Techspectrewileee, thank you00:00
amigoo89chaser: yes exactly... that is what I was worried about00:00
amigoo89so I guess I need to upgrade it to 14.0400:00
amigoo89but it is okay I guess00:00
Bashing-omamigoo89: Yep. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=vsftpd&searchon=names&suite=precise-updates&section=all >> Sorry, your search gave no results . Not available in 12.04 .00:00
amigoo89yes :()00:01
amigoo89but okay, I will upgrade it to 14.0400:01
Techspectrewileee, the only reason I ask is because I remember not too long ago Ubuntu wouldn't recognize USB 3.0 devices during installation. But that was probably 12.04 or 13.04, this is 15.04.00:02
TechspectreWith 24 GB of ram, would you guys set 50 GB of swap space?00:03
Bashing-omamigoo89: Mind a PPA ? There is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/%2Bsource/vsftpd .00:03
amigoo89yes I've also seen this, but I guess using 14.04 is a good choice anyways :)00:03
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amigoo89later I will have the same problem with another package00:04
wileeeDaniel070189, what do you need?00:04
Bashing-omTechspectre: Unless you are hibernating and doing some real heavy duty number crunching .. 2 Gigs of swap will suffice . I doubt you will ever touch swap .00:04
TechspectreBashing-om, so 10 gigs is just fine?00:05
Bashing-omamigoo89: Release 14.04 is good choice .00:05
TechspectreIf you assign more space to swap, the system doesn't become swap dependent instead of ram dependent does it?00:05
Bashing-omTechspectre: Yeah .. 2 gigs is finer if there is any concern for disk usage .00:06
TechspectreLike, is there a performance downside to having more available swap?00:06
Bashing-omTechspectre: Swap is used to page things out of ram as the system requires the memory .. with that much ram I highly doubt any shortage of memory for the ystem's use .00:07
TechspectreOkay. Thanks, Bashing-om .00:08
acerspyroHello, I just installed Kubuntu 15.04 on my Lenovo ThinkPad T400 using the netboot install, and upon boot, I am greeted with the Kubuntu plymouth screen, all goes well, until I fall on a screen that says "Starting version 219". Upon further inspection, it seems to be quite an old bug. I tried the "sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f" thing, but nothing changed. It didn't even cry like other users experienced. So I tried replacing systemd00:11
Bashing-omTechspectre: :) . I run on 4 Gigs of ram .. and only 7 MB of swap . No problem .00:11
acerspyrowith Upstart... Same thing, without the "Starting version 219" message. Just a black screen. Typing in "cat /var/log/sddm.log" shows "Failed to start display server process." at the end.00:11
acerspyroTried installing the FGLRX drivers, along with xserver-xorg-video-ati, didn't help. I'm out of ideas here.00:11
prometI created a vpn entry in the network manager in unity 15.04, this was from an "imported profile" via vpn.ht. The entry was successfully created, but upon being clicked no action takes place, no connection attempt, no errors, no action whatsoever.00:12
TechspectreBashing-om, thank you.00:12
prometI know vpn can be a little finicky, anyone have any thoughts?00:12
TechspectreBashing-om, when writing a partition table to a new drive, does the Ubuntu 15.04 installer use MBR or GPT?00:12
Bashing-omTechspectre: Will install on either . GPT is the new partitioning scheme and does have some advanatages .00:13
Bashing-omTechspectre: IF you are dual booting, can not mix the partitioning schemes ( boot code install is different ) .00:15
TechspectreBashing-om, what I'm asking is this. It's a new drive fresh out of the box. I have to select 'new partition table' in the installer to make partitions. Which is it going to use, MBR or GPT?00:15
TechspectreIt doesn't let you select.00:15
Bashing-omTechspectre: You choose. Now if it is a large 4TB drive and greater , one uses GPT partitioning. addressing !00:16
wileeeTechspectre, This a second drive to go in the W10 setup?00:16
TechspectreBashing-om, I'd like to choose but it doesn't let you. It just says 'new partition table'00:16
Techspectrewileee, this is an internal HDD that I'd like to use for my /home directory. I'm installing the actual OS on the SSD.00:17
Bashing-omTechspectre: As you can not get the choice, something has gone south . And with Win10 you want to use GPT and also install in UEFI mode for sure .00:18
wileeeTechspectre, Just be sure it's all gonna boot, if you have a uefi windows, ubuntu has to be as well.00:18
TechspectreIt's Windows 8.1 and I intentionally installed it legacy no UEFI00:18
Daniel0701891brazil now00:19
TechspectreWell, I guess since it doesn't let me choose or see what it's going to do, I'll have to go for it and see what it did when it's done00:19
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wileee!br | Daniel070189100:20
ubottuDaniel0701891: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:20
Bashing-omTechspectre: How large is the drive that you are installing ubuntu onto ? Large drives do need to be partitioned before hand .00:21
TechspectreBashing-om, / is going on an SSD 120 GB, /home is going on an HDD 2TB00:23
Bashing-omTechspectre: K .. Sounds like a good plan to me . Now just to make it happen .00:24
TechspectreWell that's weird00:31
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TechspectreNew install on brand new drives... Ubuntu starts, and I notice there's something in the trash bin. I check it, and it turns out it's folders from my old drive... How did that happen?00:32
TechspectreI see no possible way this could have happened, the drives were never exposed to one another00:33
Bashing-omTechspectre: Now we venture into the realm of speculation . I am not too productive there. But, liveUSB with persistence as the install medium ?00:35
TechspectreOh, well yes, it was.00:37
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TechspectreUrip, hi.\00:40
TechspectreWhat's up. :)00:41
Uripit's been a while I don't use IRC00:41
Uripand never got into this server00:41
somsipUrip: do you have a support question?00:41
Uripso I'm having some problems with a software on Ubuntu00:41
somsipUrip: k - lets have some details then00:41
Uripdon't know if this is the right channel00:41
Uripits about xmgrace00:41
Uripany of u guys use it?00:42
TechspectreUrip, if you want to get back into IRC when you're feeling chatty, #ubuntu-offtopic is a good place to chat with other Linux geeks. This is a support channel.00:42
Bashing-omTechspectre: Ya know a thought occured to me . Windows installed in leagcy mode, recon Windows partitioned in SFS ( dynamic - proprietary !) mode ? What from the liveUSB does ' sudo parted -l ' relate ?00:42
Uripoh, the other guy is a bot lol00:42
UripI need some too00:43
somsipacerspyro: explain your problem others noone can help you00:43
somsipUrip: same for you. Give us some details00:43
tahr210341Hi all, I know I am not using Ubuntu (and now you know that too !), but I come to your lovely kingdom for help. I know that the Debian folk would just laugh me away, but I think that, in my experience you will be kinder (I hope !). I am using Puppy Linux (Tahrpup) which can use Ubuntu packages. I am trying to use Finch (a console version of Pidgin). I can install it and get it to run, but it cannot connect as the 'server is using unsupported enc00:43
tahr210341<tahr210341> ryption...' or some such. Would anyone be willing to sudo apt-get intsall finch to test it? This way I will know if it is the package or Puppy that is the problem. Also, FYI Pidgin works just find, so may certificates in finch are too old ? Anyway, any help, dear Ubuntites, would be most appreciated.00:43
TechspectreBashing-om, the install media for Ubuntu was separate from the Windows install media, though.00:43
somsiptahr210341: puppy is not support here. You will need to find a puppy support channel, maybe using !alis00:44
Uripsomsip:  I've installed xmgrace, and when I use the cmd 'xmgrace', it opens00:44
Uripbut all the buttons are tiny00:44
somsipUrip: where did you install xmgrace from?00:44
UripI can't even read them...00:44
Bashing-omTechspectre: K, just thought maybe as '/' was on the SSD, Win8 might also reside there too .00:45
UripI used the 'apt-get install grace' cmd on the terminal00:45
somsipUrip: and what DE are you using - unity?00:45
Uripbtw, I'm using a VM00:45
TechspectreBashing-om, Win 8 is on the SSD also00:45
TechspectreRight, the install *medium* was the same.00:45
Uripsorry, what's DE?00:45
tahr210341somsip; Yes, I've been to the puppy-linux channel... I was just wanted to compare with another distro to isolate the problem.... but yes, I know it is not offiicially supported here.00:45
UripI'm new to ubuntu..00:45
TechspectreStill, where did the files come from? We're dealing with totally new drives here.00:46
somsipUrip: Display Environment - usually Unity but could be anything depending on what you installed on the VM00:46
acerspyrosomsip, I explained my problems about 30 minutes ago00:46
Bashing-omTechspectre: I would check for SFS, it is proprietary to MicroSoft, and no other plays nice with it .00:46
somsipacerspyro: no good to me as I've only been online a few minutes. People come and go, so repeat your issue after a reaonable delay if you get no response00:46
acerspyroHello, I just installed Kubuntu 15.04 on my Lenovo ThinkPad T400 using the netboot install, and upon boot, I am greeted with the Kubuntu plymouth screen, all goes well, until I fall on a screen that says "Starting version 219". Upon further inspection, it seems to be quite an old bug. I tried the "sudo systemctl enable sddm.service -f" thing, but nothing changed. It didn't even cry like other users experienced. So I tried replacing systemd00:46
acerspyrowith Upstart... Same thing, without the "Starting version 219" message. Just a black screen. Typing in "cat /var/log/sddm.log" shows "Failed to start display server process." at the end.00:46
acerspyroTried installing the FGLRX drivers, along with xserver-xorg-video-ati, didn't help. I'm out of ideas here.00:47
Uripsomsip: I'm using Ubuntu version 14.something on the Virtual Machina (virtualbox)00:47
Uripis that what u asked? :s00:47
Uripsomsip:  ?00:48
somsipUrip: have a read of this. It's old but suggest that another fonts package might be needed. And have some patience... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grace/+bug/70520200:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 705202 in gv (Ubuntu) "xmgrace window font is not loaded correctly" [Undecided,New]00:49
Uripsomsip:  thanks, I'll read it00:50
somsipUrip: also http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man8/update-grace-fonts.8.html http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/error-message-regarding-fonts-in-grace-943919/00:50
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Trlis there a way to know how much time left to run certain cron job ?00:51
=== Yukkii is now known as Yukiku
somsipTrl: you mean, how much time before it runs? Or do you really mean 'estimate how long it will take to run'?00:51
TrlFor instance I have set a cron job to run each 2 hours, but now how can I know the next time that will be run00:52
Trlsomeone: first question :)00:52
somsipTrl: can't find anything. Just crontab -l and use brainpower. It's possible to script something I guess00:53
Trlsomsip: yea jeje00:54
Trlbut the problem is that I did't know when the job was set, so I can not estimate :p00:55
somsipTrl: cron works by specifying times to run jobs. Are you referring to 'at'?00:55
Uripsomsip:  I had tried one of them, but don't know if I'm doing it right. After using 'update-grace-fonts' is it supposed to appear anything on the terminal?00:56
Uripcuz it doesn't00:56
somsipUrip: no idea. I know nothing about xmgrace except what I just learned from googling it for you00:56
Trlsomsip: yes but I have something like * */3 * * *  script.py00:56
somsipTrl: so it runs every 3 hours, eg 0, 3, 6, 9, 12...00:57
Uripsomsip:  thanks, I'll keep looking, then..00:57
Trlsomsip: but each 3 hours starting from the minute the cron was set?00:58
somsipTrl: no, according to the clock00:58
somsipTrl: midnight, 3am, 6am, 9am, etc00:58
Trlsomsip: ok thak you :)00:58
somsipTrl: no - hang on00:59
somsipTrl: it runs every minute during that hour. I though it was 0 at the front but its *00:59
somsipTrl: which looks suspicious00:59
lagboxfor the last month when i try to load firefox it loads the window but there is no ui at all, any suggestions ?01:04
Trlsomsip: thank you I think is some kind of ddoser01:04
somsipTrl: explain?01:04
Uripsomsip:  was following a step here and got this "Package xfs is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source"01:04
Trlsomsip: malware that DoS some pages :p01:04
Uripsomsip:  after "apt-get install xfs"01:05
somsipTrl: spurious leap from crontab problem to DoS against a webserver, but there you go01:05
Uripis there any way around this?01:05
Trlsomsip: thank you for your help01:05
somsipUrip: Which link did you get these instructions from01:05
somsip!info xfs trusty01:07
ubottuPackage xfs does not exist in trusty01:07
somsip!find xfs trusty01:07
ubottuFound: x11-xfs-utils, xfsdump, xfslibs-dev, xfsprogs, obexfs01:07
Uripit's not what's happening to me, but I was going to try anyway... can't find nobody having the same problem I do01:07
somsip!info xfstt trusty01:08
Uripso should I install this x11-xfs-utils ?01:08
ubottuxfstt (source: xfstt): X Font Server for TrueType fonts. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.9-2 (trusty), package size 69 kB, installed size 224 kB01:08
UripI installed this xfstt, btw01:08
somsipUrip: difficult to give you good advice, but that solution does question installing xfs and xfstt "(May be we just need to install xfonts-75dpi and xfonts-100dpi only)"01:08
UripI installed both01:09
somsipUrip: which seems like a safe thing to try, then run the thing that updates xmgrace fonts again01:09
Uripopened xmgrace and the bug remains01:09
somsipUrip: does xmgrace offer you preferences to change the font being used?01:09
Uripso i installed the xfstt, same thing01:09
UripI don't even know if it's a font related problem... I mean, the graph seems fine, but the buttons and words are tiny01:10
Uriplike I said, can't even read them01:11
Uripall toolbar is tiny01:11
somsipUrip: suggests it's using the wrong font to me, but you might need to research this more or try asking again later. Maybe the xmgrace homepage might have a support section that's worth checking too01:11
Uripsomsip:  u said to use 'update-grace-fonts' again?01:12
somsipUrip: doesn't seem harmful01:12
nightworkhello, I am trying to set up my new install to have a static IP and I followed this guide: https://www.howtoforge.com/linux-basics-set-a-static-ip-on-ubuntu01:12
nightworknow have no working network01:13
nightworkcan anyone help me. I think it is something simple01:13
Uripsomsip:  which forum do u suggest me to open a thread about this? I really need this to work soon... so which one u think would have replies earlier?01:15
lagboxconnect to the network, get the subnet mask, default route and dns, then change that connection to a static ip using that information01:15
somsipUrip: I'd start looking here http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/01:15
nightworkumm, that is what I tried to do01:16
nightworkthe ip address is set right, but when I try to ping I get unknown host01:17
nightworkso I was thinking the nameserver is not right01:17
lagboxtry to ping what01:17
nightworkor not working01:17
nightworkping -c3 www.google.com01:17
lagboxwhat dns servers are you using01:18
nightworkI can ping the router fine. name server I have is
Uripsomsip:  thanks, dude! Found a thread with my exact problem. But I'll need your help some more :p01:18
somsipUrip: you can ask01:19
Uripthis link here01:19
somsipUrip: yep01:19
Uripthe first replay says "Add these lines to ~/.Xresources (adjust numbers to your liking):"01:19
Uripwhere is this .Xresources?01:20
lagbox~/ is your home folder01:20
Bashing-omnightwork: So, can you ' ping -c3 ' ?01:21
nightworki think I figured it out. I was looking at two guides. one list the name server line as having a space between name and server. ugh01:22
nightworkstupid mistake.01:22
Bashing-omnightwork: :) happens . Good ya seen the fault .01:22
lagboxwalk it off champ01:22
nightworkyeah I am starting to get a little better about spoting stupid mistakes now01:23
nightworkI still need a lot of hand holding, but not quite as much as before01:23
Uripis there a way to track this .Xresources?01:24
Uripcan't find it01:24
somsipUrip: it may not exist on a default ubuntu install. I don;t have one, but I dont use a standard install01:24
lagboxit might not exist01:24
Uripis there more than one 'home' folder?01:26
somsipUrip: no.01:26
Uripon my home folder there's only one, that leads to the one who contains Desktop, Downloads, etc...01:27
Uripone other folder*01:27
somsipUrip: .xResources should be created in your home folder. The one that contains Desktop, etc...01:28
Uripsomsip:  should I create a text file named .xResources and write what he says in there?01:29
somsipUrip: yes01:30
Uripsomsip lagbox  it worked!01:37
lagboxwoot woot :)01:38
Uripthanks for the patience with the obviously stupid questions :D01:38
somsipUrip: no worries. That's what this place is for, and you learned so all is good01:38
Uripabout fortran compilers, is there any difference between the 77 and 95?01:40
Uripsomething one can do and the other doesn't?01:40
lagboxi would suppose 95 has newer features or new additions to the language standard01:41
somsipUrip: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortran#Fortran_9501:41
Uripk, will search for that... but it's all good for today. See u guys next time lol01:41
somsipUrip: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8705972/are-fortran-77-programs-faster-than-fortran-90-ones01:41
Uripthanks, somsip01:42
Uripare there other channels in this server?01:42
somsip!alis | Urip01:43
ubottuUrip: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*01:43
Uripmany indeed. Thanks again, bye! :D01:45
enochII_quick question how do u request an invite to a channel?01:46
flappynerdhi all, how can I troubleshoot my USB devices?01:46
flappynerdin mother russia, invite requests you01:47
flappynerdlike, I see my device in lsinput01:47
flappynerdI have other devices that seem to be usable just fine, I've tried setting permissions aka MODE="0666" in a custom /etc/udev/rules.d file01:48
lagboxenochII_, what channel, some might just be blocking people who aren't registered users01:48
flappynerdbut no luck still01:48
flappynerdhow can I see if that udev rule got correctly applied?01:48
enochII_@lagbox #whitebox01:56
lagboxi can join it fine01:56
lagboxdigilink .. that sounds familiar01:57
enochII_i cant seem to02:00
lagboxah there is no one there anyway :)02:01
enochII_worked now02:01
enochII_i got kicked out02:01
abaddonenochII_,  Do you have a question?02:02
enochII_yeah @abaddon02:02
enochII_was asking how i get an invite to restricted rooms02:02
abaddonenochII_,  Probably message a person that has access to the room. Ask 'em to request an envite for you.02:03
somsipenochII_: ask in #freenode02:04
abaddonenochII_,  That's my hunch anyway.02:04
abaddonenochII_,  What somsip said too.02:05
abaddonMr_Zero,  Hello =]02:06
GeoI'm trying to delete files that live on a 'bad' disk (ls says 'cannot access': Input/Output error). I want those bad directories/files to just go away so scripts being run dont try to access them, but on an rm -rf, it still gives me the same Input/Output error. How can I delete those objects?02:07
lagboxsounds like a hardware issue potentially02:07
Georight. Got that part. but i'm focused on removing those objects, if possible02:08
Mr_Zerohas any one experienced system errors after using TOR?02:08
lagboxir may not be02:08
abaddonMr_Zero,  What kind of errors?02:08
Geopretty sure it is, based on a lot of other info. But that's not the question here02:08
Mr_Zerounspecified ones, had to report it.02:09
Georegardless- want to remove those links to the bad parts of the disk02:09
lagboxio error is usually hardware level02:09
lagboxi suppose you could figure out how to get the filesystem to ignore those blocks02:09
abaddonMr_Zero,  ??? What kind of unexpected errors?02:09
Mr_Zerolag at boot02:09
abaddonMr_Zero,  Sorry, misread02:09
enochII_thanks gys02:10
abaddonMr_Zero,  Thought it sad unexpected errors not unspecefied errors02:10
innmalintcan a debian user get some assistance with getting mpd and ncmpcpp to work?02:10
somsipinnmalint: from #debian you can :)02:11
Mr_ZeroIt happened after using TAIL and I switched back to Ubuntu02:11
abaddonMr_Zero,  This "lag" happenes every boot up or just once after TAIL is removed?02:12
Mr_Zerojust happened02:12
Mr_Zeroafter Tail was removed02:13
abaddonMr_Zero,  So only once? Then it goes back to normal?02:14
Mr_ZeroUbubtu sent me of a system error, didnt specify why. I reported it not sure if its a bug or just a glitch at reboot.02:15
abaddonMr_Zero,  Uhhmm, Have you used Tails bnefore and everything work fine? If yes, then it's likely a glitch.02:17
Mr_ZeroI was testing out the Tails on a burnable disk, first time.02:18
abaddonMr_Zero,  When you say you sent a report did you do this from a window that pops up saying an error occured or did you go to a specific website 'n report the issue?02:20
Mr_Zerofrom the window02:20
abaddonMr_Zero,  OK,  well...I'm sure you could check the logs but if you don't know what exactly happened it might be harder to check 'em. You could try and reboot a few times and see if it pops up again. If it pops up again usualy those windows have an advanced or more option to show further info.02:24
