giltibobcatok I will cheack all that out thank you for the lead00:00
jgranateI am running KDE 5.3.2 and I can't seem to be able to resume from suspend after loading nvidia proprietary drivers (All I get is my black backlit screen). Googling reveals that this was an issue about a year ago but solved with new kernal.. I am fairly new to kubuntu and was wondering what log files I could look at to diagnose the problem.00:08
keithzgjgranate: if you look in /var/log, you should see some Xorg logs, that'd be the place to start.00:11
jgranatethank you00:12
keithzgAlternatively, since we live in a systemd world now, "journalctl -e _COMM=Xorg" should get you an output (I think Ubuntu 15.04 still tosses out Xorg logs in text format, though? I forget, I'm at work right now and we're sticking with 14.04 LTS for the time being)00:13
jgranateYeah, I'm digging into the Xorg file for /var/log now.. I appreciate the help00:15
bwinsanyone have trouble starting the plama desktop after updates on Kubuntu 15.10?01:01
TJ-bwins: long delays; desktop sometimes not appearing?01:01
bwinsTJ-> correct, desktop not appearing after login01:02
TJ-bwins: not sure of the cause but I've seen several people report it; I got rid of the long delay by removing all th e background metadata search processes (akonadi etc)01:03
bwinswas it a particular package? started fine before updates01:03
TJ-I don't know I've avoided installed the latest packages from -proposed01:04
bwinscan i remove proposed packages?01:05
bwinsI can ctrl/alt F2 to a command prompt just fine01:05
TJ-bwins: check obvious things like ownership of ~/.Xauthority first, also, check ~/.xsession-errors for clues01:07
bwinsTJ-: thanks, I'll go poke around there and get back and let you know the results01:08
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Guest66895at boot time several networkmanager scripts scripts start but they have no time limit which results in networkmanager trying to start services endlessly and consequently the boot process  does not continues. where do i set limits to networkmanager scripts?02:55
Guest66895at boot time several networkmanager scripts scripts start but they have no time limit which results in networkmanager trying to start services endlessly and consequently the boot process  does not continue. where do i set limits to networkmanager scripts?03:07
TJ-What scripts are these?03:14
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Guest66895i have no idea tbh. the feedback i get is something along this line: "waiting for networkmanager job. no limit set ". this happened when nm tried to bring up an interface but it has happened before with an unidentified service, maybe vpn or else. i know i've seen networkmanager limited to 60 seconds before and i'd like to know where this limit has gone on my system and how i can change it03:21
Guest66895i have checked the files under /etc/networkmanager but can't find anything useful03:21
Guest66895is it maybe a systemd thing?03:22
TJ-Yes, those messages are from systemd03:24
TJ-check its log with "sudo journalctl", possibly look at "/var/log/boot.log"03:25
Guest66895Failed to get D-Bus connection: Operation not permitted03:30
Guest66895that's the info for when ssh-server is supposed to start and also when the interface should be brought up03:31
Guest66895journalctl is empty03:32
TJ-what version of Ubuntu is it?03:37
Guest66895i've had the last stable until yesterday then did a release-upgrade to the beta1 which did not go too well.03:39
Guest66895i've been trying to repair that system since03:40
TJ-OK, with 15.10 systemd's journalctl should show the system log.03:42
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Guest68501i found, after the relase-upgrade systemd-services is not installed03:58
ahoneybunGuest68501: upgrade from 15.04 to 15.10?04:02
Guest68501apt marks it as configured yet not installed and i can't install it from the chroot environment i'm in now04:03
ahoneybunso your in a live environment now?04:04
Guest68501yes, i had to boot a live kubuntu04:05
ahoneybunI've had good luck with release-upgrade recently...04:06
ahoneybunGuest68501: can you not just use tty with the local system ?04:07
Guest68501here's the output of aptitude search systemd: http://pastebin.com/9c1urfxu04:07
Guest68501i have no tty04:07
Guest68501i cannopt login to this system at all04:08
ahoneybunI'm not that used to systemd at all really04:08
ahoneybunnever was used to upstart either tbh04:09
Guest68501i'ma  bit concerned about this line:04:09
Guest68501c   libsystemd-login0               - systemd login utility library04:09
Guest68501it's not installed, and can't install it04:09
ahoneybunthat is worring04:12
ahoneybunsystemd was in 15.04 so it should just have a version jump04:12
Guest68501i'm not 100% sure but i think i have upgrade to 15.04 from 14.10 or prior, too04:13
ahoneybunthat will break it for sure04:13
ahoneybunwe do not advise upgrading from 14.10 to 15.0404:13
ahoneybunto many changes04:13
ahoneybunupstart to systemd for one04:14
Guest68501so, there i am with a broken system trying to find a way out04:14
ahoneybunI'm not sure of a way to fix it all04:15
