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pleia2knome: thanks, I'll try to get the static update done tomorrow, but I remembered today that I have an afternoon+evening event in the valley, so aaarrgghhh my day /o\04:32
flocculantUnit193: yea - that's what I was thinking - but had spent more than enough time fiddling with something we don't even test05:58
Unit193World respun, fun times.05:59
flocculantyea - was expecting it 05:59
flocculantit's when I'm not that I hate it :D06:00
flocculantbluesabre: iirc we've added panel-switch, greybird accessibility window style and fixed catfish/parole/mugshot since B1 07:32
flocculantand have this mime bug new 07:32
flocculantand the thunar one 07:33
flocculantmaking start on release notes07:33
flocculantknome: also I guess updated docs too 07:34
flocculantoh thank the deities for Load Draft ... 08:12
flocculantbluesabre: if you could run over WilyWerewolf/Beta2/Xubuntu I think I've got the fixes/bugs and new versions 08:21
flexiondotorgflocculant, I've just tested the new spin.08:45
flexiondotorgflocculant, Auto login works for fresh installs again :-)08:45
flexiondotorgflocculant, I haven't tested upgrading because release-upgrade currently knows knothing about Ubuntu MATE. So, I've got bigger problems there :-)08:45
flocculantworks all around from current test08:45
flocculantupgraded with and image08:45
flexiondotorgI've got a patch for release-upgrader filed.08:46
flocculantjust waiting for update-manager to finish 08:46
flexiondotorgLet me know the results please.08:46
flexiondotorgUbuntu MATE and Xubuntu are practicvally identical in their use of lightdm :-)08:46
flocculantwill know once I'm back from work in a few hours 08:46
flexiondotorgThanks for you help on this.08:47
flexiondotorgflocculant, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/149717509:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497175 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "File restore from wastebin not working" [Critical,Confirmed]09:33
flexiondotorgSee that comment by me about Caja.09:33
flexiondotorgWe have fixed Caja and I've linked to the commit, it might be useful for Thunar.09:33
flexiondotorgbluesabre, ^^^^^^09:34
knomepleia2, no worries09:48
bluesabreflocculant: looks good, great job!10:26
bluesabreflexiondotorg: thanks, will take a look at that with thunar10:27
flexiondotorgbluesabre, ack10:33
flocculantbluesabre: super - added the modemmanager issue on upgrade12:05
flocculantalso - unless I hear different from you or ochosi I'll mark them ready I guess 12:05
bluesabreflocculant: you've got my +112:07
bluesabregotta run, bbl12:08
flocculantokey doke - have a good one :)12:08
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flocculantmarked images ready, done wiki notes, did a basic draft for website15:06
flocculantmarking B2 as so last year now and forgetting all about it :p15:06
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drc1I see the autologin problem has been fixed (?).  Out of curiosity, which option was chosen /usr or /etc ?18:11
flocculantit would have used /etc18:21
flocculantI wasn't really thinking properly yesterday 18:21
drc1Headache hangover?18:27
flocculantnah - wasn't all that perturbed with the autologin thing - more interested in things we actually tested - but ended up spending hours on it 18:28
drc1So, who do we blame? :)18:29
flocculantflexiondotorg of course :D18:29
drc1OK, Since the autologin got fixed and the eth0->enp9s0 got solved, I see no real problems (for me) with the 15.10 pre/test B2.  Anything I should look at in particular?18:33
flocculantdrc1: just use it as you would normally - see if anything comes up18:33
flocculantoften you'll catch in here what people are looking at - if there is anything 18:33
drc1OK, now I'm really ticked off...I can't break anything else :(20:03
flocculantthat's good 20:07
Unit193Should I have a go at it?20:09
flocculantyou'll break something no-one else ever uses :p20:09
Unit193Or cares about, yep.20:09
drc1Maybe <after> the b2 release...don't want to do anything that would delay a release...that would be unCanonical:)20:10
flocculantUnit193: as the only other team about - I'm off now - b2 wiki notes done, b2 website almost done - just needs cdimage link checking and publishing :)20:10
flocculantdrc1: it'll not be delayed now - infinity is in the middle of finishing up 20:11
Unit193I can't publish either, but I can likely add links.20:11