abaddonMr_Zero,  That could help out further,. otherwise, i'd say it was probably a glitch in the Matrix.02:25
Mr_Zerothanks will do02:25
burstrochi everyone, would appreciate help, still working on trying to get my linksys wusb11 ver 2.6 usb wifi card to connect, i'm on lubuntu 14.04 lts. i've installed atmel-firmware and now it appears on my lsusb output but it seems there's no way to join a wireless network02:25
Mr_Zerothanks abaddon02:26
yigalburstroc: can you scan available wifi connections with it?02:26
abaddonMr_Zero,  XD You're welcome. Though, it's not much at this time. =02:26
burstrocyigal: i don't think so, i can't find the icon on the bottom right that i usually click02:27
yigalburstroc: if you type in 'sudo ip a' what is the output, just put it into a pastie?02:28
daftykinswhy would you use sudo with that o002:28
yigaldaftykins: just to ensure that all interfaces are displayed02:29
daftykinsare they not normally? i feel they are02:29
burstrocyigal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12537998/02:29
yigaldaftykins: not like they shouldn't, but as it's just a read command there's no harm in ensuring all of the available info is there.02:30
aleksaAny idea why dead_doublegrave and dead_invertedbreve are not working?02:30
daftykinsit's funny ip is the less readable one imo :)02:31
daftykinsaleksa: in what context?02:31
yigaldaftykins: it's the way of the future :D02:31
daftykinshaha making things a pain to read, doh!02:31
aleksaonly those two do not work in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/rs02:31
burstrocyigal: i'm connected via my ethernet connection eth0 and the one i'm trying to get working is wlan002:31
yigaldaftykins: cool, so it's at least showing as a network device02:31
aleksathey are however found in (one line as example): /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose:<dead_doublegrave> <A>                  : "Ȁ"   U0200 # LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH DOUBLE GRAVE02:32
aleksaU0200 works well02:32
burstrocyigal: i tried getting its status via the network status monitor applet on the panel and it tells me it's "Disconnected", and when i try to configure it i get a window claiming it doesn't exist02:32
aleksabut it doesn't work when added to .../symbols/rs file02:32
yigalburstroc: there's no on/off button, sorry just covering the initial troubleshooting bits02:33
yigalburstroc: ?02:33
burstrocyigal: no problem at all, there seems to be no graphical interface for this device. i've used wifi on lubuntu on another device and apparently there's supposed to be an icon on the bottom right side of the panel02:34
yigaldaftykins: yah, ifconfig is still second nature to me, but well trying to keep current02:34
burstrocyigal: if you're talking about a power switch for the usb wifi adapter, no button, and the lights are on02:34
yigalburstroc: cool man, just checking, I was wondering about a physical button02:35
=== superteece is now known as superteece_away
daftykinsyou could confirm this with "rfkill status all"02:35
daftykinslooking for any 'yes' beside blocked02:35
yigalburstroc: what about the driver, what is it using? ls /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/driver/module/drivers02:36
yigalburstroc: hmm, do you know if that's the correct driver?02:37
yigalburstroc: I take that back it appears it likely is02:37
burstrocyigal: yep not 100% certain but as far as i can tell02:37
daftykinswhat's the DE here?02:37
yigalburstroc: what tutorial, if you are using one, are you using for the install?02:38
burstrocyigal: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/LinksysWUSB1102:38
yigalburstroc: I read https://wiki.debian.org/at76_usb and it appears WPA isn't supported which might be the issue, as most home wifi encryption is WPA at this point02:38
yigalburstroc: let me check it out02:38
burstrocyigal: i believe i am using WEP shared key02:39
daftykinsin 2015? i hope not...02:39
abaddonXD Oh gawd02:39
burstroclol, no government secrets here, if someone cares about what i'm doing i'll be flattered02:39
yigalburstroc: ok, WEP that's bad, from a security standpoint but I'll assume you have a secure environment where that's ok02:39
daftykinsit's more that it can be bypassed with smartphone apps these days02:40
aleksaso, can I achieve to get double grave accent over some letter by writing some script or additional configuration?02:40
aleksafor example, to use compose key + letter to get that effect?02:40
yigalburstroc: what if anything is in dmesg regarding wlan0 ?02:40
aleksabecause double grave and inverted breve are the only two that won't work when added to /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/sr02:41
burstroc[   18.044846] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready02:41
burstrocyigal: two lines saying this02:41
daftykinsis this KDE?02:42
yigalburstroc: I'm out of my element at this point it's Googling at this point02:42
daftykinsburstroc: ^02:43
yigalburstroc: like I saw this https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=17787502:43
yigalburstroc: where there was a regression in wpa_supplicant regarding that driver02:43
yigalburstroc: but it's just fishing02:44
burstrocyigal: well that's a lot further than where i was. thanks a lot02:44
yigalburstroc: gl sir02:44
daftykinswell since simple queries are being ignored i shall give up02:44
yigalburstroc: see the recommendations in http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=10094502:45
yigalburstroc: that might be the a solution, second to last post02:46
burstrocyigal: cool thanks *reads*02:46
burstrocok giving it a try brb02:50
yigaldaftykins: he's using lubuntu02:53
Gabriel_hello everyone02:53
yigalhi G waz up?02:54
Gabriel_i'm stuck installing drivers for broadcom wireless02:54
yigaljeez laweez another wifi issue in under 5 minutes02:54
berwynHi. Also, my nickname is Welshman - berwyn is my real name! So, please use Welshman. Thanks.02:54
yigalberwyn: lolz02:54
Gabriel_my solution is probably really damn simple, im new to this, forgive me02:54
somsip!nick | berwyn02:54
ubottuberwyn: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.02:54
daftykinswhich broadcom?02:55
daftykins!broadcom | Gabriel_02:55
ubottuGabriel_: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:55
abaddonyigal,  You're up!02:56
yigalGabriel_: are you using http://askubuntu.com/questions/450631/broadcom-b43-wifi-not-working-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts or something else?02:56
yigaladdo: yes sir02:56
berwynyigal: Thanks for your reply. :)02:56
Gabriel_i've read a few of those docs and went as far as knowing that i am missing the firmware02:57
yigalGabriel_: yah for these cards that will in general be needed02:57
Gabriel_so..i downloaded firmware-b43-installer_051-9_all.deb02:57
Gabriel_is that the file i need?02:57
daftykinsdepends if you're going to mention which broadcom you have yet02:58
Gabriel_015-9 sorry02:58
daftykinsand which ubuntu02:58
Gabriel_i have the latest ubuntu , downloaded last week02:59
cfhowlett!wifi | Gabriel_,02:59
ubottuGabriel_,: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:59
daftykinsnumbers are best, not 'latest'02:59
Gabriel_how do i find out my build?03:00
Gabriel_i think i am just a step away if i have downloaded the right file03:00
yigalGabriel_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/12493/how-can-i-find-the-version-of-ubuntu-that-is-installed03:00
Gabriel_ok..i have 14.04 LTS03:02
cfhowlettGabriel_, lspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 Network | nc termbin.com 999903:02
yigalk, 15.04 is the latest03:02
cfhowlettGabriel_, copy pasta the url here03:02
daftykinsbut non-LTS03:02
yigalGabriel_: Google shows all03:02
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)03:02
Gabriel_getting back to my issue, i have a file called firmware-b43-installer_015-9_all.deb... where do i need to put that file on my hard drive?03:03
yigalGabriel_: Are you comfortable with the command line?03:04
cfhowlettGabriel_, you are getting WAY ahead of yourself.  how do you even know that's the file you need?  did you read the broadcom wiki?03:04
Gabriel_i just want to try it.. also i know its not your fault guys but i am strapped for time, sorry for the inconvenince,03:05
yigalIt's nice seeing all of these neophytes learning about Linux/Ubuntu, except for these quips for lack of time.03:05
* cfhowlett ... all yours daftykins03:05
GeoI'm trying to delete files that live on a 'bad' disk (ls says 'cannot access': Input/Output error). I want those bad directories/files to just go away so scripts being run dont try to access them, but on an rm -rf, it still gives me the same Input/Output error. How can I delete those objects?03:06
mukkahIs debian based on Ubuntu?03:06
daftykinscfhowlett: so kind XD03:06
yigalmukkah: reverse03:06
daftykinsmukkah: other way around03:06
somsipGeo: if you cant ls them, they can't be accessed. Replace the bad disk as bad hardware03:06
daftykinsGabriel_: run "lspci" and read out the model of broadcom, we're not indulging your guess, sorry.03:06
cfhowlettGeo, your hdd is failing.  every read / write you make is now bringing you closer to catastrophic failure which will happen at the WORST time.03:06
yigalGabriel_: use a pastie, http://paste.ubuntu.com/03:07
Geoaware its failing; still interested in how to remove those files though03:07
Gabriel_dafty: its a BCM431203:07
daftykinsGeo: why are you wasting time? :)03:07
somsipGeo: if you cannot ls them, they essentialy do not exist to the OS03:07
cfhowlettGeo, as opposed to immediately backup up your data?  ok then03:07
yigalGeo: yah dd03:08
cfhowlettGabriel_, you are trying (for some reason) to install the WRONG .deb03:08
daftykinsthat disk failed, it's not gonna write :)03:08
Geoalready have backups. I can still write to the disk. I'm just curious how to remove those files/dirs03:08
daftykinsGabriel_: back to the broadcom factoid link then :)03:08
Gabriel_howlett: ok thank, that elimites that03:08
daftykinsGeo: not if it's giving IO errors03:09
yigalGeo: so you're sure these are bad sectors?03:09
Geoyigal: I never mentioned bad sectors03:09
cfhowlettGabriel_, I have the same bcm.  if you have the ubuntu installation USB or .iso, you can fire up wifi with about 90 seconds of terminal work ...03:10
Geoso no, I'm not sure what the root cause is03:10
daftykinsand never checked the SMART info like i suggested either, most likely? :)03:10
cfhowlettGabriel_, or perhaps "additional drivers" if you have a hardwire network03:10
Gabriel_so i am running "Trusty" 14.04... and I have a BCM4312... my question then is, what file/driver/firmware do I need03:10
Geodaftykins: I have. I'm not sure how that helps answer the question though, we already know its failing.03:10
yigalGeo: what is it currently mounted as?03:11
daftykinswell you were wasting someone elses time with it last night, Geo03:11
yigalGeo: rw?03:11
daftykinsand seemed to be lacking proving it03:11
cfhowlettGabriel_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#STA_-_No_Internet_access03:11
daftykinsbut no, it wouldn't help what you're wasting everyones time with tonight :)03:11
Geotroll on.03:11
daftykinsit's not trolling it's calling you out, there's a difference03:12
Geoyigal: yep. I can interact with it fine when I have it mounted, minus those corrupted files03:12
Gabriel_cfhowlett: i have the Ubuntu CD03:12
cfhowlettGabriel_, read the link I just sent03:12
cfhowlettGabriel_, I've used this method plenty of times.  wifi on and no reboot required03:12
GeoI'm guessing <insert hd lingo here> that points the filename to the actual data file got messed up03:13
mukkahhttps://a.pomf.cat/etpxvk.webm - Is this guy using Ubuntu? Or is it Debian?03:13
cfhowlettmukkah, stop spamming03:13
yigaldaftykins: so what permissions do the files have and what user are you using to delete them?03:13
daftykinsmukkah: we don't do proxy support, either they come here or no.03:13
daftykinsyigal: why do you keep failing at nick completion?03:13
Geoyigal, assuming thats to me- that parts all fine. Its an I/O error.03:14
yigaldaftykins: I like sending bad mojo your way03:14
Gabriel_cfhowlett: if I use that method, will that get the driver from the Ubuntu DVD I have?03:14
cfhowlettGabriel_, ... is that not precisely what the wiki specifies?03:15
Gabriel_I hope so :)03:15
Gabriel_forgive me ignorance03:15
cfhowlettGabriel_, you will find some files missing.  worry not.  skip them.  (they have been rolled into the ubuntu kernel)03:16
Geocfhowlett: so, do you know of a way to delete whatever table entry (or whatever) is mis-pointing at the data?03:16
Geoas I'm assuming thats the cause03:16
Gabriel_i am still confused about the LIVECD environment, does that mean I boot from the CD?03:17
Gabriel_or just put it in the machine?03:17
cfhowlettGeo, your hardware issues are preventing normal file functions.03:17
daftykinsGeo: it's dead, let it go...03:18
GeoRight- as it is the same file(s), not different files each time, Im' assuming either the disk is messed up where those files are located, or a table pointing to the files is corrupted.03:19
cfhowlettGabriel_, do not boot the cdrom03:19
Gabriel_just insert it in the drive03:19
Geoso how can i tell the disk to just forget about those objects?03:19
Geoas, back to the original point, rm doesnt work03:19
yigalGeo: have you fsck'ed the disk?03:20
daftykinsit can't be fsck'd because it's f*ck'd03:20
yigaldaftykins: :D03:20
Gabriel_cfhowlett: once I have my Ubuntu DVD in the drive, what command do I need to enter into terminal so that it installs the drivers from the DVD? - once again forgive my ignorance03:21
daftykinsGabriel_: pretty sure you were given a link to a guide, read it.03:22
cfhowlettGeo, #1 - #4   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#STA_-_No_Internet_access03:22
Gabriel_../pool/main/d/dkms  cd /cdrom/pool/main/d/dkms sudo dpkg -i dkms* ../pool/main/p/patch  cd /cdrom/pool/main/p/patch sudo dpkg -i patch* ../pool/main/f/fakeroot  cd /cdrom/pool/main/f/fakeroot sudo dpkg -i fakeroot* ../pool/restricted/b/bcmwl  cd /cdrom/pool/restricted/b/bcmwl sudo dpkg -i bcmwl-kernel-source*03:22
Gabriel_all that jazz?03:22
cfhowlettGabriel_, those 4 commands03:22
Geocfhowlett: heh, so not me03:23
Gabriel_cfhowlett: is there a reason why these drivers were not installed from the start when i first installed Ubuntu?03:23
cfhowlettGabriel_, there is.03:24
cfhowlettpropietary and property of broadcom so not f/loss03:24
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Gabriel_i see03:24
=== yofun is now known as yofun0
yigalGabriel_: Ubuntu tries to stay true to free speech as it can, as opposed to the other def. of free software, as in free beer.03:25
yigalGabriel_: :)03:25
Gabriel_i knew i should have taken my disc to the library, now walk home and get it the weather is so crap here03:26
capI keep having corrupted copies of ubuntu server anyone have idea what could be wrong?03:26
daftykinscorrupt how?03:26
cfhowlettcap, you are direct downloading?  don't.  use .torrents03:26
abaddoncap,  Yeah, don't use CD's03:26
capintegrity check says pcmcia-storage-modules-3.19.0.-15generic.....udeb file failed MD5 checksum03:27
=== yofun0 is now known as Fudster
abaddoncfhowlett,  cap  I've used the torrents and they work perfictly fine.03:27
cfhowlettabaddon, that's ... why I said use .torrents.   ?03:27
abaddoncfhowlett,  .... My eyes are failing me.... Sorry! =P03:28
capdownloaded 3 different time from ubuntu us mirror03:28
capunetbootin to usbstick03:28
daftykinscap: torrent's can't come down wrong, so try one03:29
daftykinser -'03:29
yigalcap: my apologies do we even know what version of Ubuntu we're playing with here?03:29
cap15, 32bit03:30
abaddoncap, Ohhhh, I have a lot of issues using Unetbootin. Try Yumi. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/03:30
capill try torrent and Yumi.  then come back.. Thanks!03:30
yigaltorrenting is the best method evs03:30
daftykinsUUI > YUMI03:30
abaddonDefaultti,  Neverrr!! DX   XD03:31
Gabriel_cfhowlett: so if I follow that method (installing from the DVD) wifi should magically appear?03:31
cfhowlettGabriel_, it's not magic, it's ubuntu03:31
Gabriel_BOOM! lol03:31
Gabriel_i knew i was waiting for something like that03:32
abaddoncfhowlett,  Ditto ^03:32
Osirus126i need help with the pastebinit command03:32
Osirus126i get this error: echo hello | pastebinit     Bad API request, invalid api_dev_key03:32
=== armyriad2 is now known as armyriad
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:33
Gabriel_heh, ok.. thanks dudes, if I run unto troubles, hope not, i shall return, thanks again!03:33
daftykinsOsirus126: version?03:33
cfhowlettGabriel_, happy2help!03:33
Osirus126what version03:33
Osirus126what do you mean?03:33
yigalOsirus126: apt-cache show pastebinit03:33
yigalOsirus126: what version of Ubuntu are you using?03:34
Osirus126its actually linux mint.03:34
daftykinsyigal: can you stop parroting everything i say? :)03:34
daftykins!mint | Osirus12603:34
ubottuOsirus126: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:34
yigalOsirus126: so run that command and let us know the version03:34
daftykinsno Mint support here.03:34
cfhowlett!mint | Osirus126, actually mint is not ubuntu and not supported here03:34
ubottuOsirus126, actually mint is not ubuntu and not supported here: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:34
Osirus126i am having the same issue on my ubuntu mate distro aswell03:34
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)03:34
daftykinsthat's convenient :)03:35
yigaldaftykins: whoever smelt it delt it03:35
Osirus126i am just looking for info on how to properly use pastebinit03:35
yigalOsirus126: that's the correct syntax03:35
cfhowlett!pastebinit | Osirus126, read03:35
ubottuOsirus126, read: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com03:35
yigalOsirus126: it works on 15.0403:35
daftykinsyour package is out of date, use a supported distro03:35
yigalOsirus126: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12538490/03:36
winbabbyanyone know how to fix a login loop in xubuntu?03:37
winbabbytakes me back to the prompt even though it's successful03:37
yigalwinbabby: I'm sure someone must03:37
yigalwinbabby: #xubuntu03:38
yigalwinbabby: :)03:38
daftykinswinbabby: check your ~ for files not owned by you03:38
yigalOsirus126: Ubuntu is using one the patch version ahead of Mint, 1.4-403:39
AndroUseranyone use ubuntu phone?03:39
cfhowlett!touch | AndroUser03:40
ubottuAndroUser: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch03:40
Osirus126i am getting Bad API request, invalid api_dev_key when i use the command echo hello | pastebinit03:41
cfhowlettOsirus126, command | nc termbin.com 999903:41
Osirus126cfhowlett: run that command?03:41
yigalOsirus126: this is a know issue http://lmgtfy.com/?q=pastebinit+Bad+API+request%2C+invalid+api_dev_key03:42
winbabbyso whats the fix for login loops03:42
cfhowlettwell, YOUR command = echo hello | nc termbin.com 999903:42
yigalOsirus126: 1.4-4 seems to have fixed it though03:42
daftykinswinbabby: read what i said.03:42
winbabbyhow do I do that03:42
winbabbyI'm a winbabby03:42
daftykins"ls -al ~/"03:42
daftykinslook for something with "root root" perhaps instead of "user user"03:43
Osirus126cfhowlett http://paste.linuxmint.com/view/hfpc03:43
yigalcfhowlett: it's the version of psatebinit03:44
yigalOsirus126: the first link in the search sir, https://bugs.launchpad.net/pastebinit/+bug/142739403:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1427394 in pastebinit "api_dev_key for pastebin.com is invalid" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:46
Osirus126where is my pastebin.com.conf file located?03:47
cfhowlettOsirus126, in your /home03:48
cfhowlettOsirus126, /home/osirus126/.pastebinit.xml03:48
yigalOsirus126: but the global one is I believe /usr/share/pastebin.d/cxg.de.conf03:48
yigalOsirus126: oh wait03:48
yigalOsirus126: nm03:49
yigalI deserve that03:49
Osirus126i do not have a .pastebinit.xml file in my home ditectory03:50
yigalit won't exist by default03:50
yigalyou will need to generate it03:50
yigalOsirus126: you can see the default files installed with the package, dpkg -L pastebinit03:50
amigoo89hey, where can I deactivate/activate modules on apache2 2.4 on ubuntu? I haven't figured it out yet03:57
capI have a working ubuntu server 15 64bit install going and it says can't find network device, never had this happen before with linux im stuck. cant find eth0 What should I try to get network up? its a gateway laptop with a broadcom ethernet04:01
yigalamigoo89: use the commands a2enmod and a2dismod04:02
yigalcap: have you configured broadcom wifi devices before?04:03
yigalcap: ok that's likely the issue04:05
yigalcap: what card are you using?04:05
capbroadcom gigabit04:08
capis all i know04:08
yigalcap: that's cool we'll need to know more to configure it04:08
capwhats the easiest way to find it?04:08
amigoo89thanks yigal, is it overall needed to install mod_security for my apache server? Does anyone know it?04:09
yigalcap: lspci should do it, it's an internal card ?04:09
yigalamigoo89: yes, certainly04:09
capbroadcom netlink bcm5778004:09
capi guess these are part of the desktop and not server iso?04:11
yigalcap: in general you will need to install proprietary firmware04:11
yigalbut it may not be this, checking04:12
yigalcap: I suspect that's actually your wired network adapter, do you have an ethernet adapter on your laptop/server?04:14
yigalcap: can you paste the entirety of lspci to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ ?04:15
capno its on a laptop with no internet sorry04:16