ahoneybunbest way might be to backup everything and do a fresh install04:15
Guest68501i can't access my /home04:15
Guest68501if it was that easy i would have done it already04:16
Guest68501this is more of a delicate problem, that's why i'm here04:17
Guest68501i'd even be fine with downgrading to upstart but i have never done this04:20
Guest68501i need to find a way to access my files in /home which seem to be encrypted04:21
Guest68501I get this error: ERROR: Encrypted private directory is not setup properly04:22
Guest68501i'll reboot, be back in a few minutes04:34
kubuntu_failed_upgrade here04:42
kubuntu_So, the plan is now to downgrade to 15.04 or prior04:43
kubuntu_has anyone here ever done this ?04:43
kubuntu_is there an official downgrade path?04:44
kubuntu_any documentation or experiences?04:44
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valoriekubuntu_: no, there is no downgrade option06:17
valorieI've had a failed upgrade before that I fixed06:17
valorieand one that I failed to fix06:17
valoriethe magic commands are `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`06:18
valorie`sudo apt install -f` (finish)06:18
valorie`sudo dpkg --reconfigure`06:19
Guest390Hi there06:20
Guest390can anyone help me right now06:20
valorieif all those fail with no output, then your best option is to reinstall06:21
valorieGuest390: help with what?06:21
Guest390how to install FB messenger? im using 15.1006:21
valoriefacebook messenger?06:22
valorieit's part of the webpage06:22
valoriethere is nothing to install06:22
valorieand they have withdrawn the API that used to let other clients access those chats06:22
Guest390valorie; but i saw some thread on the net06:22
valoriesuch as Kopete and KDE-telepathy06:23
Guest390samone says it is possible06:23
valorieused to be, yes06:23
valoriethey have removed that possibility06:23
Guest390i see06:23
Guest390valorie: thanks for the info06:23
valoriesorry to be the bearer of bad news06:24
Guest390valorie: lol06:24
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svend-evGood morning06:56
cOgnautGood middle-of-the-night06:57
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lordievaderGood morning.09:16
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aa481Hello I'm having difficulty getting broadcom to work on my system, the live version, i'm able to install it using the driver manager but the installed one says no proprietary drivers in needed10:17
aa481I'm on windows now since internet wont work on kubuntu10:18
aa481any help?10:18
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BluesKajHiyas all11:18
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winfr34kHello guys12:17
winfr34kI'm currently trying out Kubuntu and it's fantastic12:17
winfr34kgreat work. keep it up!12:17
jubo2And thanks for the best looking, best feeling out-of-the-box GNU/Linukka I have ever seen ( Kubuntu15.04 )12:22
soeejubo2: cool :) 15.10 will be released soon and it will be even better ;-)12:24
BluesKajsoee,  I beg to differ, too many features aren't working or have been dropped in both 15.04 aqnd 15.1012:24
MoonUnit`and screen rotation that works in 15.04 is broken in 15.10 on my radeon card.12:25
BluesKajchange for change's sake isn't progress12:26
BluesKajMoonUnit`, cube animation?12:30
MoonUnit`xrandr --rotate left12:30
MoonUnit`corrupt screen but mouse cursor still works.12:31
BluesKajuse OpenGL12:31
MoonUnit`i'll check that next time i boot it.12:34
BluesKajMoonUnit`,  I was thinking of xrender, not xrandr which is a diiferent setting altogether12:36
MoonUnit`arch is using Xorg 1.17.2 same as 15.10 but rotation works, made a bug report on launchpad but he wants me to upgrade my motherboard bios which sounds silly to me as it's working fine on windows, trusty, vivid and arch.12:40
lordievaderMoonUnit`: Were you using fglrx?12:40
BluesKajjubo2,  dunno why you bring this problem to us anyway, seems like you just do what you want.12:41
lordievaderMoonUnit`: Ask why they want you to do that.12:41
MoonUnit`nah open source radeonsi12:41
lordievaderMoonUnit`: Hmm, same kernels on Kubuntu and Arch (with the same config?)12:41
MoonUnit`arch is 4.1.8, 15.10 is on 4.2, using the same 10-monitors.conf on both.12:42
MoonUnit`think i'll just have to wait until 15.10 is released and add myself to the bug report others may post.12:44
lordievaderYou could boot Kubuntu with the arch kernel/initrd and see if the problem persists.12:45
MoonUnit`will do12:46
lordievaderAlso it is better to report bugs now than after the release.12:47
MoonUnit`yeah, but i have a feeling he's going to go through the call centre list of getting people to do stuff before deciding it's a debian/ubuntu problem after all.12:48
xela2244 hi, openoffice  calc and any other alternatives are not working, i tried installing fglrx-updates but that caused other problems. Help12:52
arranI am reinstalling 14.04 and now miss all the menues at the top of each application windows.12:52
arranHow I can I get them back?12:53
xela2244what do you mean?12:58
arranOn top of each application windows a menu can or can not be a menu visible. I want to make it visible.12:59
