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ogra_bjf, i updated the rpi doc to point to the correct commands and versions ...12:15
tedgWoot! RPi images, thanks ogra_ !14:01
peacememoriesi'm a bit confused. i just built ubuntu-device-flash (on fedora, with sources taken from launchpad), but it doesn't seem to have the options described on the "porting" wiki page16:28
peacememoriesi mean, yeah... i took the source from the goget-ubuntu-touch package, but i didn't find anything else16:28
tbrmaybe outdated documentation, certainly wouldnt' be the first time with snappy16:47
peacememoriesbut would they really remove the oem image and file output options?16:59
peacememoriesbasically what i'm trying to do is build custom core images with preinstalled software to flash onto some devices we have at work17:44
ogra_ogra@styx:~/Devel/branches/wget$ apt-cache show ubuntu-device-flash|grep Depends17:51
ogra_Depends: android-tools-adb, android-tools-fastboot, debsig-verify, click-ubuntu-policy, dosfstools, fakeroot, kpartx, parted, qemu-user-static, ubuntu-snappy-cli, libc6 (>= 2.6)17:51
ogra_peacememories, you would have to make sure that all runtime deps  used for building core images are there too ... (and if anything is in different locations you would need to bend the paths in the source i guess)17:52
ogra_ click-ubuntu-policy, dosfstools, fakeroot, kpartx, parted and ubuntu-snappy-cli in any case ... if you want to build for non x86 arches also qemu-user-static17:53
* ogra_ would simply use a VM or some kind of emulation to run a minimal ubuntu instead ...17:54
peacememoriesusing a vm (a container in my case) would work for me, but my problem isn't that the software doesn't work, it just doesn't recognize the options17:59
yashi_peacememories: which one?18:00
peacememories--oem for example18:01
peacememorieswhich, according to the wiki could be used to supply an oem snap specifying preinstalled software ect.18:01
ogra_--oem is only allowed in developer mode18:02
ogra_(well, a local oem snap that is)18:02
ogra_otherwise if you specify ..oem it needs to be a valid package from the store ...18:03
yashi_btw, is there a way to _search_ oem snap?18:03
ogra_(RaspberryPi2)ubuntu@localhost:~$ snappy search oem|wc -l18:03
ogra_finds 8 (plus a header line)18:04
yashi_how about on a host?18:05
ogra_sabdfl, are you booting your RPi with a screen attached ? (where do you see these dots, i have never seen them, but i also only watch the boot via serial console)18:05
sabdflogra_, yes, screen andkeyboard18:05
ogra_how long did you wait ?18:06
ogra_cloud-init on arm can take up to 2-3min on first boot18:06
sabdflan hour or so18:06
ogra_yashi_, https://uappexplorer.com/apps?q=oem&sort=relevance&type=snappy18:06
ogra_sabdfl, i'll try here, just need to find a free monitor that will take a bit18:07
yashi_ogra_: that's what i did and found out that your rpi isn't there18:07
sabdflthanks ogra_18:07
sabdflalso, is there a preferred ppa to get the new 4.2 rpi2 kernel from?18:08
ogra_sabdfl, the wily archive ;)18:09
sabdflmy favourite ppa :p18:09
ogra_the kernel team uploaded it last week18:09
ogra_yashi_, indeed, thats weird ... i definitely see it in webdm on all my snappy installs ... probably a bug in uappexplorer (which is mainly made for phones, snaps are just a freebie based on luck :) )18:10
yashi_ogra_: ;)18:11
peacememoriesogra_, i think i should specify that i'm trying to create images for intel NUCs, not to flash smartphones18:16
peacememoriesso i'd need --oem and -o. how would i get into developer mode?18:17
ogra_by using --developer-mode18:17
ogra_and yes, it was relatively clear to me that if you ask in #snappy you want to build snappy images ;)18:17
peacememoriesthanks for your help18:17
ogra_heh, np18:18
ogra_sabdfl, hmm, so i get a proper login prompt and also the normal kernel boot noise on boot ... i wonder if there is something wrong with the image18:20
* ogra_ pulls http://people.canonical.com/~platform/snappy/raspberrypi2/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-armhf-rpi2.img.xz to make sure he sees the right boot :)18:21
* yashi_ struggling to setup $GOPATH when I hack on goget-ubuntu-touch18:35
yashi_u-d-f dpends on snappy, so I setup GOPATH=somehere then I also have goget-ubuntu-touch under $GOPATH18:37
* ogra_ twiddles thumbs while watching dd ...18:41
ogra_sabdfl, ok, i verified there is everything ok with the image itself even a fresh download boots properly ... lets find out what went wrong for you ... a) did you download from http://people.canonical.com/~platform/snappy/raspberrypi2/ubuntu-15.04-snappy-armhf-rpi2.img.xz b) did you verify the md5 (or sha256/sha512) sum against the download18:44
ogra_sabdfl, also, how did you write the image to the SD ... it needs to be uncompressed first and you need to write to the whole device, not a partition ... my common command is: xzcat ubuntu-15.04-snappy-armhf-rpi2.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=4M18:45
ogra_(where /dev/sdc is my USB SD controller ... native SD controllers would show up as /dev/mmcblk0)18:46
peacememoriesogra_, sorry to bother you again but ubuntu-device-flash doesn't seem to know the developer-mode flag O.o20:37
ogra_well, it definitely does for me20:38
ogra_whats the error you see20:38
peacememoriesmaybe i'm misunderstanding where to get the newest version... i'm on 0.23 right now (the newest version i could find on launchpad)20:39
ogra_we're somewhere around 0.3120:39
peacememoriesah yes, i clicked on the wrong dropdown it seems20:40
peacememoriesmy bad20:40
ogra_but --developer-mode is supported since "core" is supported iirc20:40
ogra_or at least shortly after it was introduced20:41
peacememories0.31 doesn't know the flag either20:41
ogra_whats the error ?20:42
peacememorieslike i said above: "unknown flag `developer-mode'"20:43
ogra_how does your command look like ?20:43
peacememoriesoh...OOOH, i need to specify those flags _after_ the core argument... well...20:44
ogra_dont facepalm ... i think it took me 3 months to not mess that up all the time :)20:44
peacememoriesthanks again =)20:45
peacememorieshm, creating images needs root permissions? note sure how i feel about that20:48
ogra_it needs to partiton and loop mount the img20:53
ogra_and uses kpartx for that20:53
ogra_there is perhaps a fuse way to get around this ... not sure20:54
ogra_(but that would need implementation indeed)20:54

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