yigalcap: what laptop is it we may be able to obtain the wireless info from that04:17
capon terminal 4 it says check-missingfirmware /dev/.udev/firmare-missing does not exist04:17
yigalcap: yes, as I wrote earlier usually this is a firmware issue.  The only problem is determing which firmware to install04:18
capah. ok04:18
yigalcap: try lspci | egrep -i 'network|ethernet' and lshw -class network04:19
yigalcap: the device provided above was as I specified the wired net device, so we're looking for another one04:19
capbattery died .. going to work on it later thank you for getting me in the right direction. maybe getting wlan0 up would be easier??04:26
yigalcap: np sir, just keep at it, you'll do it04:29
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shooter2killhey all i would like a little help installing lan messenger04:46
shooter2killive downloaded a .deb how do i go about installing that04:48
nabnshooter2kill: `sudo dpkg -i <filename>.deb`04:48
nabnshooter2kill: cd to the download directory, of course04:49
shooter2killok thanks will try now04:49
lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:50
Twigleranyone familiar with zombie processes04:51
shooter2killcd ~/downloads can anyone tell me why that isnt working04:52
somsipshooter2kill: capital D04:53
lotuspsychjeTwigler: you  mean like rootkits?04:53
shooter2killthank you04:53
Twiglerlotuspsychje: nah like when the parent process cuts of its child04:54
Twiglerand the child process is floating lost04:54
Twiglerthat is a zombie process04:54
=== slug is now known as Guest1414
lotuspsychjeTwigler: maybe the ##networking guys might be any help to you?04:55
Twiglerdo you know if there is an operating system irc lol04:56
shooter2killok so i installed lan messenger how to i get it to run ....when i look in computer search it doesnt show up04:57
lotuspsychjeshooter2kill: probably a terminal app? start from terminal?04:58
shooter2killhow would one do that lotus ...thanks.04:59
=== Shrooms` is now known as Shrooms
lotuspsychjeshooter2kill: start with the name of the package in terminal05:00
shooter2killso i have installed the *.deb how do i find the name of " package"05:01
shooter2killive done sudo dpkg -i lmc_1.2.32_i386.deb  than instructions says all i need to do is ..lmc & but that isnt working im doing something wrong05:02
stonedshooter2kill, what is not working specifically?05:03
stonedshooter2kill, you can try dpkg -L packagename (not filename.deb, but package name). dpkg -i output should contain the package name.05:03
shooter2killstoned im failing to launch the program now that its installed05:03
stonedshooter2kill, dpkg -L packagename |grep bin05:03
shooter2killstoned can you have a quick look here05:05
shooter2killthis is what im trying to do05:05
stonedshooter2kill, can you please pastebin the output of dpkg -i command05:06
shooter2killsorry for being so lame im not really sure what your asking me to do05:06
somsipshooter2kill: do you really have the i386 deb and do you really have a 32 bit CPU?05:07
somsipshooter2kill: (or 32 bit OS installed I should say)05:07
shooter2killsorry i have a 64bit05:07
shooter2killhave i installed the wrong thing05:07
somsipshooter2kill: did you install the i386 deb or a x64 deb (not sure how x64 debs are named to be honest)05:08
stonedshooter2kill, uname -r05:08
shooter2killjust checking05:08
somsipshooter2kill: uname -a actually05:08
shooter2killsigns i installed the i38605:08
somsipshooter2kill: so there is a big chance it just is not going to work. You might be able to install i386 libs and do stuff to it, but maybe you should go for the 64 deb05:09
shooter2killfor sure ..just looking for the 64bit now05:09
shooter2killsorry all05:09
stonedsomsip, thanks for the correction. I had thought it was a for all info, but I thought that -r also printed the arch info but I guess it's only just the kernel released. I just consulted the manual05:11
somsipstoned: I'd just ran the command myself before you said that :)05:11
shooter2killsomsip there doesnt seem to be a 64 bit version can you recommand a lan messenger?05:12
somsipshooter2kill: I can't05:13
shooter2killsomsip i got this from the askubuntu website it says 4 bit os can run 32 bit + 64 bit programs , where as 32 bit can run only 32 bit programs ...by the way how come you have upgraded from 32 bit to 64 bit ?05:20
shooter2killso it should work ?05:21
somsipshooter2kill: but it isn't is it. AIUI, when running some 32 bit packages on a 64 bit OS, you need to provide 32 bit libs as a compatibility layer. I don't pretend to understand more about this. Good packages will give you helpful error messages if they cannot start up for some reason so maybe check for error output. And I've been on 64 bit OS since I had a 64 bit CPU.05:22
shooter2killthis is the error im receiving05:24
shooter2killThis is not a Canonical "designed" product.05:24
pawanreed /msg NickServ identify red05:25
pawanreedjoin #taranga05:25
lotuspsychjepawanreed: you need new password now05:26
somsipshooter2kill: so this is possibly what I was saying about lib problems running 32 bit packages on 64 bit OS. Maybe. Or you're missing a dependency becuase you installed a deb05:26
somsip!find libgstapp05:26
ubottuPackage/file libgstapp does not exist in vivid05:26
somsipshooter2kill:  64-bit Debian or Ubuntu : apt-get install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0:i38605:27
shooter2killok will try thanks05:27
shooter2killok i think we are close ....it just told me the other computer is online from out of no were ..lol like a little popup but i also got this error now... one sec paste it05:29
somsip!find libicui18n05:31
ubottuFile libicui18n found in chromium-browser, chromium-browser-dbg, libicu-dev, libicu5205:31
somsipshooter2kill: sudo apt-get install libicu-dev05:31
somsipshooter2kill: if that doesn't work, unintall it and try installing the libicu52 instead05:32
shooter2killyea that didnt work05:32
somsipshooter2kill: though you might need the i386 version of that too. So you might need to suffix :i386. See what I said about mixing 32 and 64 bit stuff? Problematic isn't it05:33
shooter2killok so you want me to sudo apt remove libicu-dev ?05:33
somsipshooter2kill: you can do what you want. If it isn't working, I'd be inclined to tidy it up05:33
shooter2killsorry to be a pain somsip but can you have a quick look at this05:34
somsipshooter2kill: we overcame the libgstapp issue. Why are you showing me this?05:35
shooter2killtell me what ya think05:35
shooter2killsorry thought i might have missed something05:35
shooter2killmy bad05:35
shooter2killi thought there was a extra one there...sorry im only new to all this ....thanks so much for ya help05:36
somsipso try  libicu-dev:i386 or libicu52 or libicu52:i38605:36
shooter2killthanks mate05:37
* ripdisk is marked as away now. Reason: xanax coma05:38
somsip!away > ripdisk05:39
ubotturipdisk, please see my private message05:39
EmanuelHello. I'm frustrated with my Windows 10 laptop. I want to make it an virtualbox image onto an external drive, then install ubunto onto the hard drive. Is there an easy guide to do this?05:46
hateballEmanuel: Not sure you can clone windows10 onto new hardware, ask in ##windows05:47
Emanuelhateball, not looking to clone. Can I do Physical to Virtual from the Ubuntu Live Flash Drive05:48
somsipEmanuel: try here http://www.howtogeek.com/213145/how-to%C2%A0convert-a-physical-windows-or-linux-pc-to-a-virtual-machine/05:49
somsipEmanuel: or maybe easier http://serverfault.com/questions/33603/creating-a-virtual-machine-in-virtualbox-from-a-physical-one05:49
Emanuelsomsip, thanks. i will read that. I wish all  of my windows programs would work well under WINE.05:51
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Bitchwad9000HE??O LLL05:56
nabnEmanuel: what programs would those be?05:58
Emanuelnabn, Quicken Home & Business, iTunes, and the Coupons.com printer05:59
stonedUbuntu is the largest channel on freenode it seems05:59
stonedhuge userbase05:59
Twigleranyone use getopt before06:01
somsipTwigler: just state your real question06:01
Twiglerwell I am kind of confused06:01
Twiglerso I have to use getopt to parse a command line argument06:01
somsipTwigler: in what programming language?06:01
Twiglerbut I am supposed to send a command called "zombiefier -n 10" to activate my program06:01
stonedDo people ask linux mint questions here?06:01
Twiglerbut im not quite sure how to implement "zombiefier"06:02
stonedis linux mint to ubnut, what ubuntu is to debian?06:02
somsipstoned: they do, then they're told to go elsewhere. see !mint06:02
stonedI gotcha06:02
stoned'nuff said06:02
somsipTwigler: not a ubuntu issue. Ask in something like #c++06:02
Twigleryeah i tried06:02
Twiglerno response06:02
Twiglerbut i have to use linux to run this code if that helps06:02
somsipTwigler: off topic questions aren't welcome here or it degrades into a free for all. Please do not contribute to that06:03
Twiglerit is not all that off topic06:03
Osirus126i am trying to setup pastebinit to paste to my pastebin.com account and am having trouble. can someone please help me? it keeps pasting as guest and not under my pastebin account06:04
Osirus126i need to get my api_user_key06:04
somsipOsirus126: you can use -u -p to provide user/pass http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/pastebinit.1.html06:05
Osirus126is there somewhere i can input those options so i dont haveto use -u -p every time?06:05
Osirus126actually somsip i have created a .pastebinit.xml in my home dir.06:06
somsipOsirus126: read the link. It explains about config files06:06
Emanuelnabn, really the coupon.com printing software is the most important. I could be talked into another finance program under Ubuntu but I have not found any work-arounds for the coupon.com driver06:06
Osirus126somsip: my problem is when i use the pastebinit command it created a paste under a guest user and not my pastebin account06:07
lesamouraiHello , anyone knows the solution for ubuntu aquarius 5 entering reboot loop? (reset didn't solve it)06:08
somsipOsirus126: I can read. Set up your config file correctly06:08
lotuspsychje!touch | lesamourai06:11
ubottulesamourai: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch06:11
loacan somebody can explain me how i can legit add supoort of nvenc on my ubuntu?06:12
loanow i have custom compiled ffmpeg and installed with checkinstall06:12
loabut two versions of ffmpeg in my system bothering me.06:12
loamaybe there is ready to use repository for this? i googled this and did not find anything06:13
loai have 14.04 ubuntu if it matters.06:13
slicepaperwordsI think ffmpeg is part of another package now06:14
slicepaperwordsI think I still have the page for the rep. that has ffmpeg though one sec06:14
Osirus126somsip: i need to create a valid 'api_user_key'06:17
somsipOsirus126: http://pastebin.com/api06:17
cyberhi,tell me plz how to compile blake206:18
slicepaperwordsit's no longer supported sorry06:18
cyberwhere to read06:19
somsipcyber: we dont support compiling here. Just official packages06:19
somsiploa: if this helps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226548506:19
oskieUbuntu 14LTS. After only one days uptime, this server has 300MB unreclaimable slab allocations. And the only thing it does it accept ssh connections.06:21
nameuser_Hi, everyone! I was just about to order a Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120G for use with ubuntu on my laptop, then I read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/3a58s0/dont_use_linux_on_samsung_ssds/ . Is this issue fixed?06:23
lotuspsychjenameuser_: check website if theres firmware update for your ssd06:32
lotuspsychje!trim | nameuser_06:33
ubottunameuser_: Many Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.06:33
nameuser_lotuspsychje: thanks, i will look it up06:33
reetika786ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress. wordpress06:46
reetika786getting this error06:46
reetika786while login06:46
wafflejockreetika786: do you have cookies disabled? not really an ubuntu question06:52
wafflejockreetika786: cookies are used to store the session id for maintaining a connection with the server so it doesn't send your credentials every time it just sends a session id that it generates server side when it checks your login info, without it WP can't work06:52
vp18Question,can i use a WD MyCloud NAS device on this platform?06:59
=== eddie is now known as Guest97832
ikoniavp18: what do you mean ? can you use it for this platform ?07:01
vp18I mean for Linux.I have Zorin OS 9 Ultimate,soon to be upgrading to Zorin OS 10 Ultimate07:02
vp18And its Ubuntu-based07:02
Ben64ubuntu based isn't ubuntu, so it is not on topic here07:02
vp18_ok let me reiterate my question. can I use a WD MyCloud device on LInux?>07:07
eddie_Any recommendations on anti-virus (free)07:09
NginUSI need to install libmodule-install-perl, but aptitude won't let me. I get this: http://pastebin.com/mKhmfvin07:14
=== geek is now known as Guest67119
NginUSit was my sources.llist07:24
NginUSgandi's is old i guess07:24
HackSmashhas anyone any knowledge about a Unity and BlackCoin Wallet problem on ubuntu 15.0407:33
ikoniawhy don't you explain the problem07:34
ikoniaand then people can know if they can help07:34
HackSmashthe new wallet crashes silently (no logs) when it has only a few weeks left to load blocks07:35
ikoniahave you tried launching it from the command line to watch the crash ?07:35
ikoniahave you looked on the bug tracking sites to see if the bug hits other people ?07:35
ikoniawhere did you get the blackcoin binary from ?07:36
HackSmashbug tracking sites .. no ... binary is from the official website ... command line ..no07:36
HackSmashthe wallet has (in this and prev. versions) failed to show the 'menu' along the top07:37
HackSmashi have read that changing the gui (?) off of Unity has had some success .. but dunno how to do that07:38
karl_Hi, how can i update gonme to 3.18 on ubuntu 15.0407:39
ikoniakarl_: you use the version supplied by the distro07:43
ikoniaHackSmash: ok - so that would be your steps, check the bug trackers, talk to the people who provide the binary (their support) about possible problems and debugging options07:43
karl_ikonia: yes07:43
ikoniakarl_: yes what ?07:44
HackSmashikonia  k thanks ... just wondered if i was the only one07:45
ZampaxCiao a Tutto il Canale!!!07:48
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BitNovaHi guys, i have a really serious problem. few days ago i used sshfs to mount a remote directory, which i eventually got around to it working using fuse and a few commands. Suddenly all my local storage drives are all mounting as READ ONLY, when i mount them through nautilus or through the program DISKS, both mount as RO. i have tried rebooting, i have tried manually mounting through fstab and it doesnt mount as RW. is there a way i can revert to the prev07:52
BitNovaious defaults of DISKS or how my drives used to mount?07:52
karl_ikonia: yes i am using the versioin supplied by the distro rightnow07:52
ikoniakarl_: and that's what you should use07:53
ikoniaBitNova: can you give an example of one mount point that is mounted as read only ?07:53
karl_ikonia: and there is no why to get it running?07:53
ikoniakarl_: you can do it - if you understand it, but as you're asking I very strongly suggest you use the stable build provided by the distro07:54
BitNovaikonia, let me see07:54
zzarr_hello! I'm trying to install ubuntu-desktop in vivid on a arm based device (chroot on chromebook), but it failed telling me that it depends on checkbox-gui and unity-control-center, but checkbox-gui don't seam to exist for arm07:55
ikoniazzarr_: there is your problem then07:55
ikoniayou can't meet dependencies07:55
zzarr_ikonia, yes, but do they really not exist for arm?07:56
ikoniazzarr_: if they are not in the repo, no07:56
Zampax^118q^Ciao a tutti :D07:56
=== mira is now known as Guest76606
ikoniaZampax^118q^: yes, you said that07:57
BitNovaikonia, /dev/sde1 on /media/USER/Media3 type ntfs (ro,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0177,uhelper=udisks2)    when i type in mount, those are one of the drives.07:57
ikoniaBitNova: ok - so thats ntft,07:57
ikoniaBitNova: are there any that are failing that are not ntfs07:58
BitNovato be honest with you ikonia i havent tried another drive like a USB with fat32 to check how it mounts. all my drives that are failing to mount as RW are ntfs. and my current drive which has ubuntu installed.. doesnt have any problems.07:59
zzarr_ikonia, do you know what repo the package is in?08:00
BitNovabefore all this, when i was playing around with fuse an couldnt get it right, i uninstalled fuse and purged it, and reinstalled it. and i used modprobe fuse as well. im not sure what i did that couldve messed this up08:01
ObrienDave!info checkbox-gui08:02
ubottucheckbox-gui (source: checkbox): QML based interface for system testing based on Plainbox.. In component main, is optional. Version 0.18-0ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 184 kB, installed size 773 kB08:02
ObrienDavezzarr_, ^^08:02
BitNovaikonia,  something has gone terribly wrong..08:02
BitNovaikonia, i suspect MAYBE it has something to do with the ntfs driver that is maybe corrupt. but could be wrong08:04
ObrienDavelook up ntfs-config08:05
ObrienDave!info ntfs-config08:05
ubottuntfs-config (source: ntfs-config): Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-11 (vivid), package size 72 kB, installed size 758 kB (Only available for linux-any)08:05
zzarr_ObrienDave, ?08:06
BitNovaObrienDave, hmm yea i saw something about ntfs-config while researching. would messing around with that make it work?08:09
ObrienDavei use it on my NTFS drives. ymmv08:09
k1l_zzarr_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/checkbox  its build for armhf and arm6408:10
k1l_ah wait, there seems to be an issue with the latest builds for 15.0408:11
BitNovai just found out that if i dont have the ntfs-3g drive installed.. i must install it.. right ??08:12
BitNovamaybe when i uninstalled fuse.. it uninstalled ntfs-3g08:12
ikoniathat is used by fuse08:12
BitNovaand i just did that now. wasnt installed08:13
ikoniaif you don't have ntfs-3g it will use the legacy nfts driver, which is read only support08:13
BitNovaOMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!08:13
BitNovait worked08:13
BitNovaoh my goodness guys... im SO happy right now.. cant believe it..08:13
BitNovacouldnt sleep for 2 days because of this08:13
BitNovathanks guys!!!08:14
ryanalexmartini'm happy  for you bitnova08:14
BitNovawhat a relief.08:14
ObrienDave*another satisfied customer* ;P08:15
BitNovaubuntu rocks :D08:16
mathieu__yeah ubuntu is better !!!!08:16
mathieu__free computing is great!!!08:16
nlsthznnot sure if off-topic but does anyone know what the name of the default cursor theme for Gnome 3 is called (and perhaps where I can get it to install in Ubuntu)?08:21
blah-how to install gnome 3.18 on ubuntu 14.0408:22
nurneed help to configure a AIO printer scanner08:24
=== GuKKDevel_ is now known as GuKKDevel
nurcanon MF4500w08:24
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ObrienDave!ops | atten108:26
ubottuatten1: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang08:26
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nursomeone please help08:27
ObrienDavenot if you don't ask08:27
k1l_blah-: wasnt gnome 3.18 just released?08:28
nurmy network connected canon MF4500w printers scanner is not detecting in sane08:29
siddharth030how to open terminal in linux io mean total terminal08:29
zzarr_k1l_, thanks :)08:29
k1l_blah-: obviously it will not make it to 14.04. so you will need to find a 3rd party PPA for that08:30
bazhangctrl alt f1 siddharth03008:30
bazhang!tty | siddharth03008:30
ubottusiddharth030: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution08:30
bazhang'total terminal'08:30
siddharth030in my machine it says cannot display this video mode08:32
siddharth030i tried opening tty terminal but its not opening08:33
blah-how to install gnome 3.18 on ubuntu 14.0408:42
k1lblah-: obviously it will not make it to 14.04. so you will need to find a 3rd party PPA for that08:42
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=== vivek is now known as Guest44635
vish_can someone recommend me a internet data usage monitoring & quota system for linux router09:37
shooter2killthere are alot of widgets for that09:38
shooter2killim no expert09:38
shooter2killjust a fellow user09:38
shooter2killHave you checked vnstat09:42
vish_shooter2kill, it only monitors datausage, I m looking for something that can apply data usage quota to specific IPs09:46
vish_along with monitering09:46
HackSmashikonia: recompiling the binary seems to have fixed the BlackCoin wallet problem09:48
bindiubuntu wont remember my wlan creds, why not? it keeps asking the password, and it whines about a certificate, i choose ignore and dont ask me again, yet it asks me each time09:52
bindiits a school wlan, not sure what kind of system it is exactly09:53
th34lch3m1sthi all09:53
th34lch3m1stI'm on Ubuntu 14.04. I have added the line [PATH=/usr/lib/jvm/OracleJava8/bin] at the bottom of ~/.bashrc. Now [ls] terminal's command doesn't work no more. Says ls is not included in PATH environment variables. I had already done this on my 12.04 desktop and all was working, but doesn't works on my 14.04 laptop. What's the matter?09:54
EriC^^th34lch3m1st: you need to use PATH="/usr/lib/jvm/OracleJava8/bin:$PATH"09:54
pmaxkhi to all...09:56
th34lch3m1stEriC^^: Ok, thanks.09:57
EriC^^no problem09:57
bindii found some solution on google, selecting some mozilla cert. but now when i try to reconnect to the wlan, and press "select certificate", it pops back to the password prompt09:57
