micechalis is the right channel to ask about the irclogs.ubuntu.com site?19:16
holsteinmicechal: whats up?19:16
micechalholstein: I'd like to know how are you dealing with log updates19:16
micechalI realise plaintext updates are starightforward19:16
micechalbut the generated htmls, how are they made?19:16
micechalI know the tool is irclog2html19:17
micechalthough could you tell me how do you run it? as in how often is it run and such19:17
holsteini cant think of a better place to ask, but, im not certain about that. i assumed it was a bot that did it..19:18
micechalit would apparently be the "ubuntulog" bot19:20
micechalthe contact column only contains an email address19:21
DJonesI think generally, the logs are updated on the hour19:33
DJonesI could be wrong with this, but I think the logs are generated from an irssi instance19:34
micechalon the hour so the script is a cron job?19:40
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