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hikikohello :)06:28
handsome_fenghi, hikiko06:32
hikikohi handsome_feng !06:32
handsome_fenglong time no see06:32
hikikohow are you?06:32
handsome_fengI'm fine, we will have a long holiday soon :)06:33
handsome_fengAnd you?06:34
hikikocool :) I am good too06:35
handsome_fengoh , i remember someting. the photo we take before you leave still not send to you06:37
hikiko! and I didn't give you the link to my photos because I still haven't deleted those that are too bad (eg some taken automatically etc) but if you want to get a look I ll give you the link prv to give it to the others as well :)06:38
ubot5hikiko: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:38
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ypwonghi all!08:31
hikikohello :)08:32
ypwonghi hikiko, good morning08:32
hikikogood morning ypwong08:32
ypwongmarco is not here, guess he forgot the meeting time :P08:32
hikikohey guys! meeting time!08:32
zhangchaohi all08:32
hikikonoooo! marco reminded me the meeting at 01:53 am!08:33
pishuiluhi all08:33
ypwongok, let's wait for him08:33
hikikohere he is!08:34
TrevinhoHello floks08:34
hikikohi marco :)08:34
TrevinhoSorry, I thought I was already here :)08:34
zhangchaohello marco08:34
zhangchaook,let's begin?08:35
zhangchaoabout wizard,for 16.04 ,What time do we have to finish the final design?08:36
zhangchaoWe are on a long National holiday,lasting seven days,from Oct.1 to Oct.7. After the long holiday, we can begin to design work.08:37
* Trevinho wants Chinese holidays too :)08:37
hikikome too :(08:38
TrevinhoWell, I think it's still fine... Design might be completed by the end of october08:38
Trevinhoor I guess you/we won't have time for creating it08:38
Trevinhohowever, design-wise I think things have to be kept simple (as we said... Just a darker overlay saying what to do)08:39
zhangchaook , so we will take a week to design the first draft08:40
TrevinhoI think it would be ideal to ask to design to define two versions, though... Like step 1 (simpler, with no actual verification of what the user requests), and step 2 a full wizard... So in case we can't reach the step 2, we still have a working step 108:40
zhangchaofinish the first draft ( simpler ) in mid October?08:42
TrevinhoSo, we have a minimum requirement and an ideal one... In this way we can be more flexible08:42
Trevinhook, that's fine08:42
Trevinhohi jackyu08:42
zhangchaobefore Oct.13 ?08:43
jackyuhey, everyone08:43
Trevinhozhangchao: I think our next meeting (after your holidays) will be on 22nd, right?08:44
Trevinhoso... Probably that's fine as well08:44
Trevinhobut if you have something before it's better.... Just email us in that case08:44
ypwongTrevinho, so step 1 is to introduce users the elements on the desktop, and step 2 is something that the user can manipulate?08:44
ypwongnot sure if my understanding is correct.08:45
Trevinhowe've a sprint with desktop team on Oct 12-16,  so we can discuss that there as well08:45
zhangchaook. Designers need some detailed functional description,Marco,can you provide some detailed functional description?08:45
TrevinhoI mean, we'll be in London with designers wich we could ask ACKs if we've something for that date08:45
Trevinhoypwong: yeah I was thinking something like that08:46
Trevinhoypwong: well: as first thing I'd just show elements in the desktop, by grabbing the whole screen and taking the user into a tour... like "This is the BFB, if you click here the dash opens.... then this is the Launcher... "08:47
Trevinhosomething like that I mean, simple... Then would be better to ensure user clicked in the places we should have shown and ensuring he understood how to use them08:47
Trevinhozhangchao: ook... Sure. However, since this i something that is a requirement for your userbase, I'd be happy to hear also what you expect from it to be.08:48
ypwongzhangchao, do you have some ideas what to achieve?08:51
zhangchaoI think intro wizard will include:08:52
zhangchao1、open dash08:52
zhangchao2、open app on launcher08:52
zhangchao3、open indicator08:52
zhangchaoAre there any other functional requirements ?08:52
TrevinhoI think it's fine... It might be nice to show the Alt+Tab switcher as well, but I don't want to make things harder08:52
jackyu4、open file manager?08:54
Trevinhojackyu: I'd show that as 208:55
Trevinhoor... Maybe we can show settings... Well that's visible from both launcher and indicator, thus we can decide08:56