bindithe password is typed correctly, if i choose ignore instead, it connects09:58
bindinobody? :P10:10
shooter2killmost poeple from america are in bed at this time i think10:17
jin7hi. I need a mini ubuntu without desktop.10:18
cfhowlett!mini | jin710:18
ubottujin7: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:18
jin7but I need a livecd10:19
jin7not need install10:19
cfhowlettjin7, read again.10:19
cfhowlettor install a server10:19
EriC^^i dont think the server has a live cd, could be wrong10:19
EriC^^there's always debian if you want a live session with no desktop10:20
k1ljin7: either you want a live cd or you dont want a desktop10:20
EriC^^jin7: why dont you want a desktop anyways?10:20
jin7just need command line.10:21
=== deetwelv- is now known as deetwelve
cfhowlett!server | jin7, naked server then10:22
ubottujin7, naked server then: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server10:22
EriC^^cfhowlett: he won't have a live cd though i think, he has to install to get it, maybe somebody can confirm10:22
k1lserver or mini are no live cd.10:23
k1lmaybe you can start the desktop live cd with "text" parameter to just go into tty10:23
EriC^^jin7: you can do as k1l said, it works10:27
EriC^^or press ctrl+alt+f1 after it boots the live session10:27
cwgibbswhy not just install the server on a USB drive and plug it in when you need it?  don't really see a point to having a server running in memory....10:28
jin7I have a command line program need run on ubuntu 10.04.10:31
jin7so I want to download a mini ubuntu10:31
cwgibbsever consider a small virtual machine?10:31
jin7I found a release version based ubuntu without desktop before. but I can't find it now.10:31
jin7I'll use virtualbox10:32
bindihttp://askubuntu.com/questions/456970/constantly-asked-for-wifi-password-and-ca-certificate/457739#457739 <- i tried this but it wont reconnect at all anymore after resume/reboot/trying to dc and rc manually..10:32
cwgibbsI'd just run ubuntu server in a VM...then you're not worrying about booting to a live cd or any of that.  not sure what exactly you're trying to do though10:33
DJonesjin7: There used to be an alternate install cd which didn't use the GUI installer, but thats not been around for a couple of years, if you use the mini iso, that is a text based installer and you can specify which desktop environment or none to install10:34
EriC^^DJones: he wants a live cd with no desktop10:34
EriC^^like debian's live cd with no de10:35
cwgibbsi think that's what you're talking about, right?10:35
k1ljin7: ubuntu 10.04 is dead already10:35
cwgibbsso use that...choose the CLI install10:36
=== deetwelv- is now known as deetwelve
jotauveHi  to everybody!!10:45
jotauveI've ubuntu 15.04 with the default graphical environment installed, how can I install the new gnome 3.18, it's possible?10:45
k1ljotauve: it was just released yesterday. you will need a 3rd party PPA for that since ubuntu doesnt upgrade the version while a release is already done10:47
jotauvedo you know what 3rd ppa I've to add?10:47
rorythere's the gnome staging PPA that would technically have 3.18 in it10:47
rorybut it's hideously unstable, and for testing/dev only10:47
bindino thoughts on 14.04 wpa2 professional autoconnect issue im having..?10:48
k1lbindi: certificates sound like its a vpn. better get the facts first10:48
bindik1l: it is not a vpn10:48
bindik1l: check the link i posted10:48
bindiwhat's the name of the tool for scanning wlan networks, terminal? i cant remember it10:49
vasyagnomПривет всем! Нужна помощь, падает network manager, кто-нибудь знает что можно сделать?10:49
k1lbindi: it is a cisco vpn10:49
cwgibbsmy BLT drive on my PC just went AWOL....10:50
bindik1l: i guess then, its my schools wireless network, windows doesnt ask anything about certs10:50
bindii can connect to it, if i dont give it a cert, it keeps prompting for password each resume/reboot AND warns me about not having a cert, even if i choose ignore10:50
bindii tried the "fix" i posted, it connected, but rebooting or resuming, its stuck on reconnecting. tried manually to reconnect, no go10:50
cwgibbsyou're probably receiving cert. warnings because you keep ignoring them and the reason you're getting the warning is because the WiFi AP is using a self signed cert.  Did you consider ACCEPTING it?10:51
roryI have a script which takes some interactive input. I want to log its output to a file, but the usual "foo |tee -a bar" stops the interactive prompt from being shown. How can I log the complete output of a command (stdout and stderr) to a file, without breaking its functionality?10:51
bindiit doesnt give me a possibility to accept a cert, cwgibbs .. it wants me to choose one or go without using one10:51
k1lbindi: did you check the "all users can use that connection" checkbox on the network manager?10:52
bindik1l: check or uncheck? by default it is checked, i tried with it unchecked10:52
bindineither works10:52
cwgibbsdoes your school provide SSL cert info for the WLAN?  usually universities post that stuff on the school's self help "type" sites..10:52
bindinope, just tells  to use e<studentid>@edu.vamk.fi and your password as creds10:53
k1lbindi: did you try the first answer in that site marked as solved with the green check?10:53
bindik1l: that is exactly what i tried10:54
bindiand after that, as i said, it wont reconnect at all after a reboot, disconnect, or resuming10:54
sudhir_hey guys.. I installed Ubuntu server using netboot.. installation completed successfully and when in restarts it goes to grub prompt and i dont see any vmlinuz to boot from there..10:54
sudhir_any thoughts on how to solve this..??10:54
roryI would like both STDOUT and STDERR to be displayed on both the shell, and the log file10:54
roryIt probably can't be done10:54
=== dan_ is now known as Guest96855
mcphailrory: read "man tee"10:56
rorydu gong10:56
mcphailrory: oops - missed the bit about the interactive prompt10:57
k1lbindi: what about: http://askubuntu.com/a/461822/3126010:57
bindik1l: ill give that a try, one momen10:58
rorymcphail: looks like "exec >> out.txt; exec 2>&1" is what I need10:58
=== Yukiku is now known as Dhs92
bindik1l: didnt have that line in the file, selected the network from the menu and it connected without whining11:01
bindii doubt it will work if i reboot though :P11:02
bindik1l: do you wanna see the config file?11:03
bindii wonder if its using the right type of connection or whatever for this cisco vpn you speak of11:05
bindi802-1x is mentioned11:05
k1lmost schools/universities use cisco peap wifi11:05
k1lbut usually they announce what certs they use. if they dont have own certs they might use one from big ISPs.11:06
bindii think it might be a self-signed one11:06
bindibut why is ubuntu asking for ME to pick one? :D11:07
bindiwindows doesnt ask for that11:07
k1lin some cases windows is just more insecure and just using what is there. in your situation you might want to have that easy way. but if you would need secure connections and your system will just connect to anyone faking a accesspoint you get into trouble11:11
binditheres some assistant tool i can download apparently11:11
bindi"eduroam" is the wireless ap name btw, it seems to be some worldwide thingy11:12
bindidownloading "my eduroam installer" mkay11:12
bazhang!info eduroam11:12
ubottuPackage eduroam does not exist in vivid11:12
k1li would just ask the IT department what they got about the certificate etc11:12
bindiits a script, imma see what it does11:12
bazhangfrom where bindi11:12
bindihttp://cat.eduroam.org, found this on my school website11:13
k1lyes, eduroam is a worldwide standard for universities. its a cisco vpn peap thingy. but that should have a cert11:13
ikoniaeduroam is specpfic to uni11:13
ikoniayou need certs and a network profile for your local entry point as well as the certs for the whole network11:13
eldariondhi !11:13
ikoniatalk to your uni11:13
eldariondI would like to set up a domain name containing "john" and "doe". For a good ranking in google and others, do I have to create : "johndoe.tld" or "john-doe.tld" ?11:13
bindiyeah it has the certificate in the script..11:14
ikoniaeldariond: that is nothing to do with ubuntu11:14
k1lall universities i have been in the world had instructions on their it department sites.11:14
k1lnever was an big issue so far11:14
ikoniait's one of the best networks I've seen11:14
ikoniait's well managed and distributed11:14
eldariondikonia: well may be some of ubuntu users are aware of that ? since ubuntu is globaly adopted as a server OS11:14
ikoniaeldariond: it's nothing to do with ubuntu, try some SEO groups11:15
k1leldariond: better ask in ##chat , #ubuntu-offtopic or another hosting/domain related channel on freenode11:15
eldariondk1l: thank for the tip11:15
bindiyeah, the installer script installed the cert and made a correct config in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eduroam11:17
bindimy password is in cleartext in that file though :P11:18
FiddlerDvlHi, I need to query a db, a vpn connection exist for it and my server is in the right IP range to use it. But my windows machine is not. Is there a way to route all query for the ip of the db through my linux server?11:18
bindinow, how can i stop unity from grouping same windows together in alttab?11:19
bindiright, compizconfig-settings-manager11:19
cwgibbshad a feeling there was a vpn being used.  glad to see you guys confirmed11:23
gingitsuneHey, i'm trying to send mail from PHP with the built in mail function11:26
cwgibbsare you using wordpress??11:27
gingitsuneI have sendmail installed, yet i can't send a mail to my personal e-mail. As i understand its something to do with PTR records11:28
gingitsuneNo, vanilla php11:28
gingitsuneThe mail.err and mail.log output is this http://pastebin.com/xz2PNxG911:28
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chrisss123456anyone use Banshee? I'm importing songs manually into a library with Artist/Album/track folder system, but there must be an easier way to do things...11:29
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest11676
cwgibbsdoes your PTR DNS record resolve correctly for your domain?11:31
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
gingitsunei really have no experience in this? can't tell you? I'm running from by dev box.11:35
gingitsuneSo i assume there is no such thing11:35
gingitsuneOr how do i check>11:35
gingitsuneI guess the right question is possible to setup my own dev box to send mail in the 1st place11:37
AnthaasHi, can someone help me in making javac accessible on my $PATH?11:49
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
borisetoDoes anybody know if there are plans to make a gui for umake? Just wondering...11:51
teiionhi, i purchased an item from the software center, got payment confirmation both in mail and on pay.ubuntu.com, but in the SC it still says "Buy..." Should it change to "Download" or what?11:52
Cerealkill3rHey guys,what's a good alternative for visual c# 2008 on linux?11:54
=== cuqa_ is now known as cuqa
ubottuA comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant11:55
bazhangCerealkill3r, ^11:55
Cerealkill3rThank you ubottu11:55
Amoztrying to build an ubuntu kernel with the fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic results in the following "unresolved module dependencies in base package" error. What am I doing wrong? http://pastebin.com/vmBWiVFf11:57
AnthaasCan someone help me get javac on my $PATH?11:57
AmozAnthaas, PATH=$PATH:<path-to-dir-where-javac-is>11:57
AnthaasAmoz: I want it there permanently, not just for this session11:58
Amozput that in your .bashrc11:58
Amozand then export it11:58
AnthaasHmm, $JAVA_HOME/bin is already on my path11:58
Anthaasand javac is in there :S11:59
Amozpost your PATH and the error you get12:00
Amozpastebin if > 3 lines12:00
zetheroodual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.3 - In grub menu there are two entries for Windows 7 - when booting into Windows 7 sometimes I get a purple screen but can hear Windows boot sound in the background, then I will try the second Windows 7 grub entry and it will work, then the one that worked will at any point in time start also booting into a purple screen and the first Windows entry will work fine ...12:07
zetherooI have already reinstalled grub from the Ubuntu LIVE CD12:08
zetherooI have also run the Boot-Repair tool12:08
zetherooAnyone have an idea what causes this?12:08
ikonialook at the differences in the entries12:08
ikoniawhat is the first one booting, what is the second one booting12:09
ikoniawork out the differences12:09
ikoniano point randomly re-installing grub - when what it boots is controlled from the config file12:09
OmEgA010i have a d-link dwa-131 wifi usb adapter. I tried ndisgtk to install an xp-driver. I got "hardware present : yes" but my device is no recognized. how do i install the driver?12:12
zetherooikonia: but both of them work intermittently - when one works the other doesn't12:13
bindiis there some simple commandline tool for calendars where i can subscribe to an online .ical?12:14
binditrying gcalcli12:14
bindiaand it errors12:15
technocfWhen I plug my Wacom Intuos into my Ubuntu 15.04 PC and I select my centre monitor it just sets the map to a different monitor.12:18
AmozOmEgA010, pastebin the output of lsusb12:22
AmozOmEgA010, what version of ubuntu ?12:23
OmEgA010xubuntu 3.13.0-32-generic i686 GNU/Linux12:24
AnthaasHi guys, I have defined $JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/jdk1.8.0_60 in my /etc/environment file, and then underneath defined my path by putting $JAVA_HOME/bin to the front12:26
AnthaasHowever, when I try to run javac, it isn't finding it because it would seem that $JAVA_HOME isn't being interpreted12:26
AnthaasIf I manually export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH then javac -version will return a correct version12:27
jack_R_I have added a cronjob like this: "*/2 * * * * cd /home/Yack/scripts ; ./scan.py -s"  to run each two minutes but It doesn't work. But If I run from bash "cd /home/Yack/scripts ; ./scan.py -s" works perfectly. Any Ideas why not work?12:29
jack_R_sorry :p12:30
hateballjack_R_: make the .py executable and put the full path to it instead of this "cd" ordeal12:31
Seveasjack_R_: probably environment variables12:31
AnthaasHi guys, I have defined $JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/jdk1.8.0_60 in my /etc/environment file, and then underneath defined my path by putting $JAVA_HOME/bin to the front12:32
AnthaasHowever, when I try to run javac, it isn't finding it because it would seem that $JAVA_HOME isn't being interpreted12:32
jack_R_hateball: Seveas I need to be in that directory because the script read some files from there12:32
Seveasjack_R_: hateball said to ditch the cd. I'm fine with it :)12:32
hateballjack_R_: Alright12:33
Seveasjack_R_: what's the output of the cronjob?12:33
hateballjack_R_: is it in your users crontab or in /etc/crontab ?12:33
jack_R_Seveas: i get crontab: installing new crontab12:34
jack_R_hateball: I don't know let me check one sec12:34
ioriaOmEgA010, did you download the windows driver ?12:35
Seveasjack_R_: no, the output of the command itself when it runs from cron. The thing that cron mails to you12:35
jack_R_hateball: the my user is not in the crontab group12:35
jack_R_Seveas: how can I see that?12:35
jack_R_let me find12:35
Seveascron mails output to the user. So make sure you set up mail correctly on your server12:36
hateballjack_R_: *how* did you add the cronjob?12:36
hateballjack_R_: did you edit /etc/crontab, or did you "crontab -e" as your user?12:36
Seveasalternatively, make it log to a file by adding this at the end of the job: >>/tmp/somejob.txt 2>&112:36
jack_R_hateball: I run "crontab -e" with my user (the one i want to run the script)12:36
jack_R_I added at the end and close12:36
techmnick VivCheri12:36
=== techm is now known as VivCheri
hateballjack_R_: While it should work, I've had issues when performing multiple commands in cron. So I put the entire thing in a script instead, and execute that12:37
OmEgA010i had all windows drivers on the cd12:38
OmEgA010i chose xp because many blogs climed to solve the problem using xp-drivers12:39
jack_R_hateball: but should I adde my user to the cron group ?12:39
Seveasjack_R_: nope12:40
Seveasjack_R_: you need to look at the output, see what's going wrong and fi that12:40
chrisss123456anyone use Banshee? I'm importing songs manually into a library with Artist/Album/track folder system, but there must be an easier way to do things...12:41
jack_R_Seveas: I'm see that I get some python errors in the file /var/spool/mail/jack12:41
Seveasjack_R_: pastebin them12:41
jack_R_Seveas: wait12:41
ioriaOmEgA010, you are interested in this file   net8192su.inf for your own ach , copy on the hd and follow this from point 3.6    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper12:42
arcskyHi guys anyone here have Intel Ultimate-N 6300 wireless card? I cant get it to work in Uubntu12:43
jack_R_Seveas: with the full path works :) thank you hateball Seveas :)12:44
tewardarcsky: define "Can't get it to work"12:44
rasteroidHas anyone seen this?12:44
rasteroidorg.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "Connect" with signature "" on interface "org.bluez.Input"12:44
DammitJimok, totally confused right now12:46
DammitJima command such as systemctl start program uses systemd, right?12:47
DammitJimwhat is recommended with Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS... the use of upstart or init.d/rc.d scripts?12:53
AnthaasI have $JAVA_HOME/bin in my $PATH, and $JAVA_HOME is being read literally rather than interpreted, can someone help?12:53
sorinb_DammitJim, both systems exist in parallel. upstart is newer12:53
technocfWhen I plug my Wacom Intuos into my Ubuntu 15.04 PC and I select my centre monitor it just sets the map to a different monitor.12:53
DammitJimso, if I have been using init.d/rc.d scripts, there is no urgency for me to move to upstart, right?12:54
DammitJimthe reason I ask is because I am having issues with upstart and I might not have the time to figure them out and I was considering just staying with init.d12:54
sorinb_DammitJim, nope. the init.d system is quite legacy, it will not disappear very soon. A ton of apps use it12:55
sorinb_DammitJim, http://askubuntu.com/questions/2075/whats-the-difference-between-service-and-etc-init-d12:55
sorinb_DammitJim, also http://askubuntu.com/questions/5039/what-is-the-difference-between-etc-init-and-etc-init-d12:56
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SeveasAnthaas: pastebin the exact commands you used to set the $PATH variable.12:58
SeveasDammitJim: stick with initscripts. upstart is dead and replaced with systemd, so moving to upstart now means that you;ll have to rewrite your scripts again when upgrading to 15.04 or newer :)12:59
DammitJimso, systemd is yet another way of doing things?12:59
Seveasit is12:59
chervaofftopic: anyone knowing from where can I get "provider independent IPv6" ?13:00
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sorinbDammitJim, systemd is the oldest system.. from the Unix era13:01
Seveascherva: your local RIR13:01
Seveassorinb: no it's not13:01
DammitJimsorinb, but Seveas just said that upstart is dead and replaced with systemd?13:01
Seveassorinb: you may be confusing systemd with sysv13:01
Seveassystemd is what people are moving to in the last years, a more modern service manager.13:01
sorinbSeveas, DammitJim sorry for my confusion. I didn't know that upstart is dead13:02
sorinbwasn't intorduced in ubuntu a few years back ?13:03
Seveassorinb: yeah, just before systemd was invented. but it didnt' really go anywhere, while systemd is taking over the world now13:03
x4w3better systemd than upstart :)13:04
DammitJimok, so to recap13:04
DammitJimwhere is UBuntu moving towards?13:04
Hacker-Proò- Who is here a good Programmer c++ ?13:04
SeveasDammitJim: yes, as of ubuntu 15.04, upstart has been replaced with systemd.13:05
Nyt129XHi everyone !! , can anyone give me some pointers on doing the below : Currently i'm on Ubuntu 14.04 / Lenovo G510 laptop . Boot on a separate partition and home on another. I want to add an SSD for boot and keep the HDD as HOME. Is this possible without a reinstall ??13:08
DammitJimand systemd is: service <service_name> start13:08
SeveasDammitJim: with systemd, the convention is 'start <service_name>'13:10
zetheroook I took pictures of both Windows grub entries http://tinypic.com/r/2lbp24p/8 ---------   http://tinypic.com/r/raqiqt/813:10
zetheroocan anyone tell me why these two entries work/don't work intermittently ?13:11
Nyt129XAnother thing , I've amended the SWAPPINESS to 1 since I  have 8GB ram and plan on upgrading to 16GB by next week..BUT on system monitor my ram usage is shown as 800~mb and swap is shown as 26xkb out of 2.8gb on idle ? How can it be possible ??13:11
CodeChrisNyt129X: you want just /boot on an SSD?13:12
CodeChrisor do you mean the OS on the SSD and then /home on the HDD?13:13
Nyt129XCodeChris: OS on the SSD and everything else on HDD.13:14
=== tdc is now known as Guest71418
AmozNyt129X, can you just post your "free -m" for us to see the swap you're talking about?13:15
hateballNyt129X: You know that your applications read/write a lot to your ~/ right? So having that on SSD is very good.... you can still mount an HDD for pure data storage13:15
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Nyt129XAmoz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12541950/13:16
AmozNyt129X, looks good to me13:16
