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pikurasaShot in the dark: Anyone else having trouble booting their machine after the last update of refind? (I use a macintosh that I liberated with UbuntuStudio et al)02:57
cfhowlettpikurasa, "anyone else" questions tend to be a huge waste of time.  instead, provide YOUR details about YOUR isssue.02:57
pikurasaOkay, how about this: Do you know where to go for efi help? I don't see anything in freenode. Problem is simple: I cannot boot into any partition at all.03:26
pikurasaDescriptions at bottom of images03:27
cfhowlett!mac | pikurasa, that's a macbook?03:27
ubottupikurasa, that's a macbook?: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:27
cfhowlettpikurasa, as you HAD  a working system but it broke after update, I'd guess you booted a new kernel - a kernel that refind didn't factory in.03:29
pikurasaI tried different versions of the kernel03:29
cfhowlettask the mac ubuntu folk03:30
pikurasaAnyone want to buy a macbook? I keep the hard drive. I will give you a good deal. Happy to trade it in for a ThinkPad. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! This is what I am stuck with! Okay, sorry. Know I am wasting time. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! (hopefully a modicum of entertainment here... hopefully)03:33
pikurasaOver and out!03:33
cfhowlettgood luck.03:34
pikurasaOn more UbuntuStudio related topic: this is latest build of media on this software that I am trying to show around to schools and stuff -- https://goblinrefuge.com/mediagoblin/u/pikurasa/m/why-i-think-musicblocks-is-cool/03:35
pikurasaThanks for help with making it.03:35
pikurasaHopefully my laptop works for tomorrow's meeting with kid maker-space...03:35
sakrecoerhm... i haven't installed chromium, but i get an upgrade for chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra. why is that?13:28
sakrecoersorry... i think its a question for #ubuntu13:33
sunstarnot cool.21:11
sunstarbut yall deserve to know.    open source iz going to the moon! we be in talks wth nasa about what 60lbs payload we be sending and the entire project is opensource!21:12
sunstarand it all started on an odriod running ubuntustudio21:14
sunstar(you can thank 3DR, vectornav and sunstar)21:14
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