BluesKajarran,  post a screenshot13:11
soeearran: press CTRL + M when in app13:11
BluesKajor click on control icon and choose "show menubar"13:14
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InriCan you still use kde4 in kubuntu 15.04?13:41
arraninri: I do not think so.13:42
arran<how do i paste a screenshot into th paste???13:43
BluesKajwhen are thses users gonna learn some patience, they ask a question and in the same minute if they don't get an immediate answer13:50
BluesKajand leave13:51
syrinx_templeHi all.  Noooob to KDE.  Added a widget to the desktop, placed it too far off to the side, now can't see the "x" to remove it. :(14:25
soeesyrinx_temple: on 15.04 ?14:27
syrinx_templesoee: yup14:27
soeesyrinx_temple: if you right click on it you don't cave menu option to remove it ?14:27
soee(be sure widgets are unlocked)14:27
syrinx_templeoh ffs14:28
syrinx_templegrumble grumble.... thank you14:28
patrick_I have a macbook air , I dont like the OS, I would like to use Kubuntu - is this more trouble that its worth ?14:38
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soeepatrick_: no idea, never used macbook air, what os is there ?14:47
patrick_soee:  just the OS X i think14:53
patrick_soee: I just hate the mouse gestures and windowmanagment on it, silly stuff but i like my kubuntu14:54
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BluesKajpersonally i don't fool with gestures etc..never saw the need for them15:08
Guest20352enybody know when kubuntu 15.10 will be stable?15:09
BluesKajprobly when it's offically released https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseSchedule15:10
pablolbn85hi guys I've update Kubuntu 15.04 to KDE 5.4, and there is no option to extract archive directly from Dolphin by right click on archive.  Could you tell me how to restore it ? The same is with creating archive from selected files - there is no option for that.16:08
BluesKajpablolbn85,  have you updated and upgraded since the plasma 5.4 install ?16:14
BluesKajthere should be an extract option with compressed files16:15
pablolbn85BluesKaj I'm using kubuntu ci stable PPA ani i update it almost daily. I've checked with Kubuntu 15.10 daily live USB and its the same.16:20
BluesKajpablolbn85,  do you have ark installed16:22
BluesKajbut it doesn't show up in the dialog to extract16:23
nishikino-makiis Basic-Like(in windows is Visual Basic / in linux is Gambas) program language have access hardware funcation?16:25
pablolbn85BluesKaj, yes there is no option "Extract..." when I right click on archived file in Dolphin16:25
BluesKajpablolbn85,  have you considered using unp16:26
BluesKaj!info unp16:27
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7+nmu1 (vivid), package size 16 kB, installed size 133 kB16:27
pablolbn85BluesKaj, this is the first I've heard of it :)16:31
BluesKajpablolbn85,  it's a command line app but it works well, it's my favourite16:32
pablolbn85Yeah I see now, it's strange the KDE team removed it from menu, it's big regression for me. Even Windows has this option :>16:35
lordievaderpablolbn85: Your problem was mentioned a few hours ago in #kde too, nobody replied though. Perhaps an idea to mention this in #kde-devel?16:37
BluesKajpablolbn85,  it should list ark tho since I have ark in the "open with" dialog16:38
BluesKajbut I'm on 15.10 beta216:39
pablolbn85lordievader thanks, BluesKaj yes it's some kind of solution for extracting files  but there is stil no option to create archive from selected files.16:41
BluesKajpablolbn85,  check man unp , think you 'll find an archiving method there16:48
pablolbn85BluesKaj thanks16:55
carlosjuniorboa tarde, estou utilizando o code blocks no ubuntu. Mas quanto tento salvar um arquivo ele me da a mensagem "File /home/carlosjunior/Documentos/curso de c/.printf could not be saved..."17:20
carlosjuniorcomo resolvo isso?17:20
carlosjuniorja tentei executar pelo terminal, ocorre a msm mensagem. E eu estou gravando na pasta do meu usuario.17:21
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these_eyesOpen to privmsg.17:32
GiltiGood afternoon everyone17:35
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jubo2I cannot get any support in #audacity19:33
BluesKajjubo2,  could it be because you tend to ignore suggestins19:56
jubo2they don't suggest anything19:57
BluesKajwhat ios audacity doing or not doing, not that I'm any expert altho i did use it to copy some old vinyl LPs to disk a while back19:59
adroit_machine Kubuntu 14.04 we're sorry Plasma shell closed unexpectedly. Every 4 seconds. Need help20:01
adroit_machinekubuntu 15.04*20:01
lordievaderjubo2: To come back to what I said earlier, loopback device in PA works fine.20:01
adroit_machinekubuntu 15.04 "we're sorry Plasma shell closed unexpectedly" -every 3-4 seconds. Need help!!20:03
jubo2I have sinewave on mah audio20:03
jubo2I gonna reboots the thing20:03
jubo2over 440Hz I'm sure20:03
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tiwakehmm, my clock is wrong22:30
tiwakevery wrong22:30
bprompttiwake:  to set it properly :)22:32
tiwakethats the problem I'm getting22:34
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