Nyt129Xhateball: I see...when I said OS on SSD I meant everything related to the core OS. I want the settings / configs everything to be there even after I make a reinstall / update.13:18
hateballNyt129X: Most of which, in a desktop system, are found in your ~/13:18
Nyt129XAmoz: Performance wise its GOOD in comparison to 4gb setup.But what I dont understand is..why does it show SWAP as 2.8 GB ??13:19
AmozNyt129X, you have a swap mounted13:19
Amozand its size is 2.8GB13:19
zetherooikonia: are you still around?13:19
ikoniazetheroo: yes13:19
Nyt129Xhateball: I see..so can you advice me on how to transfer the full OS part to an SSD and keep the existing files / settings on HDD ??13:20
zetherooikonia: did you see the pics of the grub menu entries?13:20
Nyt129XAmoz: I see... SInce I reduced the swappiness to 1 , Allocating 2.8 for SWAP is too much isnt it ??13:20
zetheroo ikonia: http://tinypic.com/r/2lbp24p/8 ---------   http://tinypic.com/r/raqiqt/813:21
ikoniazetheroo: no, I'm not looking at pictures13:21
hateballNyt129X: If you're on a laptop and using suspend you'll want swap at least the size of your RAM13:21
zetherooikonia: ok13:21
Amozzetheroo, have you run update-grub since doing the installations ?13:21
Nyt129XAmoz: SHall I / Can I reduce/increase the size of swap ??13:21
zetherooAmoz: yep13:21
hateballNyt129X: As for the disk, I'd create a new partition on the HDD, transfer your data (images etc) to that. Then use something like clonezilla to clone what is left to the SSD13:22
hateballNyt129X: Then you'll have to adjust /etc/fstab accordingly13:22
zetherooseems like Windows 7 has 2 boot loaders, hence the two Windows 7 grub entries13:22
Amozzetheroo, then my best guess is that one is supposed to be the recovery loader, because there are two separate partitions identified in the grub menu13:22
Nyt129Xhateball: Hmmmmmmmm............. IN that case I'll have to increase the swap partition size ??13:22
hateballNyt129X: Yes.13:22
zetherooAmoz: not recovery - boot loaders13:23
Amozzetheroo, usually one of the partitions have the recovery on it13:23
Nyt129Xhateball: using gpart ??13:23
ikoniazetheroo: what is the difference between them ?13:23
zetherooAmoz: Windows 7 has that 100MB partition and then the main one - this is why there is sda3 and sda413:23
ikoniaso one is the repair partion the other is not13:23
zetherooAmoz: yeah, not in this case13:23
zetheroono repair partition13:23
hateballNyt129X: Yep, that's easy enough. Use swapoff to disable swap first, then resize the swap partition and swapon when it is done13:24
ikonia100mb partition is the recovery parition13:24
lucidguyOk, I have a umask of 0022, so when I create a file should it not have the default permissions of 755?13:24
zetherooikonia: ok, you mean like that ...13:24
Nyt129Xhateball: can do that without booting to a live dvd ?13:24
AmozNyt129X, do you really need a bigger swap?13:24
hateballNyt129X: Yes13:24
zetheroothought you were referring to a recovery partition like one that a manufacturer usually has13:24
hateballAmoz, Nyt129X: If on a laptop and using hibernate, you need swap to fit the contents of ram13:25
hateballAmoz, Nyt129X: I suppose if you only suspend to ram it's a non-issue13:25
zetherooanyhow, both entries work - as in both entries boot up Windows fine - except it seems that they don't both work fine at the same time. Gosh, how to explain. ...13:25
Nyt129Xhateball: I dont use hibernate BUT i do use suspend . Then do i have to increase swap ??13:26
Amozhateball, Nyt129X well he only has 2.8GB now, so it sounds like it's a non-issue right now13:26
bildzhow do I extend a LVM group online, after expanding the virtual disk?13:26
bildzi remember there was a command just cant recall and havent had much look googling13:27
bildzi remember not having to create an additional partition13:27
Nyt129XAmoz: I do use suspend a lot... so do I need to increase the SWAP ??13:27
hateballbildz: this is easy to follow http://blog.stastnarodina.com/honza-en/spot/howto-add-disk-to-vmware-ubuntu-guest-without-reboot-using-lvm/13:27
mcphailNyt129X: you don't need swap to suspend13:28
zetherooTry 1: Boot from sda3 -> no problems at all. Try 2: Boot from sda3 again -> All I get is a purple screen but with the sound of Windows booting in the background. Try3, 4 and 5: Boot from sda4 -> No issues! Try6: Boot from sda4 -> Purple screen and sound of Windows booting in the background. Try7: Boot from sda3 -> no issues! ........ etc .....13:29
zetherooThat's more or less how it's been going ...13:29
ikoniadelete the recovery one13:29
ikoniayou should never need to boot to that direct (well you can't)13:29
bildzhateball: i just made the original disk bigger13:29
ikoniathe windows boot loader your chainloading will sort that13:29
bildzhateball: i recall there being a way to add the new space to the volume group witout having to partition13:30
bildzi already have primary boot, swap, and extended lvm13:30
zetherooikonia: when you say delete the recovery one ... I take it you mean just delete the 100MB partition and that's it?13:30
ikoniazetheroo: no, thats deleting a partition, not an entry in grub13:31
ikoniaand if you delete it, how could windows boot into it for recovery options ?13:31
ikoniayou need to remove it from grub13:31
Nyt129Xmcphail: Oh okiez...SO basically it's keeping everything on ram BUT the machine is kind of like hibernated .13:31
zetherooikonia: I tried to do that with the Grub Customizer - I removed both entries one at a time and tested in-between ... but the issue still persisted13:32
ikoniazetheroo: then why is the entry still there if you've already deleted it13:32
zetherooafter it didn't solve the issue I was having I put it back the way it was to begin with13:33
mcphailNyt129X: yes, everything is in RAM. That is different to "hibernate" which uses disk.13:33
ikoniaI have no idea what grub customizer is / how it works, but you don't need that entry, so remove it,13:33
ikoniathen you can deal with your issue13:33
Nyt129Xmcphail: Noted with thanks..13:33
=== robcsi_ is now known as robcsi
technocfWhen I plug my Wacom Intuos into my Ubuntu 15.04 PC and I select my centre monitor it just sets the map to a different monitor.13:34
Nyt129Xmcphail: Any idea on the moving everything related to the OS except HOME to an SSD thingy ???13:34
Nyt129XAmoz: thanks a lot :-D13:35
Nyt129Xhateball: thanks a lot :-D13:35
Nyt129Xmcphail: I want to MOVE my OS to a SSD and keep the existing HDD (which contains the HOME partition + boot) as the home (inside the DVD Bay :-D ) . Moral of the story.. I want to increase boot up speed and keep the settings and all config files on the hdd safely...so that even an reinstall doesnt affect them..13:37
hateballNyt129X: I gave you a suggestion on how to do it13:38
Nyt129Xhateball: Ooopz...SOrry..MIght hav missed :-( will scroll up :)13:38
Nyt129Xhateball: Found it..13:39
=== fginther` is now known as fginther
hateballNyt129X: Do you currently have more data on HDD than fits on SSD ?13:39
Nyt129Xhateball: ON HDD yes..But on /swapoff -boot its just 9gb :-)13:40
mcphailNyt129X: you can simply reinstall to the SDD and mount your /home as part of the boot process13:41
Nyt129Xmcphail: hmmmm....So NO config files etc will be removed etc ??13:41
mcphailNyt129X: you will keep everything under /home, so no _user_ config files will change13:42
mcphailNyt129X: If you have tweaked anything under /etc (system config files) they will be lost13:42
hateballmcphail: I was suggesting he might like to have /home on SSD due to read/write speeds for things as browsers and other application, keep other data on HDD13:42
mcphailhateball: I wouldn't disagree with you there13:43
Nyt129Xmcphail: I see... Basically theres no way to keep them as well ??13:43
mcphailNyt129X: you can copy them to thenew install13:43
hateballNyt129X: no external drives handy?13:43
arcskyteward: it keeps asking me for the password to my AcessPoint.13:43
mcphailNyt129X: really, though, this shouldn't be an issue as you should have backups13:44
hateballI would just copy media/documents etc to some backup, then clone all data from hdd to ssd etc13:44
Nyt129Xhateball: Nope... :-(13:44
zetherooikonia: look like renaming the /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober file to 06_os-prober fixes the purple screen issue - don't know why though :)13:45
mcphailNyt129X: I cannot stress highly enough the need to have backups, particularly if you are playing with partitions13:45
Nyt129Xmcphail: Let me see...But I'll be able to copy everything thats on /etc to a flash drive or a dvd using a live dvd and copy them back to the ssd install later ryt ??13:45
mcphailNyt129X: if you want, and if you have actually changed anything under /etc13:45
hateballNyt129X: you can partition the SSD as you like, then liveboot and rsync over the data to it, install grub on ssd, then keep a partition on HDD for your media13:47
Nyt129Xmcphail: I did..made some changes after the initial install.13:47
moldyany idea where i can find the header files for this kernel? 3.0.35-2666-gbdde70813:48
Nyt129Xhateball: I see.. thanks a lot both :-D13:48
mcphailNyt129X: just remmeber to adjust /etc/fstab to your new setup when you copy it over13:48
mcphailmoldy: that's not an Ubuntu kernel, is it???13:49
hateballNyt129X: it's a bit tricky if you're new-ish to linux but you should be able to get it done with no data loss13:49
moldymcphail: i have no idea13:49
Nyt129Xmcphail: Great.. Is there a way for me to contact u out of IRC (in a later time) ??13:49
mcphailmoldy: not supported here, then13:49
Nyt129Xhateball:  Great.. Is there a way for me to contact u out of IRC (in a later time) ??13:49
hateballNyt129X: Nope13:49
mcphailNyt129X: I leave my client connected13:49
moldymcphail: ok, thanks13:49
Nyt129Xhateball: No worries... :-) Thanks a lot :-D13:49
BernzelIs there a command to install Java JDK-8 on ubuntu 14.04?13:57
St1gmano, but you could get the upd8 ppa13:58
St1gmathen you can apt-get it13:58
BernzelSt1gma, So I can't do apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk ?13:59
maszloI was looking to see if i can get some pointers on an issue I have been having on 15.04.  I am a long time ubuntu user and have not seen this before. on my lenovo T450s I am having issues with the eth0 automatically becoming active and getting a lease.  The link and activity lights to turn on, but ifconfig does not show it active and dmesg doesnt show and complaints14:00
BluesKajHey all14:01
F0urqsup fools14:01
F0urqI own you all14:02
Anticomhi all. could someone briefly explain to me what unity scopes are and how to actually launch them? i've installed one for soundcloud but i dunno where to actually start/display it14:02
anonyF0urq, hi master14:03
AmozF0urq, hi master14:03
Anticomfrom what I've got they're kind of applets living on the desktop14:03
bazhangtake the chat elsewhere F0urq14:03
F0urqCall me Master Big Daddy14:03
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anonyF0urq, we 're awaiting your orders.14:03
ikoniaplease stop anony14:03
St1gmabad troller is bad14:03
bazhanganony, you too, this is support only14:04
anonyOk. ^_^14:04
F0urqI want you all to hack chase.com and get all the credit cards numbers14:04
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Amozmaszlo, pastebin ifconfig -a please14:05
=== Guest87329 is now known as chris230
=== chris230 is now known as Guest16804
BernzelIn which folder does linux compatible software install? I need to place my Intellij folder in there.14:08
maszloAmoz: do this with the cable plugged in this limbo state I assume.  I went into airplane mode, then out and plugged in the eth.  it is working now but not consistent for what it needs to for switching between devices14:09
Amozmaszlo, is this a wifi device?14:10
maszloAmoz: I tend to use Wifi and when need a solid speed for a large transfer will plug into gigabit.  It is when plugging it when there is already a connection were tend to see this14:14
maszloAmoz: I am actually on my work desktop and not this notebook with the issue for this irc connection14:15
Amozmaszlo, if I understand your problem correctly, you plug in a cable and get a lease but can't see eth0 in ifconfig, correct?14:16
maszloAmoz:  I am still troubleshooting to find the exact details.  What i saw is that i was connected only on wifi and when I plugged in the eth0 it didnt show the indicator in the top bar, so i looked in ifconfig and it was not in there.  checked dmesg and nothing in there either.  This was about a minute+14:18
maszloAmoz: it was going to airplane mode that made it show up in ifconfig. not sure if its releated to the airplane mode toggle, or that the wifi was off14:19
Bernzelanyone know where I should puy my intellij installation?14:20
maszloAmoz: i might just have to chalk this one off as a glitch.  i rebooted with eth cable disconnected, it went on to wifi and picked up the eth0 when plugged the cable in.14:21
it_you are all fags14:21
Amozikonia, ^14:21
zambai'm running ubuntu 14.04 with gnome session fallback to avoid using unity.. but now i have an issue with the keyboard bindings.. i can't figure out how to change the keyboard shortcuts for changing workspace14:23
Amozzamba, ctrl+alt+arrows doesnt work?14:23
zambaAmoz: yeah, but i want to change that14:23
ikoniaAmoz: ?14:24
bazhangikonia, troll, they left14:24
Amoztroll managed to mute itself. best troll14:24
Amozzamba, check the shortcuts setting14:25
Amozzamba, I'm not using gnome fallback so I can't check, but I'm pretty sure it should be similar to gnomeshell. You should be able to change that in the shortcuts settings14:25
zambaAmoz: nope, it's not there14:27
Amozsorry then14:29
zambaAmoz: you're off the hook, but gnome isn't :)14:37
Peasant65hi ! I have a simple question. When i install ubuntu minimal cd without any packages selected (except ssh server). How much harddisk space will it cost me ?14:46
Peasant65So we're talking about the uber-smallest ubuntu install ever14:47
Peasant65Please help me out14:47
jpdsPeasant65: It's about 2G14:48
bazhangPeasant65, the actual package size?14:48
Peasant65the installation size14:48
jpdsPeasant65: 1.8GB14:49
M1C4HTRON13when I try to run firefox I get "(process:3051): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed)" and then a dialogue saying its already running14:49
Peasant65ok.... that's actually quite a lot14:49
Peasant65this is without xorg etc ?14:49
Peasant65* wayland (i believe)14:49
jpdsPeasant65: That's one of my virtual machines14:50
jpdsPeasant65: It's Ubuntu base + apache14:50
jpdsPeasant65: You have to factor in log files and all that stuff14:51
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amariHi, is beta 2 out?14:53
=== KameSennin____ is now known as KameSennin_
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1 | amari14:55
ubottuamari: wily werewolf is the codename for Ubuntu 15.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+114:55
=== KameSennin_ is now known as KameSennin
BluesKajamari,  yes it is, join us in #ubuntu+114:56
amariBluesKaj: I joined already :)14:56
pmishi have a question regarding executing a program from an sd card14:56
jpdspmish: OK14:57
pmishi'm using a radxa rock pro (sbc) with a lubuntu 14.04 flashed sd card14:57
pmishnow i get permission denied when i try to run the program (processing)14:58
pmishand when i use chmod +x nothing happens14:58
pmishthe program is on the sd card14:58
jpdspmish: ls -l program14:58
pmish-rw-r--r-- 1 rock rock 2982 May 20  2014 processing14:59
mustmodifySo my linux machine just restarted itself.15:00
mustmodifywhich was interesting.15:00
zykotick9pmish: sidenote, you can't apply POSIX permissions (+x) on FAT or NTFS formatted filesystems15:08
pmishzykotick9: oh no..15:10
mustmodifyLooking through the logs, I see this... might it be what caused the machine to reboot? "[drm] Wrong MCH_SSKPD value: 0x16040307:  This can cause pipe underruns and display issues. Please upgrade your BIOS to fix this."15:10
pmishzykotick9: okay thanks, i think this actually helps me quite a lot!15:15
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=== modafinil is now known as loyalty_kink
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tachibanahello im  trying to install a program extracted from a .tar.gz15:25
bazhangwhat program tachibana15:26
tachibanai cd'd into the directory and I see the 'install' file i type ./command into the terminal15:26
tachibanabut it comes back with a no such file or directory error in my terminal15:26
geniitachibana: That still doesn't answer the question which was asked15:27
tachibanai would be installing cisco packet tracer15:27
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Guest16431Please help....I (noob) recently downloaded TagSpaces,  when i linked this app /usr/bin/tagspaces,  First start looking good and i modified file location. Then closed application, opened agian, It's show me agian Welcome to TagSpaces. how can i save default modification. i didn't find any solution here.15:29
Picitachibana: I only briefly read through this, but it seems compitent and should help you: http://www.unixmen.com/installing-cisco-packet-tracer-linux/15:31
=== Chris230 is now known as Guest17450
craigbass76I'm trying, and failing, to /etc/init.d mysql start.  Which log file is going to give me a hand here?15:31
tachibanamuch thanks Pici15:31
tachibanaone drink on me15:32
geniicraigbass76: Try instead using sudo service mysql start15:32
Guest16431 Please help....I (noob) recently downloaded TagSpaces,  when i linked this app /usr/bin/tagspaces,  First start looking good and i modified file location. Then closed application, opened agian, It's show me agian Welcome to TagSpaces. how can i save default modification. i didn't find any solution here.15:32
bazhang!find tagspaces15:33
ubottuPackage/file tagspaces does not exist in vivid15:33
bazhangdownloaded from where Guest1643115:33
=== winky is now known as Guest14395
winklyhullo. what exactly is an environment variable? because apparantly this is why scala won't work for me - i need to add/change some environment variable? in /etc/environment ???15:36
=== azel is now known as Guest45738
MonkeyDustwinkly  first, type this is a terminal, to have an idea: env15:41
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
wtcwhats up?15:47
=== crash is now known as Guest93066
=== yogeshsarwate1 is now known as yogeshsarwate
snapzzhello all16:00
floogyHi, what do you think on these rkhunter warnings? I think they are more or less related to debian systems, right? http://sebsauvage.net/paste/?9378b2a1faf5d63b#YYhqDmaWuFkdOjs9FfQLywYcEXAB+ykoivb2xzQVMyk=16:14
kcwyzmrhi. can anybody tell me the difference between dual booting ubuntu vs running it from a live boot usb16:16
k1lfloogy: debian? this is #ubuntu, you might want to ask in #debian then16:17
arcskyguys i get very often "System program problem detected16:17
floogyIt's an ubuntu system16:17
arcskyDo you want to report the problem now?"16:17
arcskyhow can i see more detail about the issue?16:17
auronandacekcwyzmr: one is installed on the harddisk the other on a usb16:18
floogyk1l, Solution: sudo rkhunter –check –pkgmgr dpkg16:19
k1lfloogy: in general rkhunter is not like the one-click-anti-virus solutions on windows. rkhunter just compares to original states. but some changes are needed to make your system work at all. so you get a warning: you need to dig into the topic if that is suspicious or not16:19
k1lfloogy: like "Warning: Application 'openssl', version '1.0.1f', is out of date, and possibly a security risk."  ubuntu (and debian) dont increase the version number but provide a patched version.16:20
floogyk1l, thank you for the hints. I much appreciate them.16:21
kcwyzmrfor a beginner is dual booting better than live usb? considering i am planning to move to ubuntu for softdev purposes16:22
auronandacekcwyzmr: if you want a proper install then a live usb is not the best option16:23
auronandacekcwyzmr: dual boot or a vm would be best16:23
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=== ddstreet_away is now known as ddstreet
kczymrauronandace: i have gone through several tutorials on dual booting but can not figure out how to partition my hard disk. can you help16:25
floogyk1l, Some of those warnings are gone, and I think the OpenSSL should be up to date, because I have security repositories in my sources.list and /dev or loaded kernel modules might depend on the virtuozzo vserver where my ubuntu installation is hosted. https://bpaste.net/show/44d33e2610f816:25
auronandace!partition | kcwyzmr16:25
ubottukcwyzmr: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap16:25
floogy So, I'll have a look for this warning /dev/.udev/rules.d/root.rules: ASCII text16:26
auronandacekcwyzmr: if your machine uses uefi then you may run into some annoying hurdles16:26
durinhey guys, I am having fs issues after resizing a vm: EXT4-fs error (device dm-0): ext4_mb_generate_buddy:756: group 55, block bitmap and bg descriptor inconsistent: 586 vs 28151 free clusters16:26
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
k1lfloogy: yes. but root login is still bad :)16:28
floogyYes, I think it was setup that way by the ISP.16:29
kczymrit does use uefi. can you please elaborate on the type of issues i am likely to encounter16:29
floogyok, bye16:30
dyimhello i'm having problems with preseed with multi raid and multi lvm. mdadm would segfault16:35
auronandacekczymr: you may need to set it to legacy mode and disable fastboot16:35
auronandacekczymr: i had to install a bios update just to get mine to allow me to boot from usb16:36
dyimkickstart is so much easier than preseed... are there any example recipes that i can try?16:36
coyoteHi I am running ubuntu 15.10 and having trouble installing brackets because of a dependency issue16:40