zhangchaoTrevinho: ok ,add 4、show indicator08:57
jackyushow settings?08:58
TrevinhoDo you have unity control center in kylin or do you only use your tool (I don't remember the name :P, the one you presented in Changsha)?08:59
zhangchaosorry , so our first draft will09:00
zhangchao1、open dash09:00
zhangchao2、open app on launcher09:00
zhangchao3、open indicator09:00
zhangchao4 、 show setting from indicator09:00
zhangchaoour system tool is in the launcher09:01
handsome_fengnamed youker-assistant09:01
zhangchaoso will show that as 209:01
Trevinhoah, ok... That's fine09:02
pishuilu"open dash" mean that users  click on actual effect? Or it's just a instruction?09:02
Trevinhopishuilu: well, I'd love users to do it, but... As first step, we can just tell people how to do that...09:03
Trevinhothen on full version, things should be opened09:03
pishuiluok, I know.09:03
ypwongTrevinho, and don't show the content of the dash even in step 1?09:04
TrevinhoWell, I'd say no, because running things is what makes the things longer to be implemented... So I'd just point at things as version 1... Then we can improve the wizard to actually open them09:05
TrevinhoBut, the step 1/2 is just a my suggestion in order to be able to get at least something ready quickly, and the reiterate on it to improve that09:05
Trevinhobut... If you believe you can do all in once, feel free.... But this is my suggestion in order to get at least something done, considering that the time is not in our side (seen all the stuff you'd like work on)09:06
zhangchaoI think the step 1/2 is good09:07
pishuiluI agree with it.09:07
TrevinhoAlso, the step 1 is something that might even been implemented outside unity, in case you miss a deadline...09:08
TrevinhoIt could be just an external app09:08
zhangchaook,about wizard have any other to discuss,Let's get into the next topic?09:12
TrevinhoI'm fine on my side09:12
handsome_fengok, so comes the topic about lockscreen09:14
Trevinhohandsome_feng: I've seen your branch09:14
TrevinhoI didn't test it, just read the diff though09:14
handsome_fengI can't find a good point to  Inherit09:14
jackyuypwong, jzheng_afk, sent an email about the arm64 coop.09:15
handsome_fengDoes not know how to make it a option..09:16
ypwongjackyu, thx, will check09:16
Trevinhohandsome_feng: I've seen that you're currently hacking on the old code.. That's fine, so we can easily see the diffs, but then those files needs to be separated09:16
Trevinhohandsome_feng: as for inheriting, you should start from lockscreen/LockScreenShieldFactory.cpp09:16
Trevinhohandsome_feng: so, basically there you need to do something like http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12540351/09:17
Trevinhohandsome_feng: this means you need to inherit from LockscreenAbstractShield.h09:18
Trevinhothen, we'd end up in having a lot of duplicated code then, and we need to avoid that by creating some other classes that shares what we can share09:19
handsome_fengbut the AbstractShield class have the prompt_view_ member variables which i alse changed09:20
Trevinhohandsome_feng: as for the changes you did in other places, such as the TextEntry, what you want to do is using the theme. So you need to read settings from the gnome css files as we do in DecorationStyle for decorations09:20
Trevinhohandsome_feng: that's fine, just create an AbstractPromptView and then implement it in both versions09:21
Trevinhohandsome_feng: or if you can inherit from that, but I guess you can't09:21
handsome_fengOK :/09:22
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Trevinhohandsome_feng: yeah, it's a little annoying to factorize stuff...09:22
Trevinhohandsome_feng: ah. However I've been looking at the UserPromptView internally, and I think that you might even just inherit from that by adding a few virtual methods, since the majority of methods are already virtual (all the Draw calls).09:24
TrevinhoBut since you're going to edit it a lot, probably having an abstract class is just better09:24
handsome_fengeh , I  will try your suggestion, seems muck work to do ...09:25
Trevinhohandsome_feng: well, creating new classes is not so much, you'll end up in having some duplicated code (which it would be better to get rid of), but not long...09:28
Trevinhohandsome_feng: once you've created your shield, you can do whatever you want with it, as it's all kylin09:28
Trevinhohandsome_feng: also, I've seen you've some dbus calls around... two things:09:29
