:01
grembleWas that the google one or the yolasite one?21:02
superflyah, one of those21:05
gremblepython's matplotlib prings plots practically exactly like matlab. Quite interesting22:19

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