bazhang#ubuntu+1 coyote16:41
kczymrauronandace: thanks mate16:42
coyoteI tried installing the deb file with gdebi and get this message16:42
coyoteError: dependency is not satisfiable:libcrypt11 (>= 1.4.5)16:42
bazhangcoyote, the correct channel please16:42
cfhowlettcoyote, ask the correct channel16:42
coyoteLaunchad says that it's a transitional dummy package16:43
bazhang#ubuntu+1 coyote16:43
bazhangcoyote, /join #ubuntu+1 for that please16:43
coyoteshould I get the package that they are transitioning too are go for the old dependency?16:43
coyotesorry I didnt realize what you wanted16:44
bazhangcoyote, did you read what I just posted16:44
kczymrhow much space is sufficient for ubuntu installation in dual booting16:45
JakeHey there, when adding a remote location as a network drive over ssh, is it possible to use private key authentication? I can't seem to find an option for it16:45
cfhowlettkczymr, if size is an issue, you might be better served by xubuntu or lubuntu16:45
auronandacekczymr: if you use a separate storage partition for documents and things then 10 - 15gb should be fine just for ubuntu16:46
kczymrcfhowlett: size is not an issue.  just wanted an estimate for partitioning my hdd16:46
=== MrJack1 is now known as MrJack
dimitry7how can I get the details of a MAC?16:47
dimitry7brand, model of equipment, I need everything but I just have the MAC16:47
yeledcan i force do-release-upgrade -> trusty ?16:47
cfhowlettyeled, what is your current release?16:47
yeledcfhowlett, lucid16:48
yeledi dont want precise yet16:48
auronandaceyeled: if you need to force an upgrade then expect things to go very wrong16:48
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | yeled16:48
ubottuyeled: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:48
yeledthanks cfhowlett16:48
yeledmaybe lucid -> precise then -> trust16:48
cfhowlettyeled, as lucid is LTS you can jump to 12.04 > trusty16:48
yeled\o/ cfhowlett16:49
yeledok so just sed -i -e 's/lucid/trust/g' $sources.list more or less that page is saying16:50
yeledi thought do-release-upgrade was special :)16:50
kczymrcan disabling secure boot create security issues in windows such as malware16:54
SburI had a worry getting my Realtek 8812 wifi dongle to be recognized on my Ubuntu 15.04 64 bit system.  It worked, but doesn't any more.  I had upgraded the kernel, but redid the procedure I was given that made the dongle work - after the upgrade.  I imagine that I will again need to do something when 15.10 comes out16:55
Sburkczymr: This chat room deals with Linux Ubuntu questions and issues16:56
nicomachusSbur: that chipset has always been a pain for me. if you find a workable solution, I'd be curious to know as well.16:56
Sburnicomachus: Someone some time back gave me the procedure that starts with "sudo lshw -c network"16:57
Sburnicomachus: And it had worked correctly until the upgrade of the kernel16:58
nicomachusSbur: that command only shows info on your network hardware.17:00
nicomachusOn 14.04 I was able to use a different driver, but it's been so long that I don't recall which driver I switched it to.17:02
mustmodifycan someone help me figure out what I should do about these "BAD" entries from my syslog? https://gist.github.com/mustmodify/0fa59bfa323fabc1bc1e#file-gistfile1-txt-L264-L37117:03
linociscoi m using map.google.com17:05
linociscoi have some map.apple.com links saved locations17:05
linociscohow can I view them on ubuntu desktop?17:05
=== emil is now known as Guest73059
cfhowlett!cn | ooo_17:06
ubottuooo_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw17:06
Guest73059Hello everybody im here to ask you one question what kind of file i need to download on my flashcard (iso.)?17:07
Guest73059i want to download linux mint17:08
cfhowlettGuest73059, this is ubuntu, not mint.wrong channel17:08
bazhangget mintsupport then17:08
cfhowlett!mint | Guest7305917:08
ubottuGuest73059: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:08
* cfhowlett thinks "good luck with that ..."17:09
yungBLUDCan anyone please help with getting Nvidia drivers to work on a fujitsu laptop? Also i'm getting very slow wifi 4mb when i should get 80+. Have the laptop in front of me and can give more details.17:19
unknown______hey guys17:19
unknown______what the best free vpn to ubuntu?17:19
linociscoubottu, hi17:21
linociscounknown______, zentyal17:21
ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。17:21
tewardyungBLUD: 4Mb or 4MB?  Also, where are you getting that 80+ value from for your wifi?17:22
teward(I can't help with nVidia but you can clarify some things)17:22
=== Chris230 is now known as Guest56142
yungBLUDsorry i get 100M on speedtest.net on my wired windows PC17:23
yungBLUDand i get 4M on my ubuntu laptop17:23
tewardyungBLUD: 100Mbps, or 100MBps?  One's megabits, one's megabytes17:23
tewardyungBLUD: also, when over wifi, you're not likely to get full speeds.17:24
=== tcpman is now known as Guest69421
yungBLUDyes i understand i wont get full speeds but on the same laptop windows 10 gets 80+ (bits per second)17:24
mustmodifyWhat channel might be able to help me interpret /var/log/syslog ?17:25
linociscoyungBLUD, that speed are not likely to be true17:25
yungBLUDI have tried using wicd and the connection is a bit more stable but still slow speeds17:26
protnhow one can install ubuntu on a toaster?17:26
linociscotry download of big and small files and see the speed17:26
protnlinocisco: I cant find Ethernet cable plug in the toaster17:26
Paddy_NII am about to install Ubuntu on an ssd on my laptop and can't help but wonder if I should put a swap partition on there just in case...17:27
Paddy_NII have 4gb of ram on this laptop17:27
tewardmustmodify: it depends on what you're trying to interpret from it.17:27
tewardmustmodify: what's up?17:27
linociscoprotn, toaster is not supposed to be with OS17:28
yungBLUDOk on my PC wired i just got 11mb/s and on my laptop800 kB/sec17:28
linociscoyungBLUD, downloading the same file?17:28
yungBLUDHow do i direct my replies at people? I'm using webchat in browser.17:29
yungBLUDyes exactly the same file17:29
linociscoyungBLUD, do the download on PC and see the speed and stop and do the download on laptop using same file. 1st download will take most bandwidth and 2nd may get slower17:30
yungBLUDlinocisco, i did do one after the other.17:30
yungBLUDWICD shows the connection at 75%17:31
DJonesyungBLUD: Just start the message to a person using their nickname, most IRC clients alert the person you're talking to when you mention their nickname17:31
yungBLUDIn system settings where should I be able to find "Additional Drivers"17:37
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:38
predmijatHey...I've noticed a suspicious process while checking stuff in htop...it's name is "/controller", ran by root. "ls -al /proc/$PIDOFCONTROLLER/" shows symlinks "exe -> /controller", "cwd -> /", and "root -> /", but there is no signs of "controller" in the root directory...killing the process only spawns new one with a new PID...how to proceed?17:39
DammitJimI have an ubuntu server joined to a domain17:42
DammitJimgetent passwd works17:42
DammitJimbut when I try to log on to the server, it fails my credentials17:42
roryHow do I grep for all lines which do not contain foo or bar?17:45
rorywithout doing grep | grep17:45
ProbabilityMoongrep -v "foo\|bar" filename(s)17:47
pbxrory, depends on your flavor of grep but egrep -v "a|e"17:48
pbxand rory of course i meant -  egrep -v "foo|bar"17:48
yungBLUDCan anyone please advise where additional drivers options should be on Ubuntu 14.0417:48
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
mattslI'm trying to connect from my Ubuntu desktop machine to a Samba share on a CentOS server. It doesn't do anything, presumably because it never asks me for login credentials. Is there a way to force it to prompt for the user?17:49
ParsectiXGuys How can I set pathpath on ubuntu. I have a problem with ansible python API as python is not finds the module17:50
ioriayungBLUD, System Settings -> Software and Updates -> Additional Driver17:50
ParsectiXthe module is located at /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages17:50
yungBLUDioria, i have no such option "Software and Updates"17:51
ioriayungBLUD, Unity ?17:51
yungBLUDioria, Yes17:51
ioriayungBLUD, if you click System Settings ... what you see ?17:51
Diapositivai'm trying to create DVD bootable using the creator program of Ubuntu17:53
Diapositivabut it say the DVD have only a 2kb of capacity...17:53
Diapositivai don't understand why, i bought this DVD-RW right now17:53
yungBLUDioria, In order from top to bottom, left to right: Appearance, Brightness & Lock, Language Support, Online Accounts, Security & Privacy, Text Entry. Bluetooth, Device CLour Profiles, Keyboard, Mouse & Touchpad, Network, Power, Printers, Screen Display, Sound, Wacom Tablet. Backups, Details, Landscape Service, Time & Date, Universal Access, User Accounts.17:53
mattslCan I make Nautilus prompt me for a username and password when connecting to a samaba share?17:55
ioriayungBLUD, press SuperKey (windows key), and in Dash type 'Additional'17:55
yungBLUDioria, Nothing comes up17:56
yungBLUDioria, Do i possibly need to reinstall Ubuntu?17:56
ioriayungBLUD, in terminal run 'ubuntu-drivers list'17:57
yungBLUDioria, That brings up multiple lines for nvidia17:57
bromanhow can i find folders with more than 240minutes of creation?17:57
yungBLUDioria, Some with -updates at the end17:58
ioriayungBLUD, those are the 'additional drivers' ... but i don't understand why you don't have it in System Settings   ....17:59
BitNovaHi guys, after an update of fuse and a restart of ubuntu server 14.04 - i suddenly get asked authentication when i try and mount my sata drives.. and i didnt really change anything17:59
yungBLUDioria, Yes it seems strange. I have searched Google for "No Additional drivers or software & updates in system settings" and i find pretty much nothing17:59
BitNovadoes anyone know why and how i can revert back to clicking on nautilus on the drive to mount without having to enter a password18:00
ioriayungBLUD, can you run without problem sudo apt-get  update - upgrade and dist-upgrade18:00
zaggynlprobably missing from a user group BitNova18:00
Diapositivai found the solution using google. Cya! xd18:00
yungBLUDioria, I'm also having unstable wifi connection and slow speeds could this be a driver issue?18:00
BitNovazaggynl, are you saying my username is missing from a user group?18:01
ioriayungBLUD, idk... cat /etc/issue ?18:01
zaggynlBitNova:  might be it18:01
zaggynlI'm currently on linux otherwise I' d check what I use for ntfs18:01
BitNovazaggynl, ok but do you know which user group? and why this happened all of a sudden after a reboot?18:01
zaggynlI have the drives set up in fstab18:01
yungBLUDioria, Those commands run fine, i did them recently. Sorry i don't understand cat /etc/issue18:01
zaggynlyeah it doesn' t make sense BitNova18:02
ioriayungBLUD, it says to you what Ubuntu version you are18:02
yungBLUDioria "Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l"18:03
ioriayungBLUD,  dpkg -l update-manager ?18:03
yungBLUDioria, Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold, and lists a table below that says version = none,18:04
BitNovazaggynl, how do i check if my username is apart of the storage group?18:05
ioriayungBLUD,  can you paste the full output on paste.ubuntu.com ?18:05
zaggynlBitNova: groups command18:05
zaggynlhmm, on my raspberry pi I' m part of the group fuse18:06
ioriayungBLUD,  you should have that packeage installed ...18:06
Martinuchotem algum brasileiro no meio18:06
yungBLUDioria, paste.ubuntu.com/12544468/18:06
BitNovazaggynl, i am also part of the fuse group. that i checked.18:06
yungBLUDioria, is that suggesting that it isn't installed?18:06
Martinuchome ajuda por favor18:07
ioriayungBLUD,  yep, you don't have it .... run   software-properties-gtk18:07
=== WormDude is now known as WormFood
yungBLUDioria, command not found18:08
ioria!info update-manager18:08
ubottuupdate-manager (source: update-manager): GNOME application that manages apt updates. In component main, is optional. Version 1:15.04.7 (vivid), package size 531 kB, installed size 1060 kB18:08
=== crash is now known as Guest17840
ioriayungBLUD,  did you remove it ?18:08
BitNovaoh zaggynl , by the way. if i log into my normal profile i can mount without authentication popping up, but if i log into xfce4, then i cant mount without authenticating anymore.18:09
BitNovaand by normal profile i mean unity.18:09
yungBLUDioria, Not that i know of. Is that something I could do by accident?18:09
yungBLUDioria, I'm pretty clued up on windows and would like to think i didn't delete it by accident lol.18:10
ioria!info software-properties-gtk18:10
ubottusoftware-properties-gtk (source: software-properties): manage the repositories that you install software from (gtk). In component main, is optional. Version 0.96.4 (vivid), package size 45 kB, installed size 423 kB18:10
ioriayungBLUD,  i really don't know why you don't have those 2 packages .... maybe , at this point, you could miss others18:11
ioriayungBLUD,  try to install them18:12
yungBLUDioria, would i do that just with sudo apt-get install? And what would the package names be?18:13
yungBLUDioria, really appreciate you time and help18:13
ioriayungBLUD,  yes... see above ... update-manager  and software-properties-gtk18:13
iamrohit7how come i can create a hotspot from debian which i can use on ubuntu with gnome-network-manager but not on ubuntu?18:15
yungBLUDioria, update-manager installed but software properties said already newest version18:15
ioriayungBLUD,  run software-properties-gtk ?18:16
yungBLUDioria, Ok i have done that and gone across to additional drivers. it has Nvidia legacy binary drover version 304.125 from nvidia-304 (proprietary) selected18:18
ioriayungBLUD,  ok18:18
yungBLUDioria, would you like a list of the other options?18:18
ioriayungBLUD,  no, thanks i'm fine18:19
blistovAnyone here know heaps about ntfsundelete and perhaps be able to explain how $age is determined?18:20
raz_I would recommend testdisk for data rescue purposes... Its simple and very good18:23
hotarunwhere should I go to talk about 15.1018:24
yungBLUDioria, does this mean the driver is fine?18:24
ioriayungBLUD,  which driver ?18:25
ioriayungBLUD,  for your video card ?18:25
yungBLUDioria, yes18:25
ioriayungBLUD,  can you paste sudo lshw -c video ?18:25
yungBLUDioria, paste.ubuntu.com/12544662/18:27
ioriayungBLUD,  you have an Hybrid laptop intel / nvidia ...18:27
hotarunso in 15.10 is there no libzip218:28
yungBLUDioria, yes so it should be working ok? So it is using the nvidia and not just the intel?18:28
blistovraz_: doesn't testdisk just use ntfsundelete ?18:28
yungBLUDioria, i have software and updates in my system settings now18:28
ioriayungBLUD,  good, yes intel is for common tasks and nvidia for heavy tasks ...18:29
yungBLUDioria, thats great thanks. My only issue now is my poor wifi and unstable connection. Do you know anything that may help with this?18:29
ioriayungBLUD,  but you need to install and learn to run nvidia-prime18:29
raz_blistov: I am not sure, i never checked the "how" :P. I used it professionaly in my Computer Shop to Recover Los Files and it worked every time (except for headcrashes)18:30
ioria!info nvidia-prime18:30
ubottunvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.1 (vivid), package size 10 kB, installed size 114 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)18:30
rafaelsoaresbrhello, is there a way to install ubuntu in UEFI mode without installing grub?18:30
ioriayungBLUD,  take a look : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics18:30
yungBLUDioria, oh Ok. I installed nvidia-prime before and my log in screen kept flickering and wouldn't let me log in.18:31
yungBLUDioria, i had to ctrl, alt + f1 to remove it and reboot18:31
ioriayungBLUD,  good..... read the link ... you could have missed something18:31
ioriayungBLUD,  sorry.... read this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics18:32
jaska__whata u guys think shuld i use gnome or unity?18:33
yungBLUDioria, i will do this now. Should i install nvidia-prime, then nvidia-331 and reboot then18:34
ioriayungBLUD,  to be honest, i don't have an hybrid system ... so i can't tell ... but the tutorial should be fine18:35
jaska__sudo apt-get install ram to gvet more ram free18:36
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jaska__ping is over 900018:37
jaska__let me just leave18:37
jaska__i am like only one here18:38
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yungBLUDioria, i have the same issue with the log in screen flashing and not letting me type18:42
ioriayungBLUD,  open a console and sudo apt-get purge nvidia*18:43
ioriayungBLUD,  with (*)18:43
yungBLUDioria, just doing that now. This is what I had to do before.18:44
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ioriayungBLUD,  you still had a nvidia driver installed ....18:45
yungBLUDioria, could an update of reinstalled an nvidia driver?18:46
yungBLUDioria, if i go to additional drivers now x.org x server is selected18:48
ioria2_yungBLUD, how it's going ?18:51
yungBLUDioria2 i have rebooted and on additional drivers selected another nvidia driver18:51
RimannFlash player keeps crashing on firefox though18:51
yungBLUDioria2, I'll reboot and see how it works18:51
ioria2_yungBLUD, good  job18:52
yungBLUDioria2, just want to get my Wifi sorted after but not sure where to start with that one.18:52
ioria2_yungBLUD, first fix you graphics... i'd say18:52
asher128Rimann, flash on Firefox is VERY old18:53
Rimannshould i be using Chrome?18:53
asher128Rimann, if you want a faster version of flash (+more stable), use google-chrome18:53
yungBLUDioria2, just rebooting18:53
ioria2_yungBLUD, ok18:53
asher128Rimann, why not :)18:54
Rimanni usually use chrom, just installed Ubuntu for first time, been using Firefox just because its pre-installed18:55
asher128Rimann, or chromium also (but more difficult than google chrome, because you need to install a lot of stuffs separately, like pepper flash player or some codecs for html 5)18:55
asher128Rimann, ah yeah i understand. But Firefox is VERY VERY slow... :)18:55
yungBLUDioria2, same issue, purging again. Think i must have selected the wrong driver from the list.18:55
asher128Rimann, try chrome and you will see :) the flash on chrome is faster because it is updated (which is not the case of Firefox)18:55
ioria2_yungBLUD, do you have 331 in the list ?18:55
Rimanni'll probably stick with Chrome for now, What exactly is chromium? ive seen it in the app directory18:56
asher128Rimann, chromium is the same source code of google chrome18:56
asher128Rimann, but :18:56
asher128Rimann, chromium doesn't contain some non-free modules18:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1427330 in linux (Ubuntu) "AMD Kaveri APU/CPU frequency scaling not working on linux 3.19" [High,Expired]18:57
ROKO__i have same issue18:57
ROKO__with lenovo z50-7518:57
ROKO__when notebook is in sleep mode suspend18:57
asher128Rimann, installing google-chrome is easier (because everything will be built-in : flash and the proprietary codecs for html5)18:57
ROKO__after wake up cpu work only in 1.1GHz18:57
ROKO__and doesnt increasing his speed18:57
asher128Rimann, http://www.howtogeek.com/202825/what%E2%80%99s-the-difference-between-chromium-and-chrome/18:57
ROKO__must reboot to get back normal work18:58
ROKO__any ideas?18:58
asher128ROKO__,  cpufreq?18:58
yungBLUDioria2, no, just 346.82, 2 versions of 304.125, 2 versions of 340.76 and one of 346.82. and the x.org18:58
yungBLUDioria2 i think i chose 346.82 just18:58
ROKO__asher128 so i check with cpufreq and cpupower18:58
asher128ROKO__, command: cpufreq-set -g performance18:58
ROKO__frequency is only 1.1GHz18:58
asher128ROKO__, try this18:58
ROKO__i tried doesnt change frequency18:58
asher128ROKO__, strang18:59
ROKO__only change governor to performance but frequency doesnt move from 1.1GHz18:59
asher128ROKO__, strange. i never had this problem18:59
asher128ROKO__, what: "lscpu" give you?18:59
ROKO__is it something specific for lenovo bios ?18:59
asher128ROKO__, maybe19:00
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Rimannthank you asher19:00
ROKO__asher128 http://paste.ubuntu.com/12544997/19:00
Rimannthank you asher19:00
Rimannhow do I add another chat room?19:01
asher128ROKO__, you can increase your cpu to 2100 Mhz19:01
asher128ROKO__, what is the result of "cpufreq-info"19:01
ROKO__asher128 now i can because i reboot it and dont able to sleep/suspend19:02
foxmolderrosso malpelo19:02
martinrameHi, I added a 2nd IP to a nic, nic is p2p1, then I added p2p1:0 and assigned the 2nd ip. Now, how can I add a route for this 2nd nic?.19:02
foxmolderHo cercato "rosso malpelo" (Max 3 U.R.L). BuDuScRiPt Search Engine Version 5.0 - By UDA'Software - [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft ]19:03
ROKO__asher128 http://paste.ubuntu.com/12545020/19:03
martinrameI tried: sudo route add default gw p2p1:0, but route -n shows p2p1 and not p2p1:0.19:03
yungBLUDioria2 which do you think i should try?19:04
ROKO__asher128 just for info on windows is same issue..19:04
ROKO__i forget to mention that19:04
ROKO__so if on both OS have same issue maybe i have to ask lenovo support19:04
ioria2_yungBLUD, did you already install nvidia-prime  ?19:05
yungBLUDioria, yes but not again since i purged. was that the issue before?19:05
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ioria2_yungBLUD, let prime alone for now... maybe there's something not right with your card ... and the driver19:07