Trevinho1) Use glib::DBus when possible (and async calls)09:29
Trevinho2) The one I saw can be actually be moved inside unity::session::Gnome09:29
handsome_fengOK, got it09:30
Trevinhohowever, for now feel free to hack with things as you prefer, it's just that I warn you from proposing that, to avoid to come back to this at review time :)09:31
handsome_fengOK , thank you ! marco :)09:32
Trevinhono worries09:32
Trevinhohandsome_feng: also, if you've any question outside this meeting, don't worry... Feel free to ask on #ubuntu-desktop or privately to me :)09:32
Trevinho(or andyrock, which he's not here because he has classes, but that he's the main author of the lockscreen)09:33
TrevinhoSo... Agenda is over, but one more thing: how the launcher rotation going?09:34
TrevinhoIs that blocked or in hold for now?09:34
handsome_fenger, it is blocked now...09:34
Trevinhohandsome_feng: what's the problem? I mean blocked because you're working on the lockscreen or because of issues?09:35
handsome_fengyeah, now i'm working on the locksrenn09:36
zhangchaowe will have most time to   work on launcher rotation in next month.09:37
handsome_fengsorry, it should be in hold for now09:39
Trevinhook, fine.09:41
TrevinhoIt should be an easier task, so it's fine if you prioritize the lockscreen09:41
TrevinhoThen.... I think we're fine with this meeting, can we wrap it up?09:41
zhangchaook,so our next meeting will be on Oct.2209:41
Trevinhozhangchao: well, actually it would be on Oct 8th, but are you still in holidays?09:42
Trevinhozhangchao: or, just you won't have anything more to say because of that09:42
Trevinhoah, ok that's fine09:42
Trevinholet's skip it09:42
* Trevinho cancels the meeting in calendar09:43
ypwongor we can move it a week earlier, but that will be the time when you will be sprinting09:43
ypwongso perhaps a bad idea09:43
TrevinhoNooooooooooo... i've deleted the wrong one! :P09:44
TrevinhoDamned google UI!09:44
zhangchaolet,s  wrap it up?09:46
ypwongi think so09:50
Trevinhoah... zhangchao, handsome_feng please update https://trello.com/b/9YvUSYqq/unity-709:50
handsome_fengOK, macro09:50
Trevinhohandsome_feng: you can move the launcher rotation under blocked, and other cards accordingly09:50
Trevinhohandsome_feng: also I've used the "blue" label for kylin tasks, so feel free to add these09:51
TrevinhoLast thing... (sorry I just remembered)09:51
TrevinhoPlease, give a read to http://www.whizzy.org/2015/09/big-bug-bonanza-16-04-lts/09:51
Trevinhowillcooke prepared that blogpost, there are some infos that might affect you as well, so please check it out09:52
TrevinhoAnd said that... I think we can really wrap this up09:52
Trevinhothanks everybody for attending, I think this has been useful for both09:52
handsome_fengBye, marco, bye , everyone09:53
Trevinhoypwong: you update the wiki, or should I?09:53
ypwongTrevinho, already updated, you can modify if you see fit09:53
Trevinhoypwong: fantastic, thanks!09:53
zhangchaothanks guys ,bye.09:54
pishuiluBye, everyone.09:54
hikikohey :) wait wait!09:55
hikikoI have 1 question for you guys I was just waiting to finish the unity discussion!09:56
hikikoIs there any volunteer who has some time to go through some compiz bugs and see if he can reproduce them?09:57
hikikowe are trying to close 700 bugs :p09:57
hikikoso any help, appreciated!09:57
ypwonghikiko, do you have the list?09:58
hikikoyes ypwong here:09:58
ypwonghappyaron, has release team approved the packages09:58
hikikothere are some that are related to natty and other old releases so, we close them automatically09:59
hikikosame for apport crashes etc09:59
hikikobut when there's a description09:59
hikikowe have to see if we can reproduce the problem09:59
hikikoand if not10:00
hikikowe mark it as invalid and write something like: "thank you for the bug report, since the bug is very old and we can reproduce it anymore we mark it as invalid, if you still experience the problem though, please feel free to re-open it and update the description"10:01
hikikoalso we mark as wont fix bugs that only affect gnome or metacity10:01
happyaronypwong: default settings is accepted10:24
zhangchaohikiko: sorry,I'm back. about this bug ,I will ask pishuilu, to see if he had time to do it10:40
zhangchaoypwong: happyaron: setting 和软件中心都已经入库了,早上找infinity帮忙审核的。镜像已经rebuild,正在测试中。10:42
happyaronzhangchao: great10:43
hikikothanks zhangchao!10:44
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