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zzsnzmni would like to add a command to an upstart script i'm working on. 18:28
zzsnzmnbasically send a SIGUSR1 by doing service foo halt18:28
zzsnzmnis this possible? i couldn't really find anything in the manual that talked about this.18:29
JanCI assume you mean 'stop' instead of 'halt'?19:31
JanCthat should work19:31
zzsnzmnsort of, my use case is that i want to send a USR1 command to a sidekiq process. This signal tells the process not to take any more work and finish any open jobs. Then at a later point send a TERM signal to actually stop the process.19:36
JanCyou can just send the signal too...19:36
JanCor use whatever command the process provides, or whatever19:36
zzsnzmnyeah, just realized i can do a `service foo status` and grep out the process id and send the right signal19:38
zzsnzmnwasn't sure how that would be handled.19:38

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