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lordievaderGood morning.09:16
rawcoderhi, I'm using ubuntu 15.10 beta and getting an assertion error in pidgin. Can anyone help me?10:17
BluesKajHiyas all11:18
fhfhi hay hello11:33
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter: ask your issue here mate14:31
NeverWinterhello. I boot ub 15.10 and I tryed to search someting on web using firefox, but ubuntu telled me I'm disconected. what to do ?14:37
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter: check syslog or dmesg logs to see whats happening to your network card14:39
NeverWinterwhere can I check it ?14:39
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter: /var/log/...14:39
NeverWinterI will when I will try again14:40
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter: check also sudo lshw -C network to see what driver loaded or not14:40
lotuspsychjeand chipset of your card14:40
lotuspsychjeNeverWinter: also write down wich grafix driver works on your gtx 970 now14:41
lotuspsychjesudo lshw -C video14:41
NeverWinterok ok14:42
penguin42hmm, X crash, lets try a restart21:57
TJ-At the rate I'm going this weekend I'm going to run out of launchpad bug numbers for 15.10!22:07
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penguin42TJ-: Haha one of those weekends, you mean the ones where as you report a bug you end up reporting another bug and recurse22:26
TJ-Yeah... I'm about a week behind where I was Friday midday :)22:27
TJ-The bugs pop up faster than I can fix, or even report, them22:28
TJ-I'm also seeing some terrible installer display tearing on an Nvidia G73M, with the nouveau driver. I'd not have expected that level of regressions since 14.0422:30
penguin42I've had an Intel GPU hang which the kernel told me to report at freedesktop.org22:30
TJ-I've been saying for a few weeks now, Wily is going to be the worst buggy release in a few years22:31
penguin42is there any obvious reason why though?22:31
TJ-I'm seeing so many regressions. Today I had to re-fix a bug a first fixed back in 2009. Someone in Debian removed the fix from the shipped package22:32
TJ-Yeah, devs don't pay attention to the details, and packagers are more interested in volume (of packcages shipped) than in quality22:32
TJ-s/a bug a first/a bug I first/22:33
penguin42well yeh, but is there any reason Wily is particularly bad22:33
TJ-Upstream churn. Replacing old code with new, untested, incomplete.22:34
penguin42but that's always happened hasn't it?22:35
TJ-I found a Bluetooth regression in the kernel where it doesn't correctly manage a USB BT device. The last kernel I can find where it worked was v3.2. Then there's bluez v5 that has ripped out a lot of bluex v4 code and not replaced it. As a result I cannot pair any device that only supports PIN codes (so I cannot pair my Apple BT keyboards)22:36
TJ-Not to this extend22:36
TJ-systemd-cryptsetup doesn't/won't support keyscripts - thus breaking any encrypted system that requires script support for obtaining the key-file22:36
penguin42oh, I've never had bluetooth work for me, and looking at some of the code on android kernels make me think it's a disaster22:36
TJ-Bluetooth has always been great for me; I use keyboards, mice, phones and other specialist devices without problems with 14.0422:37
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TJ-I've hit about 6 issues with the desktop installer this evening... starting to feel victimised :)22:38
penguin42right, it's your fault for using it :-)22:38
* TJ- rolls eyes22:39
TJ-First time I've used it in ages, I usually use debootstrap. But I thought I'd best do some ISO QA teesting since we're in Beta22:39
penguin42yeh I've also not tried the installer - just done as update22:40

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