asher128ROKO__, yeah maybe19:08
ioria2_yungBLUD, did you install bumblebee ?19:08
asher128ROKO__, but look19:08
yungBLUDioria, i was going to install it before but someone told me it was no longer used due to nvidia-prime and other drivers19:08
asher128ROKO__, you have the possibility to increase: hardware limits: 1.10 GHz - 2.10 GHz19:08
ioria2_yungBLUD, so... any nvidia-driver that you select from the gui gives you a login problem ?19:09
ROKO__asher128 now yes because notebook doesnt go to suspend mode19:09
asher128ROKO__, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CPU_frequency_scaling#CPU_frequency_driver19:09
ROKO__but if suspend after resume pstates just doesnt working19:10
yungBLUDiroia, i haven't tried them all. I will go through them now19:10
asher128ROKO__, is it the same when you suspend with windows?19:10
yungBLUDiroia, should i leave legacy ones till last?19:10
yungBLUDiroia2, should i leave legacy ones till last?19:10
ioria2_yungBLUD, can you paste ubuntu-drivers list ?19:10
ROKO__asher128 yes19:10
ROKO__look report from another user19:11
yungBLUDioria, my wifi has just gone again on the laptop... i will type them19:11
ROKO__i cant open because internet in UK is shit in my region19:11
ioriayungBLUD, just the final numbers...19:12
yungBLUDioria, nvidia-346, -304-updates, -346-updates, -340, -304, -340-updates (all with nvidia infront)19:12
ioriayungBLUD,  which have you tried ? 346 ?19:13
yungBLUDioria, yes19:14
ioriayungBLUD,  try 30419:15
yungBLUDioria, the one with updates or without?19:16
ioriayungBLUD,  without, for now19:16
yungBLUDioria, this one seems ok :)19:20
yungBLUDioria, is there anything i should test?19:20
ioriayungBLUD,  good... not sure you can use prime with 304 :-(19:21
yungBLUDioria, do i need to use prime? is that just to switch between the two?19:21
yungBLUDioria, if i loaded a game should it use nvidia?19:21
ioriayungBLUD,  yes... but you can't switch19:22
yungBLUDioria, so it is always running on nvidia now?19:22
ioriayungBLUD,  yes19:22
yungBLUDioria, could this cause any issues such as overheating?19:23
ioriayungBLUD,  yes19:23
ioriayungBLUD,  consume... i mean19:23
ioriayungBLUD,  not overheating19:24
yungBLUDioria, what do you mean by consume?19:24
SunnySinghhi guys19:24
ioriayungBLUD,  your battery19:24
yungBLUDioria, ok, shouldn't be too much of an issue as i plug it in most of the time but could switch to windows if i needed it on battery i suppose19:25
SunnySinghI installed Ubuntu (kinda) on my laptop but at start up I don't get taken to choosing between booting Windows 10 or Ubuntu but rather something called 'GNU GRUB'19:25
yungBLUDioria, thanks for all your help, going to look into the wifi issue now!19:26
ioriayungBLUD,  yes... if you are always plugged your battery will hear that...19:26
SunnySinghany ideas?19:27
MonkeyDustyungBLUD  to prevent overheating, install thermald (daemon) and indicator-cpufreq (applet)19:27
sarduciao a tutti19:28
SunnySinghsimilarly when I put Windows to the top of the boot menu I can choose between Windows 10 and Ubuntu at start up as I'd like but I select Ubuntu and it doesn't work: a screen comes up saying that a file is missing (\ubuntu\winboot\wubildr.mbr) and there is a status (0x000007b)19:30
SunnySinghwhereas I can select to boot Windows 10 just fine19:30
yungBLUDmonkeydust cpufreq wont install :/19:31
MonkeyDust!find indicator-cpufreq19:31
ubottuFound: indicator-cpufreq, W:, W:, W:19:31
MonkeyDust!find indicator-cpufreq trusty19:32
ubottuFound: indicator-cpufreq19:32
yungBLUDmonkeydust hold on lol, my wifi dropped again haha thats why19:32
Picithe bot must have been trying to quit vim19:32
MonkeyDustyungBLUD  it's there in 14.04, but not in 15.0419:32
yungBLUDmonkeydust im on 14.04, its because my wii dropped again lol sorry19:32
U15InstallHelp needed: I installed Ubuntu 15 on my 2nd partition, there is 1404 on 1st. I selected to mount old one as /home and new /. Also new is boot. But still it boots to old U14 from old partition... How to fix this? Only installing U15 on the 1st partition?19:33
* m3n3chm0 nasZ19:34
homojenhoo ?19:35
ioriayungBLUD,  you can try the 340 (remember to purge other nvidia  with *) , then  install prime and set Intel it in nvidia-settings ...19:37
SunnySinghcan I get a little help with something?19:40
yungBLUDioria, what difference will the other driver make?19:40
ioriayungBLUD,  under 331 it's hard to get prime working...19:41
yungBLUDioria, ill give it a try now19:42
ioriayungBLUD,  fix your wifi , first19:43
yungBLUDioria, i'm reading about wifi now but not sure where to start so i'll leave drivers downloading while i look.19:45
mustmodifyThis morning I added memory to two machines sitting next to each other. Since then I have been experiencing intermittent connection failures, though both machines seem to be running fine.  I'm tailing the logs and during the most recent issue, I noticed this: "logopolis kernel: [11031.982884] r8169 0000:02:00.0 p1p1: link down" What does it mean? Google suggests that maybe the nic is bad, which would be unfortunate since it's the onboard one.19:45
mustmodifyor that the drivers are wrong.19:45
ioriayungBLUD,  first you run sudo lshw -c network and lspci -nn | grep Network ... in this way you identify your card, pciid and driver... then you search the web for issue related to them19:46
yungBLUDioria, thanks i'll do that. that driver didnt work by the way so i'll go back to the 304 and leave it at that19:48
ioriayungBLUD,  what laptop is that ?19:48
MonkeyDusti wonder why ubottu won't find indicator-cpufreq for 15.04, just installed it19:49
ioria!info indicator-cpufreq19:49
ubottuindicator-cpufreq (source: indicator-cpufreq): CPU frequency scaling indicator. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.2.2-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 32 kB, installed size 601 kB19:49
yungBLUDioria, fujitsu lifebook ah532/g2119:49
DammitJimwhat should I look at on my ubuntu machine? I can't log on using domain credentials even though I have joined the machine to the domain19:50
DammitJimwhen I say log on, I mean through ssh19:50
DammitJimactually, it doesn't work even when I log on directly to the machine19:51
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ioriayungBLUD,  have to go... i wish you all the best19:52
yungBLUDioria, thanks for all your help!19:52
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TrestTorres: test20:09
ROKO__test failed20:09
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yungBLUDCan anyone assist with poor wifi connection on a centrino wireless -n 2230?20:16
yungBLUDI can't even see my network at the moment20:16
yungBLUDAlthough i can see it using Wicd20:16
yungBLUDI have tried 11n_disable=8 but no luck20:19
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imbcmdthi think this is the biggest IRC channel20:27
MonkeyDustimbcmdth  this is the ubuntu support channel, did you have a question20:30
imbcmdthyes I did20:30
imbcmdthi mean I still do20:31
imbcmdthSo I use Lubuntu20:31
MonkeyDustimbcmdth  kepp your question in one line, that's easier to read and repeat20:31
imbcmdthdoes Ubuntu run on a 64 bit CPU with 2 GB RAM and just  Intel GMA graphics?20:31
tewardimbcmdth: it should.  it may be a little slower.  (Lubuntu is a lighter desktop environment though)20:32
imbcmdthyeah I guess Unity will choke my system. Thanks guys20:33
wileeeimbcmdth, xubuntu might be the best between.20:33
imbcmdthI have no dedicated graphics. will xubuntu run smoothly? 64-bit?20:34
jr_I turned my computer off and now I think ubuntu doesnt detect the wifi card. What should I do?20:34
wileeeimbcmdth, should, it is your definition of  'smoothly' how you use it in general. Advantage you have is any de you install if you save the install list, it is easily removed, use a terminal.20:35
EriC^^jr_: turned it off by a hard reset?20:36
jr_EriC^^: yes20:36
jr_EriC^^: held the power button down until it shut off20:36
EriC^^jr_: press ctrl+alt+f1, then press alt+f8 after a while, do you see any msgs?20:37
jr_EriC^^: how long is a while?20:37
jr_Im doing it now and nothing is happening20:37
EriC^^jr_: just a few seconds to see if something is being shown20:38
EriC^^ok try dmesg | nc termbin.com 999920:38
EriC^^jr_: is it a laptop?20:38
jr_EriC^^: yes20:38
du_first time linux, text based is way cooler than gui20:39
EriC^^jr_: ok, sometimes if i hard reset the laptop, i get a bunch of error msgs there, and turning it off, removing the battery then putting it back in and starting it fixes it20:40
EriC^^( the wifi )20:40
HackerIIpress the pwr button for 15 secs too20:40
HackerIIit deletes the caps20:40
jr_EriC^^: turning it off in what manner? Also I have two batteries, one is internal and cant be removed20:40
jswehi guys - the nvidia drivers aren't playing ball with my system and i can't even log in. Is there a  way i can change back to default drivers thru a live cd?20:41
wileeejswe, You can work from the tty command line, ctrl-alt-f120:41
wileeeat login in20:42
jswewileee: ty but i can't even get that far20:42
jswecommand line goes blank also20:42
EriC^^jr_: turning it off as usual, removing the battery, holding the power button for a few seconds while its out maybe, and then putting the battery back in and starting the pc20:42
wileeejswe, try the recovery in the grub menu, a live is a chroot is all, not the easiest move.20:42
jsweThanks wileee will try..20:43
du_anybody knows is there is any command to display ppl joining and leaving in irssi ?20:44
du_i mean un-display20:44
EriC^^!quietirc | du_20:45
ubottudu_: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages20:45
wileeejswe, I'm not up on nvidia and it's control at boot, not sure but a nomodeset might be fine from grub. Common drivers however good help here in general.20:45
jswewileee: i agree - after 3 reformats i've isolated the issue to proprietary drivers.20:46
RafenSo I recall adding some CLI tool (htop???), but now I cant remember the command. Is there a quick way to find out what CLI tool I installed (some time ago)?20:46
jswewileee, can you remind me the command to access grub on boot? ctrl+alt+f1 tries to use the display drivers and disappears after 2 seconds :/20:47
Rafen@jswe I had same problem, I re-installed ubuntu and did the update via adding a repository I think. I tried d/l the drivers manually and got that blank screen like 3 times20:47
jsweRafen: strange - i've done the reverse (thru repo) and had nothing but problems20:47
wileeejswe, shift if msdos and esc for uefi I believe to see grub20:48
MonkeyDustRafen  type 'sudo apt' and then the up key, until you find the command you need20:48
Rafenlet me see if I can find the link I used to guide me.20:48
Rafenthanks MonkeyDust20:48
Rafenwait Moneky20:49
RafenThat recalls previous commands, but I installed this cli tool/command weeks ago20:49
RafenI recall having to do a sudo apt-get to install this basic tool to monitor network traffic20:49
MonkeyDustRafen  less ~/.bash_history20:50
MonkeyDustRafen  but thazt won't show more history than ctrl-r20:51
EriC^^Rafen: less /var/log/apt/history.log20:51
Rafenhere is the link I used to update nvidia drivers. http://www.binarytides.com/install-nvidia-drivers-ubuntu-14-04/20:53
Rainbow_WarriorAt which point at a normal socket call does the client the DNS-Request?20:54
jswewhy do i only get a command line with grub ;_; not even a recovery-mode option?20:54
daftykinsgrub rescue?20:54
Rafen@ jswe at that point I gave up and formated :)20:54
daftykinsbecause it's misconfigured most likely20:54
jswehaha i could of just reformatted in the time i've spent trying to change drivers from grub20:55
rpm_33hello, I can't delete a file in /usr/share/applications20:56
jsweRafen, did you ever get proprietary drivers working?20:56
cocosushidid you try as root ?20:56
EriC^^jswe: do you get a grub menu when you hold shift?20:56
cocosushisorry @rpm_33 did you try as root ?20:56
EriC^^( as the pc first boots )20:57
jswe@EriC^^: no, goes to logo20:57
EriC^^jswe: the ubuntu logo?20:57
RafenUsing Nvidia driver 340.76 Per Nvidia X Server settings20:57
jswe@EriC^^:  yep20:58
ZuZuD_Hi everyone20:58
ZuZuD_I need some help to BootPXE UEFI my Ubntu 14.0420:58
EriC^^jswe: how are you getting a grub prompt then? O.o20:58
daftykinserr, why PXE?20:58
jswe@EriC^^:  Esc20:58
daftykinsZuZuD_: err, why PXE?20:58
ZuZuD_I'm using grub2 to load my ubuntu installer, but it seems to failed to create my EFI partition (vfat) and then grub won't install20:59
EriC^^jswe: ok, do you have a live usb?20:59
jswe@EriC^^:  Correct, ready to go:)20:59
ZuZuD_because i need to install remotely20:59
EriC^^jswe: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999920:59
jswe@EriC^^:  What does that do?21:00
EriC^^jswe: pastebins the partition table and gives a link back21:00
ZuZuD_Any idea?21:01
jswe@EriC^^:  Thanks, just checking21:01
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jswe@EriC^^:  It didm;t like the -1 option21:03
daftykinsZuZuD_: why remotely?21:03
EriC^^jswe: it's a small L21:03
jswehaha! thanks21:04
ZuZuD_because they are many daftykins  !21:04
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jsweEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/kcvo21:04
jswewhat a nifty tool21:04
EriC^^jswe: yeah, very handy21:05
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EriC^^jswe: is your ubuntu encrypted?21:05
jsweEriC^^:  90% sure its not21:06
jswethis is fresh install from tonight21:06
EriC^^jswe: ok, type sudo apt-get install lvm221:06
jsweEriC^^:  yup21:07
EriC^^jswe: type sudo vgchange -ay21:08
jsweEriC^^:  oke cool21:08
EriC^^jswe: ok, type sudo lvscan | nc termbin.com 999921:09
jsweEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/cs6y21:09
elalephI install numix icons in ubuntu 15.04. Numix circle are working, but numix standard aren't. What can I do?21:10
EriC^^jswe: ok, type sudo mount /dev/ubuntu-gnome-vg/root /mnt21:11
k1lelaleph: iirc numix is payware. so please ask the numix guys if you happen to have issues21:11
elalephok, thanks21:12
jsweEriC^^:  thanks - done21:12
ZuZuD_So Nobody on PXE UEFI ?21:12
daftykinsZuZuD_: have you used https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/PXE-netboot-install ?21:14
EriC^^jswe: type for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done21:14
daftykinsyou should try and obtain logs to show why your installs fail21:14
EriC^^jswe: the whole line from for i til ; done is the command21:14
joeman1hello... having trouble starting docker on my Ubuntu 12.04.05 system. Getting Module br_netfilter not found. any ideas - kernel is 3.13.0-63-generic.21:15
jsweEriC^^:  ok thanks giving it a shot now21:15
ZuZuD_daftykins: yes i read it21:16
daftykinsso, logs of your failed install attempts?21:16
ZuZuD_No problem with all that21:16
jsweEriC^^:  didn't log anything back so i guess its all good hehe21:16
ZuZuD_Just failed with preseed21:16
EriC^^jswe: ok, sounds good21:16
EriC^^jswe: type sudo chroot /mnt21:17
ZuZuD_It's like my ubuntu installer won't create my EFI partition21:17
jsweEriC^^:  nice! I'm in21:17
ZuZuD_so it failed on installing grub :(21:17
Jay_hi there!21:17
EriC^^jswe: so what was installed before and what driver did you try out?21:17
daftykinsZuZuD_: is there anything existing already on the disk(s)?21:17
Jay_is there any support for HP P840 RAID in 14.04?21:17
daftykinsJay_: what's that cards lspci entry?21:18
ZuZuD_daftykins: yeah maybe something already exist, i've tried many install21:18
jsweEriC^^:  I had the default nouveau drivers installed - then i tried nvidia graphics 346 via the software updater21:18
daftykinsZuZuD_: try dd'ing the first 10MB with zeroes then try again, that'll get rid of any partition table21:19
EriC^^jswe: ok, type apt-get purge nvidia*21:19
jsweEriC^^:  done. should i give it a reboot?21:20
ZuZuD_daftykins: maybe there is ubuntu installer version where EFI part is not available ?21:20
EriC^^jswe: not yet, type apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau21:20
daftykinsZuZuD_: as in you want to try avoiding it and installing legacy?21:20
Jay_currently i do not have access to the box - 3   PCI-Express Gen3      8x/x8           8 GB/sec        Smart Array P840 Controller is the boot read - will have to get the pci entry in a few hours once i have access21:20
nicomachusdaftykins or EriC^^: is screenfetch in any of the repos? the github page lists it as being in the default repos >14.04, but it's not in any of my repos on 15.04 (or Mint 17, for that matter)21:21
ZuZuD_I can't install legacy21:21
YamakasYcan I see in some way when php is updated for the last time on my server ?21:21
jsweEriC^^:   "unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages"21:21
daftykins!find screenfetch trusty21:21
ubottuPackage/file screenfetch does not exist in trusty21:21
daftykinsnicomachus: search on packages.ubuntu.com21:21
daftykinsZuZuD_: in my experience that's never true, but i didn't know what you meant21:21
k1lYamakasY: look at the logs in /var/log/apt/21:22
EriC^^jswe: type exit, then reboot21:22
YamakasYk1l: no other options ?21:22
EriC^^jswe: oh, try apt-get -f install21:22
jsweEriC^^:   is there a command that will upload this terminal session to a paste bin, for later study?21:22
jsweok thx21:22
ZuZuD_daftykins: i've got a 4TB system on RAID10 system21:22
nicomachusdaftykins: no result.21:22
daftykinsnicomachus: guess it's a no then21:23
daftykinsZuZuD_: right but you said you were EFI installing a large set of PXE clients, they can't all have that RAID...21:23
daftykinsalso, if you were sensible you would not try and boot from that RAID :)21:23
daftykinsalways better keeping the OS away21:23
k1lYamakasY: or look at the changelogs from that specific packages you want21:24
=== don is now known as Guest56701
Jay_daftykins : do not have the pci info21:24
YamakasYk1l: yeah, found it thanks21:24
EriC^^jswe: yeah, you can press edit > select all, then go to paste.ubuntu.com and paste it there21:24
Amoznicomachus, what version are you running?21:25
jsweEriC^^:   haha okay thanks ^^... rebooting now21:25
daftykinsJay_: can't offer you anything more than to google then21:25
gharzchi guys. i am running on virtualbox. was doing an application update/upgrade and i accidental shutdown the vm. it boots but it doesn't go to the log in page. it just plain pitch black and a mouse cursor. is there a way i can fix the system like a safe mode? please help. thank you.21:26
Amoznicomachus, because it's right here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/screenfetch21:26
Jay_k, tx daftykins21:26
ZuZuD_daftykins: i can't I need I/O for the OS21:26
ZuZuD_specific use21:26
daftykinsSSD :>21:26
daftykinsZuZuD_: well, whatever way you want to do it, it makes no sense to me why you want to PXE boot install such a specific server setup21:27
daftykinsyou can't be telling me you have rows and rows of these same configs ;)21:27
jsweEriC^^:   Thank you so much. You've taught me a valuable skill21:27
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=== gharzc is now known as gharz
ZuZuD_daftykins: lol i have21:29
ZuZuD_but i can't tell you more21:29
ZuZuD_and that not why i'm here21:29
EriC^^jswe: no problem :)21:29
dj_whohi all21:30
dj_whocan anyone help with ubuntu and wine?21:30
daftykinsZuZuD_: that sounds somewhat ridiculous, but anyway as i've said without logs of the failed install you're not going to get anywhere - so try the 'dd' i mentioned and see if makes any difference - then come back with logs if it doesn't work21:30
daftykinsdj_who: ask the question21:30
dj_whoi have problem with older games and new wine21:31
tgm4883dj_who: that... isn't a question either21:31
tgm4883it's a statement21:31
dj_whosome games starts but some kind of freezing appears21:31
jsweEriC^^:   There is some weird stuff going on with the display tho, fonts, colours, window backgrounds. could this be from the driver reinstalling incorrectly?21:31
tgm4883similiar to "I like cheeseburgers"21:31
daftykinsstill a statement :)21:31
daftykinsdj_who: where are you and where do you want to be?21:32
tgm4883A question usually has a question mark on the end and makes your voice go up when you say it21:32
EriC^^jswe: hmm, i have no idea, try the guest account to see if it's a user config issue21:32
tgm4883like "Shaggy?" and "Yea Scooby?"21:32
dj_whogame is "unfreezyng" if i press alt+tab21:32
jsweEriC^^:  Okay, no worries cheers21:33
daftykinsdj_who: you're still not asking a question :(21:33
tgm4883You can even have a statement, then follow up with a question. Such as "daftykins , I like cheeseburgers, how about you?"21:33
* daftykins is getting hungry despite just having eaten21:34
EriC^^jswe: did you try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau after apt-get -f install?21:34
dj_whohow to solve given problem (question is obvious)21:35
jsweEriC^^:  negative, i might try it again now. However it only seems to be the 'dark theme' doing this. Still annoying tho21:35
* jswe shuns his eyes21:35
daftykinsdj_who: not without a game title it's not, also go talk to #winehq21:36
dj_whoi'm guesing it can be unity  fault21:36
dj_whohitman 121:36
dj_whoindiana jones and the infernal machine21:36
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu21:36
k1l!wine | dj_who21:36
ubottudj_who: please see above21:36
daftykinsplease try in the relevant channels above21:37
k1ldj_who: and see the wine app database what to do for those games to work21:37
EriC^jswe: did you get my last msg about lspci?21:39
tgm4883dj_who: I suppose you could maybe script a cron job to hit alt+tab for you21:40
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jsweEriC^^:  Sorry i didn't... i haven't seen anything regarding lspci21:40
