cjwatsonwgrant: Yeah, I did it.00:13
cjwatsonMostly to avoid future accidents.00:13
cjwatsonI spent most of the day landing stuff ...00:16
wgrantI hopefully won't spend most of the day fixing obscure event failures...00:17
wgrantEvents cause no end of trouble.00:17
cjwatsonwgrant: Re bzr-webhooks, my feeling is that git:push:0.1 should probably use the unique name too, to avoid races.01:17
cjwatsonAlthough I guess some degree of raciness is inevitable, since you could equally change the repository name.01:17
cjwatsonSo we could use the shortest path for bzr too if you prefer, though I think it will probably have to gain the lp: prefix in that case (Branch doesn't really seem to want to expose the shortened path without it).01:18
wgrantcjwatson: Yeah, I'm not really sure which way to go.01:40
wgrantIf we use the full name it gets slightly hideous.01:40
wgrantBut only a little.01:40
cjwatsonTo argue against myself, I kind of don't want to encourage people to use unique names unnecessarily01:44
cjwatsonSince they're kind of an implementation detail of "the default repository for <project>"01:45
wgrantRight, exactly.01:46
wgrantAnd it can already be wrong due to renames.01:46
wgrantAh, which you already pointed out.01:46
cjwatsonSo there remains the question of whether it's OK to add the lp: prefix, or whether we need to add a shortened_path interface to Branch that omits it.01:47
wgrantBranchSet doesn't have getByPath01:47
wgrantJust getByUniqueName and getByUrl01:47
wgrantPossibly we should add lp: to both.01:48
cjwatsonThe reason I didn't for GitRepository was that it made GitRef look weird.01:48
wgrantAh, yes.01:48
wgrantcjwatson: When generating keys on DF are you being careful to not upload them to prod keyservers?02:12
cjwatsonPossibly not02:15
cjwatsonWonder if there's some way I can get rid of that ...02:16
wgrantNope, it's not possible.02:16
cjwatsonRevoke, I guess02:16
wgrantWhich is why I always disable that code when I test the script every couple of years.02:16
wgrantNormally we just symlink in one of the existing keys on labbu.02:16
cjwatsonCan we configure DF to not upload the key?02:16
wgrantThat would be a useful option to have.02:16
wgrantcjwatson: Thanks.03:15
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