flocculantI can publish - but likely sleeping :)20:12
Unit193bluesabre will show up sooner or later too, so that's fine.20:12
flocculantyea 20:12
flocculantI'd hazard a guess that http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/wily/beta-2/ will be right anyway20:13
knomei'm also around now20:45
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bluesabreevening all21:36
knomehey sean21:38
bluesabrehiya knome 21:39
knomewhat's up?21:39
drc1Oh, by the way knome, kudos on the Wily Werewolf pic in the slideshow.21:46
drc1I was wondering how you were going to so it.21:46
bluesabreknome: nothing yet21:49
knomedrc1, thanks, and glad you enjoy it22:10
knomebluesabre, aha ;)22:10
bluesabreknome: aha?22:10
knomebluesabre, nvm :P22:10
drc1Run, bluesabre, it's a trap!22:10
bluesabreknome: aha22:10
bluesabredrc1: ah no!22:11
knomeme? trap? noooo22:12
drc1OK then...honey pot.22:12
drc1That would make bluesabre the Pooh bear :)22:15
bluesabrethink think22:16
knomebluesabre, question: have you done something to bug 1313682 lately?22:46
ubottubug 1313682 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "Can't hide entries sourced from /usr/share/applications/kde4/" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131368222:46
knomebluesabre, because if not, then the tracker is getting signals that the bug is being fixed (again) yesterday22:46
knomebluesabre, and if that's the case, then i'll have to improve the code22:46
knomebluesabre, actually "today" in UTC...22:47
bluesabreknome: well, yes, I fixed it in the last menulibre upload22:59
knomeaha :)23:00
knomethen i guess nvm23:00
bluesabrenot today though23:00
knomeyeah, it was on sep 2023:00
bluesabreit might have hit stretch today https://packages.debian.org/stretch/menulibre or something23:02
knomebut that has nothing to do with our bug23:02
bluesabrerelated branch, lp:debian/menulibre  Remove23:02
knomebut that's silly, it shouldn't affect the done date23:03
bluesabrethat's my only guess without looking deeper into it23:03
knomeactually the branch is still linked23:03
bluesabrecopied the Remove text next to it because I am clumsy with my mouse23:03
knomethat's possible23:04
knomebut it's still silly, and i don't think i'm doing that level of checking23:04
knomebut i'll check the code23:04
knomethanks for the input23:04
knomeno, i'm not tracking stuff like that23:13
knomeany possibility the bug title has changed?23:13
bluesabredon't think so, pretty sure that's stayed consistent23:15
knomealso if there was something fishy going on, then why aren't all bugs always updated?23:17
knomedid you move the bug from a spec to another?23:17
bluesabreI didn't, at least in recent memory23:18
knomeok, because that'd be another thing to cause the update23:18
knomeother than that, no idea23:19
knomemaybe keep your eyes open for similar stuff23:19
bluesabrewill do23:20
bluesabrelooks like we're almost at beta release23:20
knomeyep, totally23:21
Unit193[19:31:01] Irssi: Topic: +: Released: Trusty 14.04.3, Vivid 15.04, Wily Beta 223:33
bluesabreknome: poke23:41
knomei mean23:41
bluesabreI can also publish, links look good23:41
bluesabre(but cant share)23:41
knomefeel free to23:41
knomei'll tweet and update frontpage widget23:41
knomebluesabre, <3 http://xubuntu.org/news/release/15-10/23:43
knomeand -> https://twitter.com/Xubuntu/status/64719463582835916823:44
bluesabreknome: knice23:46
drchttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta2/Xubuntu links to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/Beta1/Xubuntu23:50
knomedrc, you still got to be kidding23:50
drcOK, I give up :)23:50
knomewell seriously speaking, i just fixed the link23:50
knomeso if you reload, it should be fine now23:51
bluesabredang it23:51
Unit193Or, wiki, so hammer that f5 a few times.23:51
bluesabrehammer once23:51
bluesabrewait 5 minutes23:51
Unit193Connection timeout, tunnel through the VPS, see the new page?23:52
drcRemind me never to say anything again while knome's still typing :(23:53
Unit193s/typing/looking/ >_>23:53
SwissBotUnit193: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"23:53
knomeUnit193, ahhahah! even the bot knows you're a bad boy23:54
SwissBotdrc meant: "Remind me never to say anything again while knome's still looking :("23:54
knomeUnit193, if you asked me though, i'd just turn that feature off from the bot23:54
knomedrc, it was a good catch really, thanks for that :)23:55

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