EriC^jswe: ok, type lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA21:41
EriC^^jswe: type lspci -k | grep -A2 VGA21:41
EriC^^what's it say for driver in use?21:41
EriC^oh wow..21:41
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
daftykinsthere's two Erics O_O21:42
jsweEriC^^:  kernel driver in use: nouveau21:42
EriC^^jswe: ok, looks good, try to reinstall it though21:43
jsweEriC^^:  i just did and got the same 'unmet dependencies' issue. googling now21:43
EriC^^jswe: type sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau | nc termbin.com 999921:44
de_fact0Is there any way to make a backup of my Ubuntu partition that captures my applications, drivers, various packages, and system preferences without it being an actual disk image? So that it can be put on a partition of a different size?21:44
bekks!backup | de_fact021:45
ubottude_fact0: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:45
bekksde_fact0: "Yes." :)21:45
jsweEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/nail21:45
de_fact0thanks bekks, do you have any particular favorites?21:45
bekksde_fact0: Depending on the particular use case, I'M using tar, rsync, rdiff backup, LVM snapshots or Areca Backup.21:46
hetiiIs there any limitation to install by installer ubuntu server 15.04 on usb drive ?21:46
bekkshetii: Which limitation do you have in mind?21:47
hetiicause installer stop on "instalation system" after partitioning system21:47
EriC^^jswe: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core | nc termbin.com 999921:47
bekkshetii: How long did you wait?21:47
hetiion dmesg I see just  mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts:  errors=remount-ro21:47
bekkshetii: Thats normal.21:47
hetiibekks: I don`t wait its show up at 1%21:48
bekkshetii: So wait, if you didnt wait. :)21:48
hetiithat I cannot continue cause of erros21:48
bekkshetii: Which errors?21:48
jsweEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/frra - weird, it only output to term bin and not to my console :/21:48
hetiiinstaller don`t show that21:48
bekkshetii: Then how do you know there are errors?21:48
jsweEriC^^:  should i install?21:49
EriC^^jswe: oh, yeah21:49
hetiibekks: Installer show up a message that he cannot continue cause some errors happen but don`t provide any additional information about it21:49
hetiimaybe its just becasue my language that I select (PL) is not supported fully by installer21:49
bekkshetii: So take a look at the terminal at alt+f2, f3, f4, to see what happened.21:50
hetiibut will try run it again with english version to see if got some additional info21:50
jsweEriC^^:  seems like that one went all good :)21:51
EriC^^jswe: cool :)21:52
EriC^^try restarting21:52
nicomachusAmoz: I'm on 15.04.21:53
ZuZuD_I think ive found my problem21:54
nicomachusbut: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12546656/21:55
hetiibekks: ok as I see on other console the error is "Could not find any live images"21:56
jsweEriC^^: we're back to square one :(21:56
hetiiI put iso on my pendrive via unetbootin21:56
jsweEriC^^: no display on boot21:57
nicomachusAmoz: there's conflicting info everywhereeeee. going to try to contact the dv on Rizon.21:57
hetiiform with I start installation21:57
bekkshetii: Which Ubuntu do you use?21:57
hetiibekks: This one http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.04/ubuntu-15.04-server-amd64.iso21:57
bekkshetii: Then you can use dd to put it onto the usb, you dont need unetbootin. And whats the target of the install, your harddisk?21:58
EriC^^jswe: ok, boot the live usb again21:58
hetiibekks: what bs should I use when use dd ?21:59
EriC^^jswe: the nouveau one wants xserver-xorg-core, but you have the xserver-xorg-core-lts-vivid one, so it removed the lts-vivid ones to install it21:59
jsweEriC^^: okay I'm back in21:59
bekkshetii: Something like 16M21:59
hetiibekks: finaly I will install on external usb 3.0 drive.21:59
jsweEriC^^: ah right21:59
EriC^^jswe: sudo apt-get install lvm222:00
jsweEriC^^:  i'll repeat the process from before and stop at the reinstall/uninstall bit22:00
hetiibekks: 16M not to high ??22:01
EriC^^jswe: ok22:01
bekkshetii: No.22:01
bekkshetii: Lower it, if you want to wait longer for dd to finish :)22:01
jsweEriC^^:  cool, I'm there. what should i purge now?22:03
EriC^^jswe: try grep -m1 vmlinuz /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:03
hetiibekks: ok md5sum checked and its fine, so dd is in progress22:04
EriC^^jswe: i think if you use the non lts-vivid kernel it might work22:04
jsweEriC^^:  weird. no such directory on /boot/grub/grub.cvg22:05
jswemust be something seriously wrong with my grub22:05
EriC^^jswe: are you in the chroot?22:05
EriC^^we didn't mount /boot22:05
EriC^^type sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot22:05
jsweEriC^^:  "mount point /mnt/boot does not exist"22:06
EriC^^jswe: sorry22:06
EriC^^jswe: i had a typo22:06
hetiiskopiowane 645922816 bajtów (646 MB), 91,2384 s, 7,1 MB/s22:06
EriC^^type mount /dev/sda2 /boot22:06
EriC^^( 2 not 1 022:06
jsweEriC^^:  got it :)22:07
stankystinkjswe: you22:07
jsweEriC^^:  grep worked22:07
EriC^^ok, try grep -m1 vmlinuz /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:07
EriC^^cool, which kernel is it?22:07
stankystinkjswe: next u can get it22:09
EriC^^ok, type apt-get purge linux-generic-lts-vivid22:09
jsweEriC^^:  "unable to locate package linux-generic-lts-vivid" :S22:10
stankystinkjswe: Trojan22:10
EriC^^jswe: ok, type dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999922:10
k1lstankystink: any helpful from your side?22:11
the_countUh oh... My mouse/cursor gave up the ghost... It apperrs for a second on bootup and then on login but then quickly disappears.22:12
jsweEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/qmz122:12
stankystinkk1l: what22:12
jswekll: thank you. he's still sending my abusive PM's tho22:13
EriC^^jswe: which ubuntu do you have?22:13
jswegnome on 14.0422:13
KeroshinHi, I'm unable to install anymore software due to a system program problem.22:13
EriC^^jswe: ok, try apt-get purge linux-image-generic-lts-vivid22:14
KeroshinSomething to do with dependencies.22:14
the_countBashing-om, maybe you could help if you don't mind me bothering you again22:14
EriC^^jswe: and apt-get purge linux-image-3.19.0-{25,28}-generic22:14
jsweEriC^^: what does that do? its removing a lot of things no?22:15
EriC^^jswe: did you run it? if not hold on22:15
jswenot the second one.22:15
EriC^^ok, good22:15
jsweoops:S hehe22:16
zykotick9Keroshin: i'd suggest posting the output of "sudo apt-get -f install" to paste.ubuntu.com22:16
EriC^^after it's done type dpkg -l | grep linux-image and check which kernel is there22:16
jsweso run the purge on linux-image-3.19.0.... ?22:17
jsweok cool22:17
KeroshinOkay.  I've done that before but I'm not root admin.  This comp used to belong to a school.22:17
KeroshinBut I'll try again22:17
jsweEriC^^:  still 3.1922:18
EriC^^jswe: ok, type apt-get install linux-generic22:18
jsweEriC^^:  ok:) d/ling22:18
EriC^^ok, cool :)22:19
jsweEriC^^:  okay we good.22:21
zykotick9Keroshin: well, this seems to be the same error at http://askubuntu.com/questions/664196/apt-get-install-f-got-the-error-message i'm not clear what's going wrong though...22:22
KeroshinYeah I'm not sure either.  It's a broken dependency or something.  I'm not sure if I need to reinstall ubuntu or not.  I'm having trouble accessing my boot menu to do so.22:24
the_countrOr does anyone know how to fix a mouse which has disappeared?22:24
griffrez_Hello! I have Ubuntu 15.04 installed and I got a networking issue. Ubuntu detects my Ethernet adapter correctly, detects my network exists, but it keeps trying and trying to connect to it, but never with result. It's just stuck there. Thanks for any help.22:25
EriC^^jswe: ok, type apt-get purge linux-image-3.19.0-{25,28}-generic22:25
wileeegriffrez_, look for that hardware by running lspci and include in your inquiry.22:27
jsweEriC^^:  no worries. done22:27
EriC^^jswe: ok, cool22:27
EriC^^type exit and try to reboot22:27
jsweok thanks will do22:27
Salambohi, is there any WeeChat apparmor profile available by any chance?22:27
griffrez_wileee, the relevant device to the problem is: 00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (2) I218-V (rev 05)22:28
jsweEriC^^:  loots of errors haha22:29
EriC^^jswe: oh22:29
jsweEriC^^:  can't boot. a [fail] on starting gnome display manager22:30
hetiibekks: ok after dd I was able to install system without any issue, thx:>22:30
wileeegriffrez_, include this, not sure myself. https://askubuntu.com/questions/677249/ethernet-adapter-is-recognized-but-isnt-able-to-connect22:30
EriC^^jswe: can you press ctrl+alt+f1?22:30
jswelogged in22:30
the_countI am running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the 3.19.0-28-generic kernel, and Today the cursor disapeared after starting up to computer. The only things which may have caused it are: holding down the power button to shut off(it was taking way way much more time than it normally takes, not the best practice, yes... But unlikely in my mind to cause an issue, and autoremove pachages which I don't think hurt anything)22:30
griffrez_wileee, what do you mean by including? That askubuntu post was me, indeed, if that's what you're asking.22:31
griffrez_Hello! I have Ubuntu 15.04 installed and I got a networking issue. Ubuntu detects my Ethernet adapter correctly, detects my network exists, but it keeps trying and trying to connect to it, but never with result. It's just stuck there. Thanks for any help. AskUbuntu post with some information on the issue: https://askubuntu.com/questions/677249/ethernet-adapter-is-recognized-but-isnt-able-to-connect22:32
wileeegriffrez_, Could it be the phone? Yes the link, it has more info that would be used.22:32
Keroshinzykotick9 I tried what it said to do and I still can't install anything22:32
griffrez_wileee, as I've said on that post, the issue exists before connecting the phone.22:32
the_countKeroshin: What's your problem?22:32
griffrez_wileee, and after, of course.22:33
zykotick9Keroshin: sorry, i don't personally have any suggestions... good luck.22:33
EriC^^ok, try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau xserver-xorg-core libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx22:33
wileeegriffrez_, ah, cool, not sure here, does not sound like your interrupting the link with a proxy...etc.22:33
EriC^^jswe: ^22:33
jsweEriC^^:  kernel says 3.13 btw22:33
jsweEriC^^:  ok thanks22:33
EriC^^ok, cool22:33
pdanekDoes Ubuntu phone have SElinux or apparmor running by default please?22:33
k1lpdanek: iirc yes. but better ask in #ubuntu-touch22:34
griffrez_wileee, it's also like this on the installer, so it's a problem from scratch. I've done no configurations at all.22:35
jsweEriC^^:  reboot?22:35
EriC^^jswe: also try sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg22:35
Keroshinthe_count : I'm unable to install anything due to a system program error I posted the results of -f install on this link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12546920/ and tried what it said on askubuntu about it and it's not working.22:35
EriC^^jswe: yes22:36
jsweEriC^^:  done.22:36
jsweEriC^^:  ok thx22:36
pdanekk1l thx22:36
KeroshinSays something about unmet dependencies.22:36
wileeegriffrez_, how about wifi?22:37
jsweEriC^^:  still no boot, same error22:37
griffrez_wileee, it's a desktop system without Wi-Fi capabilities.22:38
EriC^^jswe: ok, press ctrl+alt+f1, then type sudo cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999922:38
jsweEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/bx0322:39
the_countKeroshin: Try, sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-extra-3.13.0-63-generic_3.13.0-63.103_i386.deb22:41
* zykotick9 wonders what ubuntu used 3.1322:42
EriC^^jswe: type uname -r22:42
the_countKeroshin: That should ignore the problem, and then you can go from there22:43
jsweEriC^^:  3.13.0-63-generic22:43
EriC^^jswe: ok, type ls -l /var/log/gdm | nc termbin.com 999922:45
KeroshinNo such file or directory22:45
griffrez_Hello! I have Ubuntu 15.04 installed and I got a networking issue. Ubuntu detects my Ethernet adapter correctly, detects my network exists, but it keeps trying and trying to connect to it, but never with result. It's just stuck there. Thanks for any help. AskUbuntu post with some information on the issue: https://askubuntu.com/questions/677249/ethernet-adapter-is-recognized-but-isnt-able-to-connect22:45
jsweEriC^^:  permission denied on /gdm :(22:46
EriC^^jswe: oh, try sudo ls -l /var/log/gdm | nc termbin.com 999922:47
the_countKeroshin: I typed that by hand, verify the filename with the link you posted22:47
jsweoh ja of course zzz22:47
jsweEriC^^:  http://termbin.com/6pyr22:47
Keroshinone moment22:48
jswekey arabic in my logs22:48
EriC^^jswe: is there a gdm.log file when you type sudo ls -l /var/log/gdm ?22:49
the_countAnyone have expertise in fixing missing cursors in Ubuntu?22:49
jsweEriC^^:  yes of course22:50
EriC^^jswe: ok, cool, type sudo cat /var/log/gdm/gdm.log | nc termbin.com 999922:50
robert__Sup lads22:51
jsweEriC^^:  no such file :(22:51
daftykinsand ladies22:51
robert__My apologies22:51
KeroshinI tried the name from the paste but still says no such file or directory.  Ugh..so frustrating22:51
chachinwhat's the best znc version for ubuntu so far?22:52
jsweEriC^^:  was there a typo in that? /var/log/gdm/gdm.log ?22:52
KeroshinI'm gonna eat dinner22:52
EriC^^jswe: *shrug*22:53
the_countKeroshin: Try this one, I'm sure it is right: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-extra-3.13.0-63-generic_3.13.0-63.103_i386.deb22:53
EriC^^jswe: try sudo service gdm restart and see if it mentions any error22:53
jsweEriC^^:  no error22:54
jswefeel free to throw in the towel22:54
EriC^^jswe: does it open the login screen?22:54
jsweno it just says22:54
jswestop: unknown instance:22:55
EriC^^jswe: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall gdm22:55
jsweEriC^^:  we back to the login screen :)22:56
EriC^^cool! :)22:57
jsweEriC^^:  Thank you. Should i be reinstalling/changing anything to get other things back to normal?22:58
jswei've lost track of what we did22:58
griffrez_Hello! I have Ubuntu 15.04 installed and I got a networking issue. Ubuntu detects my Ethernet adapter correctly, detects my network exists, but it keeps trying and trying to connect to it, but never with result. It's just stuck there. Thanks for any help. AskUbuntu post with some information on the issue: https://askubuntu.com/questions/677249/ethernet-adapter-is-recognized-but-isnt-able-to-connect22:59
EriC^^jswe: i dont think so22:59
the_countgriffrez: That is not going to help anything, resending what you have already said23:00
jsweEriC^^:  Thanks dude. I guess I'm pretty cornered when it comes to graphics drivers then, huh?23:00
daftykinsgriffrez_: does it work in the live session of the media you installed from?23:01
EriC^^jswe: hmm, there are some stuff that it removed that seem kind of odd, like gnome-control-center23:01
the_countgriffrez_ You can see the link halfway up the page23:01
EriC^^jswe: this is the list of stuff it removed in case it comes in handy http://termbin.com/frra23:01
jsweah yeah, it removed the steam libraries and such23:02
the_countKeroshin: Whenever, I've got a solution for you... when you get done with supper23:02
jswe"cheese empathy gem" haha23:02
hetiiQ: How I can escape this to shell script: echo "OUTPUT=\`xrandr -display :0 -q | sed '/ connected/!d;s/ .*//;q'\`"23:04
hetiiThis !d paste some last command23:05
the_countHey you all, I have a broken cursor problem, when I last logged in, The cursor appeared for a second and then disapeared.... I am left cursorless23:05
hetiiI try escape it by \\ but without success23:05
lehzmubuntu 15.10 beta torrents get pulled?23:06
lehzmgetting errors on my torrents about authorization23:06
debdebHi there. How can I edit the gthumb options? I am seeing no button or menu for that23:07
daftykinslehzm: #ubuntu+123:07
deadmundMy computer reboots instead of shutting down.  Any ideas?23:08
the_countBashing-om: You around?23:09
deadmunddaftykins: which one would you like?23:09
deadmunddaftykins: I've looked and can't find anything.23:10
daftykinsi don't want any :) they should help you though23:10
pc_im trying to install win7 using yumi, but appears "No default or UI configuration directive found". on the line below "boot:". i used unetbootin but a blank screen appears. i really need help. what can i type to boot the win7 installation?23:13
the_countdaftykins: Do you know anything about fixing a broken/missing cursor23:13
ikoniapc_: not really an ubuntu issue23:13
wileeepc_, There is a windows usb loader.23:14
wileeefrom MS23:15
nug700join #csharp23:15
daftykinspc_: that's not an ubuntu Q :)23:15
daftykinsthe_count: you're gonna have to give a bit more background23:16
pc_ikonia: i'm just want make the usb bootable and i'm using ubuntu23:16
Bashing-omthe_count: I just am .. just in time to see .23:16
ikoniapc_: not really an ubuntu issue23:16
the_countBashing-om: Ok... The cursor has completely disappeared at system strtup as of today, last time it worded was before I held down the power button to shut my computer off23:17
the_countBashing-om, daftykins: Otherwise, I have no clue23:18
pc_wileee: which one?23:18
pc_ikonia: is it against the rules help someone who is trying to install windows?23:19
daftykinsthe_count: guest account work?23:19
the_countdaftykins: I'll try now23:20
the_countpc_: Try ##windows23:20
the_countpc_: There is a helpful group of people there.23:20
Bashing-omthe_count: Interrupted shut down always calls for a file system check/repair ; if still a problem exist, one starts reading log files ..23:20
the_countBashing-om: Ok23:20
Bashing-omthe_count: You recall how to run a file system check from the liveDVD ?23:21
wileeepc_, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool  that is all I can do here.23:21
pc_the_count: ok. i just tought it was a compatibility issue an somebody here could help me23:21
the_countBashing-om: I have no DVD drive23:22
Bashing-omthe_count: liveUSB works as well .23:22
the_countBashing-om: I don't have on imediately avaliable at the moment23:23
du_What mail client you guys use to stop NSA cucking in your mails?23:23
the_countI've got nothing to hide23:24
ikoniathe client is nothing to do with how external people access your mail23:24
ikoniait's snooped on the wire23:24
ikoniaso you're client does not matter23:24
k1ldu_: its not about the client. its about the servers involved an if you encrypt the messages or not23:24
orfeohello folks23:24
weathermanencrypting on servers and trying a vpn23:25
orfeoI want to move ~/.vimrc into ~/.vim and alias it. could someone help me please?23:25
daftykins"mv .blah .blahblah"23:25
orfeoI think I need a alias to replace the ~/.vimrc doc, but itis not a bash aliash.23:26
Bashing-omthe_count: Well, We can go no further until that file system is verified. In this instance a liveUSB might be required. We can do a quicky file system check from the install prior to booting all the way up. But will not be as comprehensive as 'e2fsck' from the liveUSB environment .23:26
the_countBashing-om: Xorg.0.log says config/udev: Adding extended imput device PS2/2 Synaptics Touchpad (/dev/input/mouse0) and then No input driver specified, ignoring this device23:27
the_countBashing-om: A device may have been added with another device file, but i see no log of that above23:28
the_countBashing-om: there is a bit more, read it here... I'm having troubles typing it all, but this is everything: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12547983/23:31
surferwhats the best way to consume DMT?23:32
ikoniaDMT ?23:33
daftykinssurfer: no tripping here thanks, go elsewhere.23:34
Bashing-omthe_count: reading.23:36
bindimaybe slightly offtopic, maybe not, has anyone tried budgie desktop on 14.04, is it worth my time to test it out?23:38
bindihmm, apparently its still in really early stages for ubuntu. :)23:38
bindior wait, that was 1 year ago.23:38
daftykinsif it's not in the repos it's technically not supported here, so more an offtopic thing perhaps23:39
bindiI guess I'll just try solus os in a VM ->23:40
daftykinsknock yourself out! :)23:40
Bashing-omthe_count: Hard to say " This device may have been added with another device file. " -> What returns 'lsusb' .23:43
the_countBashing-om http://pate.ubuntu.com/1254820523:45
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Bashing-omthe_count: Well, is the touchpad Sunplus or Elan ?23:49
TheLoraxanybody know how I can get the name of the processor I have in my computer? I know it's an i7...that's all.23:51
the_countBashing-om: Looks like Elan, but I have no clue how to tell for sure23:51
johnny_linuxcat /proc/cpuinfo23:51
TheLoraxjohnny_linux, model: 26, family 6. What does that tell me? I want a new motherboard and don't know what is compatible.23:52
johnny_linuxTheLorax, google I-nex, great little tool23:52
Bashing-omTheLorax: What release ? as 14.04 supports ' sudo dmidecode ' for all kinfs of info . A quick way kust for the BPU info ' cat /proc/cpuinfo ' .23:53
Bashing-omthe_count: Well, what reurns ' dpkg -l xserver-xorg-input-synaptics ' ?23:54
TheLoraxehhh, I'm not actually running ubuntu right now to be honest...old habit coming here23:55
Bashing-omTheLorax: Boot up a liveDVD ?23:56
TheLoraxI can run dmidecode though :P23:56
the_countBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12547983/23:56
TheLoraxdmidecode: no /dev/mem right now23:56
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neonixcoderGood day team..23:57
the_countHow's it going?23:58
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