OpticalI have a 2003 Dell Inspiron 2650, with 128Mb of RAM and 20gb hard drive.  I am installing Lubuntu but my PC goes to sleep and stops04:04
OpticalHow can I stop my computer from going to sleep? It makes me have to manually restart my computer and restart installation04:05
OpticalI am currently trying nomodeset and at least its made it farther than before.  I cant see anyone having an issue with old hardware though04:06
taserman21Is it the computer or the OS?04:10
taserman21Because I know there is an option somewhere.04:10
Opticalits the computer04:12
OpticalI thought it was the OS but I dont have an OS on it atm04:12
taserman21Wait so what exactly is happening?04:13
Opticalmost people just make fun of me for installing it on an old laptop.  thanks for not doing that.04:13
taserman21Well, I have it on a chromebook, so I take a lot of shade for that too.04:14
OpticalI have to boot Lubuntu from a CD. I slap it in, pick English, and start installing.  I come back about 10 minutes later to a black screen. Fan still running, LEDs still blinking, system still installing.  Eventually the system stops installing, and I am left with a black screen and I cant do anything04:14
ianorlyndoes pressing the keyboard do anything04:15
ianorlyncould be it turns the screen off04:15
OpticalI looked around for a few hours and tried a few changes using F6 options.  Right now its still installing, without a black screen... but I am constantly pressing keys.04:16
Opticalianorlyn - its in sleep mode when that happens, it doesnt accept inputs.  been happening for years. hoped installing a new OS would help04:17
taserman21Well, I guess it's Lubuntu Clickers.04:18
Opticali didnt even think of running an auto clicker... I was gonna build a thing from legos to click buttons for me...  I design hardware, I suck with software.04:19
taserman21Well, it shouldn't take that long.04:20
taserman21But it will be worth it04:22
taserman21Also this chromebook has an ssd so I wouldn't know04:22
Opticalat 128Mb RAM and 1.4Ghz I just assumed it would take... all night. haha04:22
Opticalhow do you like your chromebook?  my friend threw his at a train.04:23
Opticaland thanks for the vote of confidence04:23
taserman21Wait, what? At a train.04:24
ianorlynOptical: are you using alternate?04:24
taserman21Also most of the transfer rate pertains to the hard disk/ssd04:24
taserman21but I am sure u r using a hard disk04:24
ianorlynas I think desktop runs out of rma with 128 mb04:24
taserman21Wait I didn't see 128 mb of RAM?04:25
taserman21This might not work04:25
taserman21Go out and get yourself $80 worth of 8gb of ram04:25
ianorlynyeah I would try alternate otherwise might not work04:25
ianorlyntaserman21: probalby won't accept that much in that old a motherboard04:25
Opticalyeah its the original hard disk. and yes, a train. he didnt like his chromebook04:26
Opticalits a laptop, I'm not sure how much modification I can do physically.  and its from 2002 so guides are too old to apply anymore.04:28
OpticalI want to convert the laptop into a server dump/ router for a project04:28
taserman21Well, maybe because he didn't realize it was for internet only unless you used crouton or booted a whole new OS entirely04:28
Opticalianorlyn : What is alternate?04:28
ianorlyna text mode installer that dones't use as much resources04:29
taserman21A different iso for smaller systems04:29
ianorlynalthough I have found it worked better with virtualbox in the past for soem reason but I almost always use qemu kvm now04:29
taserman21You might be able to run a kernel and thats it04:29
Opticali just burned it onto a disk and slapped it into my old comp.  trying to replace OS entirely.  whats crouton?04:30
taserman21Make it a bitcoin miner04:30
Opticaltext mode installer makes sense04:30
Opticalhaha actually I have an updated kernel running in a virtual machine on this laptop04:30
Opticalbasically, the goal is to link my 4 laptops (3 old) together to make a server.  Server is medium between a web ap and the raspberry pis so I can control motors from my phone/laptop/email.04:31
ianorlyntaserman21: that would be like the worst perfomrance for watt with hardware that old04:32
taserman21lanorlyn: So your computer04:32
Opticalso... I havent been able to use the mouse for a while now. but the screen isnt black yet.  Not sure if its stuck but the cd drive is still clickin and whirrin04:37
taserman21Just keep clickin'04:39
Opticalso uh... its just sitting there now. not doing anything.04:47
Opticalcant move the mouse and its quiet.04:48
Opticalsome people are saying lubuntu cannot be installed with less than 256Mb of RAM but is that just an opinion?04:53
dzhothat seems awfully thin to me, so I'm guessing it's not just an opinion.15:56
mig_My connection dropped and came back and now I can access some sites, but not others.. I know a reboot will fix this, but is there another way?16:28
taserman21Can I have help with Lubuntu.21:04
taserman21I think I am addicted to it.21:04
taserman21Help me.21:04
taserman21It is ruining my life. I want to play games, but now I have broken the chains of Windows. HELP ME!!!21:05
dzhosounds serious21:05
taserman21Developers need to support LINUX.21:06
taserman21What should people who use Lubuntu be called?21:33
KamilionOh, and if you want to play games, you don't have very long to wait. SteamOS arrives in november; and a large fraction of Steam games run on linux today, thanks to the efforts of the Unity Engine people spending time getting their runtime working on linux. Unity's just about to release a linux version of their game-editor as well.21:35
taserman21Steam OS is here21:36
taserman21I just can't get it cuz im on a Chromebook that I made into a Lubuntu Book21:36
Kamilionit's available; but they're doing an official launch in november with the controller.21:36
Kamilionoh, what's the tool they use for chrooting these days?21:36
taserman21Wait, what is Steam, is it like Origin, or Uplay. No nothing is as good as Uplay.21:36
Kamilioni thought chromeos tossed X and started talking right to the kernel DRM21:36
Kamilionorigin's terrible.21:37
Kamilionuplay's even worse.21:37
taserman21It is called crouton and I stopped using it because I wanted the whole SSD for Lubuntu.21:37
Kamilionbut yes. Those are very poor clones of Valve Software (Half life)'s Steam platform21:37
Kamilionyeah, crouton. *scribbles note*21:37
taserman21Yeah I know, I was kidding. Origin is like Steam accept orange and annoying.21:37
KamilionDesura's actually pretty good.21:38
taserman21And Uplay is like a Mental Hospital.21:38
Kamilionso is gog.com21:38
taserman21Yeah, I haven't tried gog, but desura only once for an indie game.21:38
Kamilionthere's also http://www.greenmangaming.com/21:38
Kamilionmost indie games support linux if their engine does21:38
KamilionI personally run a windows 7 workstation with VMWare workstation 12 'pro', with 3-20 lubuntu VMs running21:39
Kamilionmy windows installation is filled with the same open source software as lubuntu.21:40
Kamilionreally, the only truly propritary software I have is part of my game development pipeline for unity.21:40
taserman21I had an awesome gaming PC, but then it broke, then I finally got it fixed, and then, *sniffles, I spilled coke on it and brushed it off and it is done for21:40
taserman21*needs a shoulder to cry on21:40
taserman21I KILLED HIM!!!21:40
KamilionTop vent?21:41
ubottu#lubuntu is the Lubuntu support channel, #lubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Lubuntu, and #lubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!21:41
Kamilionyeah, let's take it to #offtopic.21:41
bioterrorsorry to ruin your party ;)21:41
Kamilionwell, as long as we chat here, we're just wasting log-space in an HTML file.21:41
Kamilionon the up side, most of that conversation did relate to *buntu as a runtime environment.21:43
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